"The Nights Are Getting Cold; Those Faces Getting Old, And There Is Nothing You Can Do. So Sing Your Sad Excuses, You've Got The Scars To Prove It. I'm Sure They'll Sing Along."

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a character in “Kingdom Hearts: A Nobodies' Tale”, as played by Annalysa Jones


Original Name: Mariah

Nobody Name: Xamirah

Number: II

Description: She has an almost dark blue coloration to her eyes, her hair is a white and bright teal coloration, while her skin is quite pale.

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 137lbs

Age: 20

Weapon: A yellow, orange, and red chain scythe.

Personality: She tends to be on the bitchy side when it comes to most things. She hates not getting her way, hates when things don’t turn out how she planned them; and when it comes down to it, she enjoys causing some trouble when she sees it fit and she feels there is nothing wrong with it. She has her moments where she can be nice, though that side of her is hardly ever shown. She just chooses to remain in her normal state, finding it more fun to do so. She also has a short temper, which is easily set off by many things; though, it seems the easiest way to set it off would be by making a comment about her height.

Markings/Piercings: There are thick black markings around both of her eyes that turn up in a point at the outer edge of her eyes up towards her brow line, while the inner edge near her nose is where the marks point down a bit longer than on the other edge. She also has a marking that wraps around the back of her neck that looks like a black line but has black spike like formations going downwards onto her shoulders and her back, while on the left side there is a circle above the line. When it comes to piercings, she only has piercings on her left ear, two cartilage loops, and one crescent moon lobe.

History: She had been just Hanging around Halloween Town most of the time, until one day she finally decided to go out and wreak some havoc upon other worlds with the Heartless she would summon. She ended up being stopped by Lucas in one of the worlds, which resulted in a fight and lead to him taking her back to Halloween Town. The idea was to take her to Jack, but that wasn't exactly what ended up happening. But all-in-all, they ended up getting together. And even though she was pregnant, unfortunately, it didn't stay so happy for very long, as one of the Heartless one day that she had summoned decided to betray and steal the hearts of both herself and Lucas. Though, she rose again as a Nobody and found her goal, to gain Kingdom Hearts.

What World They Are Originally From: Halloween Town

So begins...

Xamirah's Story