Annabelle 'Ivy' Smithson

"Just because I don't look like you doesn't mean I am any different."

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Annabelle 'Ivy' Smithson




Human #2


Well, how can I define Ivy? She is many things, outgoing, rebellious, humorous and caring. Writing a paragraph couldn’t define, but I’ll try my best. She loves people and animals. Never call her Annabelle; you might get a knee between the legs, if you’re male. She can be sarcastic but most of the time she is very playful. The only reason she would get a doll is because she doesn’t have many friends, and her parents are getting the Doll to where it would be a good friend. Eh, she really could care less as long as it isn’t emotionless. She is a strict vegetarian.


\\Hair dye

\\Bad music
\\Easily angered people [Kind of scares her]

\\Her eldest brother beat her when he was drunk.
\\She hates her mother for never being there.
\\She was unintentionally involved in the death of a fellow student, the death was ruled a freak accident.
\\She wants to move away to Europe when she is old enough.

\\People hating her
\\Getting in a car crash
\\Being rejected by someone
\\Not being heard
\\Losing her father
\\Her eldest brother

Ivy was born into a family of five, both older brothers. She never really had any mother like figure due to the fact her mother went to various rehab centers for reason she would not speak of. Ivy believed she had a drug problem. When she was twelve her family hit the lottery, making them rather rich and able to help with her mother’s problem better. Because she had money, many resented her, believing in their eyes that she was some spoiled brat. Ivy actually didn’t like having stuff handed to her for no reason. She actually enjoyed working for gifts and other things she wanted. It was her father’s idea to get her a Doll.



“I don’t see the point in crushes if the other person doesn’t like you back.”

“Hah, I wish.”




[Theme Song]

Bring Me The Horizon- Can You Feel My Heart
I'm scared to get close,
And I hate be alone.
I long for that feeling, to not feel at all.
The higher I get, the lower I sink,
I can't drown my demons they know how to swim.

She’s a strict vegetarian

So begins...

Annabelle 'Ivy' Smithson's Story


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Jayson Miako
Your name remains the same,
All that has changed is this pretty face.

Jayson’s mind had still not grasped the idea that he had been dead, and now had a new body. His mouth felt dry as he looked around at the others. He shifted slightly, running a hand through his hair.
He scowled, watching the man behind the desk then his gaze shifted to the girl with the bun. His lips drew back into a snarl. She looked all too much like Annabeth. Jay suppressed the urge to growl at the woman, she was not Annabeth. While he had married the woman, there had always been ‘rumors’ their marriage wasn’t on the friendliest terms.

Jay swore under his breath, glaring at the woman. She seemed calm, resolute.

Probably because of those men behind her. Jay snarled silently to himself. He watched as the redheaded man addressed another, calling him a Knight. They seemed to talk for a while, Jayson watching with little interest. He heard a blonde headed girl and a wispy haired boy begin to speak. He watched as the others began to file out, although Jay seemed glued to the floor. He couldn’t move.

Jayson felt someone shove him out the door, causing him to almost fall onto the pink haired girl. He reacted instantly, grabbing the girl’s shoulder to steady himself or else he would have fallen on his face. He looked at the woman, removing his hand and looked ahead.

“Sorry,” He said gruffly, tossing her a quick glance. His attention shifted to a girl who looked like she was about to collapse and Jay raised his eyebrows as he wondered what she was so shaken up about. With the way she was acting, and her masculine name, Jay suspected a change in gender.

Hehe, that must be horrible. Jay thought to himself. He was glad he was still male, although if he had been placed in a female’s body people wouldn’t find it too odd that he liked men, right? He remembered this one boy in the city Jay resided in; he was never right in the head, believing he was a girl. He would wear dresses and eventually the townsfolk bludgeoned him death, beating him with stones.

Jay winced slightly at the thought, the father of the boy had been a good friend of Jayson’s and had lost all human connections after his only child’s death. Normally women would go into a great sadness, but the man had already been a widow.

“If I was in Hell, I want to go back.” Jayson muttered to himself. Death had been peaceful, quiet. Jayson didn’t believe he was in Hell, or Heaven. Actually, Jayson never believed in religion, another thing he was well known for.

Ivy Smithson

Ivy rolled her eyes as she bounded down the stairs to where her father was calling for her. He greeted her with a bright grin and a hug, “I’ve got a surprise for you.” He said as he let go his daughter, watching the young woman raise an eyebrow and cross her arms.

“Oh, really,” She asked skeptically, watching him. “What is it?”

Her father shook his head, “I can’t tell you.” He said, playfully patting her head.

Ivy swatted him away, “Well fine, show me.” She said, already dreading whatever it was. A year ago her father had gotten her a cat, and while Ivy liked the cat, it never liked her. The animal suffered from many things, and had to be put down a few months later.

“We have to go get it, the drive isn’t long.” Her dad said, bounding to the car. Ivy let out a small groan, her dad was so odd. Having been a writer, lotto winner and a business man by day, her dad was all sorts of crazy. He wrote the weirdest stories, although a lot had to do with horror. She shivered, remembering the last novel her father asked her to read before he sent it off for publishing.

It wasn’t a very nice story, to say the least.

Ivy slipped into the car, watching her dad as he turned on the radio and did a little dance in his seat.

“How are we related, again?” Ivy asked, watching her father in amusement.

“Well, it was on me and your mom’s anniversary-” He started, only to be cut off by Ivy.

“I don’t want to know!” She said, glaring at her dad as he laughed at her.

“Oh, your face!”

The remainder of the ride was in silence, Ivy watching the world outside pass by, her father humming to some old song. She really didn’t know what they were getting, but she had a vague idea it could be a doll. Her parents had been worried how she had no friends, always keeping herself locked up in her room, and she really hoped that wasn’t it.

She didn’t like dolls all too much; they were lifeless and seemed to always be told what to do. No emotions, at least their neighbors doll was like that.Finally, her father pulled up to a house, parking and dragging Ivy to the door.

“Can you tell me now?” She asked, but her father shook his head, waiting for whoever was on the other side of the door.


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Image Garret emerged quickly from the blanket nest he'd created some time ago in the corner of the family room when the sound of a knocking at the door sounded. He was the first to arrive at the door, actually, his bare feet softly thudding on the carpet as he ran towards it. His hands rested against the door as he leaned against it, curiously and eagerly peaking through the spy hole at the two people standing on the front step; an older man and a young girl with vibrant blue hair.

"Garret, back up from the door," Kelley Ryan said, putting her freckled hand on his shoulder to push him away from it. "You know I don't like you answering the door. Why don't you go back to the family room and I'll call you over in a bit." Kelley was the original Garret's cousin. Sure, Garret could have called her something along the lines of "Cousin Kelley," but the awkward age difference had more so gotten him calling her "Aunt Kelley," instead. He had never been sure why exactly that was.

He backed up reluctantly, but without more than an ounce of prompting from the strawberry-blond haired woman. Still, he hovered close, staring at the door anxiously and wriggling his toes on the carpet impatiently. "But-" He stuttered slightly through beginning the sentence, far too occupied with the idea of the two behind the door. "But, th-they're the people coming to look at me today aren't they? Won't they prefer a Doll who's nice and friendly? I could still greet them as they come in!"

"Sweety, they wouldn't be getting a doll who's nice and friendly," Aunt Kelley reported. "They'd be getting you. And you're about as awkward as an alligator trying to walk on two legs."

Garret bit his lower lip, rocking back and forth from the balls of his feet to his heels while he fidgeted with the hem of his red and tan patterned sweater, which's business was only rivaled with by the pattern of the button up collared shirt underneath, which boasted tight blue crossing lines over a white background. Even worse, over the sweater, he wore a loose camouflage jacket. The busy layers didn't match in the least, and were a bit overpowering, but Garret simply couldn't help it. Part of the so-called "charm" of his design was the attraction to geeky clothing, to drown himself in cozy layers. The pants he wore were somewhat more plain; grey, cuffed jeans which ended at his mid-calf. "I'm not that bad," He murmured.

"Stand back, Garret! Come on, I'm not going to tell you again," She reiterated, shooing him with one hand while she approached the door again and placed her hand down on the door knob. Again, Garret took a few strides backwards, but still didn't retreat from the entrance hallway as he'd been told. She pulled the door open and gave a great big welcoming smile to the two on the front step. "Hi! Come on in, come on in," She prompted to them, stepping back and allowing room for them to come in front door.

"Hello there!" Garret greeted, giving a wide, closed-mouth smile. He studied them quietly, eyes moving up and down every inch of them. Though he remained as still as he could, he'd begun wriggling his toes on the carpet again.

"Garret, why don't you go wait in the living room, and we'll meet you there in a minute," Kelley urged, turning her head back to give him a forceful look, as if shoving him away with those stony, hazel eyes of hers.

