Lea Stoltz

"surely I can find someone here among all the people gathered at court."

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Name: Lea Stoltz
Age: 26
Gender: Female


Appearance: Fair skin that has been lightly touched by the sun. Reddish brown hair goes to her shoulderblades when down, but it's always in an updo or half updo. Green eyes compliment her auburn hair. Her face is by far her prettiest feature, and she tries to draw attention to it with strategically placed necklaces, hair accesories, and the like. Her chest is on the smaller size; it's there and they are easily identified as bosoms, but they are nothing to brag about. Not particularly curvy, her body is more of a tall, straight and lanky look. Her legs aren't as svelte as she'd like, but they match her lanky figure. She keeps herself clean and well manicured.


Clothing: Most often seen in a dress or a long skirt and bodice. Color preferences include various shades of blue and teal, her personal favorite. Pink and peach colors are also acceptable, usually as accenting colors. Prefers to dress modestly in terms of coverage, but does have a weakness for jewelry and pretty embelishments and accessories. Covers up her legs at all times, not only for modesty but because her legs aren't as elegant as other girls. Dresses in extremely pretty and girly skirts and gowns for self-confidence reasons as well as for beauty. Lea feels prettier in pretty things, thinking otherwise she'd look average.

Likes: Birds, dancing, jewelry, fountains, flowers, a good book, horseback riding, pastries, and rhymes.

Dislikes: Liquor, spiders, the idea of a loveless marriage, rude people, immodest attire, pudding of any kind, needlepoint, and thunder

Goals: To find a suitor both she and her parents can agree on

Personality: Lea is generally cheerful and pleasant to be around, always being absolutely polite and proper. She may become a little overwhelmed and tend to become quieter at large social events, but once she feels comfortable or is in a smaller group of people she loosens up and can be a social butterfly. She is secretly a romantic, and hopes to find someone she can actually love to marry, instead of someone who is merely high in social class and of 'good breeding'. She is not opposed to trying new things and stepping out of her comfort zone, so long as she is assured it's ok and she has someone to try new things with. Her faults would have to be that she is rather picky in certain aspects, though she will be polite when saying so. Furthermore, she hates to be wrong, and tends to sulk and try to avoid socializing if she is proven to be wrong.

Background: She's the only daughter of an Akadian graf, or count as the title is otherwise known. Growing up in a high class family, she lived a pretty cozy life thusfar. Though she enjoys many things outside, she found herself inside more and more as she grew older, perfecting her manners, ettiquette, and her studies. Her parents want her to be taken care of before they die, and of course that means married off. Lea is not oppossed to marriage, but she is a romantic and wishes to marry someone because she likes them, not purely for social gain or improvement. This is one of the few things she disagrees with her parents over, and while they agree she should have a say in her suitor, they are frustrated she seems to want none of them. Lea suggested a compromise upon hearing of the prince's plan: go to the balls as a candidate and see if she could find herself a match. If even there she finds nothing and can't be satisfied with anyone at court, she will agree to pick someone from her parents' selection.

So begins...

Lea Stoltz's Story


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Ready to add the final touches to her attire for the day, the young noble glanced into her jewelry box, marveling at her collection as she decided what to adorn her neck and ears with. Finally, after several minutes of debate and holding up items to her pale skin and observing the effect in the mirror, she settled on a strand of pears and single pearl earrings. Checking herself in the vanity mirror once more, Lea decided she was now officially presentable. Cleaned, dressed, and everything was properly arranged. Relaxing her shoulders, she stood and headed out into the dining room for some eagerly anticipated breakfast. Breakfast was definately her favorite meal, boasting the best types of food in her opinion.

Being sure to greet any servant she passed as well as her father and her mother, Lea sat down and waited patiently to be served, placing her napkin in her lap. Thankfully her food arrived quickly, and soon she was able to soothe her hunger. Somehow, she managed to not spill a single crumb upon her lap, a good omen as far as she was concerned.

Once finished, she thanked her servants and excitedly bid her household farewell for now, accepting a parasol from a maid as she headed for the door.

