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Nythivellan Milera

"Talk to my sister. She handles our business."

0 · 340 views · located in Culvas; En Lome

a character in “Kingdom of Shadows”, as played by CelestialCuttlefish


Nythivellan Milera

Image|Nythivellan Meiryn |
|Miles |
|Male |
|Lunar Elf (Half Human) |
|27 |
|6'5 (196 cm) |
|240 pounds (109 kg)|
|Mercenary |
|Can Read & Write|

Appearance & Personality | ImageThe Nythivellan son is tall and broad; well muscled with great wide shoulders and a powerful physique. Mile's skin is a fairly human tone, slightly less gray than his sister's and almost passable as a full human, if not for his ears which are Elven long and curled over in the Lunar Elf fashion. He is an incredibly fit man, standing much taller and twice as wide as his sister. He tries to keep his hair reasonably short, for convenience, but rarely bothers to keep his stubble at bay, making for a scruffy beard. He is much lighter in ways than his sister, all friendly smiles and deep chuckles, and has a strong love of alcohol. He more or less just follows his sister around, a protective guard dog and loyal sibling. His intimidating mass makes him good for carrying their gear and scaring the daylights out of their targets.

Combat Experience | Miles is not a man of fancy foot work or speed. He hits hard and he hits often and he can take a hit as well as he can deal one out. He wears massive armor to and carries around a huge villainous looking sword to protect him. Many years ago he carried a shield as well, but he called it a waste of time and gave up on it quickly enough.

Beliefs | The warrior is not a man of beliefs. He believes in his sister, in defense of the weak, when it suits him, and in the strength of his body. He does not follow any religion or principal beliefs except one; his sister matters more to him than anything in the world.

Aspirations | His eyes have never been for the future. Miles leaves the aspiring and planning to his sister; he lives in the moment. Passion and money guide him more than anything else.

Possessions | Miles carries a great-sword and a dagger at either hip, a massive set of armor on his body, and a bag on his pack with all the necessities of himself and his sibling. He carries about whatever Mei thinks they'll need; food, water, sleeping bags, etc. and at his belt a few gold pieces; a decoy for pickpockets so they don't look to his sister, who carries the real money.

History | ImageMiles was born a twin to Nythivellan Marqe and Kail. Their mother, Marqe, was an infamous pirate and bounty hunter and their father Kail was next in line for the role of High Knight in Aldorei. With such high ranking, and opposite, parents it was a wonder the union even came to be. Kail had been ordered to seek out and "rid off" the horrid pirate but shortly after meeting Marqe he became completely infatuated. Soon he was turning away his duties to see her and ultimately they were married. To tend to his now pregnant wife, he relinquished his position in the Aldorei and they made a home for themselves on the western coast of En Lome. Their two children grew up happily with devoted parents in a comfortable home. They were raised as warriors and hunters; shown strength and power, on and off the battlefield. The twins' bond was strong, unbreakable at least, they were together always and taught to rely on each other.

When the twins were about twelve, Mei and Miles wandered a bit too far from home. She was attacked by a few teenage villagers and, in fear, her powers manifested for the first time in her life. She nearly killed the boys and when it was over she collapsed in the street. Miles, horrified, went running for help but the man he found ushered his sister away, coveting her power. For three years Mei was gone; for every second Miles propelled his parents forward, believing it was all his fault. He had let his sister be taken. He hadn't been strong enough or fast enough and so he worked every moment of every day to be bigger and stronger. He would never let anything like that happen again. When he found his sister again, he vowed he would never ever let her get hurt again.

Their bond is one formed in the darkest of the night. They are inseparable. No one knows exactly what happened in those three years but Meiryn. Something awful. Something that hurt her. Miles still feels that awful guilt; he still believes it was all his fault. So he follows her, puppy like, and does anything he can to make up for it.

So begins...

Nythivellan Milera's Story


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Imagehe country of En Lome is a quiet one. They have never felt the rumble of revolution, never suffered defeat in war but never experienced the power of a victory, and their greatest scandal fell under the rule of their last king; their history is generally calm and pretty, but it lacks the raw emotion of a masterpiece. They are not an incredibly interesting people and, with their lack of eventful news, history may not remember them well. It is a dull morning, such that are characteristic of the country, that brings with it the beginning of their only great story.

. For a time, the only sounds are the soft, sleepy murmurings of a waking castle. The cooks set to work on the morning meal, the first cycle of night guardsmen are sent to their rest by the morningmen, and the princess' lady-in-waiting comes tapping at her door. But there is no princess within. In response, a call rises up and the castle is soon in uproar; all off-duty guards are called to the search, whispers of foul play run through the court, a din of agitation to break the classically still air.

. The queen tries to keep her poise, though the tumult of voices and footsteps does little to help her composure. Her face is drawn tight in frustration but she tries to look thankful for the flock of noblemen now competing for her regal attentions. Her daughter is missing, her husband is out of reach, and the normal order of her castle is in shambles. This is dangerous and she knows it all too well. She is already scheduled for a journey to Maslona for... negotiations and putting them off any longer would be more than unwise. Her daughter could be anywhere now.

. With heavy heart, and an unwelcome band of noblemen gathered near, the final preparations for the queen's short journey are made. All she has to offer her missing daughter for now are prayers and a search part organized by her loyal constable.


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Character Portrait: Vincent Claude-Heathcliff Character Portrait: Nythivellan Meiryn Character Portrait: Hurin of the western Fae. Character Portrait: Nythivellan Milera Character Portrait: Vaiven De Massi Character Portrait: Niami Arlette
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Chaos. Chaos reigned in the quietest realm in the world, disturbing its quietness. Men's voices shattered the calm, demanding answers, and it was into this mess that the Silver Knight strode in. He was garbed in shining steel that morning, with only dents won in honorable combat marring its sheen. Valeryn stepped into the main hall, towards the Queen and her entourage and called out "Your Majesty! I have heard of your daughter's disappearance, and I offer my condolences, as well as my vow to you. I hereby swear by blood and by title that I will locate your daughter, and bring her home swiftly! I have ten good men, and fast horses. We can set out within the next half hour." And as he talked he gave a deep bow. His face was thus hidden as he gave a small smile at his fortune. For if he found the princess then his prestige would be unmatched, and the Queen would have to give him her daughter's hand in marriage...