Garret nodded quickly, stepping back as he replied a short and obedient "Yes ma'am." He turned on his heels and headed down the hallway and rounding the corner to the family room, and Kelley was left wondering why he hadn't just done that the first time she'd asked him. She turned back to her guests, the ones who'd planned to take a look at Garret and possibly purchase him. Oh god, did she hope they would take Garret off of her hands. She simply didn't know how much she could take anymore. It wasn't as if he were bothersome or loud or messy. He was nothing along the lines of irritating, but she just couldn't take it anymore. He acted too human. He thought too much. He forgot his place as a doll from time to time. And she just couldn't understand the idea of keeping a permanent reminder of her deceased cousin. She couldn't even understand why her aunt had wanted him, but perhaps the woman simply wanted to pretend that her son hadn't actually died.

"I'm Kelley Ryan," She said to the man and the young lady with vibrant blue hair. "And you've already met Garret."

Garret, at the moment now, was quite busy. Upon inspection of the family room, he'd seen several key give-aways that he didn't act like typical Dolls. The books, for one, which sat in the blanket nest in the corner were open to the pages he was on, and he quickly shut them, stowing them away on the bookshelf. The blanket nest itself was a bit of a give-away, too, but he chose not to dismantle it, simply because he would have no time to put all those blankets and couch cushions and pillows and the chair which made up the "third wall" of the nest back where they belonged before the two were coming over to take a look at him. He looked around for anything else, and after a good thirty seconds, he managed to hide the cheap, lined-paper notebook that he liked to draw in, the collection of eraser-less pencils, and his collection of candid shots he'd taken of people passing outside his window at 3:45 every day. Where he hid the items? Why, no other place than inside the rip on the underside of the old, flower-patterned couch which allowed plenty of space for anything he didn't want to be found. The rip had been in the couch when Aunt Kelley had bought it, but she never thought to check in there. Why would she? It wasn't exactly a normal activity to be stowing things away in any possible crevice in the house.

He bit his lip, circling the room a few more times before finally disobeying and creeping back into the hallway. I won't be seen, he thought to himself. I'm just taking a peek, and they won't even notice. He made his was silently to the corner of the hallway, and slowly leaned around to catch another quick glimpse of the people. As they turned, eventually, ready to make their way to the family room as well, he ducked away and made a swift, quiet run back to the room, as if he'd been standing there the entire time, a good little Doll. The man certainly didn't seem like he would be the one to want Garret, which lead him to believe he was taking a look for the vibrant-haired girl, who could probably be presumed as his daughter. That meant she would be the one to impress. He needed to make her like him. He just hoped he wouldn't make any mistakes.


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Ivy Smithson

“Dad, why are we here?” Ivy asked, growing impatient.

Her father looked down at her, smiling as if he couldn’t hold in the secret anymore, “We’re getting you a Doll.”
Ivy’s mouth dropped in protest as the door opened to reveal a woman with strawberry-blonde hair. The woman smiled brightly at them as they were herded in.

“Hi! Come on in, come on in!”
The woman said to them as Ivy looked around the room. Ivy looked at her father, whose face held a business-like contentment that he only had on when he felt like he was getting a great deal on something. Ivy rolled her eyes as she heard another voice.

“Hello there!”
Ivy’s gaze fell to a boy that was maybe a little taller than her. At first, she wondered if the boy was the woman’s son; that is until she saw the Heartland brand on his neck.

Oh, he’s the Doll. She thought, tilting her head the slightest as she looked at him. The clothes he was wearing seemed to contradict one another, complete with a camouflage jacket. The odd outfit caused Ivy to smile a little bit, the smallest flash of teeth.

Her attention went to the woman again as she introduced herself as Kelley Ryan and the boy- Or Doll , as that was the correct term- was fittingly named Garret. Ivy’s father smiled at the woman, one that spoke all business.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Kelley.” He spoke as he watched the Doll disappear into the room, “I’m Rodney and this is my daughter, Annabelle.” He said as he put a light hand on Ivy’s blue head.

“I prefer to be called Ivy, thank you.” Ivy interjected, looking around the room once more. The azure haired girl thought she saw Garret quietly run back towards the room, but wasn’t very sure. Ivy raked her fingers through her hair as she made her way towards the living room with the others, her eyes traveling the room. Nothing really out of the ordinary, other than a little nest of blankets that sat in a corner.

The small nest reminded the girl of when she would make blanket forts with her brothers. They would always have little battles of who would rule the castle, a battle of knights and queens; of course Ivy was always on top, ruling the kingdom.
The little memory brought a small smile to her lips, that was, until she heard her father.

“Tell me about yourself, Son.” Her father had his arms crossed as he stared intently at the Doll.

Ivy put a hand over her eyes, hoping to God that her father wouldn’t embarrass her, or ridicule Garret. Not that her father purposely hurt people, he just had that kind of effect on new people. She removed her hand and watched the boy, an apologetic look on her face.

Shit, Dad's going to fucking interrogate the Doll.


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Image Garret managed to make his way into the middle of the family room and turn to face the entrance just before Aunt Kelley had entered, leading the two whom he'd overheard their names to be Rodney and Ivy. He stood as straight as he possibly could, eyes on the two as they entered the room, and all but ignoring Kelley, who simply made quick work about clearing the couch of if its tacky decorative pillows, in case anyone felt like sitting. The man, who obviously was the person to claim the name Rodney, came close to him, arms crossed.

“Tell me about yourself, Son.” The man said, and Garret instantly felt nervous.

He shifted his weight over from the left foot, then to the right, then back to being centered. He bit his lip for a second before making a specific attempt at answering the man's question. Upon realizing his friendly expression had escaped him, though, he quickly brought the polite smile back to his face, trying to be sure that he was going to make as good of an impression as he possibly could.

"I'm afraid there isn't much to tell, sir," Garret responded, finally. His fingers busily pulled at the hem of his sweater, though the little nervous action was difficult to spot unless a person was looking for it. "My name is Garret, I'm a five-year-old doll modeled after a sixteen-year-old. I've been with the same owner for four years until she passed and for the past year I've been for sale."

His eyes averted temporarily while he tried to think. What exactly would the man want to hear? Surely he couldn't tell any lies, but perhaps he should leave out some of the less.... undesirable parts of himself. No one would want to buy those, and he just had to make himself seem a little more appealing, that was all. Surely it couldn't be too hard. Dolls got purchased all the time, even ones that other people wouldn't typically want. Who could say what kind of taste these people had, and what they were looking for? And who could even say what Aunt Kelley had already told them over the phone.

He looked back at the man, eyes open a little wider in realization. "Oh, I was commissioned to get new tattoo murals six months ago, when I previously had none." Garret then promptly gabbed the hems of his layered shirts, pulling them upward to show off the intricate and abstract designs on his torso. After a few moments, he dropped his shirt back down and rolled up one of his sleeves, to show it's continuation onto his forearm. "And then there are some on my upper arms, as well, but I currently have long sleeves on in three layers so its a little hard to show you unless I take them off." He rolled his sleeve back down and brought his eye contact back to the man.

After a few moments of hesitation, he tried to continue with his words, though he found it difficult to bring himself to tell more about himself, especially with things like his memories, or how he was created so specifically for one purpose. That would surely be a turn-off, wouldn't it? He was hardly useful, and he didn't even have a purpose anymore. But then, he also knew he had to tell them, because keeping that information to himself would be as good as lying, and he wasn't allowed to do that.

"Um, I, well," He tried to start the sentence in any way that he could, and he couldn't help but fumble over it. "I was originally programmed with the memories of the boy I was modeled after. I was sort of meant to be an imitation of him; a replacement. But I can easily differentiate between my memories and his, so really, it doesn't pose any sort of problem. But that's probably something you'd want to know from the start."

Garret fidgeted again, and once more he was wriggling his toes on the carpet, shuffling his feet every once in a while. Though his eyes had remained on the man for a good deal of time, the circulated the room now, shifting around from the bookshelf to the couch to the nest, to Aunt Kelley and to the girl with the vibrant blue hair, until the had made the full circle back again.

What else can I say? He was beginning to panic a bit, unsure of what to do with himself. Was there really anything else he could say? He'd never really encountered anyone actually interested in much else from the major details, just to know what the hell they were paying for. He decided that his best course of action was to prompt what to do from the man, so as not to make any mistakes.

"I'm not sure what else I can say on the matter," Garret said, maintaining the polite, respectful tone he'd had for the duration of his ramble. His brows raised upward inquisitively. "May I please have a different question?"


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Ivy Smithson

It was apparent Ivy’s father wasn’t very pleased with the boy. He watched as the boy stuttered for an answer. When Garret showed them the tattoos that scarred his body, Rodney looked over at Kelley, his eyes narrowed lightly.