Outside, Lea lifted her skirts just enough to keep them clean as she decended her steps, heading towards the simple carriage provided for her to head into the city and towards the palace, her bags already loaded. While Lea could technically just walk into the center of the capitol, she didn't want to bother with having servants carrying things for her, nor did she fancy walking that far in nice shoes. Her house was towards the outer edges of the city, and she decided it would simply be easier to ride there. Within minutes, she was on her way to the palace, her heart filled with anticipation.

The ride was uneventful, and Lea leaned her chin on her hand, gazing idly out the window. She and her coachman were only about a third of the way to the palace when she saw someone she didn't recognize. More importantly, a woman dressed very differently than anyone she'd ever seen before. "Stop the carriage sire!" she instructed, getting out as soon as the door was opened for her.

"I beg your pardon miss!" Lea called out, approaching the rather charming looking young woman of fair complexion and golden hair. But those clothes! They were beautiful, surely, but unlike any dresses she had seen or worn. Now that she looked closer, the exotic young woman seemed to look rather lost and confused. "Are you by any chance lost?"


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Noelani L’Ariettre

Not only was it difficult to see where you were going in a city, it was also difficult to find a kind stranger who was willing to show you the way. Noel wasn’t used to being around so many people and buildings and things! It was just too much for her to handle, leading to her losing her way and incurring the horrible wrath of her attendant, who should be subservient to her, and all in all spoiling her morning! She spent the better portion of ten minutes scurrying around the streets like frantic hen trying to find someone who looked both knowledgeable and kind. However, it’s been said that it takes like to recognize like. And, frankly, Noel wasn’t knowledgeable herself, so how was she supposed to know what that looked like in a person?

The result was that the poor girl began asking everyone she passed for directions, becoming more and more distraught with each refusal or brusque denial. By the time fortune had smiled upon her, she was already close to tears, her little nose sniffling consistently. Yet, not even the most piteous view of the tiny woman in near-hysterics stirred any sympathy in those around her. That was, until a feminine voice stopped Noel just before she fell to her knees and clutched desperately at a man who was turning to leave when she told him she didn’t have any local money to tip him if he did help.

Blinking back moisture from her eyes and closing her mouth to cut off her pleads, Noelani turned her head to look back towards the street, astonished to see a rather fancy looking woman – in the Akadian style, of course; nothing like the fashion of her homeland – looking at her. For a ludicrous moment, Noelani dumbly lifted a finger to point at herself as if asking “You meant me?” Just a second later, as recognition hit her upside the head like the slap that she desperately deserved, Noel leaped from her spot and ran, beaming towards the woman. Momentarily forgetting that she was a princess, in a foreign land full of different customs no less, Noel threw her arms out and wrapped them around the woman’s shoulders in a tight hug, having to stand on her tippy toes to balance, albeit quite precariously.

“Hi, hi, hi,” she exclaimed, looking up at the woman with radiant happiness. “Thank you so much for acknowledging me! Oh, just thank goodness, you’re so kind and wonderful and…” Her enthusiasm running ahead of her, Noel couldn’t help but fall into her habit of gushing compliments and nonsensical niceties. When her exuberance died down slightly, Noel checked herself and released the woman’s shoulders, falling back down on her heels. “Oh, I’m sorry about that…I just got so excited, see; everyone’s either ignored me or wanted money to show me to the palace, and I wasn’t quite able to get any exchanged before we left, so I’m just really lost and confused and you showing up was just so nice and wonderful and-”

Noel imagined that she could almost feel Sandaa’s intensifying shouting from where she was.

Reaching up to scratch the back of her head as she chuckled lamely, Noel caught herself and said, much more calmly, “And, um, yes. I am actually rather lost. My retainers sent me to find someone to give us directions, and, well…here I am?” She shrugged her shoulders lightly and gave a hollow, embarrassed laugh.

Cocking her head to the side a little, Noel shyly gave the woman a half bow as pink colored her cheeks. “I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten my manners. I’m Noelani L’Ariettre; and what might the name of my savior be?”