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Kingdoms of Circum-The Fallen of Trium

Kingdoms of Circum-The Fallen of Trium


The continent of Circum has been plagued by the wars of many races, the expansion of many empires, and the history that ties it all together. What part will you play in the history of these lands?

361 readers have visited Kingdoms of Circum-The Fallen of Trium since Leocedus created it.


The Three Gods of Trium
From the dark depths of nothingness came Creation. The universe was filled with light and life in a sudden rush of power. That power came from three beings of divinity.

Lykos: God of the Heavens and Hell, Passions and Hatred, Life and Death. This deity is known is the creator of the sun and the earths fiery core both coming from his third eye which he split in twain and cast to both the sky and the center of the planet. He is the creator and destroyer of souls, and judges those spirits who die and sends them to either the Heavens or Hell depending on the weight of their sins. Lykos's symbol is often times a demons eye split in half at its center.

Alexguard: God of Wisdom and Astral (<-aka magic in the common tongue) this vain divine oversees the balance of the earths energies be them positive or negative. He is the god of knowledge and trickery. Alexguard is rumored to have created the oceans in order to cool Lykos's third eye and create a suitable planet for life to begin. Because of this he is often depicted with an ocean under his feet or rain behind his billowing robes.

Natura: The Goddess of growth, life and nature. She is the creator of all plant life on the planet. Natura is also the goddess of War, having started one of the bloodiest battles the Six races have ever seen.

Minor Gods
The Gods of Trium are not the only significant divine beings who played a part in making Circum the why it is today. Several minor deities are also included.

Bellaguard: Goddess of Invention, Dawn and Dusk, the Seasons, and Exploration. This goddess was created after Circum was already covered in forests, but before any other races had been born. The story goes, that Alexguard had been walking the lands when he found a strange puzzlebox placed there by Natura to play a trick on him. Being the god of Wisdom, Alexguard solved the box quickly and when it opened out came a large storm of energy. Alexguard battled the storm and finally subdued it, but in the process altered the tilt of the planet. Because of this the four seasons came into being along with a gradual change from day to night instead of the instant change that had been in constant use until then. As Dawn and Dusk settled into place in the universe along with the four season, Alexguard fashioned a new being into existance known as Bellaguard, his daughter. She was an inventive girl who sought to change the world through technology.

Diamanis: The first of the dragons created by Lykos, god of Tactics and Honor.This proud beast was a passive one unlike his later brethren. When Diamanis first came to earth, he bare witness to the terrible wars the dragons and humans were waging upon each other. Not able to bare the sight any longer, Diamanis made an enemy of both armies, destroying as many as he could before the humans and dragons pulled their strength together to destroy him. As Diamanis lay dying the two armies made peace with each other for having vanquished a common enemy,ending the war. For his bravery, the three Gods of Trium awarded Diamanis with a place in the heavens at their table.

Jugino: God of Trickery and Kings. Once having been a mortal human, Jugino had been a poor man wishing to one day be a king. When the royal family of the newly formed country Eccelasia was passing through his village on their way to another land, Jugino devised a clever plan to assassinate the king in secret and claim the throne for himself. The plan went well as Jugino offered the king a poisoned cake which he eagerly ate. After a few hours, the king died in his sleep a few miles away from the town, and Jugino stole the kings crown for himself proclaiming himself king. Unfortunately for Jugino the kings guard brutally murdered him on the spot. The god Lykos however respected his intelligence and gave him immortality in the form of a curse, which required him to eat the flesh of the living in order to stay alive as he stalks the earth for all eternity.

Acylacorn: Goddess of Sorrow, Love and Suicide. This goddess was once a beautiful elf who had fallen in love with a Lycan while patrolling the forest of her homeland. They met in secret on the new moon when he was most in control of his rage. However some of her fellow elves tracked her on one of these nights and slayed her love where he lay in wait for her. Devastated by her loss, she hunted down and slaughtered her kinsmen only to take her own life to be closer to her beloved. Lykos was angry with her decision to take her own life and sent her love into the depths of hell and kept her spirit immortal so it could never join him there. Rumors state that those who are close to suicide can hear her voice in their ears, but whether she is telling them to stop or continue is not always clear.

