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Kianne Valentine

Even the brightest light can cast the darkest shadow. Believe me, I know.

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a character in “Kingdom Hearts:Rise of the DarkHearts”, as played by Valor


Beginning. Battle. End.
Name: Kianne Valentine
Age: 19
Alignment: Light
Keyblade: Heaven’s Seeker
Heaven’s rain – spears of light crash in the ground around her enemies, striking them or pinning them to the ground.
Light Raid – Light energy surrounds Kianne’s keyblade as she throws her keyblade towards her enemy.
Bright Shield – A wall of light covers herself and others that she wants to protect. The shield suffices for most lower level attacks, though can be broken at close range or with extreme attacks of darkness.
Weaknesses: Luca – anything associated with him makes her hesitate and her hard exterior brake. Once broken, she is unpredictable.
Personality: Kianne is calm and collected, always taking a moment to think of the bigger picture before running in and doing something stupid. She is confident in herself and her own abilities, though finds it hard to trust in anyone else at the moment. She has a habit of taking everything on herself, feeling that all these tasks will only get done properly if she does them. Kianne can come across as shy, seeing as she generally doesn’t speak unless spoken to – though once in her company, she may be willing to open up more. When in the company of her loved one, she is totally different, her hard exterior melting away and revealing the true softness of her.
Likes: Sunshine, the sound of crashing waves, keeping her blade sharp, her Love, her small wooden flute.
Dislikes: Being stuck indoors, being told that she can’t do something, dints in her armour, flowers.
Marital Status: It’s complicated, explained in History.
Appearance: Kianne stands at around 5ft6 with the features shown in the image on the right. She also has armoured boots that match the style of the armour shown, covering most of her legs.
History: Kianne grew up in a city close to the ocean, a land bathed in light. She trained to be a keyblade wielder with her brothers and her closest friend Luca. When her brothers moved on to complete missions under the Organisation of Light, Luca and Kianne trained more frequently together. They found their love for each other made their powers stronger. Soon they became more than just friends, their relationship growing to an engagement. When together, Luca treated her like a princess in armour.
Kianne and Luca were about to announce their engagement when the DarkHearts attacked their city. Instead, the lovers dove into battle together. Their paths were split as they fought to hold back the foes. Kianne eventually made her way back to find Luca, though when she found him – he was not the same. The Darkness had awakened something different in him. She could feel the darkness seeping from him, and it scared her. He still spoke with Luca’s voice and looked at her with his eyes, but she was no longer his princess. Instead of running into each other’s arms after the battle, they clashed blades. They had fought so many times in training he knew all of her moves, though this new darkness had tainted his class and she found one of her hardest fights.

She was defeated in the battle, and expected to die that day. She remembers lying in the sand of the beach by the city, blood soaking through her dinted armour. He stood over her, his blade lingering over her heart – though everything faded before she knew whether he would deliver the final blow. When she woke, her brothers from the Order of Light were with her. The order had healed her, and her brothers advised her to join the Order as soon as possible. She did, with the intention of finding Luca. She wasn’t sure what she would do when she found him again, but she wouldn’t allow herself to be defeated again.

So begins...

Kianne Valentine's Story

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#, as written by Damioa

Master Orion was feeling cheery today. No, nothing could bring her down. It was because this day was the day that both her young students would start their long journey's onto becoming keyblade masters. She has practically raised both of them teaching them some of everything she knows. The boy was her adopted son of course but he showed a slacker nature to himself. The girl on the other hand was rough around the edges but focused. Together they would make a great team. At least she hoped. She folded her hands on her desk and closed her eyes.
If their not ready, then the universe will be bathed in darkness.

Ygdrasil walked through out the corridors with the boy at his side.
"I have to help her?"
"That is what I said."
"Pft." The boy spat.
Ygdrasil turned and grabbed the boys throat slaming him against the wall. "I may not have the same power I had when I was younger, but, I will show you something more terrifying than the darkness if you disrespect me boy." He glared at the kid and let him go.
"Now then. The reason your with Xion is because she has the power to summon the beast. You have the power of teleportation through the darkness."
"So thats what you want."
"Exactly. I need more dark energy flowing."
"Why?" The boy said.
There was no answer. He then opened the meeting room door. "Xion. This is another apprentice of mine. Meet Crow. He will accompany you on this task."
Crow took a seat next to Xion in front of Ygdrasil's desk. "Yo." He said, trying to cut her with his eyes.

