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Skye Knight

"Call me a cripple, and you'll be one too."

0 · 759 views · located in The S. T. Ranger Academy for Gifted Youths

a character in “Kingdom of the Strange”, as played by ShatteredWings22


Skye Knight
(Pronounced like Sky)
Skye has wavy silver hair, and crimson red eyes. Her skin is very pale, and she does have many cuts here and there. She likes to wear comfortable things, such as t-shirts, lose fitting jeans, and ext.
Special Ability:
Sound Manipulation
Her past is unknown, and she is very rebellious. She doesn't get along with other people, and gets angered by small things. She is snappy, and will not hesitate to talk back. It is best to stay on her good side, though most find it impossible. She is also albino, (Blind) but sees with her ears. Not only can she control sounds, but she has very enhanced hearing abilities. Sometimes she is overwhelmed by the sounds, and goes a little crazy. One of the reasons she was sent to the Strange House.

So begins...

Skye Knight's Story

Skye nods,
"Okay...Um, what room am I in?"
She asks. She was actually a bit nervous about this school. First of all, she was going to need some help finding out about her classes, seeing that she couldn't read the paper, also, it would be a little hard to locate her room, since she couldn't actually see the room number itself. But she would figure it out, right? All she knew, that she wasn't going to ask for help...That would be giving in...right?
She wipes the thoughts out of her head.

"You've been assigned to room 1E, all the way at the end of the East wing hallway." says the dean. "It's a little out of the way but it should be easy enough to find. I was informed that, despite certain... complications, you won't be needing any extra accommodations or special services. Still, know that if you need any help, I can assign someone to act as your guide."

Skye nodded,
"Okay...Um...If it wouldn't be much of a bother, can I just...Maybe have a guide to, err, show me to the dorm room. I won't need anymore help from there."
She pursed her lips, she hated asking for help...

"If that's all, I'd be happy to show you to your room myself. If you need any more help from there, I'm sure your roommate can assist you." He leads you out of his office and down a long hallway, all the way to the end where your room awaits. "She should be in class right now, your roommate. Take your time settling in. It's your first day, so there's no reason to rush. And remember if you have any trouble with anything, don't hesitate to bring it up with me or any of the teachers. Even the upperclassmen can be really helpful."

Skye gives off a small smile, then steps into the room.
"I'll be needing no assistance after now,"
She adds. She scans the room with her ears, and curiously takes more steps forward.

The dean heads back to his office. Inside the room is two beds, one neatly made and the other with a distinctly slept-in messiness. The messier side of the room is all but covered in little trinkets and toys that rattle just slightly with every step you take on the creaking wooden floorboards. There are two desks, and the one closest to you has a neat stack of school supplies waiting for you.
There are voices and footsteps coming from the hall.

Skye turns her head around, curious of the voices.
She leads herself out of the room, and tilts her head,
"Who's there?"

A few girls are walking around in the hallway, either going to class or racing back to their room to grab a book or something like that. Most appear not to notice you, or if they do, they're too busy to stop and chat. A girl with french-braided hair and bright eyes pauses and calls out to you.
"Hey, is that your room?" she asks with an odd look of disbelief, pointing at the door you've just exited.

"Yea. Why do you ask?"
Skye raised her eyebrow, and placed her hands on her hip.

The girl visibly tenses. "You're new right? You should ask if you can switch rooms. The other girl who stays there is bad news, trust me. Ask anyone and they'll tell you the same thing." She walks up to you, shrugging a backpack onto her shoulder.

Skye scoffs.
"She can't be that bad. And if she is, then what does she do that's so bad?"
She asks, curiosity growing.

"She's a freak," the girl says with an intense expression. "And to be called that around here, you know there's something really wrong with her. Most students come here to get their 'special skills' under control, make them stronger, and then Graduate and move on with their lives. But this girl," she looks around quickly as if she were being watched. "Prim, she gives these weird speeches or something out in the courtyard. She talks about stuff... stuff that we're not supposed to talk about, that's all. Anyway she's really creepy and angry all the time and she's been here since forever because she keeps getting held back. I'm pretty sure she, like, chased out her last few roommates."

Skye smiled,
"She sounds like what you..."
She takes a small bit of hesitation,
Her face shows a bit of disgust as she says the word,
"Are talking about is basically a rebel. I'd be proud to be this girl's roommate. She is being brave, unlike you, who always follows the rules, I presume? Anyway, I advise you don't call her a freak, because were all freaks here, aren't we? Oh, and in my opinion, you seem like more of a freak then this girl, who I'm actually looking forward to seeing!"
Skye was basically in the girl's face by now, her voice snappy and rebellious.
"I hope I've gotten my point across."
She took a few steps back, a large smile plastered onto her face.

The girl's face temporarily screws up into a snarl, complete with a flash of long, pointed teeth poking out from beneath her lips. In an instant her face shifts back to normal, but the look of distaste remains. "Don't say I didn't warn you." she says, and quickly walks away towards what you can guess is her classroom.
There's another girl, a little older looking than you, peaking at you impassively from behind the screen of a laptop cradled in her arms, but she says nothing and walks away as well. She walks slowly, typing on the keyboard at the same time. She pauses at the corner of the East wing and a hallway of classrooms, as if waiting for something. The tapping of her fingers on the keys never stops for a second.

Skye heard a snarl, and her head followed the trail of their footsteps as they walked off. Her head suddenly spins to the sound of constant typing on the keyboard.
Skye lets out an exasperated sigh,
"Who is it now?"

As you approach the older girl, she turns the corner in a single fluid movement. You can hear her typing grow fainter as she walks away.

Skye holds her hand to her head,
"And I am already so confused."
As she starts to take small steps to where she heard the typing disappear.

You follow the sound of typing, until it stops quite abruptly. The girl is gone without a trace, but after following the sound you find yourself now in front of a worn-looking classroom door. The door swings open and there's a sound of surprise from the opener. The woman at the door, a teacher, exclaims, "Oh! Come in, come in. You must be another one of those new students." and opens the door wide for you.
There's no way of knowing if this was her intention, but it seems that unknown student has led you to your first class. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

Skye takes a few hesitant steps into the room. She had no intentions of being in here.

After her little rushed welcome, the teacher, sounding quite frazzled, is already turning her attention back to the rest of the class. It's pretty clear that the other students are in a state of barely contained chaos. There are students chatting, wandering around the room, sleeping on their desks, and, if you're not mistaken, it sounds like someone has just pulled open the window. They're already half out through it before the teacher notices. The room is not terribly crowded, but in this state of disarray, it doesn't seem like the teacher is able to control the few students she has.
Would she even notice if you were here or not? Judging by her greeting, she didn't before. One might wonder why anyone even bothered showing up to class.