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Riku (KH2)

Friend of Sora and his Gang, Lover of Xion.

0 · 271 views · located in Destiny Islands

a character in “Kingdom Hearts II: After The Battles”, as played by Vampiric-Rage




calm cool collective....and perverted


All Keyblades.

Final form (from KH2) (sue me I love duel Keyblades.)

He can switch His Keyblades when ever he chooses.
each Keyblader or keybearer is allowed to have their own set of Keyblades.

Ultima Form -almost complete- this form no longer drains the users life. the form allows him to have six keyblades. four on his back and two in his hands. each keyblade can be different. But each keyblade has a chain attacked to the end of the keyblade's hilt. these chains are attached to his form (clothing) which he had aquired to be magickal as well as Sora's. these chains can be used to attack Enemies as well. work in progress


play Kindom hearts 1 and 2 and figure it out

So begins...

Riku (KH2)'s Story


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