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Bephat Lellerium

"It's not as if I wanted all this responsibility... takes away from the thrill of adventuring, you know?"

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a character in “Kings of Elements”, as played by Igari



Image Name: Bephat Lellerium

Age: 26

Description: With a tall stature and slender frame, she is a graceful figure to behold--well, even if half the things she does aren't graceful most of the time. Possessing short locks of brown hair, her bangs taper on the edges and fall neatly right above crimson colored eyes. Her red orbs are framed with thick eyelashes which compliment the peachy vanilla hue of her skin. Around her neck is a partial scarf/cloak that is made completely of raven feathers. It is something of an heirloom within her kingdom, each feather painfully strewn into the bunch to make the garment. On her arms are gloves that run up her arms and keep her fingers visible. She wears a half jacket that she keeps open over a midriff that reveals the lower half of her torso. Her belt loosely hangs in an uneven fashion around her hips, right above shorts. She completes the look with long, thigh-high boots.

Power: Manipulation of Earth

Abilities: Given that she spent the majority of her life without the orb, she is unaccustomed to suddenly having a endless wealth of mana at her fingertips. As such, she is highly unused to performing magic without the need for the sacrificial system. Oft are the times she will fall back into habit before realizing there is no need for it. She can control base "tricks", as she calls them, of earth with little to no effort, such as summoning vines or growing plants.

She excels, first and foremost, in dune golems, which are basically sand creatures that can look like anyone or anything she wishes them to. These creatures, however, will be made completely of sand and dirt and beyond physically being shaped like their inspiration, will still look of the things they are composed of. Once the dune golems are formed, they must remain attached to the earth in some fashion. If the link is severed, then the creatures will fall apart. The sand creations can mimic the actions of whatever they were created after and, with the proper amount of mana, can even have the same fighting prowess. However, the strength will be reduced by 40% of the original source.

She can also create "earth storms", as she calls them, where she literally disturbs the tectonic plates to create strong enough vibrations for a backlash. In some cases, this will result in small, controlled earthquakes. She does not have enough strength to possibly move plates that are miles upon miles below the surface (i.e. those at the bottom of the ocean, lets say) and could not move a continent. But her range is fairly large, easily that of a city or two. Other times, these disturbances can cause changes in air pressure large enough to make sand storms. These often come with excess amounts of dirt, tree limbs, and other such rubble.

ImageProtector or King: Earth Queen

Personality: She is a woman who, though she possesses quick-wit and excellent deduction skills, will rarely use them unless it is something she is truly passionate for. She does not quite understand why everyone is in a "tizzy" all the time and tends to be in a slight state of confusion when things get too serious. As an adventurer, she sees little purpose in sitting around discussing battle plans when there are so many things to actually do. She privately does not like any of the royals all that much and often even forgets their names. As she would put it, "the stuffy noses wouldn't last one day in the desert". She doesn't have much respect for talkers. She prefers doing, taking action, making an impact--not sitting idly by and letting words decide the fate of many.

This leads her to be assertive and she does not exactly hold her tongue, even if it is the proper moment to do so. She feels the need to express her opinion at almost all times and if others don't see things her way, she'll make them see it her way with a heated debate. She will get so wrapped up in a moment, so lost in the exhilaration, that her mouth moves faster than her mind and she will say things purely in the heat. Though she will not apologize, she likes acting on the spur, tends to make things more interesting. She will laugh off the encounter as a joke, however, because after all is said and done, she is not looking to make enemies. She gets restless if she is in the same spot to long and constantly needs a change of pace. She longs for the mobile life she had and does not much care for being cooped up in a palace all day surrounded by attendants.

She will find ways to ditch her servants and even meetings if she can, disappearing for a few hours only to return later in much happier spirits. When she finally relaxes, she likes spending time alone--mostly mediating and listening to the sounds of nature. When she is certain there is no one about, she will talk to the plants and the trees. Despite her forward nature, she can be soft-spoken when it comes to more personal things and even a touch of girlish. This adds a naivete charm to her nature, a soft touch to the mostly rough edges she portrays. She can be sweet to those she is fond of and enjoys acting in a sisterly nature towards them. No comment is too out of bounds for her.

In some respects, she has lost her "royal" tinge. Years away from the palace have hardened her and she fails to comprehend the pampered life style that she feels she is being forced into. She has much more respect for commoners than those in power. When she feels affronted and particularly offended, her speech patterns revert to more crude, "common-like" speak. This will mostly be her anger talking and rare are the moments that she won't say what is on her mind. She will develop a little bit of an accent and her words will be shortened--she will also have far less manners and swear more in this state. When in this frame of mind, she will immediately go off somewhere that she feels comforted to tone herself down and regain better control over her speech. But if one listens carefully enough, they'll pick up faint traces of her accent even if she is at her most "prim and proper".

The Earth Kingdom, known better as Domirae Terra, has often been regarded as the most strict out of the four kingdoms of the land. The royal lineage of those who receive the orb has been kept within the boundaries of blood, the chain yet to be tarnished since the process began. Owners of the orb can be male or female, in the event that there are two children under the current King or Queen, the oldest is chosen to lead. Through the complexities of marriage and often nearly unrealistic demands of mating, the young princess was born into the royal family. At the time, she had an elder brother that was expected to take the throne at some point and as a result, she was held in a less firm regard. This gave the princess more freedom around the palace and, likewise, in her future travels.

She never expected to assume the role of Queen and never felt any sort of distaste towards her brother. With all the attention focused on his assumed coronation in the years to come and the training he was receiving on how to handle the orb's power, she often had many hours to herself to wander about. Though she was kept under supervision, she soon learned ways to elude her watchers and enjoyed the moments of seclusion she could find. As she moved into her teenage years, the princess decided that it was time to spread her wings (so to speak) and departed from the confines of the castle. She had always been an adventurer at heart and was looking forward to being able to live out her dreams of exploration. She made sure to chart things along her way, drawing up a map of everywhere she went and the things she saw.

Along her journey, she became even more entranced by rare objects and artifacts and naturally within her kingdom, there were certainly a lot of things to discover. However, the farther out she went and the more the distance increased between her and the influence of the royal family's influence, she began to encounter more and more troubling events. She soon realized that it was the same band of thieves that was beating her to locations and stealing the artifacts that she had set her sights on. The woman was determined to track them down and jail them for the atrocities (in her eyes) that they had committed. As she followed their trail, she soon came upon a settlement that was quite isolated, save for some monuments and a tomb. She decided to camp on the outskirts of the settlement to wait for the raiders to appear and catch them in the act.

She was awoken by loud yells and scuffling noises early the next morning. By the time she entered the area, the raiders were trying to drag a statue from near the tomb onto their caravan. Yet most strangely of all, there was a male there she had not seen the previous night attempting to fend them off. In the fight, some of the ropes around the statue slipped and it fell onto the luggage the raiders had been carrying, detonating a rather crudely made explosive. The statue was blown apart with only a few scattered remains. Upset by the loss of a priceless treasure and the fact that the thieves were able to get away in the midst of the explosion, the only thing that stopped her from running after them was the male on the ground.

She had no way of knowing if he were well or not and approached him to assess his vitals. As soon as she got near enough, the man muttered a few words under his breath. She does not remember much of the process, save to say that she passed out during the events and awoke hours later. The male identified himself as Eugene and after ascertaining that he could not leave beyond a certain distance from her presence, the two began to travel together. He was receptive to her questions, not overly so, but respected her curiosity enough to give her some answers. They traveled together for a little under a year before news reached her that her father had passed away.

When she returned to her kingdom, her brother was nowhere to be found but rumors stated he had left with Hebi. Whatever the case was, in his absence, she was to fill in and she was thrust into Queen-hood, quite literally speaking. She had not been expecting this and therefore is rather untrained and a bit awkward with her behavior. She still anxiously awaits her brother's return, hopeful that her time on the throne isn't going to be very long. She does have places to explore and artifacts to collect, after all.

Other: She actually has a marvelous singing voice and enjoys singing to the flora and other such plant life around her. She believes the notes aid the earth in its attempts at growth and health but is a tad too shy to really sing in front of anyone but Eugene. She's grown accustomed to him enough not to be so embarrassed. She also has incredible aim and if she misses, that's because she chose not to hurt someone. Her accuracy is spot on, deadly, and not something anyone would want to mess with.

So begins...

Bephat Lellerium's Story

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#, as written by Igari


The new Queen was seated at the far end of the long meal table, trilling her fingers on the mahogany in a slightly antsy fashion. She sat at the very head of it all, her seat the most adorned with vines and faint portions of berries around the chair arms. How long was this supposed to take again? Her crimson eyes were not even focused on the guests, turned towards the open window that taunted her with sights of open space and weeping willows.

