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Luciya Brewlan

Eldest daughter of King Brewlan

0 · 349 views · located in Arcaduis

a character in “Kingdoms Collide”, as played by nannaramma


Luciya Brewlan


"War only begets pain and suffering."

Luciya Nira Brewlan




~Hair Colour~

~Eye Colour~

~Physical Description~
Luciya is a petite young woman she only stands a little over five feet, a natural frame not too thin, but an appearance of being healthy and vibrant. Her hair is long and flowing, framing her face in layered waves of ebony and hints of dark brown. Her most striking feature being her enchanting blue eyes, many have said that Lucy's eyes reflect the clear blue skies above Areilia. Luciya is a down to earth princess like most of the royal family they're way of dressing is more like the common folk. Nothing lavish or over baring, an appearance of being humble and truly caring for the people. She doesn't indulge in dressing up or painting her face. All of the king's daughters are known for their natural beauty.

Very imaginative | Intelligent | A fast learner | Compassionate | Accepting

Animals | Conecting with people | Lightly falling snow | Helping others | Fresh baked bread

War | Feeling helpless | Seeing her people suffer | Being baby'd by her father| Closemindedness

Twirling her hair when she's thinking | Not brushing her hair | Forgetting her manors

Impatient | Klutz | NaΓ―ve

Luciya is the eldest daughter of King Mansor Brewlan and his wife Amalthea, they had expected a boy throughout the whole pregnancy, the midwife was certain so the birth of a girl was quite a surprise. Despite that, the king and queen were glad to have a healthy child. Her mother has always described Lucy as rambunctious and always moving. She can never stay still too long, she does terrible in her etiquette classes and often skips to explore the town, or the Misty Oak Woods. A forrest that often has thick covering of fog through out it. When Lucy was five her mother gave birth to her sister Lativia, the pair were close as children but over the past two years they have grown apart. Lativia has become aloof cutting herself off not only from her siblings but, the entire family as well. Seven years later her youngest sister Dania was born.

Luciya and Dania have a strong connection to one another, sadly the queen grew very ill after Dania's birth and died. The baby was also quite ill during this time, Luciya cared for both her mother and the baby along side the healer known only as Juniper. Juniper told the king, that she could save both the mother and child... if she were allowed to use her plant magic. If she could not, she would only be able to save one of them. The king had long been outspoken about his beliefs on magic, the magi, leaders of the religious sect within Areilia spoke out against the use of magic of any kind. His faith in the magi being absolute, he refused to let Juniper, use magic on his wife or his newborn daughter. The healer managed to save Dania... but queen Amathea died in her sleep. Luciya became a surrogate mother of sorts to her baby sister, unfortunately Dania's struggles in life continued. She is often ill and has never spoke a word in her whole seven years of life. Many in the kingdom say that this motherly connection she has with her sister, has kept Luciya's mind off of things like preparing to be married, and hopefully to become queen. She often goes to old Juniper's hut, to learn healing with herbs. She has never actually seen Juniper do any sort of magic, but she feels that if she were ever faced with the choice her father was given she would choose differently.

The kingdom including Luciya is quite oblivious to the fact that they could possibly be under any kind of threat.

So begins...

Luciya Brewlan's Story


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The war had gone on for months, almost an entire year to be exact. It was a wonder that the soldiers of King Brewlan's army lasted as long as they had. They were ill equipped and unprepared for the onslaught brought on by the forces of Arcadius. With his men and resources spent, King Brewlan sat in his throne hanging his head in defeat awaiting the leader and King of Arcadius. They were to discuss some sort of peace between the two kingdoms. By his side standing next to the throne was the royal advisor and high ranking bishop of the sect of Magi, Teran Vastor.

"My Lord... I know it this war has been tiresome and our army is all but depleted, however I fear that if we negotiate with these.... magic users. Our standing with the Gods could possibly be corrupted. Do you wish damnation, for your people?

King Brewlan sighed heavily of course he didn't want that for his people, but what choice did he have. He couldn't let this war claim the lives of any more of his kingdom.

"No Teran, I can't tolerate seeing my people die needless deaths any longer. I pray the Gods will have mercy on them, that the sin be upon my head and not theirs."

Teran nodded and kept his eyes on the entrance to the throne room.

