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a character in “Kingdom Hearts II: After The Battles”, as played by Riuku


Name: Kenaji
Nickname: none
Title: none
Bloodline: vampiric
Age: unknown
Gender: male
Hair color: white/silver
Eye color: like looking into a cyan tornado
Height: 4'4
Weight: 120
Birthday: unknown
Hobbies: collecting key chains
Likes: sweets, shakes, fruits
Dislikes: people who look down at others, know-it-alls, mosquitoes, annoying people, and people who taunt him because of his height.
Strengths: skill with his weapon, racial strength, adapting ability, coordination, speed, and his powers.
Weaknesses: his emotions and patience
Goals: whatever comes to mind

what he looks like


He's reckless, usually acts upon his emotions, becomes crazy when dealt with sweets, although when he cares about something he can become passionate in a aggressive way.


A normal-sized key-blade that has the same powers as he does, able to cut through entire buildings and armies with it, he has his own powers as well.

Shadow Form: A form which engulfs his heart and soul in complete darkness, sacrificing his tolerance to light and the ability to use his key-blade, he is able to dash through things, people, anything, cutting them down not with claws but with his palm in nanoseconds, physical attacks won't work on him as they will pass through him as if he was a shadow, but he can touch you, able to also summon the shadow in his heart and soul, using the shadow as magical attacks

Vampiric Shadow: able to summon an exact shadow replica of himself, but any damage it does to anyone will result in giving more life and stamina to Kenaji

Vampiric empowerment: able to suck the life out of anything he touches, he can then use it to strengthen himself or others, or give life to another.

Shadow Form

Key-Blast: the key-blade he uses is able to fire a blast of his own dark energy, turning it a energy projectile, able to pass through solid objects, people, but can also hit the target.

Darkness and Blood: The ability to change his one key-blade into two halves, one black, one red. Darkness, and blood.

Alternative blood: when he loses control after being excited from drinking blood, his normal strengths increase as his weaknesses decrease, you can tell by the change of his eye color, which is different shades of red. Unfortunately, the blood drinking also acts as an aphrodisiac, and a strong one at that. It doesn't turn him into a incubus...but..he has all the mental characteristics of one after drinking some blood.

Entrancing state: He's able to entrance others to do as he please, once he has drank enough blood.

Secret Clan: the ability which he gained from his clan to replace any type of blood with a choice of food, for him, it is sweets

Able to summon/control heartless.
List of heartless he can summon/control:
Image A shadow, just a normal foot-soldier really. Using claws which have three fingers, it attacks. He can also summon gigas shadows, just a bigger version of a regular shadow, and a mega shadow which is between the two sizes.

Image Darkside, a large heartless made completely out from despair and darkness itself, able to summon shadows.

Image Invisibles, as one could see they are able to fly and carry a sword. They can attack quite normally using the sword, and fire dark energy at someone. It can also turn into a ring of fire, going to a person, the ring would explode.

Image A neoshadow, similar to the regular shadow, except it's physically stronger which much more stamina/health. Usually attacks in groups like the shadows too, five fingers instead of three.

Image A behemoth, a very large Heartless which dwarfs the darkside. It's only weakness is it's horn after using it's special ability, creating a large sphere on the tip of it's horn, it would release a rain of orange sphere everywhere, each one very damaging.


Born in a Different vampiric clan, you can tell he is in it by his strange eyes, he was brought up to be the leader of the clan, until the clan became attacked by over-zealous vampire hunters, his father, in this battle, died for the clan, but giving Kenaji his blade and the rest of his power, with it he killed the hunters but the rest of his clan was already destroyed, since then he has trained to make up for the death of the clan, becoming strong

Through time the blade which was originally his fathers would change into a new type of keyblade. One which gave Kenaji more speed then anything else. Combining this with his racial strength, and his abilities which he already had before this keyblade and it's the perfect weapon for him.

So begins...

Kenaji.'s Story


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Character Portrait: Kenaji.
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#, as written by Riuku