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Samantha Heartland

"You have to do what I say, cause my daddy is your BOSS!"

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a character in “King of the Dolls”, as played by Jynxii



Five and a half.


Sexual Orientation|
She giggles shyly, "I like boys.."

Heartland CEO's Daughter
[Has no idea that she is a doll.]

4ft even

Petite slender.

Samantha is your typical five year old. She can be bratty and demanding, and unbelievably adorable and kind. She loves to boss her father's employees around and follows her father everywhere. She is incredibly loyal to him, and loves the Dolls that he makes. Samantha, like your average child, does not handle being told 'no' very well. Upon being denied something she wants she is prone to throw a major tantrum. She was born with a golden spoon in her mouth, you might say. She's not all bad, though. Her father's fridge is decorated with beautiful crayon art, and the shelves in their multibillion dollar home are covered by her other art projects. Sam thrives on attention. She has been known to act out just to get it if she feels like she is being ignored. When she is happy, Sam is a kindhearted child. She will sit beside you for hours if you don't want to talk about your problem, but don't want to be alone. She has that childlike way of knowing when something is wrong. Knowing that most of the time she can not do much to help a situation, Sam has learned extreme patience with people in pain. Like most children, she loves animals, especially cute adorable baby ones. On the down side, also like most children, she grows bored of them when they grow older and cease to be as cute. Samantha always wants the newest toy, and it is a high demand to meet. She has a way of making people feel like they aren't good enough, and guilting them into fulfilling her needs. Needless to say, she can be incredibly manipulative for such a young female... but then again, with a face like hers... how could you tell her no?


The Real Samantha
The real Samantha is the daughter of Heartland's founder and CEO. She was the inspiration for the latest project of placing souls into dolls. Sammie is dying of cancer in the most expensive and high-tech hospital in the country, and has recently been given two weeks to live. In desperation to save his daughter, the businessman set his plan into motion. Harvesting souls from the dead and placing them into the test dolls. Kings and knights from centuries ago. It didn't matter who they were; all that mattered was that the procedure would work. If he could make it work with souls from hundreds of years ago- he could make it work for his precious Sammie. Unknown to anyone in his company, besides those with the highest clearance levels, the CEO had his daughter replicated and grown. Her doll self is five and a half years old, two years before the cancer struck his daughter. The doll was made to bare no mark of being what she is, and it is his hope that she will never know. The real Sammie has just days to live, and with the recent success of the Soul Experiment, her father only has to wait it out. Upon her death, her soul is to be placed into the Samantha Doll.

Our Samantha
Samantha has absolutely no idea that she is a doll. She was grown with the mentality of her real-life likeness, and therefore does not know any better. She never leaves the office, and it doesn't occur to her to ask why. After all, she is a daddy's girl and daddy spends all his time at work, so that means she gets to be with him all the time! She has all of the memories of her likeness, aside from the most recent two years which for the real Sammie, was nothing but a string of hospital visits and pain.



+ Shiny or sparkly things.
+ Being "Daddy's Princess".
+ Bossing people around.
+ Coloring
+ Ballet and having her picture taken
+ Playing pretend, hide-and-seek, and Spies.

- Being told no.
- Having to sit still.
- Getting in trouble.
- Sushi.
- Deep water [she can't swim].

* She is actually a Doll. [So secret, even she doesn't know about it.]

! Drowning.

"I dunno.."

"Daddy says I'm not allowed to date until I'm 45."

Please note that Samantha is for all intensive purposes a human. She doesn't bare the heart on her neck like the other dolls. She looks like a human child. Unless told otherwise, no one knows that she is a doll and there is no way to tell it.

Distinguishing Features|
Samantha has a brown birthmark on her right leg, just below her knee. [Made to mimic the one on the Real Sammie]

Looks| Photo Gallery


So begins...

Samantha Heartland's Story


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#, as written by Jynxii
Samantha Heartland

The grownups muffled voices had lost her interest twenty minutes ago. The child sat in a large high backed chair, her bare feet dangling in the air. In front of her stood a wall of television screens, each flickering from one part of the building to the next after a five second delay. Samantha's blue hues watched with keen interest one particular screen, and the only trouble was that the image kept jumping from monitor to monitor. Like a sick game of cat and mouse, her orbs darted from screen to screen, not wanting to miss a second.

On the screen, a group of new dolls, 'special' dolls, were just being debriefed. There was something about these new dolls. They didn't seem happy to be there, they seemed almost... scared. Samantha tucked her legs up under her brown cotton dress. Why did they look so unhappy? Suddenly, one of the dolls spoke out and addressed Dr. Attywood (as she calls him). Due to the surveillance settings, she could not hear what they had to say, but she could watch the reactions on their faces.

The doctor seemed overly bored, but Samantha knew that to be a common face on Dr. Attywood. He was all business, that was for sure, and he certainly never wanted to play with her. This made him an overall boring man in Samantha's opinion. "There's a lot riding on this, Jefferson," she heard her father say from behind her. Her father and Mr. Mark Jefferson had been having a heart-to-heart, as her father called it, in the security room for almost an hour. Her father had been livid when he found out Mr. Jeff had completely lost her the other day. It wasn't his fault that she was so good at hiding! Still, as always her father found someone else to deflect his anger upon.