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#, as written by Damioa
Akihiro woke up in a cold sweat. His eyes were wide open, his head pounding, and heart racing. He looked around and already knew he had been late, just like in his dream. He quickly got dressed and rushed out of his room passing threw the spiral staircase all the way down to the last floor. He passed pictures of various order members, some dead and some still alive. He kept running and panted until he reached the picture of the current leader. He made pivot and headed down the corridor towards her office and flung the door open, tripping on the hinges. "Oof." He grunted on the impact from the sharp pain that filled the crown of his skull. Slowly he got up rubbing the top of his head. He noticed the girl standing next to him and said, "Oh. Good morning Kianne."

Not soon after did the master clear her throat, stealing his attention from the girl. Quickly he bowed to her. "Good morning to you too, Master Orion. I'm sorry I'm late."
The woman's eyes pierced through him with her gaze as she said, "Well. You could have came later, I suppose." and gestured him to stand up straight. "Now then. As I was about to tell Kianne, I summoned you both for an important task. As you both know, the balance in the universe thus far have been equally divided into light and darkness. Just recently however I have felt a disturbance in this balance. I don't quite know what is causing it, but it seems the light is starting to be overrun by the darkness."

Tora's face frowned at his friends suggestion. He didn't necessarily like working for the moogels. You know, all work, no play, and definitely not enough pay. "I'd rather just stargaze." He said looking back up at the sky.
I'd rather actually see the stars up close.
He thought, remembering something one of the store owners told him once about stars. Each star out there is a planet. At least, that's what he was told. He would've wanted to see for himself whether that was true or not. Then again, getting off the planet and traveling made for a heavy workload. He let out a sigh thinking of how much his friend was rubbing off on him.

It wasn't long before something to do did come up as a strange man asked where old man Merlin was. He watched as Ryuu gave a plethora of reasons why they shouldn't trust the guy. One reason of course, being the main thing that confused Tora about him. "Hail? I've never heard someone greet someone like that before." Tora shrugged at the question. He waited for the man to answer Ryuu main question before he could decided for himself whether the guy was friendly or not.

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#, as written by Damioa
Tora listened to the hooded mans explanation about his words and his dress. He didn't really care much for what he was saying. He did however come to a single conclusion.

This guy either likes to hear himself talk or talks to much.

He decided to agree on both. The next words came as a light shock to him. The man told him of what he wanted from Merlin. "Pft. If you need to use Merlin for his studies than I can't say no now can I. But, I don't think either side will listen to you just because you have knowledge." He grinned. "My name's Tora." He said sticking out his hand for a handshake. "And you are?"

Master Orion cuffed her hands together and placed her elbows on the table. With a sigh she leaned in and said, "I'm afraid it wont be as easy as it sounds my dear. Whatever is causing this imbalance is also tampering with my powers as well. I fear it wont be long now. With each passing day I will loose my power over the light. It is up to you two to stop the darkness. You're going to need each other in this task."

"W-what are you talking about master?" Akihiro asked. "You're suppose to be all powerful."
The master gave a small chuckle. "I wish I could say that I am boy, but, with age, you realize how weak you truly are by yourself. That's why I need you two to work together. You must protect each other from the darkness." Orion place a small crystal on the desk. "This is a transportation crystal. It's good for multiple trips but each time it will take you to a different destination. It follows dark signatures so you should already know what to do when you get to your destination. Are there any questions?"

Akihiro didn't have anything to ask but he couldn't help but glance at Kianne. He knew that she wasn't the partner type. Not after what happened to Luca. Around that time, he was still new in the order. Still, he remembered the changes in her attitude.
He then looked back at Master Orion. She was of course the woman who raised him and now she was talking as if she was going to die soon. Well he wouldn't stand for it. He never really wanted to be a keyblade master, but if it meant saving her, then he would fight all of the darkness out there. This he swore to himself.

