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Number VII in the Organization. Wields the element of Willpower. Nicknamed "The Empowering Tactician".

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a character in “Kingdom Hearts: Final Hearts”, as played by FinalFan


A man in his mid-20s with close-cut, yet slightly spiky jade-green hair, red eyes hidden behind half-moon glasses, a bit of a goatee, and a slightly lanky build. He has an air ouf authority to him, and just his very British tone, which sounds similar to Ringo Starr crossed with Tim Curry minus 20 years, is reassuring. He is usually accompanied by at least one of his Seraphs, his combination subordinate Nobodies/interchangeable weapons.


Calm and collected, Lominax rarely looses his cool. He is very charismatic, having high hopes and big dreams for those under his command. He is also a tactical genius, as well as a whiz at any strategy-based game. He loves puzzles, and enjoys solving them in his free time. He seems inconsiderate, almost abusive, towards his Seraphs, but he's actually just putting on an act to maintain his imposing figure, and he truly cares about his charges.


Lominax's weapons seem to initially be a pair of silver Nobody crosses, but those crosses actually can extend threads that can attach to his subordinate Nobodies. Instead of having a higher-ranking class of Nobody be his servants, Lominax has several Nobodies that appear to be actual Organization members as his subordinates. These are his "Seraphs", Nobodies that not only act as his subordinates, but also his weapons. He can summon them via Corridors of Darkness, and can only directly link with two at a time.
Each of the Seraphs has a normal form and a battle form. The normal form has them looking like they did as a human, albeit in a blaack clock, but their battle form is different. The battle form is humanoid, but their face is frozen into an expressionless mask, while they gain a partial halo above their heads. Armor-like plating covers the Seraph's entire body, reducing their arms and legs into blade-like appendages. They also gains blade-like wings to float on. They have the Nobody symbol on their chest, as well as four ethereal strands, one on each shoulder blade and hip, that connect to Lominax's controllers.
Each Seraph

List of Seraphs:
Talexa (Formerly Latea) - Temperance - The primary Seraph. Talexa is very balanced, yet slightly above average in her stats. She seems very cold and robotic, but is really quite caring for her team.
Luxul (Formerly Lulu) - Chastity - The most magically-adept of the Seraphs. Luxul finds her current position quite ironic, since she used to play with dolls, only to become a puppet herself.
Shialaxe (Formerly Ashelia) - Charity - While not the most powerful of the Seraphs, Shaex still has a vital role on them team as a healer. She is quite friendly and outgoing as oposed to the other Seraphs.
Lopenex (Formerly Penelo) - Diligence - The swiftest of the Seraphs. Lopenox enjoys her battle mode due to her speed and flying ability. She also prefers to charge head-first into battle.
Stixusiq (Formerly Quistis) - Humility - The Seraphs' resident loner. Stixusiq enjoys researching Heartless, and exploiting their weaknesses accordingly.
Graxten (Formerly Garnet) - Patience - The defender of the Seraphs. Graxten stays near Lominax, protecting him and her "sisters" from her enemies.
Xersha (Formerly Serah) - Kindness - The newest member of the Seraphs, replacing the fallen Rettax. Xersha is surprisingly a very good fighter, quickly adding some offensive power to the Seraphs.


Lominax used to be Malion, a toymaker from Radiant Garden. He fell in love with a young maiden named Latea, and they quickly bonded, until the Heartless came, and consumed Malion. talea was able to escape to Traverse Town, which Malion had no idea of.
This drove Malion, now Lominax, Malion's Nobody, almost to the brink of insanity, until one day, he sensed her in Traverse Town, and was able to reunite with his love for a few short weeks, until a Heartless ripped out her heart.
As she was slowly being turned into a Heartless, Lominax was able to give some of her pure willpower to Latea, turning into his weapon, a.k.a. the first Seraph.
Lominax operated alone most of the time, recruiting other poor souls who were about to become Heartless by having them sig a contract to become his weapons by giving up their hearts to Kingdom Hearts instead of the Heartless.
Now, Lominax uses Castle Oblivion as his personal forward command center. He is currently working on outfitting the Castle with a special engine that will allow it to travel through space and be able to support the slowly-rebuilding Organization Space Navy, which he has command over.

So begins...

Lominax's Story