“You never said anything about him having tattoos.”
He spoke to the woman like talking to a small child in disappointment. Ivy frowned at her father as he adverted his focus to Garret once more.

Ivy watched Garret, her head tilted slightly as if confused. The girl heard her father speaking to Kelley, although it was too low to understand. This Doll was different, although it could be programming. But when he said that he and the boy he was modeled after had some differences, Ivy’s interest perked. He wasn’t just programmed the way he supposed to.

I like him, he seems like he’d be a good friend to have. After all, this whole mission was to find a friend for her.

She idly twisted the ring around her middle finger before hearing her father clear his throat.

“Well, Garret,” He started, looking at Ivy and then the Doll, “You seem like a fine doll, but not one for my daughter.”

Ivy’s mouth opened a little ajar in annoyance, “Why not ask him a few more questions before judging him right off the back, Dad.”

Her father’s eyebrows raised in surprise as he looked at his daughter, the smallest of smiles on his lips,
“Well, why don’t you ask him something? After all, if we do purchase him, he’s yours.”

Ivy felt as if a great weight was thrown onto her as her father and Kelley watched her expectantly. She shifted awkwardly before looking at Garret.

“First, let me apologize for my ass of a father,” She said before continuing, “What do you like, any interests you have?” She felt stupid asking the question, but she felt being alive for five years, he was bound to like something.

She heard her father laugh at the apology and say something to Kelley, but she ignored it and waited for a response from the boy. She watched Garret, trying to figure out the pretty Doll without him saying much. She couldn’t understand him wearing three layers at this time of year. After all, she was wearing a Pierce The Veil tank top with black shorts and Converses. How he had on three long-sleeved layers made her wonder.

Please, please, please answer truthfully.
She silently asked the pretty, little Doll.


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Image “You never said anything about him having tattoos.” The man suddenly said, gaze turning upon Aunt Kelley. Garret swallowed a nervous lump in his throat, suddenly not feeling well about the whole thing. Oh no, he thought. Oh no, did I really blow it already? He watched The girl's father and Kelley talk, though the words were too distant and too low to understand. He began to panic a little, shuffling his feet while he watched on anxiously, unsure if there was anything else he could do to change the man's opinion somehow.

“Well, Garret,”The man said, taking a look at his daughter before looking back to Garret. “You seem like a fine doll, but not one for my daughter.”

Garret instantly felt his heart sink, his shoulders slouched and his gaze dropped to the floor. That was it. He was done. He felt like he was going to collapse under how heavy his heart felt, and under the knowledge of what this meant; he wasn't getting a new owner. He was going to be sent back to Heartland and put out for good. There was nothing he could do about it.

“Why not ask him a few more questions before judging him right off the back, Dad.” Came another voice in the room. Garret picked up his head, surprised at the comment which had come from the girl with blue hair. It took a few moments for him to process what she was saying to her father. But that was it! That was his second chance to make them like him, and she was handing it right over to him. The corners of his mouth twitched, as if they would begin to form a smile, though the smile remained at bay.

“Well, why don’t you ask him something? After all, if we do purchase him, he’s yours.” Her father replied. Garret's eyes went back to the man for a moment and then directly back to the girl, staring at her attentively and straightening up.

Please, He thought. Please, this is my only shot. I have to be perfect. Just like any doll.

When the question came, he almost was unprepared for it, and surprised at its context.

“First, let me apologize for my ass of a father,” She said before continuing, “What do you like, any interests you have?”

He looked away for a moment, back at the flowered couch in which he'd hid his things. She wanted to know... what his interests were? That didn't seem to make sense. His interests could have been anything, and she could have told him exactly what she wanted him to be interested in and he'd say he was. It was as simple as that, but no. He looked back at the girl, at the look on her face. She wanted a bit more of a real answer from him.

He gritted his teeth, eyes wandering over to Aunt Kelley Guiltily. "I like.... Uh...." He swallowed, and tried to start again, this time bringing his eyes back to the girl, as Aunt Kelley's gaze made him uncomfortable. "Well, I like to... I like to read..." He felt bad for admitting it. As if reading were close in comparison to something along the lines of doing drugs. "And I like to draw when I can. And I like to take pictures of the people passing by outside at the same time each day to see how it changes." He could see out of the corner of his eye that Aunt Kelley had grown a puzzled look on her face. Regardless, he continued.

"And I like cozy clothing, and things like my big blanket nest over in the corner. I made that myself. And..." He swallowed another lump in his throat, realizing how he simply used 'And' over and over again to continue his thoughts. He tried to restart without saying and again. "I like museums, going for walks in the morning before the sun has come up..." He bit his lip and shifted back and forth on his feet for a short moment. "And I.... I hid things in the rip on the underside of Aunt Kelley's really ugly couch so that you wouldn't think I was a bad doll." He turned towards Aunt Kelley as swiftly as he could, furrowing his brows and adding in the quickest afterthought of, "I'm really sorry!"

"You hide things in the rip under the couch?!" Kelley exclaimed, and the short, red-headed woman stormed her way over to the couch, reaching underneath it and beginning to pull out the contents that he'd hidden there; the notebook, the pencils, the stack of photographs, as well as various other things that he'd put in there, including eighty-three cents that he'd gathered from the washer and dryer, a packet of colorful markers, Garret's favorite black pen (for it wrote so incredibly smooth), and a half-empty case of chocolate, which he'd been saving.

"I like candy, too," He added in. Finally, he shrugged, beginning to accept the fact that he most certainly was not getting purchased. He'd be decommissioned at Heartland, but at least he was going out with a bang, he supposed.

He gave a weak smile to the lovely little lady with the blue hair. "I'm really sorry."


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Ivy Smithson

Ivy watched Garret as he, again, stumbled for answers. She watched as he told her his interests, the look he had on his face. She could see he didn’t believe he was going to get purchased, that everything he said gave him less of a chance of getting a new home.

Oh, how he was wrong.

Ivy watched as her father almost gawked at the boy, having never seen a Doll that actually acted like Garret. Garret acted more human than Doll, more boy than toy- at least a few people saw them as toys. The simple thought made Ivy think of the story Pinocchio, the puppet that turned into a real boy. She had always loved that story.

"And I.... I hid things in the rip on the underside of Aunt Kelley's really ugly couch so that you wouldn't think I was a bad doll."Ivy had to cover her mouth to stop herself from laughing at ‘Aunt’ Kelley’s reaction; she seemed to react like when Mason told Mom he had shot the family dog on accident. Total shock and anger seemed to radiate off the woman as she began to take the things out of the couch. One of the photos landed at Ivy’s feet and she bent down to pick it up.
She looked at Garret as he apologized, but she simply shook her head. He had no reason to be apologizing. When she met the Doll’s gaze, the edges of her mouth turned up into a smile.

“Ivy, I think we should go.” Her father whispered lightly, nodding towards Kelley before he made his way to the door.

“Well, you should really pay before leaving.” Ivy said simply, “Stealing is illegal.”

Ivy liked this Doll; he certainly was different and didn’t do everything Kelley seemed to want. He wasn’t the most obedient Doll, he wasn’t perfect either. His flaws were very noticeable, something Ivy wanted in a friend, Doll or not.

“Ivy, I don’t think-“ Her father started but was cut off by a glare from Ivy.

“We’re not getting you a Doll, Dad.” She said, crossing her arms, “I thought we were getting me a Doll so I won’t be friendless anymore.” Ivy’s father opened his mouth to say something, but a defeated look crossed his face as his gaze shifted from the three people in the room, all seeming to plead for him to get Garret for his only daughter.

Her father heaved a loud sigh, grabbing his checkbook, “How much?”

Ivy’s face lit up as she looked over at Garret, “Get anything you want to bring with you.” She said, lightly bouncing on the balls of her feet.

“Don’t ask for anything else, alright?” Her father said, waiting for Kelley to give him an amount.

“Trust me; I don’t think I want anything else.” She replied simply, looking at Garret.

“There’s one thing I want you to do if I get you this Doll,” Her father said, looking at Ivy with a stern expression.


“Heartland is throwing a ball in behalf of a girl suffering from cancer, I want you to go. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet some people you actually like.”Ivy’s face scrunched up in annoyance, she wasn’t much of a girl who liked parties, or parties where dresses are a must.

“Do I have to wear a dress…?”

“Yes, and he has to go as well.” Her father replied, pointing at Garret as he scribbled down the amount and handed the check to Kelley. Ivy shrugged, able to deal with a ball. She was just happy she was able to give the pretty, little Doll a new home.