"Hey, wait a minute. There's no one here." Crow snapped.
"It seems you wont be having backup for a while." Ygdrasil informed him. "Until then, take this." He paced a black marble on the table.
"What am I supposed to do with this?" He picked it up and looked around it, even shining it in the light. "It's just a marble."
Ygdrasil just smiled evily as he gave Crow his instruction.

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#, as written by Damioa
Tora ignored half of what his friend said. He was the type of guy to give respect and kindness to people until proof was presented that they weren't deserving of it. Still, this guy must have been from one of those old language types of worlds with knights and dragons because he put sir in front of his name. The more the man talked, the more Tora couldn't make out what was being said. He just gave a slight nod here and there. "Alright Jericho, lets get a move on then. Don't know when Merlin's going to decide to switch houses again. See yah Ryuu."

He continued on to lead the man towards Merlin's place. "Oh and by the way. You can just call me Tora. Either that or Tor. After all, we're buds now, aren't we?" He chuckled. He gave a brief explanation of where they were walking seeing as the man looked new to the area, letting him know of the different shops and stores as well as the people who ran them. The tour ran all the way to the third district, through an alleyway, and into a red door with the symbol of fire on it. Tora whipped out his keyblade. "Fire." He muttered and the door opened. He turned to Jericho. "Alrighty. Now all we have to do is go through this door and his house will be over the moving stepping stones. Watch your step though because the like to move."

Once inside the door, Tora hopped over the stones and knocked on the wizards door. "Hey." Bang Bang Bang. "Merlin!!! You in there?"
The door opened slowly but there was no one to be seen inside. Tora turned to face Jericho. "Well he may just be hiding so lets go in."

Akihiro couldn't help but to smile at Kianne's words. It gave him hope in the fact that this wasn't a goodbye. It was just a mission.

"You're right dear." Master Orion said, "This isn't a goodbye." She looked at Akihiro. "Come here boy." He slowly walked to her and knelt down so she didn't have to get up. "I gave you your name for a reason. You never stood up to most of my expectations because of your laziness, but you always surprised me by your actions. I expect the both of you to do the same thing here." At that moment the boy leaped and forced a hug on her mostly to hide his own tears. "I'll do whatever it takes master." He said, his voice a little cracked.

Master Orion gently pushed him off. "Do not cry. You're a man. Act like it." She said as she whipped away his tears. "Now. The both of you remember. Whatever happens from here on out there is not such thing as failure. Only bumps in the road. I believe in you just as you believe in me. You two are the pillars of light now."

With her speech, Akihiro got up and nodded his head. "Are you ready?" He asked Kianne, more confidence showing in his voice.

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#, as written by Damioa
Tora looked at Jericho in amusement. "Oh, you don't know? This is Merlins second home of use. The other place being a world he calls Hollow Bastion or whatever. I'm pretty sure he teleports from one area to the next at will so he should be here if you call for him." He turned and walked around searching for a book to read on fire magic. He loved those types of books. It was the first spell the wizard ever taught him after all. Seeing as you have to use it in order to gain access to his living area here. Was Traverse town really that bad of a place? Nah.

"Master Merlin, I seek audience with thee!" Jericho called.
Just like Tora said, with a huge puff of smoke and a little cough, Merlin basically popped out of nowhere. "Cough, Cough. Yes. What is it?" He said fixing his glasses.

With the bright flash of light, it almost felt as if he was being spun around and flattened as well as stretched. Akihiro had never felt any sort of thing like this before, but he knew one thing. He didn't like. It happened in a flash. In one moment they were in Master Orions office, the next they were in a realm of rainbowish shinning colors, and finally, they were in the middle of what seemed to be a harbor of some a mountain or something. "Kianne..... I'm gonna..." He then ran into the cliff area where he almost became reintroduced to his last meal. That was, until he saw some kid riding on what looked like a hover board. "Uh.... Do you have any idea where we are?"
(ooc: I'm going to go re-watch treasure planet in order to make the planet more fun for you guys. Aren't I nice XD?)