Her kingdom, Domirae Terra, housed many a wondrous accommodation--that is, if one was willing to make the long trek up the tree trunks into the suspended city supported purely upon trick branches and vines. The kingdom had been made only from the raw materials the earth provided and everything bore with it the scent of plants, of life. Even so, being inside a room with too many individuals made the Queen feel cramped. Too much in one space, too little eventful activity.

She was supposed to be playing host to this particular group of royals--this was a welcoming dinner in her honor. She had returned home not too long ago and already in under a week, she was assaulted with responsibilities and far too many parties for her liking. What was it with royals and their need to party anyway? Did they not realize the struggles of the world outside? They lived almost in this surreal sense of bliss--it was honestly disconcerting for her to witness.

She sighed deeply, drawing her mind away from her plans to escape (which were becoming more vivid and more erratic as the seconds ticked by) and made herself look at the people before her. Before she could grow too disgusted with the balding, overweight man not three seats from her, the servants entered the room with the full course of dinner upon their trays. The meal was set down in an orderly fashion, the Queen receiving the most plates before her.

She noted that there were at least five forks to her right and three spoons--what... was she supposed to do with this many utensils? And why were there two different knives? Well, maybe one was a butter knife and the other was for cutting... okay... but why were there so many of the others? She tried not to let her confusion show overly. It had been a long time since she had been in the palace and had forgotten how to deal with basic things, even eating. This was turning into a hassle to be here as the days progressed and she yearned for her adventuring days.

The guests all looked at her expectantly and she froze. Was she supposed to eat first? She picked a fork at random, putting it into the salad on her right and cautiously pushing the lettuce into her mouth. At first it seemed as if she did the wrong thing but soon, everyone followed suit and she relaxed. Phew. That was over and done with. Now she could finally relax and she certainly was hungry.

The woman ceased to pay much mind to the people around her and began eating in the manner she was accustomed to. Out on the road, there were many a time that she had to scarf down her food as quickly as possible in order to keep on moving. It didn't dawn on her this type of eating was frowned upon until someone loudly cleared their throat and she looked up, noting with dismay it was the balding man who made the noise.

"Ahem." He said with a faint hint of reproach. "You must've been quite famished, m'dear Queen, but perhaps you should watch your manners! I thought we were eating the pig, not dining with it!" He laughed, the royals around him laughing at his poor joke as well.

That arrogant bitch.

Her fingers clenched around her fork and, without pausing to think about the repercussions, she threw the fork at him. The man yelped, the silver slicing past his cheek and sticking into the ridiculous wig he was wearing to hide his balding. All of the guests stopped talking and stared at the Queen, breathless and silent. A servant came over towards her but she slapped them away, getting up abruptly with a hard look.

She didn't say a word, she didn't even announce she was going anywhere. She really didn't care to speak to any of them. If she did, then she would say a number of unpleasant things that perhaps should not leave her mouth. She got out of her chair and walked out of the room, the royals instantly bursting out in scandalized whispers. This pampered life really was not for her at all.

She had to go and find a place alone--a place to sing. The plants always understood her and that weeping willow had looked most inviting.


The "young" fae was sprawled out underneath the table, loosely leaning against one of the chairs as she slept soundly. The girl had not always been resting below the piece of furniture, in fact, she had just been outside not a half an hour before this whole debacle began.

As per the usual on any day, the artist had been outside, attempting to find something that would catch her interest. Anything would do--something that would just draw her in and make her want to paint. But as was also the usual, there were only a multitude of boring clouds, listlessly clear skies, and birds that refused to stay still long enough for her to care to paint them. For someone whose interests changed as fast as hers, it should've come as no surprise that she grew bored of trying to hunt something down to paint and had endeavored to do other things to pass the time.

And so she had wandered into the first room she had seen on her trip back inside the palace, which just so happened to be the meeting room. She, of course, was more than aware of the King's wishes that she did not fall asleep where ever she pleased, especially not in any formal meeting places where he had to plan his strategies. But she was too lazy to care and her eyes were already drooping so before she knew it, she was curled up under the table--snoozing like a little baby.

She did not hear the men enter into the room, she was something of a sound sleeper and could probably even rest through an earthquake or horrid storm if this was put into experimentation. Unfortunately, however, the girl had a subconscious habit--a rather "less-than-amusing" tendency of hers whenever things around her got intensely boring. For whatever the reason at all, if things were of an important nature around her, she would snore loudly. Quite. Quite. Loudly. Which was precisely what she was doing.

The sleeping fae had absolutely no regard for what was going on in the world of the waking and the men at the table turned disgruntled very fast. One of the lesions from an adjoining smaller country frowned, getting up in his seat as he nervously looked around. "What..... is that noise?" He asked hesitantly, checking out the window to see where it was coming from.

At the moment, the girl snored even louder than before, so loud that one of the men nearby actually started in his seat, jumping up in fright. "It's an earthquake!!" He yelled, his panicked tone soon adopted by the others around the table. Screams of the supposed earthquake and running for their lives followed, the men fleeing from the room in a large drove.

The fae under the table remained none the wiser, sleeping blissfully on as she rolled on to her side with a sleepy giggle.

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Brendon Stratos

The meeting had barely progressed when a loud snort interrupted their conversation. A heavy breathe reverberated across the tables and walls of the interior and rattled the side carts which held a collection of finger foods. For Brendon, he recognized it immediately, it was an all too familiar sound he’d come tolerate over the years. For the others however, the alien spectacle was generating quite the negative response. Numerous officials were gazing around in alarm, uncertain of how to react to the growing trembles.

His lips pinched into the form of a frown as he drummed his fingers against his arm rest. Directing all of his ire at the table, or more precisely the whimsical creature resting beneath it, he was about to put a stop to it when a second, louder snore shook the fabric of the building.

"It's an earthquake!!" exclaimed a tradesmen, jumping out of his chair in panic.

“Mister Kaynes! Please! Calm dow-” Brendon started, rising from his seat. His efforts were lost on the terrified executives as they fled the room in rapid succession, leaving only a handful of people remaining.

“Shall I fetch the others, sire?” James asked, raising an eyebrow. The few board members still lingering all wore similar expressions, being well accustomed to the fae’s peculiar habits.

Brendon sighed wearily, giving a slight shake of his head in response. “No, it’s fine. We’ll reschedule. I should have known better than to organize a meeting here,” he said, “If you could calm down our guests before further confusion ensues, that would be of great assistance however. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some children to discipline.”

Standing up, Brendon stamped his foot on the carpet, simultaneously opening a hole beneath himself and his protectors. All three of them passed through the flooring like apparitions, the room below opening up to another meeting room. Five storey’s should suffice, he mused. The scenery continued to change as they plunged through the building, quickly approaching terminal velocity in speed.

Their worlds came to a sudden halt on the building’s third level, in a storage room. Brendon was first to land, smoothly touching down on one foot before looking up to watch the trajectory of his protectors. If he was concerned for their safeties it certainly didn’t show on the young king’s features as he allowed his protectors to plummet to their apparent deaths. In fact, not a thing was done to cushion the falls of either Kanan or Aeraki as they tumbled down.

Eugene Van Goff

“You look dissatisfied. Has it been that long for you?” came a snide remark as Bephat stormed out of the dining room, leaving a cloud of disreputable murmurs in the wake of her exit. The earthbound protector was condescending as ever as he appeared before his charge, towering over her rather more slender form. A recent addition to her entourage of protectors, Eugene was a dangerous mystery in the eyes of the nobles. In fact, he was more of an unknown factor to them then he was to the younger woman for she certainly hadn’t embarked on her journeys with any companion. Therefore, it was his sudden introduction upon her return which had a tendency for creating disturbances, not that he had a choice in such matters.

“You are the Queen of Domirae Terra, surely you won’t let such impertinence go unpunished?” Eugene said, walking dutifully alongside the newly appointed heir. They passed rows of gleaming white colonnades on their way to who knows where, though he had a decent idea of their general heading. The comment, made in passing judgment, was ironic almost. What could Eugene possibly know about leadership and nations as an isolated guardian deity? Then again, who else knew what the proud Lare had experience during his infinitely long lifetime.

Nonetheless this empire was still strange to him, still different. In a matter of days he’d transitioned from the great wilderness to warm and comfy ballroom interiors. The customs, traditions, and nuances which had always been vaguely represented by Bephat were suddenly multiplied a thousand fold. Observing her troubled expression, he decided against issuing further incitements for he would almost certainly have to pay for the consequences later.

Their footsteps echoed in the empty hallways, leaving the faded sounds of the welcoming dinner behind them. It was at that point that the duo virtually ran into Hebi as the gangly protector intersected their pathway. In Eugene’s defense, the senior protector was a slippery adversary and exceedingly prone to trouble. Their first meeting had ended on less than agreeable terms, but that wasn’t the only reason he distrusted the snake of a man. Despite Bephat’s insistence that Hebi had been a long standing protector of her family, there was something inherently corruptive about the man’s personality.