Meanwhile an older woman frantically scoured the castle looking for three very important girls that the king requested be at this meeting. Honestly she hadn't the foggiest idea why the king had made such a request, but it was her duty to find the princesses. She made her way to the courtyard of the castle, it is where the eldest daughter of the king had been frequenting since the war had began. Having been forced to stay inside the walls of the castle. Typically Lucy, would just go out anyway but, she understood the severity of the situation and had done as she was told.

"Princess Luciya! Are you in here?" she called out.

The courtyard was a beautiful garden with many trees and flowers. Sitting in the center of it all was a large willow tree.


She made her way towards the center of the garden finding whom she was looking for plus one. The eldest and the youngest sat at the foot of the tree, young Dania, sitting in her sister's lap as Luciya read her a story. Both princesses looked up and waved.

"Yes, Nana Marjie!. What is it?"

Marjie had been the children's nurse maid since Luciya had been a child and had dedicated her life to helping care for the king's daughters especially since the untimely death of their mother.

"Oh good I'm glad I didn't have to go everywhere looking for you. Your father has requested you and your sisters presence at the peace negotiations this afternoon.", Marjie looked around, "Where's Lattie?"

Dania sadly looked at Luciya, as the eldest shook her head. "Lativia hasn't come out of the library all morning. I tried to talk her into coming outside with Danni and I, but... she said she needed to concentrate."

The older woman nodded, the middle daughter Lativia had progressively become somewhat reclusive the past couple of years. She rarely spent time with her sisters, only appearing shortly for meals before she would bury herself in books in the library, or in her bedroom.

"Well, do you think you could tell her that she'll have to be at the negotiations? I must get back to the kitchen to help prepare for ...", she paused. She really didn't know what to call this King of Arcadius, nothing that came to her mind was appropriate to say in front of children. In fact the princesses being anywhere near that monster frightened her beyond belief.

Luciya nodded, "I'll do my best Nana Marjie.", with that the two girls made their way back inside the castle and headed into the library.

Latvia was where she had been when they had left her that morning. Sitting at a table with several stacks of books obscuring her from anyone's vision. Luciya walked over to the table and slid a stack of books aside.

"I told you I was going to be busy all day if I wanted to read with you two I would.", Lativia said in an annoyed tone.

"Yes, I know that but father has requested that we be with him when the King of Arcadius comes.", said Luciya.

Lativia's eyebrow rose, "That's a surprise, isn't he scared that the magic users are going to try to take over our minds or something foolish like turn us all into toads.", sarcasm thick on her tongue.

Luciya sighed, her younger sister had voiced her anger towards their father and his belief that magic was evil. The fact that he chose to not save their mother because of it. Luciya didn't hate her father for the choice he made, he had done what he thought was best. Lativia let out a frustrated breath and pushed seat away from the table.

"Fine.... lets get this over with.", she got up and began to walk out of the library. Luciya took Dania by the hand and hurried to catch up.

"Lattie, wait up!"

The three girls soon came filing in behind one another Luciya's gaze darkened when her eyes fell upon Teran Vastor. She had never liked her father's advisor, in fact she blamed him for the war in the first place. He had riled the King up into a religious frenzy. Telling him there was no way that Areilia could loose the battle because the Gods would never allow "heathen magic users" to defeat them. This negotiation of peace, could have happened soon after the Arcadius army had stepped into the valley and saved both kingdoms from the bloodshed and sadness. The three girls sat in their own seats near the throne of their father. There they all awaited the King of Arcadius.


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King Brewlan's eyes rose from them spot he had been staring at on the floor. Luciya saw the pain of defeat painted all over his face then her attention turned from her father to the King of Arcadius. The first thing she noted was he was much younger than she had expected. Typically when one thinks of a king they picture a man around her father's age. However this man couldn't have been too much older than herself. Luciya felt a small tug on her sleeve that derailed her train of thought. Dania had got up from her seat and was now clambering to get into Luciya's lap. Even though the child could not speak she could see the fear in her eyes. Luciya sighed and picked up Dania holding onto her as she sat on her lap, the child then buried her face in Luciya's neck. Lativia on the other hand sat there with a disinterested look on her face leaning back in her seat. Like a child in a class she didn't want to go to.

Luciya internally groaned, reaching over and nudging Lattie's arm. Then leaning over to the younger teen. "Lattie sit up straight, eyes forward., she whispered to her sister.

Lativia glared at her then rolled her eyes, before sitting up in the small throne that that each girl had. The girls never sitting right next to their father, the throne similar to their father's always remained empty as a memorial to their mother who's portrait hung in the throne room. Queen Amalthea was widely respected and beloved by her family and the people of Areilia.