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Image Garret tilted his head at the blue-haired girl, confused at the expression she held. She was... Smiling. Though, he couldn't quite be sure why. He'd blown it, hadn't he? Aunt Kelley was going to hit him for this, maybe even shove him outside, and drop him off to be decommissioned at Heartland as soon as she got the chance. Garret supposed that he'd just accepted his lack of usefulness, but the girl's expression was beginning to draw questions.

“Ivy, I think we should go.” The girl's father whispered. The statement made perfect sense to Garret, seeing as Aunt Kelley was more than likely about to do something quite harsh for punishment. He could already see the woman's face growing redder than her hair in frustration at Garret. He found himself quite shocked, perhaps the most shocked, at Miss Ivy's reply to her father.

“Well, you should really pay before leaving.” She said. “Stealing is illegal.”

Garret's eyes widened, able to bring himself to do nothing but stare with his lips parted, absolutely dumbfounded. She.... She wanted to buy him? She really did? Even though.... even though he wasn't perfect like all those other dolls. He was in utter shock, unsure of even what to do with himself. Should he say something? Do something? Thank her? Run around? It was all so overwhelming and all at once. He hadn't even thought he'd really get purchased after all, after having so many people saying no.

“We’re not getting you a Doll, Dad.” She said, crossing her arms, “I thought we were getting me a Doll so I won’t be friendless anymore.”

The corners of Garret's mouth twitched upward slightly, and his whole expression seemed to brighten. Ivy's father turned and pulled his checkbook, beginning to discuss price with Aunt Kelley. Garret could see that Kelley was still fuming, almost wanting to refuse the offer so that she could beat the crap out of Garret herself, and the fact alone that he'd be getting away from her punishment was enough to let that ghost of a smile turn into a real one. He was about to have a new owner, although he still wasn't quite sure what it would entail exactly. What would she want from him? Certainly the situation would be nothing like the one he'd been in before, what with "real" Garret's mother treating him just like he was her son. But at the very least, he'd be able to figure it out as he went along. It would be alright.

“Get anything you want to bring with you.” Ivy said, seeming almost as excited as Garret was.

Unsure of what to say in response, and unable to get any words out anyway, he just nodded quickly and enthusiastically, half listening as Kelley shared her price and Miss Ivy's father was scrawling down the information on the check while he went off and was saying something about Ivy not asking for anything else for a while. Most of the exchange really didn't seem like it would pertain to Garret, but he stayed anyway, wanting to wait a few moments for a lapse in which he could run upstairs and stuff a few odds and ends into a backpack. Though, it wasn't long before he was hearing something that pertained to him, and had to backtrack in the conversation to understand what was being said.

“Yes, and he has to go as well.”

What... what had been said before that? Miss Ivy had said something about having to wear a dress... Now... What were they talking about? He backtracked a little farther before realizing the answer. Oh! That was right, they'd mentioned Heartland's Ball. They... they would be attending? It came as another surprise, though he supposed it shouldn't have. It was typical for the buyers of dolls to be pretty loaded when it came to cash, and Garret wasn't sure what exactly he'd been expecting. His old owner had scraped together all the money she had saved for him, after all. He wondered what those events were going to be like, but decided the thought could also wait for later, as he still hadn't moved from his place, and he'd be holding up his new owner if he didn't move quickly.

"O-oh! I'll be right back, please just wait a moment, I won't take long!" He exclaimed, dashing from the room and running to the stairway.

When he reached the small room which acted as his over the past year at Kelley's place. It had really just been a simple guest room, but after the year, it had become strewn with Garret's little odds and ends. He didn't know what to stuff his bag with, really. Most of his things were taken from him when his old owner had passed away, not allowing him anything aside from clothes and things, so he decided that clothes might as well comprise most of his bag. When it was stuffed to the brim, he stuffed a copy of the Grimm Fairy tails into the bag as well. It was one of those special addition books that you could get for about twenty bucks in the store, and he'd had three books like that, but he'd lost the other two. At the very least, the one still remained.

Garret hefted his bag over his shoulder and slipped his sneakers on his feet, not bothering to tie them on, and hurrying back down the stairs to rush back into the living room. He gave a grateful smile at Ivy when he came in, making a note to himself that he should surely thank her, before making his way hesitantly and shyly over to Aunt Kelley. She still held a bitter look at him, and it made him even more hesitant to reach for the things that she'd tossed on the coffee table, reaching out for the notebook and the photographs, as those were the only things he knew he couldn't really replace.

Before they were in his grasp, however, Kelley snatched them up herself, folding the thin notebook in half and tearing the photographs in half and tossing both to the pile of wood and burnable garbage she kept next to the fireplace. Biting his lip and feeling some pain in a deep part of his gut, he simply backed off, finding a little bit of sanctuary in the space closest to Ivy.

"When he doesn't work out," Kelley said, adding in a little closure to be sure that they knew she wouldn't be taking any returns. "Just bring him back to Heartland. I doubt anyone else will want him, and you can't bring him back."

Maybe she won't want to get rid of me, Garret thought, as if the defiant thought were being said directly at his old captor. Had he been "real" Garret, he probably would have said it to her, but he wasn't quite as confident, he wasn't quite as outspoken. All he really could do was hope that it would end up working out.


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Ivy Smithson

Ivy hadn’t liked the Kelley woman since they had entered her house. Not with the way she acted or held herself. She actually felt bad that Garret had to live with her.

Well, not anymore.

She nodded as Garret said he would be right back, her father chatting with the woman. She seemed furious at the boy, but why? He hadn’t done anything that would give the woman a reason to be angry.
Maybe she was just a hateful woman.

It had always annoyed and hit a chord in Ivy that people could be so hateful for no apparent reason. When Ivy was younger –when she had friends- a girl she talked to had a very angry mother. She would be pissed off because of the simplest of things. Not smiling in a picture, crying when they got hurt. The woman absolutely hated her daughter, it seemed. Ivy hated that woman, she hated her a lot.

Ivy saw Garret come back with a bag and smiled back at him as he grinned at her. Well, he wouldn’t have to deal with this bitch anymore. Kelley could be pissed all she wanted, she’d never have him back.When Garret when to grab the last of his belongings, Kelley snatched them up, tearing them apart as a last word of her anger.

“When he doesn’t work out, just bring him back to Heartland. I doubt anyone else will want him, and you can't bring him back."

Ivy glared at the woman, finally fed up with her. She watched as Garret stepped closer to her, and she looked at him. It reminded her when she had gotten Stephano, her black cat. The woman said to never return the demon spawn of an animal to her again. Oddly enough, the cat was as cuddly as they come. She didn’t understand why Kelley hated Garret, but it pissed her off.

“I doubt that will happen.” Ivy spoke up, a grin slipping onto her face, although it held no kindness to the woman known as Kelley, “But if you ever regret selling him, don’t contact us.” She hissed, enunciating every word as if she were deaf.
She heard her father say something to her, but she wasn’t listening. Ivy looked at Garret, feeling the tension in the air.

“Let’s go,” She said to Garret, grabbing his wrist and walking out of the house before Kelley changed her mind about selling him. She doubted the woman would do it, but some people didn’t like selling to certain people.

Like Ivy.

Once they were outside, Ivy let go of Garret’s wrist, impatiently bouncing on the balls of her feet for her father. She tossed the boy an apologetic look, “Sorry about that.” She said, feeling bad for snapping at the woman. She didn’t regret per say, she just hated it when she snapped like that. It wasn’t normal for Ivy to snap at people, but when she did it came with good reason.

Well, most of the time.

After what seemed like a century of waiting for her father, she looked at Garret again, “I’m also really sorry about your pictures.” Ivy’s eyes widened for a moment, pulling something out of her pocket. It was the photo that had landed at her feet when Kelley threw everything out of the bottom of the couch. After looking at it for a moment, she handed it to Garret.

“She really shouldn’t have done that, she had no right.”


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Image “I doubt that will happen.” Ivy suddenly responded to Aunt Kelley's final comment. When garret looked up at her with wide eyes, surprised and grateful that she'd said it, he could see that she was glaring at the red-headed woman. “But if you ever regret selling him, don’t contact us.”

Garret found himself smiling at the blue-haired girl, relieved and ecstatic that she'd even say something like that. She actually wanted him! She liked him, that meant? He didn't know what to do with himself. In fact, he more or less wanted to hug the girl in his gratitude and excitement, but held back because he wasn't sure the girl's feelings on touching and maybe she'd change her mind if he tried it, so he decided against the action.

