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"Rot. In. Hell."

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a character in “King of the Dolls”, as played by Starry-eyed Starfish


Name: Soeri Harrowgrove

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Sexual orientation: Bisexual

Role: Human

Personality: Despite the incident (see below), Soeri is still treated like a princess - and she acts like one too. She is superior, self-centered and selfish with only her interests in mind and nobody else's. She views all others as disposable 'dolls' (ironically) whom she can manipulate and toy with in whatever way she wants. Often she enjoys teasing others cruelly and playing with their emotions, much to their embarrassment or hatred; unfortunately, this means that she has very few companions - not that she ever actually meets anyone in person anyway. She is jealous and spiteful of Meora who she believes has stolen her father's love and her own self. However underneath her cold exterior, hides a very lonely girl. Although she is accustomed with any solitude that she faces, it does not mean that she likes it. She hates herself for what she has become and believes she is ugly now, being severely self-conscious of her scar.

History: Soeri is the daughter of Robert Harrowgrove, chairman of one of Heartland Industries' supporting companies. She grew up lavished with whatever she wanted, treated like a princess but with the weight of the Harrowgrove name on her shoulders. Because her father was very rarely at home and her mother is dead, she would often accompany her father to the labs to view the dolls being created. In addition every so often she would have to perform speeches aiding her father's company however that changed quickly. When she was 14 years old, Soeri accompanied her father to the lab where a doll was being 'awakened'; the first time she ever saw a living, breathing doll was not all that she expected. As soon as the doll gained its bearings, it snatched a weapon from one of the onlookers and attacked Soeri, slashing at her face suddenly, a long gash extending from her forehead, through her eye and to the corner of her lip. She is marred for life. Ever since then her father has not spoken to her, trying to keep her safe although she can do nothing to understand this. That was when Meora was introduced to the family, a doll not only used to play as Soeri publicly so as not to disparage the Harrowgrove name but also to act as her body guard in case of more 'accidents'. Soeri is confined to solitude, never to be seen in public, until they find a way to remove her scar.

-Talking to someone

-Her scar
-Pretty people/people in general
-Make up/clothes/jewels ~all of the things that once made her happy

-That she, Soeri Harrowgrove, is scarred and that Meora is not her

-That she will die alone, unloved and ugly

Crush: n/a

Boyfriend/girlfriend: n/a

Height: 5"4

Build: Tall, thin, bony.

Looks: Shoulder-length, straight red hair with bangs to hide as much of the scar as possible with muddy brown eyes and pale skin. Seeing as she is very rarely in public, she is most often very unkempt with her hair wild and clothes in disarray, no longer bothering to 'look pretty' for she believes it is something she can no longer attain.

Distinguishing features: A scar that runs from her forehead, through her eye, down her cheek and blighting the corner of her lip, curling it into an eternal snarl; because of this scar her nose - as well as the left side of her face - is completely disfigured. It is safe to say that the scar has very much transformed her features into the bitterness that she feels within.

Image ... fey_13.jpg ... ffey_7.jpg ... an-coffey/

(( P.s. I apologise if I'm not supposed to just 'plunge in'; I have no idea what the decorum is for this RP sitey thingy so I'm just going for it... I tried commenting on the OOC link, asking if I could join, but it didn't work... I literally joined this site today so please bear with me. Thank you for your time, consideration and patience (^o^)~~~~ ))

So begins...

Soeri's Story


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Meora and Soeri

Meora watched herself in the mirror. Silently, for God knew how long, she sat at the vanity, chocolate brown eyes boring into an identical twin set, red hair falling in reflected twists about her shoulders beyond the glass. Milky skin showed not a single mark as she searched for that one familiar flaw: that scar. Soeri's scar. But it was not there and neither had it been there the last morning or the morning before that or the span of mornings rolled out before that. She blew out a delicious sigh, once again surprising herself with the cool relief that swept through her veins. She wasn't Soeri and that scar didn't belong to her and father still needed her. Good. Everything was just how it ought to be.

Satisfied with the thought, she continued to brush the jewel-encrusted comb through her hair, wondering what outfit she would wear for the upcoming Heartland Fundraiser Ball so that her servants could colour-coordinate her make-up and fashion her hair to perfection. It would be exciting, she had decided eventually, after father had convinced her to go, despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of dolls would be littering the ballroom, watching everyone, watching her. Meora shuddered at the thought. No, she would not ruin father's evening, no matter what, even if those creatures were there, even if they could see beyond the lacy collars and bejeweled amulets; there was nothing they could do at all, after all she was Meora Harrowgrove and they were nothing more than artificial human servants.

