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         Meora Harrowgrove:

Her mindlessly asked, curious question did not seem to do much good in the ways of discovery, it seemed, as Daniel's answer seemed to both bar all doors to what lay behind chestnut eyes, clouded as a storm, and blatantly disregard Meora's words entirely, scraping shallowly across the surface of secrets. She could not blame him for wanting to keep his privacy; nobody could find fault in that desire, especially after his past experiences.

Although she found herself disappointed that she could do nothing to unravel confidences from his lips, hearing of his dolls - his sweet lot- was enough to convince her not to push the topic any further than she already had. Just imagining his home, crawling with them all, eyes watching, staring, wide-open, too perfect, seeing what should stay hidden...It caused her stomach to turn somersaults in her abdomen. At least he is happy, she chastised herself.

Happy to some extent.

When the quiet, little doll Eric, who Meora could almost - almost - feel the stirrings of pity for in her shadowy heart, had been sent away by some silent intonation into the bustling crowds alone - that foreign twinge of empathy once more - she found herself relaxing slightly, unconsciously made fists uncurling like the gentle petals of flowers, her taught shoulders oozed into a soft, unassuming posture. The pearls around her throat that had once constricted her relented and she felt air whoosh in and out of her lungs without difficulty, without fear of suffocation.

"How do you fare?" Daniel asked, though his mind, she could tell, had drifted elsewhere. The question itself was casual, expected, perfectly ordinary. Instantly, Meora felt suspicious. Nobody, except for the trusted Heartland Industries, should have been informed of what happened all those years ago; how could Daniel Clement of all the higher class aristocracy have harboured such information? How could he know what she was? How could he know of Soeri, of everything, of her entire life's purpose-? No. Impossible. No, no, no - it was just meaningless question, nothing of that sort; something harmless, something that would not dig into the blackened pit of her past. Father had made sure nobody could trace her roots to the vilely gnarled tree of her origins.

Meora caught herself before she sighed a breath of relief and spoke, smiling, "Perfectly fine." Not complex enough. "Of course there is a lot of work for me to do in order to help father but life at home is as it should be." Divert the topic away from yourself. "And father's business deals are going well, I believe-" Is that really interesting? "And Xander-" Instinctively, she found her gaze grazing the cloud of people for his presence, unsuccessful in such a busy environment; she turned back to Daniel, "He has a new doll-" She hadn't meant to stress the word; too late now. She cringed. Let's hope he doesn't notice. "Emma. She's very beautiful but quiet. I can tell that my brother enjoys her company a lot."

Speaking of dolls... Meora's eyes flickered to the pathway in which Erik had slipped through, now swallowed whole by the party-goers. How long could it take to fetch a glass of water? The bar was hardly a great many miles away. She stifled a frown; forced her eyebrows to stay curved calmly over her eyes, instead of knitting together.

No, she most certainly was not worried about that other doll.