Teran Vastor gave a respectful bow towards Aster, the actual made Luciya's stomach turn in disgust. King Brewlan sat up in his throne and looked directly at the king of Arcadius.

"Very well let us hear your terms... Bear King."

Teran gave a look to King of and then to the King of Arcadius. "My Lord, should we give our ow terms as well. We certainly don't want these... magic users interfering with beliefs of our people..."

Luciya's eyes went wide even after everything the High Bishop still thought of his sect more so than the well-being of the people. She sat up straight and was about to speak, however her father must have seen this movement and put his hand up to stop her verbal outburst. She gave a heavy sigh and sat back in her seat.

"Teran... we surrendered, we really don't have anything in the way of terms to put out on the table. Our choices are very limited right now, so whatever terms the king of Arcadius has we will have to find a means to meet them. We have many people in or kingdom we have to protect...with our army depleated we have little to no choice. If it were only me it would be a different story, but I can not risk the lives of innocent people, for my own beliefs. I believe that the King can be reasonable, now please let him speak Teran."

Teran Vastor nodded to King Brewlan but after the king turned his attention back to Aster, Teran looked at the back of Brewlan's head in disgust. Luciya hoped her father was right about the King of Aracadius.


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As the three proud men stood before the fallen king Aster couldn't help but notice the eldest of the three daughters. She was a pretty fragile looking thing. Hardly a warriors wife; she cuddled her little sister and he frowned a little. The king asked to hear the terms that would be discussed and before Aster could speak the kings adviser spoke up suggesting that they discuss their own terms as well. Out of the corner of his eye Aster noticed Brodrick take a single angry step towards the man, his hand on the hilt of his sword. The king quieted the man before he could insult the king further.

Aster let out a small sigh of impatience as Brewlan assumed they would be reasonable. He despised those who abhorred magic, there was nothing more natural in the world. Kai his bear growled softly in the back of his throat and then stood up on hind legs and sat down much like a human would. He towered over Aster and gazed directly at the adviser with angry eyes. Aster refused to let himself grin and instead pulled out the scroll which held his terms. He unrolled it and began to read and a deep clear voice.

"The terms of surrender for Areilia are as such: The kingdom is to serve in the name of the bear king. Thus all those who reside in this kingdom are now under the rule of said king. The laws of Arcaduis are now in full enforcement. The current king shall remain here as a puppet for my bidding. A yearly tax shall be placed upon Areilia and will be delivered to me by summer time. The tax consists of 1000 gold pieces each year as well as tribute in the form of art or treasure. The resources your lands are full of shall continued to be worked and 50% of what is unearthed shall be sent to Arcaduis. In an effort to bind the kingdoms as well as provide incentive for Areilia to uphold their tasks, their eldest daughter shall be wed to me and become my queen. Should any of these laws be broken, your princess will be made into an example and killed as well as your kingdom ransacked and destroyed."

Aster looked up from his terms and curled up the scroll, "These terms are non negotiable." He folded his arms and waited to see what the response was.


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Luciya's eyes went wide and she stood up abruptly, while letting her sister down gently. Dania ran to Lativia who for the first in sometime took the child in her arms.

"Father thats absolutely ridiculous! Our people, wouldn't be able to survive. How will they be able to give up half of their crops and land and survive the harsh winters in the valley?, Luciya first thought was always for the people who she helped and cared for. She turned her attention to the King of Arcadius, the light of the torches in the throne room reflected in her sapphire blue eyes as she stepped towards Aster. Stomping her small foot on the floor and placing her hands on her hips. In any other situation the sight would have been humorous considering Luciya's height compared to most of the men in the room.

"King Byron what you're proposing... is genocide. You are fully aware of what the winters are like in and around these moutains. Your people have shared it along side ours for some time. You may do whatever you like with me... but I will not see my people forced to their deaths. Our people are peaceful, but and your armies came in and started this. When we have never set foot into your lands an-"

King Brewlan grabbed his daughter by the shoulder, "LUCIYA ENOUGH!" The young woman stopped, and looked up the her father, a sad look fell upon her face. King Brewlan gave a heavy sigh, "Know your place child..." as Luciya sat down again, her eyes laid heavily on Aster, a look of detest on her face.

