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a character in “Kingdom of Secrets: The Demon of Grimes”, as played by freemixer25


Name: Anicetus

Race: Demon Lord

Gender: Male

Age: Appears to be 30

Appearance: Image

Description: Anicetus stands at about 6 feet and is of a muscular build. His eyes are red and glow from underneath his helmet.

Equipment: Anicetus can summons different weapons from Hell itself. He also has power over ancient dark magic, not to mention an army of Demons at his disposal.

Personality: Power Hungry and controlling, Anicetus wants to become ruler of hell and the human world. He is cunning and manipulative enough to seize power in hell.

History: Born from the fires of Hell eons ago, he became powerful from killing Humans and Demons alike. Having once Fought Masenai long ago when he was weaker he was nearly beaten, Anicetus last attack enhanced with the fires of Hell struck Masenai on the shoulder near the neck. After that Anicetus retreated to Hell to heal and began his conquest soon after. During his conquest of hell he absorbed many souls of other Demon generals and damned human souls. He gained fear and respect from lesser demons and soon factions of demons came to his side and with them he soon took the thrown in the realm of the dead and now seeks to rule the world of the living. After years reflecting on his battle and how he will become powerful enough to take over, he came to realize that if he had Masenai's power he will be unstoppable. He will try to get him on his side or kill and absorb his powers.


Character theme:
Battle theme: Coming soon.

So begins...

Anicetus's Story

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Character Portrait: Anicetus
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Anicetus is standing in the market of a small Village where the residents are sleeping, unaware of the impending doom they will soon be awoken to. "What fools, leaving their little village vulnerable at night." Anicetus raises his hand and flames spiral up his arm and gather in his hand. With a flash, a massive sword with a bone like hilt and a skull at the center of the Cross-Guard, A large black blade extends from the skull who's mouth hangs open forever frozen in a soundless scream. He spins his blade once and rests it on his shoulder and he raises his free hand where more flames begin to gather. "With the fires of hell i will destroy this village."

Anicetus slams his open palm down on the ground and flames expand outwards setting surrounding buildings on fire, burning the ground beneath the Demon Lord's feet black. A man runs out of a house wielding a sword, before the man can get close a small, all black, hunched over figure jumps on his back and twists his neck. When the Body of the man falls on the ground the creature looks up at Anicetus with red eyes and horns pointing forward. "Go minions, leave nothing alive!" With that command an swarm of demons surge forth and enter the burning homes and soon the screams are amplified.

By sunrise the entire village has been burned to the ground and Anicetus is sitting on a pile of skulls and bones. The smaller demons are running around destroying anything that can be destroyed. "Young Demons are so active and destroy anything... was i ever that carefree?" The Demon Lord muses to himself.


Prince Zianro, on a mission to destroy the Demon Lord and save the world, tracked Anicetus to the Village but arrived to late to stop the destruction. The Prince of Fenarin makes his way to the outskirts of the village and sees the lesser demon running amok. The demons see the Prince and the run to attack and devour his soul, but the prince draws a rapier with a brilliant white blade with a ruby set in the hand guard. With fluid movements the prince cuts each of the lesser demons down and their bodies shrivel up and fade away. "The Demon Lord must have been here..." Prince Zianro walks into the ruins of the village and spots Anicetus sitting on a pile of bones as if they were a throne. "Vile monster! How could you do this?"

The Demon Lord looks up and stares at the Prince, his eyes glowing red underneath his helmet. "How? What a stupid question." Anicetus stands up and a crowd of demons have surrounded to watch what would happen. Prince Zianro points his Saber at the Demon Lord. "I am Prince of Fenarin, and i will strike you down and be the greatest King this land has seen!" Anicetus chuckles at the statement. "You think you can stand against me? Foolish little elf. You stand before the King of hell, what hope do you possibly have of winning?" Anicetus pick up his sword which was stabbed into the ground. "No mere mortal can stand against me." The lesser Demons are cheering, awaiting the carnage that is to come.

"Have at you!" Yells the Prince as he charges. Anicetus side steps and grabs the prince by the face and lifts him off the ground. "Only one has ever been able to hurt me, my prince. Only one has made me retreat to lick my wounds. You are not him so you death will be quick." The Prince tries to break free but the grip is unyielding. "Souls of the Royal tend to be...delicious." Anicetus looks at the Prince's sword. "I will return this magnificent sword to your family.... or keep it for myself." With that the Demon Lord swings his demonic sword and severs the prince's head from his body. A White mist raises from the body and seems to be getting sucked in by Anicetus. Anicetus picks up the sword and the scabbard and gives it to one of the lesser demons. "If that gets lost or worse you will die a most gruesome death. Now... let us continue on our conquest."