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Kazuma Jinnouchi

"What is today, but yesterdays tommorow

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a character in “Kingdom of Shadows”, as played by Booker_Dewit47


Full Name: Kazuma Jinnouchi, Nicknames: Kazy, Jinn
Gender: Male, last he check the place between his legs.
Sexuality: likes women, is open to most things, if I had to say, he’s strait.
Race: human, really? why do you even ask?
Occupation & Level of Education: He was taught how to read and right in his own tong by his mother. He is a very skilled with his blade and was praised in his home land as a deadly and lethal fighter, being able to outmatch even those using the famous sword/shield combo. He is currently working as a blade for hire. He has also learned the tong of the locals and has become fluent in it.
Age, Height & Weight: He sis about 5 feet, 8 inches tall when he isn’t wearing his armour, and stands in at a 5 feet, 10 inches when he is. He weighs in at a light 145 pounds when wearing his gear, and only 124 pounds when he isn’t. He is 28 years of age.
General Appearance: He has raven black hair with slate grey eyes. He has a small scar just above his left eye as well.
Combat experience: Aye, this man is a god among legends in his homeland, being able to use his blade with such a skill that even the local kings were envious of him. However, this is a new land and comes with new fighting types and new types of weapons. So, he will have to adapt.
Beliefs: He wasn’t big on religion back home, and wasn’t when he first arrived at this realm, however, he does put his faith in something called “The great random”.
Aspirations: Mainly his want to be usefull again, to have a purpose…Sure, falling in love and having a family would be added side bonuses.
Possessions: His blade and his armour. First, his blade. A single slightly curved blade, blade made out of folded steel. It is incredibly strong and has been known to slice through weaker iron and hide amour with ease.
His set of armour is another thing of legend, being completely black, he bears the mark of the Ronin on his back, naming him a master-less nomad.
Personality: He is a dark person, mainly because of his life of bloodshed nd war, but he has been known to open up to those who get close.
History: well why don’t we find out in the role play, shall we? /[e.e]\

So begins...

Kazuma Jinnouchi's Story


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He let his blade fall into the sheath. He took a moment to look over the bodies of the men who had foolishly tryed to rob him.
Worthless killing, over nothing but coin He allowed a small "Hm" at the thought and began to walk again.

It was when a troop of soldiers decided to take him to their city for questioning... Yet they let him keep it was out of fear or respect has yet to be seen.


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He watched the people mill around hum, seemingly rushing about something important. His escort of guards had taken him to the capital of the local government and planned, from what he heard, to present the "Stranger" to their queen. As the walked inside he couldn't help but notices how well decorated the palace was compared to the town outside. They walked closer, being lightly pushed on by the guards, and came upon what appeared to be a group of noble men/women talking to, who he guessed to be, the queen. He looked at the women for a moment before he was rudely pushed forward by the leader of the group of soldiers. "My queen, I am sorry to interrupt you in this busy time, but we have found a.....a...", the captain could not find a word to describe this person. He had a sword, so perhaps a blade for hire. This is when the stranger spoke Ï am a Ronin, a wandering, master less, warrior of my people." He said this and rose to his feet. And I am looking for work, and it seems you could use some one of my talents...your highness." He bowed in the way of his people and waited for the queens response.