Of course, those words did nothing to stop her own hand from reaching towards her neck to where that silver heart remained forever imprinted into her flesh...

"Upcoming ball?" A voice, her voice - no, Soeri's voice.

Suddenly, Meora whirled around to find herself eye to eye with the very girl herself and once more could not stop her skin from crawling at the sight of her. It wasn't the rusty-red, unkempt hair or the crumpled, unwashed clothes or the way every bone in her body seemed to jut out at odd, painful angles...

No, it was the scar. The ghastly rip in her skin tore from her hidden hairline, down through one eye, into that smashed and disfigured nose and ending at the corner of her ever-snarling lip. One single narrowed eye glared at her and her mouth was contorted into an ugly grimace, not that anything she could do ever made her pretty.

Meora found herself swallowing nervously before she finally answered: "That is none of your business, Miss Harrowgrove, but may I ask why you are not being observed?"

Soeri scowled at her, grinning evilly, even uglier than before, "Scared, are we?"

"No!" Snapped the other girl, finding that she was only trying to convince herself more than anything; it only made the scarred counterpart before her cackle further.

"Don't worry, Greeves and Bennett are just down the hall...Unless..." Her eye grew darker; she drew closer, a black hawk descending on its prey. Almost gently, her hand rested on the mirror's surface, "Unless you think I can break this mirror in two and use a shard of it to slit that horrid little heart on your neck wide open? You wouldn't look like a doll then would you?"

Meora sucked in a breath, though she should have expected the stinging blow, and felt tears prick her eyes. Quickly, she blinked them away, staring straight into the girl before her, heart thudding like a hummingbird's wing-beat. Soeri wouldn't hurt her; she wouldn't risk father's affection like that - and it was the same for herself as well, as though a glass barrier, so fragile yet so strong, lay between them. Still, the scarred girl remained in her face, ugliness blotting her view, menacing, cruel, calling her that vile name... No, Soeri wouldn't hurt Meora and Meora wouldn't hurt Soeri, at least not physically anyway. As if in response to that, Meora did the only thing she knew would keep Soeri at bay: she lifted her hand and drew back her hair like a veil, revealing the pure, white, scar-less flesh of her face.

The result was perfect. Hissing, Soeri withdrew towards the door and lowered her gaze, scarred face burning red with humiliation and anger. Pathetically she tried to conceal her disfiguration with her hair; it did nothing but make her appear ever weaker. Exactly what Meora wanted. It served her right anyway...didn't it?

"I think it's time for you to leave," She said icily, turning back to the mirror and watching as the ghostly girl slithered from the room, back to the shadows where she belonged. Meora bit back the nauseous sensation of guilt clawing at her stomach - this was not her fault, she persistently told herself - and focused on more important things. Like the ball. Yes, she had a ball to prepare for.

And Soeri couldn't stop her.


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#, as written by Jynxii
Emma Swann


How it began..

"And... she's back online. Emma? Emma, are you registering?" Emma's blue hues slowly flicked open, but she could not see. The world was a mass of blurring shapes and colors, bright lights and frightening shadows. She would have staggered, but she found that she was laying down. "Good morning, beautiful. Are you registering?" "I..." Slowly the harsh overhead lights of the lab came into focus, along with the hazy outline of a female figure. Gooseflesh bubbled over her arms. Registering? "It's cold." A light feminine chuckle filled the air. "Let's get you dressed," the woman said, tenderly helping the naked Emma into a seated position. The Register Room floor was incredibly frosty against her dainty toes. She was led to a line of other naked dolls, each standing huddled next to each other, and each, like her, slimy from the stasis solution.

The group was ushered into a large chamber with rows of shower heads, and instructed to bathe. Emma held herself close as she walked in line to her station, glancing around at the other naked and scared looking bodies. This was her first repair. The first time she had been back in Heartland since she first came from here. It was much colder than she was programed to remember. The water that shot from the shower was steaming hot, and within minutes the room was filled with steam. Emma had to admit, it felt wonderful. After she was done bathing, she waddled along with the rest of them to be toweled and picked up by their case worker. They would be clothed, and, forgive the pun, 'dolled up' according to order. Her case worker was a skinny brunette who had a charming smile. Emma was incredibly relieved to see her again. A familiar face was always a welcome one for Emma. "This way, Emma."