The Six Races
These are the six races created by the gods in order to balance, protect, and destroy the world and each other. (these races are playable as a character.)

Elves: Also known as the Keenif, Elves were created by Natura to help her spread life across the world. However they did not always see eye to eye with the gods and eventually rebelled against them. After loosing the war against their mortal enemies the Vampires, they were forced to worship the gods but in time they forgot much of their past and accepted the worship as their own choice. The Elves are fast and highly attuned to spiritual Astral, as well as nature Astral. The Elves worship Natura as their primary deity.

Dwarves: One of the most inventive races on the planet, they are highly created thinkers and create endless metal contraptions to suit their needs. (Steampunk style tech are their primary use) Created by Aleguard to aid the Elves during their war against the Vampires, the Dwarves were just as suprised as the Elves that they even existed, seeing as it was the gods the Elves were fighting in the first place. After the war was lost, the Dwarves were allowed to do as they wished, and so they invented. The Dwarve's patron goddess is Bellaguard.

Vampires: Also known as Sanguine, the Vampires were created by Lykos to fight the Elves in their first war. However,Lykos did not wish to see the evil he had created so he banished them from the suns light, which was also his third eye seeing the world. Any Vampire brave enough to be seen by Lykos would instantly die, and the Elves used this to their advantage. Even so, the Vampires were victorious. The primary deity of the Vampires is Jugino.

Lycans: Also called Werewolves, the Lycans are a savage race created by Lykos to hunt down and destroy the last remaining Vampires after their war with the Elves was over. Lykos however did not wish to see the Lycan's evil wolf like forms so he,like the vampires, banished their wolf bodies form his gaze. The Lycans slaughtered vampires for years until they learned that they were bloodkin of the Vampires, both made from Lykos. A shaky alliance was formed, but bad blood still rages between them to this day. Lykos is the patron god of the Lycans.

Humans: Long after the wars of the ancient races, Alexguard decided to make a race in his own image. He made the humans, who sought to fullfill their need for knowledge and power. This need drove them into conflicts with the others races, and rivalries began to erupt across the world. Having a profound love for their divine father, the humans made it their goal to push Alexguard as the only god worth worshipping, and became an enemy of every other race. No major wars has sprouted from the humans hatred, except for the great Dragon Wars of course. The humans worship Alexguard and him alone.

Dragons: The youngest race out of the six, the Dragons were created from the mixed powers of Lykos and Natura. These powerful creatures when first spawned set about the utter destruction of the human race. They nearly succeeded too, if not the first of their race, Diamanis, interrupted the final battle. Now living in packs, or in some of the more dragon friendly cities as citizens and scholars, the dragons large amount of intelligence mixed with their large amount of magical power makes them one of the most refined and talented of the six races. The Dragons worship Diamanis as their patron god.

These vile creatures are spawned when a dead dragons soul interacts with an object, being,place or even fabric of reality. There are many types of demons,and they will be listed here.

Plague Demons: These oddities of nature are living things,usually one of the six races, who has been corrupted by a dragons dying soul and transformed into a disgusting abomination. Most if not all Plague Demons are able to infect a person with their energies through a bite or scratch which will slowly turn them into a Plague Demon as well. Not all Plague Demons are evil, but most are in so much pain and torment that they can not think of anything other than sating their hunger. (This is the only demon class able to be a character)

Curse Demons: This type of demon describes a corrupt soul attached to an object such as a pendant or quill. These are the only type of demon that is able to be made without using a dragons soul to corrupt the object. While the exact intentions of these objects are unknown, they have been recorded to give the owner a multitude of unnatural skills, but most of the time these abilities are used to influence the owners mind and will to that of the objects. (Usable for backstory and in-rp objects with permission)

