Irena Pearson

Her heart denies emotion

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a character in “Kingdom Hearts: Inverse”, as played by WrittenInScars






Weapon Of Choice:
Cadet - bow and arrow

Heterosexual (straight)

As a child, Irena grew up in a neighboring town of Inverse. But when she was ten, her parents
decided it was time to move. Within a month she had a new house in Inverse itself. She was left in
the dark about the angels, not even believing in them at the time. Her father taught her how to use
every weapon he could think of though, and yet Irena thought it was just something he did. But one
night her front door was knocked down, causing her parents to panic and try to get her to run. Irena
refused and stood tall beside them. Once the guards had entered, they dragged the Pearson family
to the Town centre where everything seemed to be ready - for a public hanging. The prime minister
made Irena stand only a metre before her parents and watch them hang before he sent her away.
The guards were told to throw her into the woods a few miles back, but it seemed one had a different
idea. He took her to the orphanage and ran off after leaving her on the doorstep. She was welcomed
into the orphanage, but it still didn't feel right to her. Every night she would scream as her only family's
death replayed in her head. But one night, a boy who she'd originally thought of as mute, seemed to
have had enough. He lept on her, telling her how she was dumb and would die just like her parents.
She soon learnt his name was: Ragun. Ever since then, the three of them have been like family. All
determined to get revenge; and so once they were at legal age: they did the unthinkable. They joined
the Anti-Angel Guild.

So begins...

Irena Pearson's Story