"Forgive my daughter's outburst... my Lord, she gets that bit of fire from her mother. We will, agree to your terms, your majesty.", the king bowed respectfully to Aster. Luciya sat in shock, as dozens of others in the room bowed as well. Lativia was in shock as well, little Dania on her lap confused by everything going on. Luciya stood her eyes on Aster, then with a swift movement she stood and walked right out of the throne room her hair wipping around as she turned. Leaving everyone to think what they will, Lativia watched her sister in even more shock, and then looked back at them all. She got an awkward look on her face she really didn't know what to say or do at this point. So she stood curtsied, then took Dania by her hand and ran after her sister.


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He looked up from his scroll just as the eldest daughter exploded with a firery rage. Her anger was for her people, and he respected that, however his terms stood firm. He raised a brow as she daringly took a step towards him and stomped her foot in such a way it made Brodrick snort a little. Aster folded his arms and looked at his future wife with an expressionless face. She lectured him of the harsh winters and he knew that she was right about the resources. While he resisted the urge to correct her or tell her to silence herself he instead let her ramble on.
Finally her father had enough and grabbing the woman he shouted for her to stop, Luciya shot Aster a glare and retreated. The king offered his apologies once again and then bowed towards their new King. Aster watched as the rest of those in the room did the same. Kai let out a giant roar that made a few subjects flinch and finally a small smile flickered over Aster's face.

The kingdom was his.

When finally everyone was done bowing Aster walked to the old king and placed a hand on his shoulder. He considered the king an honorable man who took his loss as proudly as he should. He respected the old man for it.
"While your daughter may be right about the resources, I expect 50% of the wealth of this kingdom. You're people must of course still be fed." Aster let his hand leave the man's shoulder and he straightened up. "Your daughter will leave with us at first light tomorrow to be married in my kingdom. Tell her to pack only what she needs. My men will provide her with three horses, One for her to ride and the other two to carry her things. The ride is treacherous and will take four nights. Tell her to dress warmly." With that Aster stepped away and he looked to his men. "We will return to camp for now."

Aster didn't wish to remain at the kingdom anymore. He preferred to be out in the wilderness. "We will see you tomorrow Brewlan"

The left the castle and began the short journey back to their camp fire.


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Lattie could only guess that her sister had gone to her bedroom and decided that the "bride to be", should be left alone. After Aster had departed with his men some of the heaviness and stress that had hung over the castle while anticipating his arrival had lifted. However it was soon replaced with the worry of how the people of Areilia were going to survive this winter that was fast-approaching. King Brewlan felt like the walk down the corridor to his daughters room was like he was walking to his judgment. Once he stood in front of Luciya's door he gave a heavy sigh. For so many years he had felt like he had let his daughters down after the death of their mother, especially Luciya. She had begged and pleaded with him to take the aide of the witch Juniper, perhaps if he hadn't been so thick headed. He shook the thoughts from his head and knocked on her bedroom door.

"Come... in

The voice was quiet and sing song, with just a hint of sadness to it. How she sounded like her mother he thought to himself as he pushed open the door. The room wasn't that big, in fact the entire castle was more like a large home then a kings fortress. He had always kept his way of living humble, he had never really lived a regal life, and neither had his daughters. The room was growing dim due to the sun waning in the sky. It was obviously a girl's room Luciya and Dania shared the room. She had cared for her little sister since she was a babe, he had always been so grateful for her doing so but felt bad that she had to grow up so quickly. Luciya sat up from where she had been laying on the bed when she noticed it was her father she looked down at the floor.

"He must be gone.... so, when do I leave father?"

He hated seeing her so forlorn, but he wasn't given much choice, the people's lives were at stake. Nodding he went over and sat next to her on the bed.

"Lucy... I'm sorry you understand don't you. I'm only-"

Luciya put up her hand to stop him from apologizing, "Father.. don't worry I understand my responsibility as a princess. It's just a difficult situation, I will do my duty for the people of Areilia. Just as you have."

She looked up at him and gave a gentle smile, King Brewlan tried to save face to appear strong in front of her, but he soon broke down and hugged her tightly trying not to cry.

"I'm going to miss you so much."

She hugged her father back, she knew that he had blamed himself for her mother's death over the years and now he felt as though he was failing her again.

"Father just promise me you'll continue doing what's best for the kingdom even though King Byron may claim he is the ruler of Areilia. The people will always see you as their king. Also... take care of Lattie And Danni for me, I know you've always felt like you're terrible at parenting but... we have never felt unloved, or mistreated. You have done the best you could, and have taught us strength through love and patience. I can only hope that King Byron, can be as you."

