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a character in “Kingdom”, as played by Luna Skye


Physical Description: Skye has long brown hair that she often wears in a ponytail to the back of her head with a bang over her forehead. Her eyes are hazel. She's 5'6 and will not reveal her weight though she is far from overweight.
Personality: She is kindhearted and not very outspoken.She has been known to act as if she has forgotten her own faults and mistakes and will speak on what another has done wrong and stir up emotions though it isn't intentional.
Equipment & Abilities: She has no special equipment, but the weapons she carries are two spiked fans that help her in her slight control over the wind and a bow and arrows. She also has a slight control over water and the ability to tell certain futures.
Historical Background: Skye was born on a small island nicknamed “Le Fleur D’anges” to two runaway slaves that had built a colony in secrecy with help from other runaways and friends. The colony flourished quickly. It was 5 years after that Skye was born. Growing up she was taught that religion was important and that without faith all is lost. Her mother always told her that violence would never solve anything and so that is what she said she would live by. “I will always find the path of peace and my adversaries and I shall walk it together.” These were the words she chose to speak and believe. When she was 15 a slave named Ben came to the island seeking a home. At first he was greeted warmly, but after a week he asked for a large group of others to be welcomed as well and was denied. He was told it was far too many and it would alert their masters and they would come to try and tear the colony down. The man was angered by this and left the island. Soon enough Skye started her singing career and became a sensation on the island. She had always loved to sing and so her father set up a stage for her in their backyard so that she could practice and others slowly began to notice her talent as they walked by. This gained her first couple of admirers. She went by the stage name Luna because she was usually only caught singing at night and she loved the moon and “all it’s radiance”, as she would say. On her 16th birthday she discovered two Japanese spiked fans awaiting her on her bed when she returned from a concert. Thinking they were gifts from her mother, but unaware of their purpose she simply went to the temple to ask the Heavens about the fans. After a few weeks with no answer she put the fans away and didn’t touch them again. One day as she was alone with a friend overlooking the water her friend travelled out too far in the ocean despite Skye’s many warnings. A while passed and she became worried as she heard sounds seemingly of very distant troubled cries. Though she didn’t know if she was imagining or not she began gently slapping the water and wishing for a way to bring her friend back to the shore. To her surprise the angel of courtesy appeared and gave her slight control over liquids. Skye was skeptical, but when urged to bring the water towards herself she was amazed to see the water bending to her will. She was told to do this until she found her friend. The angel disappeared and soon Skye came to find the water was becoming more darkened and a body turned up with teeth marks in it. She stared in fright and disbelief at her friend’s corpse. She was frozen with sadness until her father found her. She learned her friend was killed by a creature known as a Night Crawler so she asked if she could join the Guard to become a monster hunter. Of course she was denied this. It took a few months for her mother to reteach her about kindness. Still she cursed the angel of courtesy’s name. She learned the price of the angel’s gift as well. She had lost the ability to feel anything, but heat. So that had become her weakness. She to no one of her power or what she had lost. The next year on the day before her birthday slavers attacked the island. They claimed they found them due to a slave named Ben’s information. Skye’s father shouted that he would kill the slave, but was told they had already accomplished it and that him and the rest of the island was next. Skye and her mother along with women and the elderly were told to get away from the island on boats on the opposite side of the island from which the slavers came as the men fought. Late moving to the boats Skye and her mother spotted her father get knocked down in battle. He was fighting alongside an unfamiliar man who seemed to have been knocked down before him. Skye screamed out for help and time was stopped for a moment and before she knew it the angel of courtesy was there. “Why are you here?! How could YOU help?!” she shouted at the angel in contempt. The angel smiled at her. “I’m sorry. You could save your father on your own, you know. With those fans.” That’s when Skye remembered the fans she received for her 16th birthday and she realized that they must’ve been gifts from the angel instead. “But…” Skye started. “What will I lose this time? My sight?! I can’t trust you! I never asked for your help! Why do you kee-” The angel cut her off, “This is the only chance you have to save your father…and the island if you so choose. You’ll have 5 minutes after I depart to find your fans. You’ll know what to do.” The angel disappeared and Skye looked at the slaver with a sword pointed at her father and then the tears in her mother’s eyes and ran inside to find the fans. When she returned time continued. She yelled, “NO!” and waved the fans quickly in the air causing 2 tornados and a sandstorm at the same time. A little later she stood up and dusted herself off a little then quickly went to look for her father. She found the man her father was with covered and filled with sand with several slavers and her father punctured by a wooden spike also filled with sand. Her mother was nowhere to be seen. She had murdered not only many slavers, but her father as well. Probably her mother too. She whimpered for an hour until she realized she could no longer produce tears. She looked up at the afternoon sky unaware of her next move thinking, “What do I do now?” She could swear she heard the angel of courtesy’s voice. “Sha’ll I show you the way my friend? Or do you hate me?” Skye saw a figure in the bright distance. It seemed to be holding out a hand for her. She looked the other way though it was dark and whispered, “I will always find the path of peace…and my adversaries and I…shall walk it together…” She walked in that direction hesitantly but at a steady pace. She could hear her parents’ voices and their teachings. She was still a firm believer. She convinced herself what she did had to be done though she could never forgive herself. She moved to an island far from there. It took her a while, but a few months after she turned 18 she was living on a new island. She thought to continue her singing career, but found news had already gotten to the island about the murders of her home the name Luna was brought up. There was a survivor somehow….She changed her name to just Skye thinking that her birth name Jasmine Alcour could be traced. She learned the man fighting with her father was Matthew Haylord. A man kind enough to bring in produce from other lands for free. They were thinking up a plan to get rid of all the slavers and save the rest of the slaves that lived where they came from. But they didn’t think quick enough. When asked why he was helping he would simply say, “I dunno. I guess I’m just a pure blooded no good do gooder!” with a laugh. This made Skye feel even worse for the murder. She lived what seemed to be to everyone else a normal life on that island. She hadn’t received word from the angel, but came to find she had another power. She could tell futures. She’s never read a wrong future. She knows this is a gift from the angel and doesn’t know why it was given to her nor does she know what was taken from her. In reality it is her memory of her as the murderer on her home island.

So begins...

Skye's Story