Toji Okami

A young warrior, wanderer, and protecter of the innocent

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a character in “Kingdom of IronGlore Valley”, as played by Hellbreaker


Name:Toji Okami
Species:Half demon(Wolf Demon)
Career:Wanderer, Warrior
Placement in kaste system:Outsider
Alignment(ex. good, evil, neutral):Good
If magic user please specify teachings here:Skilled in spells dealing with electricity, and can shift into a full demon wolf form.
Description/pic:He's slight, but obviously strong, wearing leather armor reinforced with steel plates. He uses twin ninjatos that connect together to forma doublebladed staff. He has icy blue eyes, and short, spiky black hair.
Background:Was born of a human mother and demon father in a far off country. His parents loved eachother, and were determined to raise theri young child to do good. But, they were killed by demon hunters, and he was nearly killed, himself, if the family freind, an ex warrior and master blacksmith, hadn't rescued him. The man raised him, teaching all he can. One day, Toji decided to wander, and find hi's fortune. It's been one year since then.
Personality:Despite his demon blood, he's not grim or gloomy. Actually, he's goofy and kind of odd. He beleives firmly in doing good in the world, though he defintly doesn't mind making an extra buck in the bargain.He defends his 'pack with all he's got.He also hates evil doers, and tends to be stubborn about not backing down in a fight.
Other:He also carries throwing knives and shuriken, and also carries a ocarina, which he uses to get money when he's not on a job, or just to entertain himself.

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