“Hebi,” Eugene sniffed, studying the man’s posture for signs almost. Though he made no immediate move to attack or defend, the Lare was evidently cautious around the first protector. “Rare of you to be moving about with purpose. What’s your business?”

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#, as written by Igari


The cool male voice greeted her not a minute after she had left the dining hall. “You look dissatisfied. Has it been that long for you?” She shot him a look underneath her long lashes but didn't say anything, save for pursing her lips in a disapproving manner. Eugene. She did not know him as well as she would've hoped after traveling with him for a time. He mostly stayed out of her way but was never short on those snide comments when he did speak. It didn't annoy her as much as it just put a barrier between them.

He was always nearby somewhere--in fact, he had this habit of masking his presence from her. She, admittedly, had forgotten he was even outside the hall up until he had just spoken. But it seemed he wasn't done with his little droll of comments. He had that half-smirk on his face, the superior kind.

“You are the Queen of Domirae Terra, surely you won’t let such impertinence go unpunished?” She pinched the bridge of her nose and shook her head.

"It isn't exactly on my mind to be dishing out punishments when I have only been home for a few days." In truth, it was frustrating how much she forgot. Part of her didn't care, she didn't like the formalities the royals enforced. But she was the Queen now and she had to do her brother justice. She wasn't exactly sure why he hadn't been home to greet her and this whole situaition had put her in an awkward place. She certainly wasn't looking her best to Eugene as compared to what she had appeared like when they were out on the road.

Maybe it was because she felt rather trapped here--without options, closed in. At least he was following her without question. She just had to put up with his sarcasm and snarkiness. As they were just about to cross into another hallway, they ran straight into another person. She looked up with a frown, pausing as her eyes met with the form of Hebi. She literally had not seen hide nor hair of him since she had arrived. What had he been doing? Perhaps just taking care of some of her meetings for her, he knew the system by now.

Eugene wasn't as reassured, however, and she heard the suspicion laced in his voice as he questioned the man. "Hebi. Rare of you to be moving about with purpose. What’s your business?" She took a deep breath and eyed the other protector.

"Settle down, Eugene, I'm sure he's just tending to matters. Though I am curious as to why you've been gone more often than not? I had thought you would be here to greet me upon my return." She questioned lightly. She had not seen him much in her childhood at all but was certain he had been the last one around her brother. She could feel that her primary protector did not trust ths man at all. But what reason did he have? Hebi had faithfully served her family for years.

She managed a lightly friendly smile towards Hebi as she awaited his response. She was sure the reason he had for being around was more than likely to take care of what had just transpired. Word probably traveled fast after all.


The peacefully sleeping fae was totally unaware of when the floor ceased to be beneath her body. Indeed, she fell all five stories without a single twitch, following the downwards procession by her king and other companion. It was as her body was moments away from hitting the ground, however, that something caused her to awake. To be more specific, it was the pen-brush that was jostled from her sleepy grip. Very few things could awake her when she was in her slumber but her body instinctively always knew when she was separated from her drawing utensil.

The pressure and rush of the air as she fell caused the instrument to fall out of her hands and as soon as it did so, her eyes snapped open. "Huh, what?" The fae girl blinked hazily, suddenly taking notice to the fact that she was rapidly approaching ground. Not a moment too soon, her wings fluttered, halting her descent right before she collided with the hard marble. She hovered above the ground, hair swishing about as she looked for her delicate instrument.

She saw it lying a few feet away and glided over to it, landing as she bent to pick it up. She nuzzled it to her cheek with a yawn, glancing over at the others. Oh, was this a storage room or something? Was that a... broom? Oh yeah, stuff like that was in storage spaces... Then what was that large file cabinet doing over there? All these conflicting objects were making her head spin.
"Good afternoon to you too, my King!" She said in an overly chipper voice and without further ado, promptly fell asleep whilst standing.

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#, as written by Siryn

“Very well. Hit me, if you can.”

Siya watched as he folded his arms behind his back and just stood there. An eyebrow lifted as he watched his protector for a long moment, a bit of a faint blush dusting his cheeks. How was he supposed to go against that? The young King cleared his throat lightly. Perhaps deciding to spar with Seth had been not the brightest of all his ideas... Even so, it was sure to be entertaining in the least, or so he hoped.

With a grin he nodded to the large man and settled into what he'd adopted as his 'stance', a loose one that he used mostly with Marie when they sparred. It seemed to work for the most part. Taking a slow breath, he found his balance and then lunged forward at Seth, the sword coming up and to the side in an arc like fashion.

It might have even hit the target, had Seth been an ordinary person. As it was, he was no longer present in the vicinity of Siya's aim, having launched himself backwards as soon as the young king committed to the strike. A simple leap carried him an effortless ten feet, hands still neatly folded behind his back. The echo of a smile yet remained, and he raised a red eyebrow, as if to question why he'd not yet been struck.

"Not bad. If your aim was to hit a straw dummy. Again."

Siya's chest constricted, his eyes widening in shock. Since when... how... what in the world just happened? His eyes found Seth, standing far away from him than he had been a moment ago. The insult did not go unheard, and this time Siya's porcelain features turned several shades red, both in embarrasment and anger. Though it wasn't really, true anger, more like frustration at having been made fun of. An eyebrow came down, his lips curling into a slight grin.

"Fine," he replied. A sort of 'challenge accepted' tone in his voice and he rushed forward, dealing out several swings instead of just one this time. One aimed at Seth's head, another at his left arm, the third at his right leg and then coming back up again.

Where before the protector had made his dodge large, this time, he played a maddening game of inches, allowing each strike to simply whistle by, mere hairsbreadths from their intended points of contact. The king's spirit was appreciated, but an honest assessment of Siya's strengths and weaknesses was necessary if he was to progress any further than a gifted amateur.

And he would, if his guardian had anything to do with it. The last hit, Seth bent backwards under, the passage of air stirring the locks of his hair that rested on his forehead, producing a whistle and nearly clipping the end of his nose. Whipping back up with little discernible effort, he nodded. "Better. But you are not reading me as I am reading you." He took another leap, this one to the left, landing with deceptive lightness and pivoting on the spot to face Siya. "Even as you are beginning your strike, you must anticipate your foe's defense. You are fast, but some will always be faster. Your strength is not mean, but many will be stronger. You must be smarter than all of them."

To exemplify the point clearly, Seth shifted his weight, leaning heavily on his right foot, as someone who bore a sheild in the corresponding hand might have to. "Now. How do you strike someone who stands like this? Show me."

Again, frustratingly so, Siya missed him everytime. Maybe because Seth was dodging them so closely the young King was afraid of actually hurting the man. However, he had a nagging feeling that Seth was doing it on purpose. Both brows furrowed as he turned, following the protector's leap to the left. Siya hummed to himself lightly as he gauged the taller man. A little bit more would do to help him figure out what it was that nagged him so.

"A sheild bearer, hu," Siya commented lightly. Seth seemed to know quite a bit about fighting. Then again, Siya didn't really know all that much about Seth to begin with. It wasn't like he'd asked the man about his past, nor had he fought against him before. It was pure whim that led to their sparring right then. Siya turned the sword in his hand, flipping it around as he thought about it for a second. Obviously it would be smart to swipe against the side of the shield, push it out and away from the body and then come back across to cut along the exposed torso right after.

With the plan thought up nearly instantaneously, Siya lunged forward, the sword held on his left, point down. When he was in range, he sliced the blade out to the side as if taking on a sheild. Stopping the weapon from going completely out to his right side, he quickly readjusted and slashed back towards the left.

The king's plan was a good one, and so Seth did not move, merely taking a half-step back as the imaginary metal disc was thrown out, as someone might to had it happened in truth. The slash aimed for his abdomen, however, he caught in motion, just before it would have hit his body. The weapon was sharp, and the Eldritch wathed with something between satisfaction and disinterest as the very end of the last finger on that hand was sliced off. "Hm," he murmured. That had been designed to illustrate something, and in fact, the small digit seemed to morph as it disconnected from the rest of him, and by the time it hit the dirt, it was a finger-shaped piece of metal.

Releasing the blade, the protector flexed his hand, applying a bit of his magic and watching the end grow back with the same apathy. As soon as it was back in working order, he glanced down at his monarch. "Much better."

When Seth blantantly caught the blade, Siya about had a heart attack. Even more so when the small appendage was promptly cut off. The young King was stunned into silence and the moment the protector released the weapon, Siya dropped it. His hands reached out to take Seth's, to stop the bleeding and call for help quickly. However, as his heart slowed and his mind began working again, he noted that there was no blood to stop.

