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Kingdom Hearts X: Light in Darkness


First things first. This RP doesn't follow the Kingdom Hearts series, meaning it has it's own characters and worlds. Just borrowing the game's plot abit. And look at Rules first.

Long ago, Keybladers were known all over as the keepers of the light through out the worlds. It was during this time period that Light and Darkness was balanced. But as time went on, more people began to get drawn into Darkness, wanting the power that it held. The Keybladers faught to stop these threats to the balance, but saddly it was only a matter of time till even fellow Keybladers began to fall into that same Darkness. It was then that a great war took place, the Keybladers against their corrupted brethren. This clash of power shook the worlds, leaving several worlds that was faught on in ruins. In the end, however, Light managed to win, bringing a balance once again to the worlds. But many loses were made, both life and worlds. So the Keyblade Masters of that time made a decision, to keep their existance from the rest of the worlds to prevent the missuse of the Keyblade's power. So, the remaining Keybladers moved to a seperate world, where they lived and trained the next generation of Keyblade Warriors. All while their existance began to slowly fade from the rest of the world's memories.

Many years pass, and once again, a time of peace came across the many worlds. The Keybladers, living in their home world called Keyblade Sanctum, have already brought in and trained a new generation of Keyblade Warriors. Allthought, because of their isolation from the other worlds, their numbers were still few. Three of these Keybladers, however, showed the most promise as they even became close friends with one another. They were well on their way to becoming the next Keyblade Masters, showing promise in the eyes of their teachers. That is, till one faithfull day came.

Out of no where, a darkness suddenly covered Keyblade Sanctum, as dark creatures swarmed in and started striking down the Keyblade Warriors and their pupils. Only few were able to witness the sight of something behind the horde of monsters, the figure of several black clothed men, each of them wielding, what looked like, a Dark Keyblade. Of course, not many that managed to see that lived as the swarms of dark creatures, referred to as Shades, devoured them. The remaining Keybladers, mainly made up of the three Keyblade Masters in-training and the current Masters, were finally driven to the last portion of their world not yet consummed in Darkness. As a last resort, the Masters used what was left of their power and sent the remaining Keyblade Warriors into different worlds, letting them escape from the evil.

Now with their home gone and seperated from each other, they have to find a way to join up, if they have any chance of stopping this growing threat to the worlds.

(newly made worlds will be added)
Keyblade Sanctum - The once home of the Keybladers before the terrible day that the Shades and the Dark Figures attacked. Now it is belived to be completely destroyed by the dark forces.
Town of Crossing - A small town like city filled with markets and shops. A center point for people traveling between worlds.
Keepsake Island - A world that is composed of one island, covered in foliage. It is a deserted island except for Kai a dojo and his master from another world, Zechs.
Twilight Town

Character List
(for now, just the three keybladers are needed. Once that's filled other's will be allowed)
The Three Main Keybladers
Ryu - Male - Dawn
Kai - Male - Light
Promise - Female - Twilight

Character Sheet

Appearance: Image or describtion of character's appearance
Name: name...duh
Age: I don't think you need help with this one
Gender: ..or this one...
Power: The power type the character is based on
Abilities: Explaining the skills and abilities they use
Keyblade: The Keyblade they have
Vehical: The vehical their keyblade turns into for traveling between worlds.
World: What world they are on
Personality: How the character acts
Bio: Life and other info on character
Other: Any other information needed to know.

Toggle Rules

-ACTUALLY get into the RP. I've had way to many people join RP and then jsut leave after a few posts with no warning.
-Be creative.
-Romance is allowed since, well face it, it's Kingdom Hearts. XD
-If you do have to leave for something, let me know.

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Town of Crossings

A week has passed since the tragic events on the Keyblade Sanctum. Ryu had been training ever since to grow stronger, on his own, as he now stood in a courtyard in the Town of Crossing. When he first ended up here, he was also with Kai, a young Keyblader that he treated as a brother. But he made a decision to send him to another world, where an old Keyblade Master lived, to keep him out of harms way. Another reason he did that though was because Kai ended up losing his memory abit during their escape. In Ryu's mind, it was best to keep him safe till he got better.

But for now, Ryu had something else to do. His home and Masters were destroyed in that tragedy, and he had to stop that growing threat. Begining to walk along the courtyard, he brought out his Keyblade and aimed it forward. But before he could open a doorway to the Lanes Between, Ryu heard a scream in the distance. Turning to look in the direction it came from, he quickly sensed what it was of and dashed toward it. On arriving, he saw what he hoped wasn't true. A swarm of Shades were crawling out of a Dark Doorway as they began to attack people in the market area. As one leeped at a child fallen on the ground, Ryu quickly attacked, making the dark beast vanish. Looking at the boy, he warns him, "Get out of her!" Quickly doing as he's told, the boy ran off as Ryu turned to face the horde. "..So they made it this far already.." He grips his Keyblade tightly in his hand. "Guess I'll have to take these out before starting my search..." Ryu said before he dashed toward the horde, begining his attack at the monsters.

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Twilight Town

“Boss, we’re out of Sea Salt Ice-Cream! I’ll see you tomorrow!” Promise yelled as she hopped over the counter and hurried out into the street. Not wanting to waste another minute, she ran towards the crack in the wall she found and out into the woods behind it. Stopping when she caught sight of the abandoned mansion, Promise sat down against a tree and closed her eyes for a minute. She couldn’t believe it’d been a week since everything happened at Keyblade Sanctum. The Master’s had sent her back to her home world of Twilight Town…and away from Ryu and Kai. Not knowing where they were, she could only stay put and become stronger for now; getting a job at the local Ice Cream shop and training in her spare time outside of town. It was the least she could do until she could figure out how to leave and search for her friends. Those Shades were still out there, and she wasn’t strong enough before to save anyone. But she wouldn’t let history repeat itself. Not to her or anyone else.