Ivy's father was about to comment to her, probably to chastise her harsh demeanor, or say that she was being disrespectful, but Ivy simply turned to garret, not paying attention to him. “Let’s go,” She said, promptly grabbing him by the wrist and leading him along with her before any more words could be said on the matter. They were quickly out of the family room, through the hall and out onto the front lawn in no time, and Garret couldn't help but fidget with the hem of his sweater with his free hand from excitement. What was he going to do? He wondered what his new owner's home would be like. What the ball would be like. What would she want him to do for her? He'd never had many responsibilities at his first owner's home, but that was because she had treated him more like a son, seeing as he was a replacement for one. His biggest job at Kelley's home was to stay out of the way and do little jobs where no one could see him. Sure, it was supposed to be some big privilege to own a doll, but all her friends and guests had known of the real Garret, and having him around had just been an embarrassment most of the time. Garret was fully aware of it, too. Sometimes he just wished things were simpler, and that he was real Garret. At least he wouldn't be such a disappointment, then.

Before he knew it, Ivy had dropped his wrist, and she simply bounced on her feet as they waited the return of her father, in order to leave, Garret presumed. She gave Garret the sweet, kind look of an apology. “Sorry about that.” He couldn't help but tilt his head at her. Why should she be sorry? He felt so grateful that she'd stuck up for him, when he knew he couldn't do it for himself. He simply smiled at her, as if it conveyed that whatever she was sorry for, he didn't mind in the least.

There was a short pause, before she spoke again. “I’m also really sorry about your pictures.” She said, and this time Garret ducked his head, feeling a little down about the subject. All those things that would never be seen again, the memory lost, the paper it was printed on destroyed, waiting to be burned by Kelley's fire. It made him sad, really, and he almost didn't want to think about it. He looked back at Ivy a moment and his eyes widened as she pulled something from her pocket; one of the photographs, fully intact, having fallen from the pile. She must have stowed it in her pocket when they'd been pulled out of the couch. She studied it for a while before handing it over to Garret.

He took it in both hands with wide eyes and a slight smile. This one showed the man in the funny yellow track suit, and the woman just beginning to come around the corner with her stroller. He liked this one.

“She really shouldn’t have done that, she had no right.”

He frowned momentarily, still studying the image. "Well, she did, actually. She had all the right she wanted to do that. I'm a doll, so I don't have rights to any private properties. When my first owner passed away, most everything got taken away from me. I just got the clothes that I already had, and I got split up with the rest of her property. So... Technically, I guess those picture's were Aunt Kelley's to do with what she pleased."

He sighed, trying to shrug it off like it was no bit deal. He studied the picture a little longer, before suddenly smiling. This picture was still here, at least that was something. And he didn't want to make his new owner upset! So, widening his smile and looking at her, he tried to make the situation a little more positive.

"It's okay, though!" Garret said to her. "This one is here, and you know what? It's my new favorite! The one my new owner saved for me!"

He bit his lip shyly for a moment, trying to remember something else. He... He wanted to say something to her, didn't he? What was it? He knew it related to what he wanted to say to her now, and he figured he should say them both at the same time. Oh, how forgetful he was being! All this excitement was so distracting, and he had to focus to keep on track. That's it! He wanted to give his gratitude to her.

"Thank you!" He exclaimed, finally. "For this, for everything."


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Ivy Smithson

“Thank you! For this, for everything.” Garret said ecstatically to Ivy. She smiled at him, glad he was so happy that he had a new owner. …But, was that all she was going to be to him? Sure, at the moment she was probably just a silly blue haired girl that had bought him, but she didn’t want to be just his owner. She didn’t want him sucking up to her or trying his hardest to make her happy. She wanted Garret to be…Garret. Nothing more and certainly nothing less.

Everything he had explained to Ivy made her feel a little bad for him. He believed that, because Kelley had been his owner, that she could do anything she wanted to his things. Doll or not, if she was him she’d probably slap the woman.
At least he wouldn’t deal with her anymore.

Her father still hadn’t appeared which meant he was either apologizing or chatting with her, probably both. Ivy smiled at Garret again, running a hand through her hair.

“You really shouldn’t thank me.” She said jokingly, “When you meet the rest of my family you might try to run for it.”

While she was joking, there was some truth to her words. Her family was dysfunctional, completely. Her mother was never home, in and out of therapies and rehabs for her drug problems. Two older brothers that were never home and if they were it was because they needed money. She didn’t mind Mason, he was fine. Most of the time he used his money for his studies and because he didn’t have a job he would ask them for food money. Derek was another story. When he came to the house, he was either drunk or kicked out of his latest girlfriend’s home. And of course, Ivy normally was locked away in her room avoiding everyone but her dad. She looked at Garret, smiling.

“Sadly, there are going to be rules.” She said, “But they’re not mine, their dad’s.” She rolled her eyes as she thought of them.
“Typically, sense you’re, eh, male,” She said, shifting, “My dad will be a little weird with his rules.”

“My rules aren’t weird,” Her father rumbled behind her, a grin on his face as Ivy jumped, having been unaware he was standing behind her, “They are going to keep you out of trouble and you,” He pointed at Garret, “ In line.”

Ivy shook her head, walking beside and behind Garret, “What could he possibly do? He’s like a puppy, cute and harmless.” She said with a grin.

Her father ignored her comment, “ Neither of you are allowed in each other’s rooms after ten, and if you are, the door must be open.” He said, crossing his arms, “Always come home around nine if you’re out, and don’t be idiots. No drugs or alcohol, be good. ”

“Wow, dad, so strict.” Ivy said with sarcasm and good humor, “But I doubt that will happen. Also, I have one rule.” She said, looking at Garret, “Simply put, be yourself.” She gave a friendly squeeze on Garret’s shoulder.

Her father ushered them into the car, and soon they were off, leaving the house and Garret’s home. She didn’t know what would be at home waiting for them, hopefully relatively quiet. Ivy’s house was a quaint cottage, two stories and almost free of nosy neighbors. It was a fifteen minute walk from the nearest Starbucks and certainly reserved. While the outside suggest that it belonged in a fairy tale, the inside was certainly modern. Each bedroom had its own TV and bathroom, and because only two people lived there most, that made three bedrooms inhabited. One was a guest room, now it was Garret’s.

She tucked her feet underneath her, looking over at Garret. She wondered what he thought of all this, was it overwhelming for him? How would he adjust to her house and her family? Honestly, it was lonely because her father worked and nobody else bothered coming home. What would it be like with another person around, and not just her and the cat?
She looked at Garret, smiling, maybe, just maybe, he might actually like his new home.


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Image Image
Image Image
“You really shouldn't thank me. When you meet the rest of my family you might try to run for it.” She said, though the tone in here voice made it clear the statement was in joking. He smiled at the comment. After all, why would he want to leave? She was so wonderful already, just for wanting him in the first place! And he was sure he could handle a little bit of crazy, couldn't he? Well, he thought so, anyway.

“Sadly, there are going to be rules.” She said, “But they’re not mine, their dad’s. Typically, sense you’re, eh, male, my dad will be a little weird with his rules.”

Oh, Garret thought to himself, shifting awkwardly just about at the same point that she did. Rules because he was male, eh? He could see where that kind of thing would be coming from, or, at least, he could see where it would be coming from if he were an actual human boy, though it was a bit surprising still that it would be a concern, what with Garret being a doll and everything. All they had to do was tell him not to... y'know... do it, and he wouldn't. Likewise, if he do told to do something, he would, even if he didn't want to. That was just how it was. He was a little too nervous about that sort of thing to do something like disobey. Well, unless he felt it was something harmless and he wouldn't be caught of course, but that applied more to going for walks before sunrise when he wasn't supposed to, and peeking in on situations that he was curious about even though he was supposed to be in the other room.

“My rules aren't weird,” Ivy's father interjected. Ivy jumped at his sudden approach behind her, but Garret had seen him coming. All he could do was smile at the little blue haired girl's reaction. “They are going to keep you out of trouble and you,” He pointed at Garret, and Garret instantly tensed, “ In line.”

“What could he possibly do? He’s like a puppy, cute and harmless.” Ivy had retorted to her father, walking with Garret as the three headed to where Ivy's father had parked the car. He father ignored the comment, though Garret found himself pursing his lips in protest about being called cute. Not that the action wasn't adorable in itself, and after all, he was just a big five-year-old pretty much all of the time, right down to having no idea how to dress himself. Kind of ironic that he actually was five years old.

“Neither of you are allowed in each other’s rooms after ten, and if you are, the door must be open. Always come home around nine if you’re out, and don’t be idiots. No drugs or alcohol, be good.” He continued, crossing his arms to show that he meant business. None of the rules seemed too unreasonable or difficult to follow, so Garret figured he could handle it. He found himself nodding in affirmation as the words were being said, making sure to take them in and specifically, remember the times at which the things would not be allowed.

“Wow, dad, so strict.” Ivy said to her father, he words joking with that touch of sarcasm. “But I doubt that will happen. Also, I have one rule.” She said, and Garret tilted his head for a mere moment. He hardly had a chance to think about questioning what the rule was, before she completed the statement. “Simply put, be yourself.” She put her hand on his shoulder and gave it a light, friendly squeeze.