Looking down, the finger was nothing but solid metal. His eyes widened and he returned his red gaze back to the hand that Seth flexed before him, "You... Seth..." his voice was breathless as he watched in amazement as the finger grew back without any problems. This time he did take Seth's hand and examined the finger intensely.

"Seth... what are you? You're... not human, hu?"

The protector tilted his head to one side, his expression perfectly neutral. "No," he replied simply. "I am your shield, Your Majesty."

Siya's head spun, his mind whirling around the answer. Seth wasn't human. If he wasn't human... than what was he? However, the young King was fairly certain that if asked, the protector would not say. That meant Siya had some digging to do.

"Doesn't matter," he said, trying to stem his overwhelming curiousity for more knowledge. He lifted his gaze, "As long as you're here," he turned and retrieved the sword to replace it, "Though... I suppose that makes you one hell of a protector, doesn't it Seth?" He said, sparing a glance over his shoulder with a wide grin, "Does this make you... indestructible?" Siya asked, feeling giddy at the thought.

There may have been a faint trace of amusement on Seth's face, but it vanished quickly, replaced with passivity and a deadpan. "It makes me one kind of hell for your enemies, Sire. I do believe that is the relevant part." It was difficult to tell, but the statement just might have qualified as a joke.

Siya's smile faded quickly. His red gaze shimmering as he watched the protector closely. He wasn't sure if the man was entirely serious or not. It was damned hard to tell. But the expression was one he'd seen before and it meant he wasn't getting much out of the man. Siya's lips pulled into a fainter smile and he replaced the sword, "I'm off to the study. If you need me, I'll be there," he said and started out of the practice area. He had a lot of books to read, a lot of history to go through.


Why was he falling?

He hadn't done anything. Had he? Kanan was utterly confused when the floor beneath him disappeared. His body experienced what gravity felt like in one pull and had his stomach wrenched up towards his throat. Kanan watched as the ground beneath him grew steadily closer and wondered for a brief moment if he were going to die just then. Of course the thought was brushed aside as he realized he was still far too indebted to allow himself to be killed so easily. Or rather... so humiliatingly.

A handful of metal that was on his body disappeared, shimmering into nothing but blue flakes of a sort. They disappeared into his body and he swiped his hand before him. His one pale blue eye widening slightly as he thought that he'd been just a tad too late. The burst of air underneath him was similar to that of his tornado styled magic, but on a much smaller scale. It buffetted his body and slowed his fall somewhat.

Even so, Kanan hit the floor rather hard and sprawled forward for a moment before he was able to regain himself. With a bit of a groan that he did his best to hid, he pulled himself into his customary position. Down on one knee with his fist against the floor and the other arm resting over the top of the knee that he wasn't kneeling on. His head bowed forward and he did not raise it to look at his King. At the back of his mind, he wondered if he was responsible for the situation in anyway.

If he'd known that Aeraki had been sleeping under the table, he would have certainly woke her and made her leave. However, he'd had no knowledge of her whereabouts and therefore, could not have done anything about the incident. He ground his teeth together quietly, slowly easing his frustration outwards without letting either of them know.

"My Lord," Kanan stated softly, but Aeraki -who had landed next to him quite softly- interrupted him.

"Good afternoon to you too, my King!"

Aeraki then fell right back asleep as she was standing there. Kanan felt his chest clench, his pale blue eye widening slightly. Surely this time Lord Brendon would spare Kanan from yet another fall...


Hebi's lips twisted into a grin as he found both Eugene and his Queen Bephat coming towards him. He stopped his walking and crossed his arms over his chest. He waiting until the two were in better hearing range so that he would not need to raise his voice too much. Hebi's gaze flicked up and down Eugene's body before he answered the man's taunting.

"Well well, if it isn't Eugene. It's been so long, I'd forgotten how simply testy you are. Though, it never really was your strong suite to keep your tongue still. Oh... well I guess I'm not very good at it either. Makes for more fun, I suppose," Hebi raised a hand as if to silence anything that Eugene might have retorted back, "Now now, don't let your ego get in the way, dear Eugene. Wouldn't want to show that nasty side of yourself would you? Especially not in front of our lovely Queen."

"Enough of that. We can go over your mannerism's later. But right now," Hebi turned his gaze down to the petite woman who was his new Queen, "My Lady. The Water King is dead."

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Brendon Stratos

They both touched down using their particular fashions, Aeraki nonchalant and Kanan obedient, like two polar opposites. He’d known his protector for a good portion of his lifetime, and each of them fulfilled a different role. Glancing over, he smiled as Kanan lifted himself to one knee, bowing respectfully to his king’s presence despite having just been thrown through a building. His father had always told him that loyalty could never be bought; only earned. Brendon countered by saying there’s no such thing as loyalty to begin with. They found Kanan washed up against the shore over a decade ago, dehydrated and near dead. In return for saving him, his father had asked the man to pledge his loyalty in protection the next air king, a decision he still questions to this day.

"My Lord," he stated, quickly rebounding from the five storey plummet. Aeraki arrived shortly afterwards, having miraculously woken in time to adjust her trajectory into something non-lethal. She yawned tiredly before taking in her strange new surroundings.

"Good afternoon to you too, my King!" she announced brightly upon spotting him, at which point she instantly went comatose. For most people, such behavior would be a cause for major concern. Aeraki wasn’t some sleep deprived workaholic however. Contrary to this, Brendon was certain that he’d never once seen the fae flustered ever.

“No need to bow Kanan. If you want to revere me help me reign in Aeraki’s behavior. That meeting was a disaster,” Brendon remarked, resting an arm on his hips. “I guess there’s no chance of awaking her again. Although, at least this time she’s not causing the building to shake.”

Facing his other protector, the king motioned the young man to stand with a hand gesture. “I brought both of you here for a reason, but for the time being I’ll just have to be content with informing one of you,” he said, quickly becoming serious. Suddenly the reason they’d been dropped into a secluded storage room made a lot of sense.

“I was going to discuss this in the meeting before we were interrupted,” he paused, raising an eyebrow at Aeraki’s sleeping form, “But from now on, you two need to be alert. Which I know will be impossible for some of you.”

The king produced a notepad before summoning a pen to his fingers. “The water king is dead,” he said whilst scribbling down a few words on the sticky note, “The orb is missing and their entire empire is in uproar. Currently we haven’t the slightest inclination on who did it. Rest assured though, everyone’s going to be pointing their swords at each other, but we have to be ahead of them. There’s a chance that someone will target me or the other kingdoms because we can only assume their goal is the orbs. So, for the time being, I want you two to investigate the murder.”

He ripped off the top note which read ‘Water king dead, be on alert’, and then attached the parchment to the slumbering fae’s forehead. “That’s it for now. You already know how I expect you to conduct yourselves.”

Eugene Van Goff

"Well well, if it isn't Eugene. It's been so long, I'd forgotten how simply testy you are. Though, it never really was your strong suite to keep your tongue still. Oh... well I guess I'm not very good at it either. Makes for more fun, I suppose. Now, now, don't let your ego get in the way, dear Eugene. Wouldn't want to show that nasty side of yourself would you? Especially not in front of our lovely Queen."

Eugene’s growl was audible across the corridor as Hebi delivered his usual introduction. The Lare’s hands had formed into tight fists of fury and it was fortunate that Bephat was within the vicinity for he would’ve surely lashed out otherwise. Hebi had an unbearable talent for disrespect, always provoking, goading and prodding upon first sight. He was a pest, and just like the pompous nobleman in the dining room, a culmination of this society’s sins. Eugene had always assumed that his behavior was a pitiful man’s attempt to gain attention.

Try as he might to dissect the poisonous man’s thinking, such was a task of inevitably doom to failure. Instead he settled for his usual answer to impudence. “Not long enough,” Eugene retorted, “Speak plainly wretch or I’ll rip out that tongue you’re so fond of flaunting.”

"Enough of that. We can go over your mannerism's later. But right now…My Lady. The Water King is dead."

His eyes narrowed at the statement, uncertain at first about whether or not to take the man seriously. No, even Hebi had limits, personnel or whether they be imposed by his responsibilities. This was far too important to joke about. “How did you receive this news?” Eugene interrogated, still not entirely trusting the other protector, “The death of a nation’s king doesn’t just go unnoticed by the rest of the world. How did you come across the information so quickly? We haven’t heard anything about this.”

Eugene’s gaze switched between the two of them, analyzing Bephat’s face for her response.

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#, as written by Igari


The young Queen watched the exchange between the two men with only mild amounts of interest. In truth, she felt like their petty squabbles were akin to discussing politics with the other nobles. Far too many insults being thrown around with little or no productivity. She hid her annoyance at both parties--it was more imperative to hear what Hebi had to say than get involved in their fight. That could wait for later. Her other protector removed his attentions from Eugene, settling his eyes on her with a somewhat... thoughtful expression.

"My Lady. The Water King is dead." Her breath hitched in her throat at the news.

