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A negative youth, but loves the beach

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a character in “Kingdom Hearts: Dawning Star”, as played by digi-kun


Name: Daichi (Friends call him Dai)

Age: 17

Birth Day: 12/5

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Attracted to the opposite gender

Description: Daichi has spiky, green hair that goes down his back. The bangs goes down just past his eyes, but keeps the bangs parted down the middle. He has bright, yellow eyes that look bored all the time. His skin is tan. He is slightly on the short side at 5' 6", and weighs 110 lbs. His body is slender, and not very muscular. He's agile, just not physically strong.

Clothing: Wears a blue collar shirt that he leaves unbuttoned, revealing his torso. Has a dark gray watch he wears all the time. Has beige cargo shorts that had three extra pockets on each pant leg. Wears a pair of black athletic shoes, and has no socks.

Personality: Daichi has practically no enthusiasm when it comes to working. He prefers to lounge around all day, taking in the sun. He loves the beach, and so goes to relax there whenever he can. Daichi doesn't like being woken up from his naps, and when he's in one of his nasty moods, he becomes a snarky and sarcastic. He's the kind of person that takes the day to day for granted, and usually doesn't appreciate hard work and effort. He's generally a pessimistic type of person.

Daichi is devoted to his friends because he knows many others wouldn't even give him the time of day. Because of his negative demeanor, and his sarcastic attitude, many people see him as a bit of a jerk, but as they get to know him, they can see he still cares for those whom he trusts. He dislikes making hard decisions however, and would rather avoid it if at all possible.

In battle, he doesn't like to go head to head with opponents, preferring to continuously assault his opponents from afar. However if he can, he will usually try to get out of fights by talking his way out.

Choice: The Mystic

The Sacrifice: The Warrior

(Put an 'x' next to your answer.)

"What's most important to you?"
1. Being number one.
2. Friendship. X
3. My prize possessions.

"What do you want out of life?"

1. To see rare sights.
2. To broaden my horizons. X
3. To be strong.

"What are you afraid of?"
1. Getting old.
2. Being different.
3. Being indecisive. X

Example Post 'Entering...the dream.':(Read the paragraphs that are underlined, then I would like for you to reply to the
scenario the way you would any role play. )

"The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow gets." You hear as you open your eyes. The voice it came from sounded familiar, as though it was the voice of one of your best friends. You see that you are standing on a tinted glass circular platform engulfed in darkness. A large dark being descends from the sky. You stare at it as though it has a familiar face, one you haven't seen in years. As it joins you on the platform, a sword appears in your hand. It begins to attack you, summon Heartless, and create orbs of 'dark light' that shoots at you. This beast looks hard to beat, how do you handle it?:

Daichi simply stares in wonder and confusion at the monster in front of him for a moment. The dark being raises it's large arm, and slams it down on the stain glass floor. Daichi jumps back, the force of the blow making him land on his back. He quickly gets back up, smaller shadow creatures appear around him. Knowing he needed to act fast, he swung his sword at the dark imps, and with each swipe the shadows disappeared one after the other. They were easy. But the dark behemoth before him still loomed over the small stage.

The behemoth had it's arms raised now, as orbs of black energy materialized and shot at the young warrior. Daichi was able to dodge most of it, but one attack from the hail of black energy had connected with his stomach. Daichi was thrown back down on his back, the wind knocked out of him as he held his stomach in agony. He looked up, as the behemoth prepared another assault. I'm dead... was all he could think. Out of pure gut instinct, he sat up, and pointed his sword at the monster with both arms held out. A powerful fireball exploded from the tip, flying towards the dark giant's hands. When the fireball blew up on it's hands, the giant howled in agony. Daichi wasn't exactly sure what he just did, but he did it again, concentrating on the tip of the blade. It hurled another fireball at the beast, and the beast was clutching both hands in pain.

Now, the giant simply sank back down into the darkness, leaving Daichi alone in the vast darkness around him.

Once you have defeated the monster, a black pool of nothingness forms underneath you and begins to pull you in. The Beast reforms and comes near you."-But don't be afraid, you hold the mightiest weapon of all. So don't forget: You are the one who will open the door." The same voice from earlier says. Then you find yourself laying on the beach of Sacred is where your story begins.

Daichi opens his eyes and squints, the sun glaring at him. A dream. ...I'm having some weird dreams lately... He lets out an audible yawn. Smacking his lips, he sits up and looks out at the sea. It was nice and beautiful, as usual. He liked coming here. It was the only place where most people would just leave him alone. After all, they knew better than to wake up Daichi from his nap. They say whenever he got angry, he'd spit out hurtful words like venomous vocabulary. So no one ends up even going up to him.

Daichi stared out at the ocean. He loved the ocean a lot. He loved how it was so vast and wide. He wondered if the ocean knew everything that happened since the beginning of time. To be like the ocean...what a thought... Daichi laid back down, and closed his eyes. He basked in the warm rays of the sun, as he drifted further and further back asleep. Maybe this time... He thought to himself. This time I'll have dreams...about the sea...

So begins...

Daichi's Story