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Kingdom Hearts: Keyblade Eternity

Kingdom Hearts


a part of Kingdom Hearts: Keyblade Eternity, by flying monkey child.


flying monkey child holds sovereignty over Kingdom Hearts, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Kingdom Hearts is a part of Kingdom Hearts: Keyblade Eternity.

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Evan/Ethan Stewarts [0] Two calm like the gentle wind of a Winter Night...the other, like a tornado...
Alexander Noir [0] "The Darkness has been beckoning me since i first got the Keyblade."
Mestari Mieli [0] A member of the Mestari that specialises in a range of psychic abilities
Myyrah Stormhelm [0] "Teehee arent you fun to play around with and a cute one to."
Draghul [0]
Mestari Tuli [0] A member of the Mestari that specialises in Fire
Urushihara 'Shiha' Akira [0] "It's not where one came from, it's where they're going."
Ignis Rogo [0] "The Journey into our Hearts is not an easy one, let alone a pleasant one."
Tezuka & Takuya Walker [0] Light & Dark

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OOC:((I think I'm breaking a unspoken rule here, but its to kick this roleplay in the ass))

"M-M-Miriam, I think we should check on Terra to see how she's doing." Ignis said lighting a flame to keep him warm. He was freezing, though the flame kept him somewhat warm. He was walking towards the Inn that they left Terra in and then he collapsed in shock. His vision darkened and then faded to black.

When his vision came to, Ignis was standing from across from his old friend. He was standing on a glass tower in the middle of the darkness. When he looked down he saw 2 keyblades crossed. One was a bright white and the other was a pitch black. He didn't fully understand what was happening right now.

Ignis wasn't in control of his body or his voice. It was his mind that was the only thing intact. "Hello, Kurst. Your journey has taken you far. Time to face your true fear. Your best friend falling into the darkness. I've grown stronger in the darkness while you have kept the same power." Ignis said drawing his blade. His hands were soon covered in the black flames that Ignis had grown accustomed to.