"... What?" She crossed her arms over her chest, her mind calculating fast. If the King was dead, then that would mean... Even as untrained as she was in the royal ways, she was aware if there was no King to keep everything together then things would be completely thrown out of balance. It was surprising that there hadn't been any backlashes already, all things considered. Did this mean the death was relatively new? And if so, how long ago had it occurred?

Eugene was quicker on the uptake, immediately taking a suspicious tone as he addressed Hebi. “How did you receive this news? The death of a nation’s king doesn’t just go unnoticed by the rest of the world. How did you come across the information so quickly? We haven’t heard anything about this.” She nodded in agreement. He had managed to mention the first thoughts that had popped into her head as well. The woman eyed Hebi closely from underneath her lashes, awaiting his response.

Hebi turned slightly, tilting his head just enough for his long black hair to slip off to the side and reveal his sickly green eyes. He looked at Eugene with a stand-offish side glance, the corners of his lips curling upwards in a smirk.

"Wouldn't you like to know," he muttered coldly. Hebi laughed then, reaching up and running his hands through his hair before returning his attention to them both, "Of course you haven't heard anything about it yet. I just told you. Does it really matter how I found out? The important part is that he's dead. Oh, and the orb is missing too."

Bephat blinked several times, staring at Hebi in a somewhat confused manner. "Excuse me, what the fuck?" She paused, wrinkling her nose. She cleared her throat, trying her best to keep her accent down. Best not to appear too unladylike. She was absolutely certain Eugene remembered that one time... in the small desert town. Things had not ended well. "And the orb--you are certain it is gone?" She asked tentatively.

"Yes," he leaned forward, coming close to his Queen's face while giving a small smile towards her, "Would I lie?"

She took a step backwards, unsure of what to say. She did not know Hebi--he was only a man she had heard about from her brother. A man who had served her family for years. But she had never known him as a person. Part of her felt like it was wrong to question him like this--he had been faithful to the household. But on the other hand... the way he was acting was dodgy. As if he was hiding something.

"That remains to be seen," She stated calmly--more calmly than she felt at the moment. "And my brother? What news of him?"

Hebi pulled away, straightening. His lips turned down from their smirk and he stared at her. His hands fell to his sides and he watched her calmly for a moment before answering her, "Your brother I have not seen in ages, my Lady. Do you really think that should be your top priority though? With the worlds balance in danger, are you going to go gallivanting after your brother when you should be doing your job here?" He paused for a second, letting the words sink in, "My apologies, my Lady. I did not mean to speak ill of you, I just worry about the safety of this world and everything else--"

Bephat didn't want to hear the rest of his words, she was already trembling with rage. How dare he suggest that her brother was not a priority? She was thrust on the throne in his absence--she was not meant to stay here! She drew back her hand and slapped him across his cheek--and this wasn't any maidenly slap either. Her palm left a definite red mark on his pale skin and it took a lot for her not to slap him again.

"You should know never to take that tone with me ever Hebi." She glared at him firmly. "My brother is the only family I have left in this world and it is not gallivanting to want to locate him. I am fully aware of my duties and would not abandon my post as Queen."

The slap stung, knocking his head off to the side and making his neck pull the muscle quite a bit. It was going to be a bit painful later on, that was for sure. Slowly he turned back to her, reached up and brushed the corner of his lips with the cuff of his jacket. His gaze settled back on her, another grin spreading.

"I did apologize. I was just worried that your love for your brother was going to blind you to the duties of what you're supposed to be doing. Going after him now would be the worst thing you could do. I suggest you leave that out of your mind for the present and start making preparations for letting the other Kings know about this situation. Or would you rather let everything fall apart for one little boy?"

Was he trying to get buried alive? If that punishment wasn't legal, she would damn well make it legal in the next ten seconds. Just a little unfortunate accident caused by a tree... that suddenly uprooted all on its own. Accidentally. She raised her hand again, ready to slap that ridiculous smirk off his face.

Eugene's fist intervened, catching her by the wrist a second before impact. "Don't," he growled, the hatred radiating off him.

The protector then proceeded to punch Hebi square in the face. "Let me."

Well, he hadn't been expecting Eugene to step in, but with the protectors short fuse involved anyway, it was sure to happen sooner or later. He was knocked backwards, taking the hit full on. Hebi crashed into one of the decorative tables behind him, knocking over a few vases and the like. He reached up, covering his nose that was now bleeding. Proceeding to wipe the blood away and shaking his hand, he glowered at Eugene.

"In front of the lady... my how we've sunk," he taunted, "Perhaps we should take this outside instead, hu? My Lady, I suggest you ready a few notes to send to the other Kings. The sooner they know the better. Who knows, you could be doing them a great service by letting them know someone is out there for their orbs. As well as yours... not that it's really yours," he grinned.

She had to keep her mouth shut. She had to keep her mouth shut. She was trying to be a proper lady, she had to be a good Queen. That meant leaving her old lifestyle behind... The rough and tumble one... There had been quite a number of instances Eugene had had to drag her away from fights with multiple people. Even though she knew full well that he probably wanted to jump in as well. But one of them had to be the dignified one. Tsk.

She was literally trembling, using every ounce of her willpower not to pounce on the protector and show him a thing or two about this "orb" business. How could this man have survived in the court this long? How could her brother have even tolerated him? She had never been this annoyed at any one person before. She had to leave the scene. Before she exploded.. well, more than she already had.

Without another word but a flick of her cloak, the feathers of which hitting Hebi, she turned on her heel and walked down an adjoining hallway. Oh she'd send notes to the other kingdoms alright. Right after she found a place to calm down. She made no attempts to restrain Eugene. If he wanted to take Hebi up on that offer--well, she'd just pretend she had no idea. After all, she technically hadn't seen a thing.


Aeraki snorted when the note was plastered on her forehead. It did little to wake her, in fact... it just made her slump over a bit and release such a tremendous snore that it caused the brooms to rattle and fall over their stands. For the untrained in the fae's ways, this surely would've raised several points of concern. But fortunately, at least for the Air King, this wasn't a point of alarm.

She giggled in her sleep, drooling openly as she dreamed of new paints and a brand new canvas for her to sketch life on. Her left hand moved about in her sleep and began to spill out droplets of the multi-colored liquid she used in her pictures. The paint fell onto the surface of a wooden table and she began to sleep-draw a picture of a rather balloon-chubby dragon that was trying to eat Kanan. The dragon didn't breathe fire though--no, it blew balloons. Thousands upon thousands of balloons. It had short, pudgy arms that barely did anything at all and little, miniscule wings that weren't even remotely noticeable.

Whether it was a chain reaction from her mana responding to her paint brush or maybe it was due to the sheer presence of the King. Either way, the bubble dragon began to take shape, its tubby belly coming out from the surface first. It gave a cute little chirp, apparently a sleeping Aeraki could not equip her paintings with the proper audio commands. And then it settled its beady empty eyes... on Kanan.

Aeraki was none-the-wiser to what was going on and continued to paint it into existence. The dragon took a deep breath and aimed its balloon fire at him, the objects coming out from its mouth at speeds that may have just rivaled the King's--if some marks slower, that is.

Well, apparently it was training time.

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#, as written by Igari


The woman released a deep sigh, leaning back in her desk as she observed the note before her. Despite how heavily Hebi had annoyed her, she shouldn't have lost her temper. And she shouldn't have let Eugene hit him. As much as she didn't like it, she was a queen now. With that title came responsibility. She was going to have to be more cautious in public company and, at the very least, make sure to watch her tongue around the other protector. It was amazing how different the two of them were.

Eugene was composed, maybe distant to some degree but he was a honorable man. He had been gracious enough to answer some of her questions when they first met. It wasn't as if she knew him in any explicit detail but she knew enough that she could count on him. But Hebi... that man made her so uneasy. There was something about him that rubbed her the wrong way. While he had served under her family for most of his life, she did wonder how on earth her father or brother had been able to put up with him without blowing a fuse.

She laced her fingers together, eyes falling over the two finished letters. They were embellished with her signature and royal seal. She decided to give them one more skim over to clear her mind.

"This letter comes bearing ill and unfortunate tidings for our kingdoms. I pass to you the knowledge I have learned that the Water King and his protector have both fallen and his orb taken. Whether this comes as surprise or not, I will be taking precautions within my own kingdom in light of this news and would advise you to do the same."

Yes, that did seem proper. She didn't like the more prim way of speaking but it seemed to be the thing to do in such circumstances. She rolled up each very carefully before standing, wandering towards a cage that seemed to be littered with apple cores. Perched on one of the horizontal bars was raven which squawked at her upon her approach.