Standing up, she grasped onto her Keyblade as it appeared and started going through her usual routine. First warming up how she was taught by the Master’s, she then let her imagination take over. Remembering every fight and practice round she had with Ryu and Kai, she blocked and attacked with increasing speed; applying every new techniques she was taught and trying everything random that came to mind. As she fought her imaginary opponents, she couldn’t but help miss her friends. Were they okay? Where were they at? Did they make it out alive as well?... And when will she see them again…

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#, as written by Erayu
Keepsake Island

Light ran down the beach to the water. He grew bored with the scenery around here. "Keep running Light!" Master Zechs called with a withered smile on his face. Master Zechs was growing old and passing his knowledge down to Light. "I've run enough. Can't I just take a break?" Light yelled through gasps for air. "The 'Dark Ones' don't let you have breaks." Zechs replied. Light approached Zechs. "'Dark Ones' this and 'Dark Ones' that. You always talk about them but we never encounter any on this small island. Can't I just go swimming?" Master Zechs frowned at Light. "You're too young to understand." Zechs explained. "I'm fifteen. I can manage another one of your stories." Light sat down crossing his legs. His knee long cargo shorts buckled into the sand. Light shuffled the sand out of the legs. "This story is more physical than literary." Zechs said, drawing his Keyblade.

He flung it toward Light's nose. Light sprung backward and his eyes grew wide. "W-what are you doing?" He asked, feeling overwhelmed by an uncertain fear. "See those two scars on your cheek?" Zechs asked, Keyblade aiming at Light's face. "You got those scars because you refused to defend yourself. Now fight." Light drew Doubt, his Keyblade, and sprung backward, avoiding a swipe from Zechs. The black and red Keyblade shimmered in the sun. "I'm not gonna do this!" He shouted, reading his Keyblade for a defensive battle. "You're going to have to fight!" Zechs yelled back at him.

At the end of the day Light had a third scar on his cheek. Doubt was strong and effective, but Light didn't wield it to harm or for any reason to think of. He sat at the beach's banks. He had his legs tucked up to his chest and his chin resting on his knees. The sun was setting and Light sighed. "Another failure." He said to himself. "Another chance to be scolded. Another chance to be hurt." Light was getting tired of the training. He wanted to have fun.

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Re: [OOC] Kingdom Hearts X: Light in Darkness

Hehehe lets not fight. I dont want this to get chaotic but shouldn't we just get our stories started and going since our characters aren't interacting? Once they meet and interact, the order will be important because of the actions and dialogue but until then, it wouldn't really be skipping order if we were to continue, would it?

Re: [OOC] Kingdom Hearts X: Light in Darkness

I hope you're referring to a different she <_< I've been waiting on Ryu, actually. I didn't want to skip and just post right after the one after me; I usually wait to go in order.

Re: [OOC] Kingdom Hearts X: Light in Darkness

the thing is now SHE isn't posting

Re: [OOC] Kingdom Hearts X: Light in Darkness

You were waiting for my post and I gave it ^w^ so why the hold up? Waiting for more to join?

Re: [OOC] Kingdom Hearts X: Light in Darkness

So if we weren't one of the three picked, are we good to just post as one of the others to help them along?

Re: [OOC] Kingdom Hearts X: Light in Darkness

sealed? we're missing people XD please come in XP

Re: [OOC] Kingdom Hearts X: Light in Darkness

Can I still get in this or are things all sealed up?

Re: [OOC] Kingdom Hearts X: Light in Darkness

I'm still interested in it. Just wondering what in the world's going on with everyone. Guess that pretty much answered it though.

Re: [OOC] Kingdom Hearts X: Light in Darkness

*ruffles hair* GAAAH! Why is it that everytime I make a Kingdom Hearts RP people jsut post a character and vanish?! That's it I've had it! If any of you even care to continue this thing let me know or else I'll kill it off.

Re: [OOC] Kingdom Hearts X: Light in Darkness

Heartless and Unverse don't exist, their replaced by a Dark Beast called Shades.

As for Nobodies, they'll apear later on.

As of now, the roles open are characters that will join the three friends along their journey. Each one of them forming a kind of "group"

Re: [OOC] Kingdom Hearts X: Light in Darkness

So you have the three main characters, are there any others you need or can I just create one who will fit in someone, also are there nobodies, heartless and unversed still?

Re: [OOC] Kingdom Hearts X: Light in Darkness

Well I was going to set up the evil group in the RP, but if you really want to, then you cna make a bad guy and I'll see if he's good to join the ranks.

Also, sorry for the wiat guys, I'll start the RP now.

Oh as for the people that have characters not accpeted, change the characters info abit if the bio already has for them to be one of the three and just change alittle. Once done, PM me so I can accept. Cause they're still good XD

Re: [OOC] Kingdom Hearts X: Light in Darkness

I have a question, is there gonna be a group of evil people like the Organization? If there is, I wanted to make a character for that~

But, either way, can I make a character that will help the Keybladers around?

Re: [OOC] Kingdom Hearts X: Light in Darkness

Ok then. The Three main characters have been picked. Those that weren't chossen, don't worry. Since each of the three are in different worlds, you can still join as ones that join with them on their journy

Re: [OOC] Kingdom Hearts X: Light in Darkness

oh yes. for those that don't make the first 3 cut, don't delete your character. you can still be other Keybladers that survived.

Re: [OOC] Kingdom Hearts X: Light in Darkness

I'll wait till tomorrow and choose the ones out of the list of people that send XD

Re: [OOC] Kingdom Hearts X: Light in Darkness

I would like to reserve the female of the three main keyblade holders, got a really good idea.

[OOC] Kingdom Hearts X: Light in Darkness

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