He bit his lip a moment. Be himself? That was... actually going to be difficult. How could he, after all that time of pretending to be 'real Garret,' and after that, pretending that he was a normal doll? He wasn't even sure what 'himself' really was like. He knew he was awkward, and a lot more introverted than the other Garret. Yeah, he kind of was like a puppy, big and clumsy and tripping over his own feet. He never knew how he should behave or even what to do with himself. How could he be himself if he was always second-guessing? Perhaps... He could be real Garret instead. He could go back to pretending. Maybe she would like him. Well, 'him' being the human Garret. It wasn't hard to act like him, what with having his memories and all.

He pushed forward a smile. How could two little words make up such a difficult request? He thought, wanting to sit and think about it for a while more, but knowing that if he kept quiet for too much longer, Ivy might realize what a difficult request it actually was for him. He didn't want to disappoint her. Not after everything she'd already done for him.

"Okay!" He replied, flexing the smile a little wider, and by this point, he was sliding into the car along with Ivy. "I'll try my best, I promise!"

He smiled back when he saw the girl smiling at him, and took just a moment to look back at Kelley's house one more time before he knew he would be parting for good. Good riddance, he thought, but part of him was solemn about it. It was the human part, the part that belonged to real Garret. Kelley had always favored him in the days when she still had her little cousin, and that was why doll Garret had been left to her. But she'd always hated doll Garret. He was just a reminder of a tragic death, and the sight of a mistake. His appearance made her so frustrated, so angry. Garret couldn't help who he was, though. Or, rather, he couldn't help who he wasn't. There just wasn't anything that could make her like him.

He found himself sighing too late in the process to stop it, and immediately wished he hadn't done so. To cover up the action though, he quickly turned back to Ivy with that sweet smile of his. So innocent-looking with a slight-too-much spacing in his teeth. He was about to speak to her, to say something about how glad he was to be going home with her, how he couldn't wait to see her home - his new home - when the car engine started and he immediately jolted at the noise, scrunching his body and shutting his eyes while he took in a sharp breath. His hands flew to the sides of his head for protection.

It took a few moments for him to open his eyes again, looking every which way around the car before he could calm down, bringing the jittery limbs away from his head and realized there were no other cars in sight - just the one that surrounded him. He was fine, everything was fine...

Unless they ended up going through the city.

He hated being around cars. Being in them was fine - he could even stick his head out the window and not be scared at all - but being in the close proximity of a running car made him so scared. Transferring memories had been very shaky five years ago when they'd done it. Memories from deceased were always charged into the archives and databases of the morgue; it helped to solve murder cases, and sometimes sending the files to family members would console them a bit. Other times the families found it only disturbing, as they requested to see the moments of their loved one's death, as well. Most never even saw the saved memories at all. They just didn't want them. Still, it had made solving crimes a bit easier, as long as the brain wasn't destroyed. The process of transferring the memories then was sort of like the same way that they plugged personalities into the doll's brains, but they had made a mistake in programming Garret; they had given him all of the original Garret's memories. Right down to the hit and run that had killed him. At first Garret simply thought that he'd survived the accident, but after about four months, he'd settled all the confusion in his mind about what had actually happened. Still, the hit and run was a terrible memory, and he had all the fear in him that real Garret would have had.

He slunk down in the seat, so that his eyes wouldn't see the road out the window. At least then he wouldn't see if a car was near by. He looked at Ivy again, this time his look was purely apologetic.

"Sorry," He said, hunching his shoulders and giving a little smile. "That sort 'a startled me is all." He forced a little uneasy laugh, a bit embarrassed at his actions. "But yeah, I was gonna say that I'm really excited to be going home with you! I can't wait."


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Image Ivy watched Garret as they sat in the car. As he sighed and looked at her, she wondered if he would miss the house, the Kelley woman. She didn’t know, but she hoped he wouldn't. When he smiled at her, she smiled back. It looked like he wanted to say something, but when the car started he went in some sort of fetal position, covering his head with his arms and getting lower to the seats.Ivy was going to ask what was wrong when he lowered his hands and sunk lower into the seats. Her face clouded with confusion and worry, but she didn’t say anything. When he looked at again, he apologized for his actions.

"That sort 'a startled me is all." Ivy nodded, but really didn’t believe him. She had never seen anyone act like that because they were startled. His reaction seemed more like he was afraid something was going to hurt him, not startle him.
"But yeah, I was gonna say that I'm really excited to be going home with you! I can't wait." He said and Ivy smiled, shifting in her seat. She hoped he would like it, with her family. Her house was a Victorian style cottage, ‘quaint’ to most of her parents’ friends. Most of them owned manors or houses with more than eight bedrooms. Ivy could say her house was relatively normal.

“Well, I’m glad you’re excited.” She said with a smile. Her dad turned the radio on, Three Days Grace played through the speakers. She found it amusing that the radio wasn’t playing Justin Bieber or Flo Rida, two singers she hated. She returned her attention to Garret when her father changed the station, “You’ll get your own room, and it was the guest room.” She made a face, “Kinda dull but we can always fix that.”

The drive wasn’t long and soon enough they pulled into the cottage. She waited until her father fully stopped the car before jumping out, looking at the house. It was pretty big for a house; the inside was very nice as well. Two boys from Ivy’s high school saw her and snickered.

“Hey,Smurf!” One of them called out before noticing Garret, “Finally bought yourself a friend?” He asked, taking a drag on the cigarette that sat between his lips.

Ivy gave them a bright smile, “Why don’t you go choke on your fag, Austin.” She knew they took it the wrong way, not everyone knew fag was another term for cigarettes. The look on the other boys face as pure amusement as Austin grumbled away, having no comeback.

She shook her head, looking at Garret, “C’mon,” She said with a small smile, bounding inside the house. As usual it was empty. Stephano, her cat, meowed in greeting and walked between her legs.She patted him on the head before looking at Garret. “I’ll show you your room.” She said, going up the stairs that were beside the kitchen. As she showed Garret the room, she made a face. The room was dull and boring, but if Garret wanted to change that, they could.

“This is where you will be living.” She said with a smile, “My room is right over there.” Ivy pointed to a door close by.

“Ivy, you’ve got a package!” Her father yelled from downstairs.

“Just make yourself at home.” She said before disappearing down the stairs. The package was one she had been waiting for, a bunch of shirts and other band merchandise she had spent all of her birthday and Christmas money on. She took the box and began making her way back upstairs and went into her room, putting it down. She would give Garret some time to look around before bugging him again.

She opened the box, looking at all the items. Everything she had bought, with something extra. She smiled at the CD, her eyes landing on the signatures of the band members. Fuck yes. She said, putting the box beside her desk.
Today has been a great day so far.


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Image Image
Image Image
Garret made a point to smile when Ivy did, trying to reflect the upbeat mood, and glad at her comment. Sure, boring. But that was fine. There was nothing wrong with it, seeing as anything was better than where he was staying. She could be having him sleep on the couch, for all he cared.

It wasn't a long drive, he took note, before they had arrived at Ivy's home. Or, at least, the clock of the car stated it hadn't been long. Garret's anxiousness and excitedness seemed to make sure that each and every time his eyes met the clock, no matter how much time he thought had passed, it had only changed perhaps a minute. He had a new home! No one could blame him for being excited about that. Especially after believing that there was absolutely no way for him to get one.

As the car parked, he quickly followed Ivy's actions, pushing the door open and making his way close to her almost immediately, wanting to stay no more than a couple of steps behind her while he examined the lovely place. A cottage! It was like the kind of homes you saw in pretty advertisements and billboards. Nothing you saw in the city, or even anywhere close to when he'd lived with aunt Kelley. It was big and lovely and picturesque. He almost felt like if he went inside, it would be nothing but cardboard and duct tape, holding up a false image for the background of a commercial, and too good to be true. A couple of boys stood near the yard, and they immediately seemed to find amusement at the sight of Ivy. Or perhaps it was at the sight of Garret? He immediately ducked his head shyly as they snickered.

“Hey, Smurf!” One of them called out before his attention switched over to Garret, though he still seemed to be addressing Ivy. “Finally bought yourself a friend?” The boys cackled. The one took a drag from his cigarette.

Garret's hands balled up into fists. For the instant, he almost didn't care that he was a doll, didn't care that he was supposed to be 'nice' to everyone, and didn't care that they were just a couple of stupid boys. He wanted to run over and punch them in the gut. Maybe if he was real Garret, he would have. But there was no chance of him moving from Ivy's side. Standing up for himself and others had been something that real Garret would have done. Garret just... couldn't bring himself to do anything aside from accept torment. He was a little glad that Ivy seemed to have so much more vigor. She stood up for him with Kelley, and here she was, sticking up for herself because there was nothing stopping her.