The queen managed a light smile, attaching one of the letters to the raven's leg and whispering to it to bring the news to the fire kingdom. She did the same for its companion who was hanging in the adjacent cage, except she told this bird to report to the air kingdom. Satisfied with her work, she carried both cages over to the windowsill and opened the doors, the birds taking flight and soon lost in the sky.

It should only take a day for the news to reach them. Bephat could only hope that the other kings would not suspect her of any ill deeds. She was aware that her letters did not bear her brother's or her father's signature, either of which would be what they would've been accustomed to getting. But she was a Lellerium. And not just anyone was privy to a name such as that.

Hopefully that would be enough to keep her name in good enough light.


Aeraki jolted awake from her odd nap, the arm that had been sketching out the balloon dragon falling to her side. The painting warbled and the colors ran together, washing on to the ground and dissipating in a small puddle. The distress that the other protector had exuded hadn't awoken her or, for that matter, the departure of the king. She wrinkled her nose, wings fluttering faintly behind her. She had felt something off, but what had it--oh!

What was this on her forehead? She reached up, drawing her hand back to observe the note that had been plastered to her. The orb was missing, huh? Her eyebrows knit together as she reread over the note. The water orb... it had been a long time since she had busied herself with thoughts of that kingdom. With thoughts of her home.

She instantly disregarded it and crumpled up the paper, further shredding it to pieces. No reason to let such things get her down! Besides, it wasn't as interesting as what had woke her up and since the orb wasn't going to fall from the sky, she didn't have to worry about it. Kanan was the worrywart out of the two of them anyway so he could handle it! Marvelous, now she could get back to her painting! Well, after she figured out what on earth made her awaken.

She casually opened the storage room door, abruptly hitting someone. She heard a yelp from the other side of the door and peered around with wide eyes. It looked to be one of the servants, what's-his-name! She smiled down at him, deciding to overlook the bruised nose he was now sporting. The servant shot her a look and stood up before striding off with a few glances back at her. What was his problem? It wasn't as if she maimed him!

She wandered down the halls, occasionally fluttering her wings to keep them from becoming stiff. This was really boring! Why did she have to spend over a minute trying to figure something out that clearly wasn't going to be obvious? She could be doing more interesting thi... now what was that? She noticed some of the fleeing nobles in the courtyard being chased around by one of the servant boys of the king. That looked like fun! Maybe he needed a little help?

With a flourish, she began to paint an inflatable slide and before she was even done, the girl literally threw herself down the slope with a giggle into the mayhem down below. It wasn't that Aeraki had forgotten that something had caused her discomfort upon awakening. She just frankly didn't care to bother trying to piece it all together.

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#, as written by Siryn

He was seated on the floor against the back of the chair that had been his during the meeting. Only a few elite guards stood in the room, their hands on their weapons as they eyed the area. They had come after Sagi had left to go retrieve Seth and Marie. The young King didn't say anything to them as they stood guard.

His legs were pulled up near his chest as he sat there, eyes closed and head in his hands. Siya felt tired, shaky too. The orb wasn't hurting him, but the feeling of it still lingered, making him grimace slightly every so often. Finally, reaching down his hand clenched the fabric of his black robes while the other continued to hold his head. Hurry back.

The urgency in Seth's steps was tempered by experience, and the knowledge that his help would be of the same value whether it reached the King immediately or almost immediately. It was unbecoming to worry overmuch, and he did not make a habit of it, though certainly some concern was warranted by the present circumstances. In the end, it was perhaps only a minute or two from the moment Sagi had shown up on the practice grounds that the three walked back into the meeting room, Seth in the lead.

He immediately registered the details of the situation, noting that though Siya appeared uncomfortable, he did not seem to be in particularly egregious distress, though from the body language of all those present, it was clear that this may not have been the case previously. Frowning slightly, Seth moved to the king's side, kneeling before the young man's chair. Though the gesture was one of deference, he seemed to lose none of his consummate dignity for making it, a balance which was rather hard to strike in the learning but had become as second nature to him.

"Sire? What ails you?" His tone was even, lacking even the barest trace of panic, but all the same, it would be evident at least to Siya that the inquiry was genuine. Seth never spoke without a purpose.

"Seth," he answered with an obvious sigh of relief at the sight of his protectors back at his side. Glancing up towards the guards, he waved his hand at them to leave the room. When the door closed and it was just them, only then did Siya fully explain the situation.

"Something happened to the orb. I've never felt it before, and yet during the meeting it was like it was burning me alive. I couldn't contain it... I think I may have lost consciousness," he added a bit unsure of that fact, "In any case. I'm worried as to what it may mean. Any ideas, Seth?"

The guardian allowed none of it to pass from his mind to his face, but the news was a source of perturbation. He'd not heard of such a phenomenon before, and as he'd served every single monarch since the days of the realm's founding, that was quite the oddity. Pursing his lips, he gave the matter some thought, connecting what few dots he had available to him. The orbs were not of this plane, but another, just as he was. They were all connected to one another, and he had a conjecture on that, but he was not sure that now was the time to reveal it.

He suspected that the dead King's orb had fallen into ill possession, and that the other orbs were reacting to this. But he was not certain that they would do so, nor what kind of being would be malicious enough to cause such a thing. Mere excessive ambition or morally-questionable traits would not do it-- he'd served people with dispositions of this kind.

For now, he would leave it, and remain more conservative in his speech. "I think," he pronounced slowly, "that you should consider confirming that this event was not isolated, Sire. I believe that if your orb reacted thusly, those belonging to the Earthen and Air monarchs would have as well. Whatever the problem is, I suspect that it will fall to all three of you to solve it."

Reassuring as always, Siya thought to himself. He watched Seth closely as he answered the King's question, enjoying the soothing voice of his protector that always seemed to calm him no matter the situation. Of course the youth had also thought along similar lines, that the other two orb holders might have had a reaction as well. Which brought him to his next point of conversation.

"As I thought," he answered with a nod. Taking a deep breath he felt his shaking was reduced quite a bit, "Well then, as to my next request. We'll be departing to visit Lady Bephat tomorrow. I'll send a messenger bird ahead of us to inform her. From there we'll visit the Lord Brendon."

Seth nodded simply, rising from his crouch and regaining any trace of his composure that he might have lost earlier. "Of course, Sire," he replied quietly, inclining himself forward in a slight bow. "Please allow me to take care of the preparations. For the moment, I believe it would be best if you took some rest in preparation for the journey." Turning to Marie and Sagi, he addressed them next. "Marie, would you be so kind as to see to it that his majesty does not overtax himself between now and then?" Siya wasn't always the most receptive to the idea of allowing other people to handle things for him, but Seth did not want him trying to accomplish everything himself when whatever had befallen him might happen again.

"And Sagi, if you are not averse to the suggestion, it may be worthwhile to search the archives for information on this phenomenon." Seth had read everything there was to read in that library over his lifetime, but perhaps a set of fresh eyes with a purpose would find something that he did not remember. His powers of recall were considerable, but they certainly were not perfect.

"I'm alright," Siya tried to raise his voice to be heard over Seth's commanding tone to the other protector. However, that failed and he frowned slightly. With Marie under orders to make sure he didn't do too much, he figured the best thing for right then was to go to his chambers and sleep. Maybe I should eat too, he thought to himself wearily. Seth was much more stubborn than Siya ever could be, something he was learning rather quickly too. Not to mention that there was that tiny bit of intimidation from the tall, broad shouldered protector. Siya was rather small compared to him.

He blushed slightly as he sat there. The red haired protector was only doing his job, making sure that the young King was safe. Pushing himself up to his feet, he used the back of the heavy chair to steady himself, "I guess I will retire to my chambers, then. Something to eat would be most welcome. If it puts you all at ease, I'll rest there," he said softly, "Thank you Seth. Marie," he called her name and gestured towards the door as he made to leave the council room.


“Strange relics, aren’t they? I’m always keen to learn more about them in the hopes that we may better utilize their power.”

Kanan watched his lord very carefully, an eyebrow lifting from underneath the eyepatch he wore. He didn't say anything as the Lord of Air put the orb underneath his arm and continued to make an offhanded remark. The young protector, on the other hand, was far from convinced.

“Though I suppose if nothing else, they do serve as excellent bowling balls. You’ve returned rather quickly after I told you to be on the lookout for suspicious activity Mister Thiyer, do you have something new to report to me already?”

Gah! He had a moment of panic as Lord Brendon faced him fully, his words questioning why exactly Kanan was before him again so soon. He sheathed his sword whilst doing his best to keep his panic from his features.

"My Lord," he started slowly, "I was on my way to research old alliances and possible enemies of the Water King. If I may, my Lord," he paused for a moment, "Send Aeraki to the water kingdom. I would much rather stay by your side. I would feel... better if you had someone here to protect you," he swallowed dryly.