Just then one of the dolls lunged across the desk and grabbed Dr. Attywood. "Daddy, daddy, look," she squealed, leaping from the chair to bounce on the ground and point at the D3 Monitor, "one of the Dolls is going to kill Dr.Attywood!" In her excitement, Samantha did not notice the look of shock on Jefferson's face. "Get this building under control, NOW!" Samantha could only giggle, it was funny when her father got upset. A little angry vein on the left side of his forehead would bulge out as if it were going to explode, and Samantha couldn't help herself. Without another word, Mr. Heartland stormed from the security office. "You did it now," Samantha chirped, watching with mild interest as Jefferson spoke rapidly into a headset and dialed some numbers into a keypad.

Already bored of him, Samantha turned back to the screen to see what was happening. Another one of the dolls must have just gotten done yelling, because he physically appeared to be fairly winded. The dolls began talking among themselves as Dr. Attywood was taken care of and then some dark haired lady with a clipboard was leading them away. No! Where are they going? Alarmed that she would lose sight of them, Samantha crawled back up into the chair to focus more intently on the screens that flickered and jumped in front of her. As the group was led down one particular hallway, Samantha suddenly knew where they were; and had a pretty good idea where they were headed.

A mischievous grin spread across her face as she slowly slipped her toes down onto the floor. "See you later, Jeffjeff!" After tugging with the door for a moment, not quite heavy enough to pull it open as easily as her father could, Samantha was able to slide into the busy highrise hallway. The security office was located just under her father's floor, which was a massive penthouse reserved for just him and her. Samantha tiptoed quietly through the hall to the elevator and slipped in amongst the tall black pant legs of the businessmen. She was going to see these new, 'special' dolls as her father called them. What's so special about them, anyway?

As the elevator made it's way, slowly floor by floor, Little Heartland decided that the best way to get a peek at these new dolls was to go to the observation lab, where she would have control over the monitors of their house. The only trick once she got there, would be to find out which house they had been put into. Luckily, she knew that House Five had recently been cleaned. The elevator set off a quick jingle to signify that the door was opening. Straining her neck to see around the tall shoulders, legs and briefcases, Samantha caught a glimpse of the floor number. B10. Her floor! " 'cuse me!" After shoving her way out of the crowded compartment, she skipped her way to the observation room.

Once there she was greeted by a cheerful looking intern. "Oh! Hello there, little girl, how can I help you? Are you lost?" Samantha offered her best smile, turning on the charm. "You must be new. I'm Samantha Heartland. Your boss's boss's boss's... boss's boss's boss's....boss's.." She stopped to pause a little, letting the confused expression on the woman's face turn to annoyance. "Boss's daughter." A coy smile split across her angelic features. "Well, you can't come in here, I'm sorry. It's for authorized personnel only." At first, Samantha's coy smile remained exactly where it was.. but something behind those startling blue eyes began to turn darker. "Author--," the woman started to take a step back, because the child's face had began to change to a bright red in color. "DR. GOLD!!!!!!!" The scream was so high pitched that the poor intern was forced to cover her ears. At once the observation door burst open, and a panicked looking Mr.Gold came stumbling out.

His white hair, defying gravity and sticking out in bizarre tuffs would have normally made Samantha giggle, but in this particular moment; she was completely oblivious. "For heaven's sake, child, what have you done to the girl?" Mr. Gold rushed to Samantha's side, cooing to her and asking what was wrong. Click. Instantly fat tears streamed down Samantha's face. "I-I-I said I wanted t-to come s-see you, and this mean, mean girl told me I-I wasn't allowed because... because I'm not attorized..." Mr.Gold jerked his head around to the shocked intern. "Get out," he growled. The woman, whose dry-erase name tag would reveal to be Amy, stood in disbelief. "But sir, I-... you said!" "I said, GET OUT! Before you get us both fired, you imbecile! This is the founder's daughter! Get out, GET OUT!"

After the brunette had left, Samantha slowly eased her tears away. "There, there, child. Of course you may come watch with me," the doctor cooed. Pleased, Samantha rewarded him with a smile, and a quick hug around the neck. Following after the elderly man, Samantha made herself comfortable in one of the many black roll chairs. Dr. Gold gave her a quick pat on the head, and then turned to dial into the green phone on the wall. "Yes. Yes, I will need a new intern sent down. DON'T ASK ME WHY, JUST DO IT!" Samantha giggled silently to herself as she flicked on a monitor to house five. Dr.Gold was a yeller. He liked to raise his voice, because he was old, and it made him feel as though he had some sort of power. Samantha would never know what it was like to only have interns as underlings. For her, everyone was inferior.

She turned on the rest of the monitors and to her grave disappointment; a group of ordinary dolls were fumbling about inside the screen. No, that's not them... It took her a few tries, but after toying around with settings and toggles she finally clicked over to House Three. The house was empty, but the lights were on, and fresh fruit was on the kitchen table. If they weren't there yet; she bet they would be soon.