Barrier Demons: These are some of the most elusive and mysterious kinds of demons. They are not centered on a person or object, but a location. The main kind of manifestation that these demons come in are auras and energy fields, sometimes even apparitions and voices echoing through the location. These demons can have any form of effect on the people visiting their area of affect, and even the landscape itself is normally warped and corrupted into something not of this world. (Usable for location in rp and backstory)

Spatial Demons: These are by far the least understood of the demon classes. They do not have a set location, and are not attached to any object or being. They simply exist, randomly appearing as a change in one way or another. One spatial Demon could have the effect of opening a gateway to hell, another might be to simply unlock all locked doors in a certain radius. The effects are as strange as the nature of the demon itself. (Usable for backstory or in-rp plotline)

Toggle Rules

1: This goes without saying, NO Godmodding/Autohit/Metagaming is allowed in this roleplay. If a post is unclear if it breaks these rules, discuss it in a PM.

2: NO Arseholery or stupidity is tolerated either in or out of character. If you cannot control yourself then do not bother saying anything at all.

3: This is a literate roleplay. I expect at least a paragraph or two per post from everyone. Check spelling and grammer if you can, a few mistakes are alright but do not make it illegible.

Character Sheet Template: The Template is below, use it to make your character for this roleplay. Feel free to add any images, gifs and BBCcoding to make it look how you want it. (Note, anything with a * next to it is required)

Name: *
Age: *
Race: *
Gender: *
Personality: *
Sexuality: *
Martial Status: *
Birthplace: * (If unknown, state why it is so)
Appearance: * (Description and/or picture/gif required)
Skills: * (List things such as swordsmanship, farming, politics etc.)

Astrals: (Maximum of 2 per character except for dragons, who get 3)
Fire Astral: The use of flames, heat and electricity
Wind Astral: The movement of air currents.
Earth Astral: The movement and control of rock,stone and crystals.
Water Astral: The movement of waves and creation of ice, the ability to drain heat.
Mind Astral: The ability to see through the minds eye, to sense other sentience nearby, and the ability to travel outside ones body.
Force Astral: The use of gravity, inertia and energy to move objects, create barriers and manipulate sound.
Curse Astral: The use of infecting energies and destructive spells to cause harm and misery.
Holy Astral: The use of Wisdom and Love to heal, cure and absolve other people.
Mystic Astral: The use of Cosmic Energy to change things around the user in a subtle way, such as unlocking doors or translating language, even teleportation.

Other Information: (Anything this layout might have missed, you my make your own sections for them here under Other Information.)

Backstory: * (At least a good paragraph about your characters origins.

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Continent of Circum, House of Trium

Continent of Circum, House of Trium by Leocedus

The large city that lays before you is filled with towers of white stone and a few smoke stakes from dwarven forges. The palace of the Divine Council is on the highest hill in the city. All of the races are said to coexist here in peace. Will you?

Izzard Plains

Izzard Plains by Leocedus

The Great Izzard Plains was the location of many battles, most of them of great historic importance. These are also the plains on which the city of Trium now stands.

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Continent of Circum, House of Trium

Continent of Circum, House of Trium by Leocedus

The large city that lays before you is filled with towers of white stone and a few smoke stakes from dwarven forges. The palace of the Divine Council is on the highest hill in the city. All of the races are said to coexist here in peace. Will you?

Izzard Plains

Izzard Plains by Leocedus

The Great Izzard Plains was the location of many battles, most of them of great historic importance. These are also the plains on which the city of Trium now stands.

Izzard Plains

The Great Izzard Plains was the location of many battles, most of them of great historic importance. These are also the plains on which the city of Trium now stands.

Continent of Circum, House of Trium

The large city that lays before you is filled with towers of white stone and a few smoke stakes from dwarven forges. The palace of the Divine Council is on the highest hill in the city. All of the races are said to coexist here in peace. Will you?

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