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Gygr warrior

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a character in “Kingdom of Darkness”, as played by Wrenn




Name: Adalwolf son of Adalwin
Nickname/Alias/Title: None
Sex: Male
Age: 44
Race: Gygr

Height: 7'2"
Weight: 360 lbs
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Appearance: Adalwolf is the typical Gygr warrior, built for taking and delivering punishment. Standing at just over seven feet tall, and practically as wide at the shoulders, he is truly a menacing figure. Not simply oversized humans, the gygr have a bone structure like a battering ram and a thick hide of skin like boiled leather armor, capable of absorbing even deep slashes, as evidenced by Adalwolf's figure, criss-crossed with fine white scars.

Personality: Like many of the giant people, Adalwolf is incredibly taciturn, although fully capable of speaking intelligibly if he wishes. Despite his laconic nature there is no sense of tranquility about him - his silence is like the quiet before the storm, charged with energy that can destroy landscapes. Obsessed with personal honor and glory, Adalwolf is liable to see any disagreement as a personal offense, and often thinks that a duel is the only way to restore honor to both parties.

History: Adalwolf has spent his adult life on the road, forever traveling Verold because of the gygr impulse to always test one's limits. He is almost grateful for the Dark King's invasion, which has been the greatest offense Verold has ever seen, which means only the greatest amount of violence can restore the land's honor.

Goals: To duel the King of Darkness to restore honor to Verold.

Equipment: Travel gear, and a heavy iron rod known among the gygr as a totem -- as long as a sword but as thick as a man's wrist, with a leather-wrapped handle. Two-handed and slow, but fearsome in his powerful hands. He also carries a hatchet and a heavy-bladed knife that he dual wields when the totem is too cumbersome an option. For clothing/armor he wears leather breeches and boots.

Attributes & Skills
Attributes - Bloodlust
Skills - Frenzied Strike

So begins...

Adalwolf's Story


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#, as written by Wrenn
When he rose from his chair Adalwolf stood a foot taller than everyone else, with wide shoulders that made him seem even larger. Along with his size he had tough skin like leather armor, and facial features that were too blunt to be human -marking him as a gygr, or the race of giants. Gygr populations were small in this part of Verold, but were known to be great travelers, preferring solitude except for times of mating when they returned to their homeland. Adalwolf felt in his bones -and in his loins- that the time was approaching, but the Kingdom of Darkness had thrown everything in Verold out of balance. Dishonoring the whole world -that was the Dark King's crime- and to a gygr warrior like Adalwolf, any dishonor had to be met with a duel, and he wanted to be the one to duel the Dark King. "You say you will kill angel?" he grunted, with a voice like a rockfall. "I say you will not." The giant hefted his totem, a two-handed iron rod that in his hands could shatter even gygr bones, let alone human bones.

"Who would duel Adalwolf, son of Adalwin?" he challenged. His bare chest was criss-crossed with many scars, records of his many duels.


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Character Portrait: Isa Rune Character Portrait: Adalwolf Character Portrait: Edin Vanoke Character Portrait: Gwenonwyn Moonshine
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Edin Vanoke

Edin had been listening to the two women talk when a couple of men burst into the room.
"We got him," He heard one say.
"Where is he?" Another demanded.
Edin's eyes studied the men as the went around asking questions. One of them walked past the table and glanced over at the small group of three, but his attention was quickly turned away when the other men seemed to have grabbed a hold of somebody. Through the crowd, Edin could barely hear or see anything that was going on. He heard mentions of angels and executions, but...
"Well, that's interesting, now ain't it?" Isa said, not sounding very interested in the commotion.
Edin nodded absently, relaxing in his chair. The men weren't interested in what the boy was doing, obviously, but at the small mention of finding a supposed angel...
Stay seated. A tiny voice in his head advised, Don't direct attention towards yourself, this isn't your business. But angels were good. One being executed, well, that wasn't.

Edin rose from his chair the same time someone else did, which wouldn't have got his attention if the man hadn't been so tall. He was a gygr, the boy noticed. Edin had only seen a few of them in his short lifetime, but he definitely knew one when he saw one.
He also didn't appear very happy.
"You say you will kill angel? I say you will not." The gygr grunted, lifting his totem, "Who would duel Adalwolf, son of Adalwin?" The gygr challenged, looking as if he were ready to burn the inn down as well as beat a few people up.

Edin coughed and sat back down, keeping his eyes fixed on the table.
"I believe mister Adalwolf has this handled." He muttered, all thoughts of doing something to defend the angel vanishing.