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Karemia Aussette

"Come now, pet, I'm sure you'd fit into my collection quite well."

0 · 440 views · located in Culvas; En Lome

a character in “Kingdom of Shadows”, as played by CelestialCuttlefish


Karemia Aussette

Image|Karemia Aussette|
|Female |
|175 |
|6'2 (188 cm) |
|140 pounds (64 kg)|
|High Court Advisor|
|Ashnaes Empira|
|Can Read & Write|

Appearance & Personality | ImageKaremia Aussette has a strange kind of beautiful cruelty in her heart. Her words are soft and sound delicate as rose petals but they bite into skin like the prick of a thorn. She rarely frowns, her rose lips always tilted into a biter sweet smile, her eyes always gazing straight into souls. Her unique ability to rile up the other diplomats makes nobles shiver at the mention of her name and her connections deep through the countries give her a way to know things she certainly never should. Her skin and hair are snow pale and pure, nothing like what lies beneath. The woman is harsh and quietly villainous, hiding behind her beauty and power.

Combat Experience | The Council Advisor is not a woman of strength. Her form is exceedingly long, but not strong or powerfully muscled. She is not talented in the art of swords, would have trouble pulling back the string of a bow, and could easily be defeated in hand to hand combat. Even with all this said, she is still powerful. In her long life she has learned much of magic and charm and could easily dispatch most opponents.

Beliefs | Kyri-nhal embodies everything Aussette believes in. Power, cruelty, war; Kyri-nahl is, in most renditions, a villein and so to is Aussette.

Aspirations | Her only aspiration is power. Power over herself, power over others, power over her pets and over En Lome. Every move she makes, every action, every word is to put her a step closer to what she craves.

Possessions | Aussette rarely leaves her estate; she finds delight in making other people come to her. When she does leave, she makes a show of it; great carriages, filled with treasures and necessities, and tens, sometimes hundreds, of guards and servants at her flank. Slaves are outlawed in En Lome, yet she brings them around freely by agreement between the Empire and En Lome. She so loves to show off her collection. At her home just outside Lyvelune she keeps very little on her person; some clothes, usually, and an incredibly valuable necklace given to her by the Empress.
History | The advisor was born into a family she considered weak; they were loving and dear to her, did everything to make her happy, gently encouraged her in everything she did. She hated them. They had no title, no money, no true value in her eyes. When she was twenty three she seized everything they had and threw them out onto the street. She sold their possessions for a fare to the capital city, where she seduced and married a Dracoi noble. He later turned up dead after a hunting trip, an arrow through his heart, leaving Aussette his title and all of his possessions. Soon she was headed up the ladder of nobility, higher and higher.

A short affair with the Empress later, Aussette has one of the most coveted positions in the Empire. But it's not enough. It will never be enough.

So begins...

Karemia Aussette's Story


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Imagehe country of En Lome is a quiet one. They have never felt the rumble of revolution, never suffered defeat in war but never experienced the power of a victory, and their greatest scandal fell under the rule of their last king; their history is generally calm and pretty, but it lacks the raw emotion of a masterpiece. They are not an incredibly interesting people and, with their lack of eventful news, history may not remember them well. It is a dull morning, such that are characteristic of the country, that brings with it the beginning of their only great story.

. For a time, the only sounds are the soft, sleepy murmurings of a waking castle. The cooks set to work on the morning meal, the first cycle of night guardsmen are sent to their rest by the morningmen, and the princess' lady-in-waiting comes tapping at her door. But there is no princess within. In response, a call rises up and the castle is soon in uproar; all off-duty guards are called to the search, whispers of foul play run through the court, a din of agitation to break the classically still air.

. The queen tries to keep her poise, though the tumult of voices and footsteps does little to help her composure. Her face is drawn tight in frustration but she tries to look thankful for the flock of noblemen now competing for her regal attentions. Her daughter is missing, her husband is out of reach, and the normal order of her castle is in shambles. This is dangerous and she knows it all too well. She is already scheduled for a journey to Maslona for... negotiations and putting them off any longer would be more than unwise. Her daughter could be anywhere now.

. With heavy heart, and an unwelcome band of noblemen gathered near, the final preparations for the queen's short journey are made. All she has to offer her missing daughter for now are prayers and a search part organized by her loyal constable.


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He let his blade fall into the sheath. He took a moment to look over the bodies of the men who had foolishly tryed to rob him.
Worthless killing, over nothing but coin He allowed a small "Hm" at the thought and began to walk again.

It was when a troop of soldiers decided to take him to their city for questioning... Yet they let him keep it was out of fear or respect has yet to be seen.