“Why don’t you go choke on your fag, Austin.” Ivy had retorted. Garret smiled to himself. The assholes couldn't even come up with anything back, after that. At least, maybe, he didn't have to struggle to stand up for himself, though... He almost worried what would become of him if Ivy wasn't around.

"C'mon," She prompted back at Garret, and his smile flexed slightly more at her as he followed her hastily, having to be careful not to walk too close to her, for risk of stepping on her heels and seeming overly-clingy. What if she didn't like that kind of thing? Sure, she wanted him to be himself and all, but he couldn't be too careful.

Quickly, he followed the blue-haired girl inside, feeling even more amazed at the inside of the structure than he was at the outside. How nice it was! Like a real family home, even if the inside was practically empty, aside from the little cat which came and greeted Ivy as she stepped through. She best down to pet the cat, before looking back at Garret once more, allowing the cat to go off on it's own for now. Garret gave a smile at the sight of the animal, having never lived in a house with any before, even counting real Garret's life. He liked them, but it had always seemed that the people around him were allergic. Of course, not having been around them, he knew he'd have to be weary of the animal, just in case. He wasn't sure whether it was going to like him or not. As soon as he'd realized Ivy was looking at him, though, he looked away from the cat and let his eyes rest back on her, giving her his full attention.

“I’ll show you your room.” She said, and quickly hurried up the stair way.

Garret followed suit, following her up and over to a simple, prim and proper guest room. It was much nicer than the guest room at aunt Kelley's home, he mused. And this was his room! Officially! He couldn't wait to hang up his pictures on the walls, something he wasn't allowed to do in the room that didn't belong to him. Maybe Ivy had some pencils and paper he could borrow, or even a camera. He could make it feel like a real home in no time, as long as that was okay with Ivy of course.

“This is where you will be living.”[i] Ivy said, her voice bringing Garret from his train of thought. [i]“My room is right over there.”

Garret took a quick look over to where she had pointed, and made an affirming nod, making an important head note of where it was for future reference. Surely it would be a hassle if he were to get lost in her home - in his home - and there were probably going to be a lot of times when he would at least go check on her over there. Hopefully she wouldn't find him too bothersome, he found himself thinking, once again feeling self-conscious about different parts of himself. What if she wanted to be left alone most of the day and he kept showing up wanting to talk to her? What if-

The thought was interrupted when Garret heard Ivy's father call something out. His brain, in mid-thought, hadn't caught what was said, but suddenly Ivy was going away from him, and all he could think was that he didn't want her to. He wanted her to stick right with him, to show him around, to just stand there and talk to him about whatever she wanted. He was about to follow her, when she gave the notion for him to stay and just get settled in the room.

“Just make yourself at home.”

Garret bit his lip, taking a few steps into the room - his room - before sliding his backpack off of his shoulders. He plopped the bag down on the bed, unzipping it and digging some of his clothes out until he managed to find the book he'd stowed in there, and placed it down on the top of the dresser in the room. He moved it a couple of times until he was satisfied with it's positioning, before moving back to the messy pile of clothes and scooping them up, tossing them into the top drawer really without rhyme or reason, not bothering to fold them or anything. He could do that later.

Sliding off his shoes, he poked his head back out of the doorway, peering back towards where Ivy had said her room was. He bit his lip a moment. Would she want him to come over on his own? Maybe she wanted him to wait for her to come back and get him. He walked back into the room, pacing a few times before poking his head out the door one more time. Go? Stay? Oh no, he couldn't decide, and found himself pacing the room again. He was a little uncomfortable. Why was he uncomfortable?

He stopped pacing, looking down at his feet.

Shoes. Oh god, he hated wearing shoes inside. Shoes were so constricting, and they made his balance weird. Quickly, he slipped them off, which was easy, seeing as he'd never tied them. He bent to pick them up, and stood in that position staring at the picture that had fallen from his coat pocket.

I almost forgot, He thought to himself, picking it up as he straightened. I'll have to hang it up on the wall. He tossed his shoes in the corner of the room, before placing the image down carefully on the top of the dresser next to his book. Perhaps he could borrow some tape from Ivy, but he could do that later. For now, he was still trying to decide. In the end, his feet moved without him, and he was on his way over. He only managed to stop when he was already half-way there, biting his lip and shifting his feet back and forth before deciding that it was too late to go back, making his way the rest of the way over to her room and poking his head in the door shyly.

"Uh, hi," He spoke awkwardly, feeling a little more mousy and wondering if perhaps he should have just waited for her. Maybe it had been a bad idea. "Umm, sorry. Can I come in?"


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Ivy got up and put the CD into her radio that was close to her bed. She sat back down on her bed as she listened, already liking the album. The girl looked around her room, frowning. Getting up, she picked up some littered clothes, throwing them into the hamper beside her closet.

For probably the umpteenth time, she wondered what it would be like with another person in the house. To not be left alone at nights when her father works late and everyone one else is gone, to not have to sit in her room by herself or pretend that how she lived was normal. In a normal family the mom wasn’t in and out of rehab centers and the brothers always came to visit, at least that what she guessed. Stephano jumped up onto the desk next to her, bringing her back from her thoughts.

Backseat serenade,
Dizzy hurricane,
Oh God, I'm sick of sleeping alone.

Kenleigh picked up her cat, looking back at his amber eyes as he stared at her. The black cat jumped from her arms, though, darting in between Garrets legs as he asked if he could come into her room.Odd question, she thought to herself but just smiled and motioned for him to come in. The girl walked over and turned the radio off. Ivy sat down on her bed, drawing her feet underneath her as she looked at Garret, “What’s up?” She asked, yawning. Oh God, she was tired. But she knew she couldn’t sleep, she found it kind of rude to just leave Garret to his own devices and sleep, plus she had to do something else but couldn’t remember.

What was I supposed to do? She asked herself before she remembered, the Ball. Ugh, the ball. Why would people go to those? All they were was fake smiles, fancy clothes and boring talks. Plus she had to wear a dress, the girl would much rather go in a t-shirt and jeans, but nooo, her dad would murder her.

Maybe they could say they went and ditched? Probably not, her dad wasn’t very well known, but he knew just the right people to see if she actually went. Ugh.

“We have to go to a ball tonight, don’t we?” She asked, almost scowling. As if her father heard, he yelled something about her needing to go by a nice dress for the party. The girl put her head in her hands, “I don’t want to go.” She said, her voice muffled.


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“What’s up?” Ivy asked, giving a little yawn. She'd trailed over to her bed and sat down on the edge of it, and Garret figured he could take her words and her body language as a sort of 'yes, you can come in.' So, meekly, he stepped into the room, coming in slowly almost as if he were creeping inside, so as to not be caught in the act of doing so.

"Nothing, I was just," He began, a little bit fumbled with his explanation. After all, what was his reasoning for coming into her room? Had he wanted to talk about something? Had he needed something? If there had been any rational reason at all, well, he certainly couldn't remember it for the life of him. The only reason he could think of, if it could even be considered a reason, was... well, it was sort of embarrassing. He didn't want to leave her without an answer, but he almost didn't want to say it. "I just... Well, I got a little lonely by myself..." His voice trailed off, and he let his eyes wander away from her, hoping that perhaps her mind was too far on other things to realize what exactly it was that he had said.

Biting his lip, he looked back at her, a little relived at the expression on her face. She seemed quite deep in her own thoughts, so at the very least, maybe it would be left alone, and he wouldn't have to deal with getting all flushed over that embarrassing quality of his personality. It wasn't his fault that he wanted to be around others. It was a new place, after all. He just wasn't sure he could handle being all by himself in this new home just yet. Couldn't he just spend as much time with Ivy that he could?

A look of realization seemed to strike onto Ivy's face, though it seemed to be paired with just a bit of dread for what she had realized. “We have to go to a ball tonight, don’t we?” She asked rhetorically, almost seeming to scowl. She really didn't want to go to the ball, did she? Garret almost wanted to smile at how that was sort of funny, throwing such a fit about having to go, if it weren't for the fact that he didn't like the idea of her being so upset in the first place. He found himself furrowing his brow at the expression she gave, instead.

She dropped her head down into her hands, which muffled the next words to come out of her mouth, though he just barely caught what they were; “I don’t want to go.”

He bit his lip, shifting awkwardly on his feet and not sure what he should he should do to try and comfort her. He shuffled around in a little circle around her room before coming a little closer to Ivy, sitting down on the floor in front of her so that he was looking up at her. He wasn't so sure about sitting on the bed with her, or even if she would want him touching her or not. He opened his mouth, but quickly shut it once again. What did she even want him to call her? Did she want a more formal title to be used? She had mentioned that she wanted a friend, or... had wanted him to be more like a friend to her. So, perhaps it would be fine to just call her Ivy.

