You live as a traitor and die as a hero.

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a character in “King of the Dolls”, as played by Arik223



Age: 26
Gender: Male
Sexual orientations: Hetero
Role: Male Doll
Personality: {full sentences}
History: Back when scar was alive he was a knight for the king, but revolted and died a rebel and traitor. The aftermath of the rebelion resulted in the overthrowing of the king, and Aquious died a hero. The king was evil and menacing and Scar decided to put an end to it. He doesn't know his real name though, some of it might have gotten lost over the ages he just remembers the nickname he went by. Aquious.
Likes: Fighting, Sleeping, Training.
Dislikes: Assholes, Murder, Liars.
Secrets: Before the rebellion Aquious urged the king to give up his thrown, he threatened the king and used the Kings son as bait. The king refused and Aquious had to kill the King's son to make a point and the rebellion started. Aquious kept it a secret.
Fears: Losing.
Crush: --
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: --
Other: {Anything else you think is necessary}
Height: 6'3''
Build: Muscular
Distinguishing Features: He has a tattoo on his back but he doesn't remember much about it. Its a sun with a sword in the middle.

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Aquious's Story