Fairly sure that his words would be taken quite the wrong way, he couldn't help but express his worry anyway, rare as it was for him to do so. Something about this entire situation seemed off to him, and he felt it much better for him to remain by Lord Brendon than to be away from him. Sure Aeraki was strong in her own way, but she didn't take her duties all that seriously, at least that's what Kanan thought anyway.

Even so, should Brendon order him to go to the water kingdom instead, he would follow that order without fail or question. It had been worth a try to offer his suggestion, though.


His face still hurt from where Eugene had struck him the other day. It was sure to swell and bruise. Even so, Hebi smirked at the thought of having gotten under the other protectors skin once again. As he moved down the hallway, he reached into his pocket and produced a glowing green orb. It swirled in a mixture of green's and a bit of black as well. The orb he'd taken from the brother and held onto all this time.

He thought about giving it to Bephat upon seeing her, but then thought better of it. Hebi would hold onto it until she finally came to get it from him, if she thought to get it from him. As he stared at it in the empty hall, the colors swirled together, mashing into each other and looking rather violent. He halted in his steps. The earth protector's lips pulled into a frown as he watched the orb intently.

Something was happening with it, it was reacting to something. What that was, though... Hebi had no idea. Humming softly to himself in curiosity, he pocketed the orb once again and continued on his rounds through the halls. The crafty protector avoided everyone as he went, but at the same time he knew exactly where most everyone was at. It was a specialty of his. All the while he thought about the strange phenomena that had just occurred, the Lady Bephat and the death of the Water King.

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#, as written by Igari


Aeraki awoke from a coma. Well, okay, it wasn't really a coma but she had slept an ample amount of time. After having had her fill of fun on the inflatable slide the other day, she had (quite literally) fallen asleep on the grass outside. The servants had been too nervous to touch her, so she had to believe since she was in the same awkward position as before. Which kind of sucked since now the back of her head hurt. Agh! Was this a cramp in her hypo-campus?!

She was sure she used that word wrong.

Not caring in the slightest, she stretched with a bit of pain as she straightened. Her wings fluttered behind her as she made to adjust herself, hiccuping in the process. She smacked her lips together as she recognized a slight tang on her tongue. Hm, had she swallowed some tree sap? She had to make a note of that for later, it was delicious! And maybe force Kanan to drink it all down, like heavy molasses. And then his throat would close off and he'd fight to breathe and he'd have no choice but to ask her to paint him some help... Huehuehue. Oh wait!

She completely forgot whatever it was she had been thinking when she noticed... a cloud that looked like a puppy with one leg! That was really sad. She should really get that king dude what's-his-name to blow it into another shape. Like a faceless kitten. That sounded much less sad to her. HMMMMM. Why was there something sticky on her forehead too? Had the tree sap spilled on to her face? Gross!

She reached up a hand to her forehead, fingers brushing against what appeared to feel like paper. Was this another note? Clearly, what else would one use paper for? To make paper boats or something? As if! With a dismissive shrug, she removed the note from her face and brought it down to eye level. Judging by the handwriting, it had to have come from the king dude she had just been thinking about. (Seriously, what was his name? The worst part was, she couldn't just go up and ASK someone about this because as a protector, she was supposed to somehow automatically know it.)

She skimmed it over once, twice, and then a third time just to be sure she had read it correctly. Her face had paled significantly during the process and a frown touched upon her lips as she verified that she had indeed not misread anything. He wanted her to go back there? To that place? For what purpose? Hadn't he been the one responsible for her no longer residing in that kingdom? And now all of a sudden he wanted her to go back? That wouldn't do at all!

Sufficiently pouty, the fae girl promptly got to her feet and with furrowed brows, made her way towards the king's chambers.


Bephat was sitting at her desk with her fingers laced, legs crossed as she bit her bottom lip. It had been several days since she had first sent out the message pertaining to the water king's death. She had been deathly paranoid since then, after all, those letters bore her seal. And she was more than certain that the other kings were accustomed to her brother's name. This, in turn, might've made them doubt the validity of her statement and as it was, the situation was incredibly precarious.

Since then, she had received only one response, that being from Siya. It had been friendly enough, the man requesting to meet with her in person to discuss the severity of the past events. While she didn't feel threatened by the message, it did concern her that Brendon had not written her one back. Siya's had arrived promptly a day after hers but there was no word from the air kingdom. She was in no place to be suspicious, of course, but one did have to wonder why...

She shook her head. Now was not the time to reflect on possibilities such as that. Until it was proven, it would be best not to suspect anyone of doing anything without proof. And what right did she have to pass blame? She didn't want to preemptively be making any enemies no matter how much it bothered her that he had not even given her a shred of recognition.

She now had to focus on welcoming Siya and, more than likely, a small entourage that was probably going to include his protectors and a few servants. She had since ordered the halls and rooms to be cleaned to near-perfection and had even gone so far as to replace the tapestries in all of the guest rooms to match the color hues of the fire kingdom. She hoped it would be pleasing to their eyes, at the very least, and it wouldn't make her come off as someone trying to hard to please.

How would she greet him? She knew next to nothing about Siya or his protectors (whose names she had just recently discovered were Seth and Marie). Would it be better to ask Hebi in this case? He had traveled with her father and her brother and had probably come in contact with the other kingdoms and their mannerisms... yes, she would ask Hebi what he thought she should do. He was her protector so she had to have faith that he wouldn't try to steer her astray.

She had gotten over the debacle that had happened with Eugene the other night, she could only hope that he had as well. Besides, there was a rather touchy matter she still had yet to ask him about and one that she had been actively avoiding since she had returned home. Sliding out of her chair, the queen adjusted her cloak and headed out the door with a heavy sigh.

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Brendon Stratos

Sitting quietly, alone, Brendon’s calm gaze examined the lengthy contents of a new trade agreement and it’s many, numerous attachments as he sat hunched over his work desk. The document however was transitory, a distraction in light of more immediate concerns such as the potential threat on his life and the orb. Not moments ago he’d received a rather belated letter from the recently appointed earth queen, kindly informing him of the water king’s death and further raising his concerns. The timing of her promotion couldn’t have been mere coincidence, especially after the disappearance of her brother, and organizing a meeting with all three remaining rulers seemed like an especially obvious trap. He’d likely delay his meeting them then, until he could find evidence which proved their innocence, and made a mental note to send a letter later with false reasons for his declining her summons.

Much like your typical office room, its appearance was as much a statement of power as it was indication of to level of strife was currently ongoing within the city. Centered within the modest expanse of open space was a broad, wooden glazed table inscribed with an assortment of cupboards. Bronze handles, likely mined from rich mineral veins beneath the city, provided the necessary access to the numerous compartments. In addition, filing cabinets amongst bookshelves lined the walls not already inhabited by windows, barely masking the grand vista of Priscilla that was afforded by the east balcony.

After his brief reunion with Kanan, Brendon had left the protector without immediate response. The man’s intentions were earnest (at least phrased in the way it was), but Brendon had other plans, though in the end he would partially fulfilled the man’s request. Kanan would just have to settle for getting half of what he wanted. He understood the man’s reservations, but as a protector, he had duties to perform elsewhere. To act not just a brainless guard dog of the air king, but as his eyes and ears.

And thus, that lead the young king to his next decision, to send both of his protectors to the water kingdom. That and Aeraki’s less than reliable (or rather, non-existent) track record for being able to focus on anything other than painting. He thought their contrasting personalities rather suited to each other and chuckled at whatever high jinks the whimsical fairy would no doubt formulate for the staunch protector. Fortunately, Kanan would follow almost whatever order he’d give. Aeraki on the other hand may not be so agreeable.

It came as no surprise to the king then when he heard a growing commotion from outside his balcony. A few shouts where swiftly followed by a lithe shadow as the unusual protector appeared as though she could read his mind, unbidden and hovering beyond the edge of his suite. For one so rarely irritated, she looked awfully angry and her fluttering wings easily carried her short form over the lip of his office porch, enabling her to touch down practically noiselessly before making her approach. Perhaps he should’ve been scared, for the girl looked sufficiently upset with her brows furrowed, the occasions for which were so few and far between he might as well have been witnessing the birth of a new star, but oddly, he reacted uncannily, not even bothering to look up from his work.

“Hello my dear,” he greeted, waving off a few guardsmen who’d burst through his doors the same time she’d entered, “This is a rare occurrence indeed. You seem troubled, what may I do for you?”

Eugene Van Goff

“I think you should consider a different career,” Eugene remarked unhelpfully as a rather exhausted looking Bephat materialized beyond her doorway. The man’s arms unfolded as he shifted his considerably bulk off the wall he’d been waiting against and stepped in besides her. Unproductive as he may have seemed, Eugene couldn’t do a whole lot else to be honest, confined to essentially a lifetime of guardianship.