"It'll be okay, Ivy," He spoke, finally. He gave a small smile at the blue haired girl, trying to lighten her mood a little bit. "I'm sure we can find a way to make some fun out of it! We could... Um...." Biting his lip again, he tried to think of some good reasons. Well, sure, he could think of plenty of more mischievous ways to have some fun, but found himself a little hesitant to show off such a side of him that was... could it be called disobedient? Perhaps, he wasn't sure. At the very least, maybe the ideas themselves would brighten up his little owner's mood. "I mean... Who wouldn't want to make fun of some of the stuffy people at that dumb party?"

He dropped the smile after a moment though, his gaze shifting away while he thought about the situation a little more. "Now that I think about it, I don't really have anything to wear to that kind of party... I mean, I have some clothes, but... I think they'll end up matching even less than what I'm wearing right now."


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Ivy lifted her head as Garret began to speak. He was trying to cheer her up, how sweet. The girl couldn’t help the smile as he suggested making fun of people at the ball, “Oh, I’m pretty sure we can do more than just make fun of them.” She said, her smile widening as he said he had nothing to wear, that would match at least.

“Well, I’m sure we can find you something.” She said as she got up. She went and sat next to him, “After all, I don’t have anything Ball worthy either.” Ivy looked over at her closet, almost overflowing with regular shirts and jeans. It wasn’t messy, just over packed with clothes, a lot she never really wore. “Yeah, I should get rid of some things,” She said, mostly to herself. Since they both had to go get clothes for the ball, there was one boutique that the girl would like to go to. She had only ever been there once and had stashed away the business card in a box she hid underneath her bed. She had kept it in case she wanted to go again and forgot the location.

It wasn’t really much of a boutique per say, more of those stores that had everything for everyone. Thrown together to create a cute little store fittingly named Down the Rabbit Hole.

Ivy slipped underneath her bed and grabbed the box, dragging it back out and sitting back. It was a decent sized box. She used it put things in it for a keepsake, but now it just sat underneath her bed collecting dust. The girl opened the box, instantly noticing the Mardi Gras hat she got a few years ago. Ivy grabbed it, lightly putting it on Garret’s head. She looked at him for a moment, grinning.

“You look wonderful.” She said, almost giggling. Ivy went back to search for the business card, setting out more things she had forgotten about. She found the diary she had in middle school, which at the time she had humorously titled, The Useless Ramblings of My Pathetic Life. It had been funny then, now it was just sad. She put the diary down and finally found the card. She grabbed it.

“Guess we need to go shopping,” She said, looking at Garret and the hat, “You can keep that if you want.” She really didn’t need it, “If you don’t that’s fine too.”

She smiled at Garret as she put the rest of the things back into the box before she walked over to her desk and scribbled the location of the boutique onto a piece of paper, putting the paper in her pocket before she sat back down. She pushed the box back under her bed, her head and upper body disappearing with it.

She heard a soft mew from under her bed and jerked her head up to see Stephano sitting in front of her. Because she looked up so quickly, her head hit the wooden boards on her bed, causing her to swear lightly under her breath. She shuffled back out, watching as her cat followed her. He seemed to watch Garret a moment before walking over to him and sitting in his lap.

“D’aww, he likes you.” Ivy said, grinning. Stephano’s eyes were shut to slits and he began to purr. Ivy smiled, giving the cat a quick pet before lying down on the floor. She yawned again, not really wanting to move but she knew they had to leave soon. At the rate they were moving, they were going to be so, so late. But she really didn’t care.

“I guess we should go get what we need for the ball.” She said, sitting up once more. Ivy brushed some hair out of her face before glancing at Garret with a tiny smile.


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“Oh, I’m pretty sure we can do more than just make fun of them.” Ivy responded, and Garret found himself smiling at the return of her smile. At the very least, he was confident that he had helped her to feel at least a little less glum about the issue. After a short few seconds, she was up again, and sitting on the floor next to him, continuing on about how they would both have to find something, since she didn't have a dress either. She didn't seem worried about it at all, and after all, they were already late, Garret was almost positive about that, and it wouldn't matter so much if they rushed at this point. At the very least, it seemed she had a place in mind to go to, and she began digging her way underneath her bed to get at stuff.

How peculiar the girl looked, her body half-underneath the bed and seeming as if she were possibly about to go further. Soon enough, however, she was retreating from underneath the bed with a good-sized box. He got the reason for going under there now, but it still wasn't yet clicking in his mind what she wanted the box for. Did she have clothes in there or something? That didn't make sense. So what did she need it for? He was tempted to open up his mouth and ask, but simply found himself staring at her while she moved, observing her actions as if they were the most important thing on the planet.

Before he knew it, she was pulling a festive hat from the box and putting it on top of his head. Garret did nothing to protest, but was rather surprised by the action, and found himself trying to stare upwards at the rim of the colorful Mardi Gras hat that the blue haired girl had suddenly bestowed upon his head. When he looked back at her, she seemed on the brink of laughter, and surely, Garret was probably a big sight to behold, especially with his own clothes as mismatched and attention-grabbing as well. The addition of the hat probably almost suited the outfit.

“You look wonderful.” She uttered, a big grin on her face before turning back to dig through the box for whatever it what she had been looking for, pulling out little things here and there of this and that. It was beginning to dawn on Garret that the box was full of keepsakes, the kind of thing you just didn't throw out, but you didn't always have a use for. Garret used to hoard all kinds of stuff with his original owner, but now he had almost nothing. "Guess we need to go shopping,” She said, looking back at Garret. Now, she held a little business card, which had probably been the target for her search in the first place.

“You can keep that if you want.” She said suddenly, addressing the hat upon his head. “If you don’t that’s fine too.”

He pulled it off his head, bringing into his range of sight and tilting it around in his hands, a smile wide across his face. How nice of her. She really wanted to think of him as a human, didn't she? But after all, even if she 'gave' it to him, in the long run, it was still hers. Everything he had was hers, because he was hers. He didn't own anything.

"Thanks!" He replied, probably sounding a bit too enthusiastic about getting a funny, festive hat. "I think I'll put it on one of my walls," he continued, before catching himself, biting his lip and looking back at her with an almost apologetic look. "I mean, as long as that's okay, of course..." His voice trailed off, but before he knew it, it seemed the topic could be readdressed later. She was putting things back and disappearing underneath the bed once more.

He tilted his head suddenly though, as Ivy's little black cat suddenly came into the room. The cat purred and headed towards him, and immediately tensed, unsure what to do about the approach of the animal. Surely he couldn't shoo it, that would be mean, and Ivy would get mad. Surely he should go along with what the animal wanted, since, more than likely, that cat had more rights than he did. It also had seniority over him in the house, after all. But... still, he wasn't quite so sure what he should do. He'd never been around any before, and wasn't even sure if the animal was going to like him.

Sure enough though, the animal came rubbing up against him as it passed by, sitting down on the floor and watching Ivy as she made her way to shuffle out from under the bed. A sound from the cat made her turn her head too quickly though, and Garret found himself flinching at the sound of her head's impact with the bottom of the bed. When she'd finally managed to shuffle back out from under the bed, the cat was suddenly staring back at Garret, and Garret tensed again, watching it cautiously as it padded over and decided to curl up in his folded lap. Blinking a few times, he placed the hat over to the side of him, and hesitantly moved a hand down to stroke the animal's dark fur.

“D’aww, he likes you.” Ivy commented, grinning at the scene. She leaned over and pet the now purring cat before plopping back down on the the ground and sprawling out, even yawning from her tiredness. Or perhaps it was boredom, Garret couldn't be sure.

"Real Garret was allergic to animals," He responded, thought the words came out in a sort of mutter. He found himself relaxing a little more with the animal now, but half of 'real Garret's' family had been allergic to animals, and as a result, he'd never really come in contact with them, less his caretakers break into fits of sneezing and hives. He'd taken some pictures of them, but that had been it.

Before he knew it, though, Ivy was up again, offering Garret a small smile alongside that inevitable statement. “I guess we should go get what we need for the ball.”

He nodded, gently lifting the little cat off of his lap before standing, and waiting for Ivy to stand with him. He bent and picked up the Mardi Gras hat, and noticed his bare feet.

"I'll be right back, I just have to grab my shoes and put this away," He responded, giving her a wide smile before scampering off. He tossed the hat on the dresser before grabbing his shoes and pulling them on his feet without bothering to tie them. He was in too much of a hurry to bother with them, although his sense of hurry was obviously unnecessary. Plus, he figured he could easily just tie them on the way if they started bothering him. It would be fine. When he was done, he quickly traveled back over to Ivy's room, standing just beyond the doorway rather than going inside, and simply waiting for her to come out and lead him along.