The next thing she knew, she was standing awkwardly in front of a team of designers. The pedestal she stood on rose her six inches off the ground, and allowed the designers to walk circles around her. She tried not to blink too much, and decided it would be best to just stare blankly forward. They wouldn't ask what she wanted to wear, anyway. The brunette, Julia, held a pink clipboard in her hand with a large stack of papers. Emma turned her head just slightly, to watch Julia converse with the designers. "No, no, he won't like that... hmm.. Let me see the blue one?" It was brought over by a blonde intern with a dry erase name tag. "No." An assortment of other clothing swatches were brought over, each turned away. Finally, a blue dress was opted for. Just when she thought that she was going to be able to be clothed, she was whisked away to the makeup and hair station. Two hours later, she was dressed and done up to her designer's pleasure. She was led down a long hallway to an elevator. Julia escorted her out onto the level labeled "L".

By then, Emma had found her legs again and was walking around with graceful ease in her heels. "Wait here. A car will be brought around shortly." And then she was gone, and with her all sense of comfort that Emma had. Suddenly feeling as though she would vomit on her Prada shoes, Emma began to toy with her manicured fingers. "Don't be so nervous," a voice from beside her said. Turning to look to her left, Emma took in the blindingly beautiful woman. The fellow doll was possibly the most gorgeous woman Emma had ever seen. "Humans always love new dolls," the woman went on to say, "So no need to worry. Enjoy it while it lasts." Just then a cabbie came up to the woman. "Your ride is here, Mrs. Jenkins." The woman grinned, and flashed Emma a wink before heading off with her driver.

"Emma Swann?" "Yes?" "This way." Here goes nothing... Emma was loaded into a long silver limo, as was the custom for doll delivery. A large black Heartland logo boasted itself on both the hood and roof of the vehicle. Emma reached up to her emblem on her neck, feeling a silver chain that wrapped around the back of her neck and connected to each side of her heart. That's new. Turning the emblem into jewelry. Clever, too. Emma stepped into the limo and began to fuss over her hair. Shortly thereafter she was joined by a tall dark headed man in a business suit. EMMA SWANN read clearly across the top of the folders he carried. He must be The Seller, Emma mused to herself. The trip did not take long at all. They must have shipped me in stasis.. Emma stared out the window at the large buildings that blurred past. Her new owner had to be loaded... That would be nice.

The mansion that the limo pulled up to consumed the windows. Emma had to bend slightly down to try and see the top floors. "Stop that. You'll wrinkle the dress," the businessman snapped. Surprised at his harsh tone, Emma sat up again, and instantly felt nervous all over again. The man got out, and helped her out. "Let me do the talking," he muttered as he led her up the steps and into the main doors. Her new owner stood waiting for her, and she stood very still and quiet as the businessman began his spill about return policies, maintenance, rights (or lack there of), her sexual parts, and other details that she blocked out. "She's the only vampire we've ever made," she heard him say. "Show him your fangs, Emma." Pulled from wondering about just how many rooms the mansion had, Emma turned to look at her new owner and flashed him her fangs.

One week later..

Emma was slowly walking around the house, wearing one of her 'lounge-around-the-house' outfits. She was in a part of the mansion she had never been in before, exploring her new home. Suddenly, something... no, someone, crossed in front of her. The glimpse she got was of something terrifying and she gasped, jumping slightly. What the hell...? "Hel'," she felt her voice crack, and she cleared her throat. "Hello? Is someone there?" Just then, her owner's sister appeared in the doorway, looking slightly alarmed at first, and then flashing her a smile. Oh, so it was just her. Emma sighed in relief, convinced she was only seeing things. After all, here stood the girl she just saw, and she looked completely normal. Just as beautiful as she looked the first day they met. "Sorry," Emma mumbled, "I, um... Dinner's ready!" It had been the first time she really talked to her owner's sister since she arrived. That was Emma's first and last interaction with Meora when he was not around.

Current day...

