Xio Yeuri

A Nobody working for The Organization, though his loyalties lie elsewhere, he retains a strong front when around other Nobodies

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a character in “kingdom hearts: chosen duo”, as played by Joesepheus


A robe hides everything besides his almost white bangs, and the bottom part of his face. He wears a series of charms around his waist. appearing to have been sewn to the clothe. He stands at 5'8" and weighs 128lbs.


A nobody doesn't feel, but he has taken a liking to curry, and a television show called scrubs. He is laid back. But stands calmly when around somebodies. sometimes even Nobodies too. As if he's trying to fit other's expectations, Whether good or bad. He studies the reactions to most of what people live through, such as happiness, or anger. to try and empathize the feelings he can't. at least not with out a heart. Which will not be so long now. Now that Forest Wish had appeared.


Items: |

  1. Mega potion x10|
  2. Mega Ether x10
  3. panacea x10
  4. elixir x5

Zero Gear| Forest Wish ][ x3 {ability panels x3 Power x1} Duel wield Forest Wish >< Twilight Helix
Ring of shadow
Chain + weighted spike. {Make shift flail}
Pegasus Boots {Hover}

[*]Dodge Roll
[*]Perfect Block
[*]Arial Recovery
[*]Sliding Dash {allows for a rush when attacking An enemy a bit off from where he is}
[*]Air slide.
[*]High Jump


Before his heart was taken, he was a shipping merchants son. Taking over the family business was what he was groomed for. But having forgone his heart to save his family, he became the Nobody Xio Yueri. His New found talent as a wielder of a mystical talisman known as a keyblade, Earned him a right spot on the council for the Organization.
His knack for trouble is still a part of him. Now it's the only part he feels he has left. After his first few missions, he started questioning his superiors, until finally learning the truth about the organization. they wanted the Kingdom Hearts for themselves. Xio thought this a very selfish idea, and in turn started his ties with The King. His best friend found out soon enough, but didn't agree with Xio's new choice in careers. Demyx didn't stand a chance. Years later, still without a heart the hunt for Kingdom Hearts is now just a whisper in the songs and legends about the old king, and his champion Sora. Xio Yueri Now only watches the world in silent grief, knowing now that his heart is truly lost to him. He has started singing in the alleys of HalloweenTown. earning rightful praise for his mournful lyrics and heart wrenching melodies, as he has learned to play a violin. somehow Twilight Helix was a great help to this new talent having grown sharp sounding strings and a detachable bow, which works like a safety. it not being battle ready when the bow is detached. His most requested Song is as follows.

"Warm once was I, the son of a sea chap. A rightful heir in tow.
The whistle of thine lips the sweet smell of salt,
from across the deck and bow.
Then woe, Woe I sing this day for heart and body be split.
Lost is my hope of ever being whole. Insanity set in just a bit.
A ghost of myself Least I be saved. A man in hollow form.
My soul, and my mind lost in regret. My conscience I fear is torn.
So sings I this song and abate my rage with slow and melodic tunes.
To waste away the sad slow eternity for I know I have been doomed.

The moon sound down on me.
The sun I must flee
Great gusts of wind doth caress
song of the lost I sing to ye all
For it is the song that I know best"

So begins...

Xio Yeuri's Story