King Brewlan broke away from her embrace, she was so wise for a girl her age. He reached into the pocket of his tunic and pulled out something small and silver.

"Your mother wanted you to wear this on your wedding day."

He placed the object into Luciya's hand, it was the clasp for a cloak. Traditionally in Areilia weddings are preformed just before the first snow of winter, with the bride wearing a white cloak. Usually the cloak is passed down from mother to daughter when she comes of age and has her first bleeding. Unfortunately Lucy's mother passed away before she was old enough, however Marjie had given the cloak to her a couple of years ago and Lucy had lept it put away till it was needed. She looked over the clasp, she remembered her mother wearing it all the time. Two small fox's she smiled tracing the tips of her fingers, the metal was warm to the touch from being in her father's pocket.

"I've carried it in my pocket since your mother died, thought of it as sort of a good luck charm. But I know she wanted you to have it on your cloak like she did when she and I were married."

Tears welled up in Lucy's eyes, then she threw her arms around him again. "Thank you Father... I'll cherish it forever."

He smiled, "You're supposed to be ready to leave by first light tomorrow morning. Byron wants you to bring only what you need, the journey will take some time and will be cold. So you need to dress accordingly. I trust you to know what you and how to prepare. We'll all be there to see you off I promise."

Luciya looked sad again the thought that she was leaving hitting her hard. King Brewlan stood up and headed for the bedroom door, "I love you.... .", he then stepped out the door closing it behind him.

She say there for a moment looking at the closed door, then got up and started milling around the room packing for her trip to Arcadius. It felt like hours, she only packed rucksack that she had used many times before when hunting with her father. As she reached into the chest where she had carefully stored her mother's cloak, her eyes became clouded with tears. That was when she felt a cool breeze blow through the room. To most it would be odd considering there were no windows open. However when the breeze came with the sound of rustling leaves and the distinct smell of cedar trees, she turned around to see whom she expected.

"Hello, lady Juniper. I suppose you heard what is going on."

An old woman stood in the middle of the bedroom, a tall wooden staff in her hand with ivy vines growing all the way up to where a cluster of vines held a glowing green crystal.

"Yes child, I have... Your father certainly has gotten himself into a predicament this time hasn't he? I suppose this will be the last time I see you. You have been kind to me for so long princess as was your mother before you. So... I have come... with a gift.

Luciya blinked in confusion a couple of times and watched as the old healer pulled a black egg from her cloak, Juniper placed the egg in hwr hand.

"An egg? What does it do?"

The old woman shook her head, "Well think if it more as... a seed. You will know what to do with it when the time comes." The princess reached out to Juniper.

"Thank you...., but I wanted to ask something of you. Now, I know the people of Areilia have not always been so kind to you, thats why I understand if you wouldn't want to do this, but I feel like like I should at least try. Juniper is there some way that you might be able to help the farms meet the demands put on them by King Byron? Once winter sets in, the people are going to struggle, having to gove up half of their crops. I thought you might be able to use your magic."

Luciya looked down, ashamed of asking. Juniper appeared to be in thought for a moment, "If what you say is true, the people of Areilia will not survive the winter. Indeed the people have not always been so tolerant of me, however I do not wish them any ill will. So... I will see if there is something I can do, but let it be known princess.... I am not doing this for the sake of the people of Areilia... but for your sake." she reached out put her hand on Lucy's shoulder a smile on her weathered face. "Remember this princess, things may seem bleak right now, but you may find that things are not always as terrible as they appear to be at first. Have faith, and be true to yourself, and nothing will be impossible."

Juniper then stood back, she tapped her staff three times on the floor. The vines from the staff began to move up her arm quickly till the vines had covered her whole body. The breeze from before picked up in the room, and in a flash the leaves from the vines whipped around in small cyclone. Luciya covered her eyes as her hair flew around till the breeze stopped and Juniper was gone.

Luciya finished packing her rucksack, and then decided to try to sleep, unfortunately the feeling of uncertainty, sadness, and fear made for a fitful sleep. When the light of the new day began to creep into the room, Luciya felt like she hadn't slept a wink. As instructed she dressed for the weather, a warm wool tunic, leather breeches, leather boots, and her mother's cloak loak and clasp. Marjie came in to find that she was already awake and ready to go. The whole time they walked out to the gates of the castle, the nurse maid tried to convince the princess to bing more than her one pack but Luciya brushed it off.

(similar to how she's dressed minus the weapons and sich just throw in th cloak and clasp.)