Emma cussed as another egg hit the kitchen floor. Her ginger locks were pulled high on her head in a loose bun, and a few wild wisps had escaped. The tiny twists framed her slender, flower-covered, face. She has gotten up early that morning, convinced that she would master the art of cooking despite it not being programmed into her. Over the past two weeks Emma learned that Xander truly only loved one thing; his sister. Knowing this, she took it upon herself to make her breakfast. Perhaps if she could get close to his sister, she could learn how to truly make him happy... and, not that she would admit it, a friend would be nice too. Emma had on a white apron to cover up her black tank top and short shorts while she cooked. Her french tip toes were bare against the cool kitchen floor, so she began to take extra care not to slip on the eggs.

She was just finished with slightly burnt pancakes when the fire alarm blared through the air. Emma winced at the screaming alarm and grabbed the oven mitt to fan the smoke away. When the sound finally stopped, she let out a relieved sigh. Straightening up again, she added the cup of yogurt and slices of fruit to the plates on the serving tray. "I've got it, I've got it," she assured the cook, who sat looking extremely amused across the island. The large cook chuckled and waved her away. "I'll clean up," he chuckled. Right... that's probably for the best... she thought to herself with a small, thankful smile. With careful steps, Emma made her way to Xander's room. Taking a deep breath, she balanced the tray on her hip and held it with one hand as she knocked onto Xander's door. "Xander," she called, trying to keep her voice steady, "I... I've made you and Miss Meora breakfast... May I come in?"

Emma gently pushed open the door and took the tray over to his desk. "I thought, maybe, you and your sister would like to share breakfast this morning.... together." Her nerves turned her stomach upside down. Dolls weren't supposed to think. Would Xander be upset that she got up without permission? Would he be mad at her for walking around without him? New owners were so fickle. What if he decided overnight that he didn't want her, after all? The idea of being sent back to Heartland made her feel faint. Masking her emotions well, Emma placed a smile over her lips. "Would you like for me to go get her?"


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Xander Harrowgrove:

Emma. Charming and intriguing Emma, full of mystery. Xander hadn't particularly known what to expect when buying his new plaything, seeing as she was his first ever doll, and to be honest, he still didn't know what else he should be expecting, when the girl was quite literally a walking question mark. Ever since she had arrived that short and sweet week ago, she had been desperately eager to help, slaving in the kitchens, cleaning up messes, anything to make 'Mister Xander' happy - of course he had quickly asked her to drop the 'Mister' part of the name; it had sounded so formal and Xander was tired of formalities, especially since he hadn't bought Emma just to play ballroom manners.

He sighed as he lounged lazily, half-dressed, on his bed, flicking through a notepad with complex equations scrawled across it. Anyway, he hadn't seen much of her and that bothered him. Emma was a mystery - and luckily he liked those very much - but she was a mystery that he had yet to solve, which, put simply, pissed him off.

Grumbling to himself, he flicked out his pen and began to scribble another solution to a rather difficult question until he heard a hesitant knocking at the door and a voice - her voice: "I... I've made you and Miss Meora breakfast... May I come in?"

Speak of the devil herself. Absolutely perfect timing.

He smirked as he quickly finished this problem, glancing up to see the young woman glide into the room as elegantly as usual and place the tray on the side; it wasn't exactly a 'glance' because once he had looked up, he found that he could no longer lower his gaze. Yes, Emma was most certainly a lot different to the many other women he had ever been with; for one she was absolutely, visually perfect...but that was just because she was a doll...wasn't it?

Shaking his head as though he was caught in some weird daze - though that couldn't be the case, as Xander Harrowgrove was never distracted by anything - he suddenly realised that she had been speaking all this time, smiling at him innocently.

" to go get her?" Her? Oh, his sister. Xander frowned; unfortunately, unlike himself, Meora hadn't exactly warmed up to Emma as much as he'd hoped. Because she was different, with those curious vampire fangs and all, he had assumed that she would find the doll as enticing as he did, though all she had shown on her face was an expression of uncertainty - it had almost been enough for him to send Emma back. Almost. Not quite entirely. His reasons stripped down to their bare minimum, Xander simply could not bring himself to do it; he told himself that his darling little sister was merely shy and that he could not give up on Emma yet, not when he hadn't even solved her mystery... It would be like giving up.

Xander pursed his lips as he examined the beautiful doll and stretched himself into a sitting position. What to do...

"That won't be necessary," He decided, a slight smile playing with the corners of his lips, "Unfortunately Meora is busy running father's errands, so it seems that I'm dining alone, unless..." His eyes caught her summery blue ones as he spoke, "You've made an awful lot of food for one person; honestly, I don't think that I could manage this all by myself, despite my strength, so would you care to join me, my love?"