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Daniella Cozzarin

Her friends call her cookie, don't ask why. She is nice, help anyone with hesitation and is pretty much human, knows a bit of self defense and healing spells.

0 · 105 views · located in The dragon kingdom

a character in “Kingdom of the hearts”, as played by Haruhi The Wonderer


Name: Daniella
Last Name: Cozzarin
Age: 18
Hair Colour: Brown
Hair Length: 5cm above the waste
Eye Colour: Aqua/Blue
Weight: 50kg
Height: 150-60cm
Skin Colour: White/Olive
Skin Texture: Soft
Body Shape: Curvy
Background: Unknown
Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Colour: Purple
Star Sign: Capricorn
Religion: Wiccan


Sweet yet timid nature. Shy, caring, helpful, willing to do others favors, she would not be able to kill anyone, nor does she really have the guts to even harm someone, but the most she would do is protect herself, she knows quite a lot of spells and could kill someone if she wanted to.


Texture: None
Colour: None
Texture: Soft ~ Cloth
Colour: Green ~ Very light blue
Texture: Soft
Colour: Non of your business
Texture: Rough Sandals
Colour: Brown
Texture: None
Colour: None
Texture: Potions = smooth
Colour: multicoloured


She Has no memory of her past, all she remembers is her name, age, and other obvious things people would know.

So begins...

Daniella Cozzarin's Story

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Daniella Cozzarin Aimlessly walked into the Dragon Kingdom, looking around for a sight of anyone who might be able to help her.