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Zephen Holiday

"there is no darkness without light no heartless without heart one cannot exist without the other it is just balance you can't blame it or fight just help."

0 · 520 views · located in Fate Hight School

a character in “Kingdom Hearts: A New Beginning”, as played by holothewisewolf


Name:Zephen Holiday
Personality:shy he is hard to befriend but worth the effort
Weapons:two karambit knives and throwing knivesImage
Other:he loves puppies lol

So begins...

Zephen Holiday's Story


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Umi smiled and caught the bag, then he opened it and started eating.

"So...have you noticed how the Heartless have gotten rather active ever since the new student came here?There's been several theories.Some think she's the leader of Heartless.Some think that the Heartless followed her from her world." he took another bite from his sandwich and sighed. "Anyway,I find it kind of hard to imagine her as a leader of the Heartless.But looks may deceive.I won't make assumptions until everything clicks though,so I'll treat her as what she is,a student from our school."

Umi shrugged. "Well i dont believe that the heartless would follow one person. I mean if master Riku ever had heartless following him, he wouldnt have been able to help Sora in sealing the gate to Kingdom Hearts." he said, eating his meal, "besides, no world is entirely safe from the dark, its like they say in the book, 'without light there is no dark' or atleast thats what i read." he said.

Zephen asked, "So what's up guys besides heartless activity the jerks knocked me out and into a fountain it sucked but luckily i had spare clothes to change into."

Umi kind of chuckled. "well atleast you dont have to worry about bathing tonight." he said, jokingly. "but huyu has a good point, i have been noticing that there are alot more heartless around. I am a little concerned. i was thinking about going to the headmaster to see if he knows why they are suddenly appearing..." he said, finishing his meal.

The setting changes from multiverse to Fate Hight School

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Character Portrait: Kowareta Umi Character Portrait: Zephen Holiday Character Portrait: Nagataka Huyu
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Huyu finished his sandwich and pulled a small smile at Umi's joke.Zephen didn't have to worry about taking a bath tonight.At all.He then closed his eyes and recited:

"In a room of darkness,when one turns on the light,it floods and covers the room with it's blinding light.However,darkness still resides within the shadows.In a room filled with light,when one turns off the light,darkness consumes everything.No light remains."

He looked at Umi and Zephen with an expectant stare.

"You can't see the darkness without light.But you will never see the light with darkness.I assume you know this.If our world is taken by darkness,we will never see this world again.So I expect you guys,to shine that light as bright as possible.Consider it 'With strong Light,there is no Darkness'.A willful choice,yes,but it gives us more hope.Compared to 'Where there is light,there must be darkness'." he told them before standing up and walking away,lifting up a hand to show he was leaving.