“Perhaps acting? Anything but interior decoration. I hate what you’ve done with the place,” he commented further, mocking the red embroidery of their guests and her supposed efforts with a cursory gaze. From his point of view, the organic architecture of Bephat’s empire, Domirae Terra, tended to clash horribly with the harsher designs of the fire kingdom. “On a somewhat related note however, are you entirely sure this attack wasn’t perpetrated by one or possibly all the kings you have arranged a meeting with? It seems only plausible that one of the others would have an agenda, and given knowledge of the orbs isn’t widespread; few others would advocate such anarchy. Except Hebi probably.”

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#, as written by Igari
Siya pulled the reigns of his horse as they approached the large castle that belonged to Queen Bephat. The preparations for the trip had been taken care of entirely by Seth and Marie, leaving Siya with nothing to do but rest. He sighed softly to himself. Since the attack from his orb, nothing had surfaced afterwards. The young King was beginning to wonder what it was exactly that had made his orb go crazy like that.

They were greeted by the servants and workers of the castle, taking their horses and leading them into the large palace that served as the home of the Earth Queen. The Fire King moved slowly, his body weary from the long trip. It was nearing evening by the time they'd made it to the castle. The sun set fire to the castles walls, an appealing look if he said so himself. As they entered the large hall that served as a waiting room for an audience with the Queen, Siya glanced around. It was most definitely a beautiful palace.

"I hope that we're not too late," he muttered softly, mindful of his tendencies of not being on time.

Marching closely alongside Siya as they passed the two-way entrance came Marie, scanning the guest room and decked in a near full set of battle gear. Near full because Siya had somehow managed to convince her prior to abandon the more blatant showcase of arms, heavily implying that doing so would be rude to their hosts. Unfortunately for him, the ex-gladiator took her guard duties entirely seriously and wouldn't be convinced of discarding her sword, not that she was already dangerous enough without it.

Catching his comment, she regarded him quietly with a face of confusion. She could sense his anxiety, something reflected of her own demeanor perhaps, but was otherwise incapable of thinking of a way to soothe his concerns. Perhaps Seth would know better, the aged advisor was always more attuned and capable of responding effectively to such issues.

Siya needn't have worried about being late. While it was certainly the case that he was seldom on time for anything, the same could not be said for Seth, who approached much of life with a certain kind of mechanical precision. He'd successfully accounted for all the delays they'd run into, and indeed, they had appeared at the palace right when the letter that had preceded their arrival here had said they would. "Be not troubled, Sire," he said to the king. "We are where and when Her Majesty was informed we would be."

He was marginally less impressed with the Earth Kingdom's delay, as generally when recieving such an important guest as His Majesty, a minimum of wait time was advised. Nevertheless, these were troubled times, and he wasn't entirely without the ability to make allowance for that. Seth went less armed than Marie, but this was deceptive. Though his armor was nothing more than what was traditional for a knight on light (but active) duty, he did not make a habit of carrying weapons even onto bloody battlefields. There was hardly a need. Still, he approved of his fellow guardian's choice to present herself as quite prepared for martial action. Given the circumstances, it could hardly be taken as an offense to their hosts. If the Earth Queen was aware of what was going on, he would expect that she, too, be marshaling her forces.

She was nervous.

The Earth Queen paced back and forth in the throne room, anxiously nipping at the skin of her finger and trying not to bite her nails. Eugene's words were coming back to haunt her, quite literally, and her doubts were causing a major delay. She had been notified that her guests had arrived fifteen minutes ago but she had yet to greet them. What if Eugene was right and maybe the fire king was behind the death of the water king? Siya had been polite enough to respond to her though... But then would that put blame on Brendon? It was all very confusing business and it was enough to make her feel nauseous.

Either way, she didn't have time to stand here and ponder over the possibilities With a deep breath, she composed herself. It would be better for her to personally greet her guests at this point, rather than have her servants lead them in. She walked over to the door and after a seconds' hesitatoin, she opened them with flourish.

She was greeted with the sight of presumably the entourage from the fire kingdom. She eyed the Fire King first, Siya--he looked like someone with a firm head on his shoulders, though a little young looking in the face. There was a fierce looking woman next to him. Bephat carefully glanced at the sword--at least the woman was doing her job properly. It was the man at the back that caught her attention the most. He just... smelled old. Not in an offensive manner but something like a musty textbook... or a rare artifact.

Perking up at the thought, she gave the group a kind smile and gestured towards the throne room. "I apologize for the delay. Please, do come in." She could almost sense Eugene's scoff at her politeness. This was going to be a difficult meeting.

Siya perked up as he heard the door open. He met the gaze of the Queen as she strode into the room briefly. She looked passed him and to both Seth and Marie. With a short shake of his head, he regarded her as she apologized for the wait. Offering her a smile of his own, he started forward, "No need to apologize," he said as he followed her where she'd guestured to enter.

The throne room was large with a full length table at it's center, the throne up on a dias above that and chairs along the wooden decor. Siya moved slowly and took a seat closest to the throne so as not to have to shout across the room. As he sat down slowly, he spoke, "I'm sorry for the sudden request to see you. This is urgent though, and I thought that it would have been better to get together with the others before doing anything on my own."

"With that in mind, I wanted to discuss the orbs and the Water King's death," he prompted, getting to the point rather quickly.

It gave her some sense of relief that her guests seemed to know where they wanted to sit. She had skipped out on lessons in royal etiquette regarding hosting. Oh well, maybe a bit of abrasiveness would serve her well. She took her seat at the head of the table as Siya spoke, narrowing her eyes gradually over mention of the king's death.

"Yes, a troubling turn of events..." She trailed off delicately. "Though might I ask before we begin--has there been any word from the other king, Brendon? He has yet to respond to my queries but perhaps he has made contact with you?" She asked as she peered over at Siya.

Siya lifted an eyebrow. Now that she mentions it... he hasn't responded to me either the Fire King thought to himself, "Uh... No, he hasn't my Lady," he responded slowly. Siya leaned against the table, resting his lips against his fingers. After a moment he gave a soft sigh and shook his head.

"We will figure that out when we get to it, I suppose," he said at the end of the sigh, "May I ask, have you experienced anything odd with your orb, Lady Bephat?"

At mention of the orb, her cheeks brightened in hue. She had completely forgotten to retrieve her orb from Hebi--well, if he even had it. Which she rather hoped he did. "Ah..." How was she going to explain herself? She shot a furtive glance over her shoulder, as usual, Hebi was nowhere in sight.

"Odd? How ah... so?" She cast another glance in the opposite direction, still not catching any signs of Hebi. She had to find a way to excuse herself and track him down. A task easier said, far easier said than done.

"Um..." Siya glanced over to Seth and Marie. It was hard not to miss her stuttering and nervousness. Maybe she was just overly exerting an effort to try to accomodate them. After all it was her brother who was supposed to be on the throne, not Lady Bephat. Siya took a breath and flicked his crimson gaze back over to her.

"W-well... Something happened to mine the other day. I was wondering if you'd felt the same... disturbance. If you had then I could make better conclusions about the whole situation but... S-seeing as you've no idea what I'm talking about it's rather hard," he groaned softly at the end and leaned his forehead into his hands, "You do have it, right?" He asked, curious now that the subject was breached.

This was when she was sypposed to lie, right? Tell him that she had it. Okay. She could do this. She readied herself, sucking in her breath. "Yes I..." Her body shook a bit with the effort of the lie. No, she couldn't do this. He would ask more questions, he would want to see it. There was no way around it, she couldn't pretend.

"... No, I don't." She looked down, unable to meet his gaze any longer. "I am unsure what.... what even happened to it... My advisor told me my brother... and he incited Eugene... it was all so confusing that in the midst of it all, I hadn't retrieved..." She trailed off miserably. She was making a horrible show of being queen. She only hoped this wouldn't cast suspicion on her in regards to the water king.

Siya leaned back his eyes wide as she spoke, her words almost a jumbled mess. She looked troubled, far more than he'd originally thought. She had seemed tense, but now it was even more apparent. Taking a deep breath, he watched her for a moment before thinking of something to say.

"It's alright, my Lady. It's rather late and you've only been on the throne for a few months at best. Perhaps there just wasn't any time for your protector Hebi to properly give it to you..." he tried his best to calm her down, "Perhaps we should try this again in the morning when you've rested?" He asked.

"He's no proper protector," She hissed out before restraining herself with difficulty. "... sorry." She said, working up the nerve to finally look back over at Siya. "But I don't think it's... it's that simple. I've been suspicious of Hebi since I returned. He skirted around any questions I asked about my brother and... he had a habit of disappearing." Part of her felt awful for dumping all these problems on Siya the instant he got here.

To be honest, she hadn't known who to go to. Eugene hadn't been of much help, given his isolation, and speaking of her doubts regarding Hebi to the court was like uttering words of slander against her father. It was as if they were all in this weird haze and blind to the obviously suspicious actions that her advisor carried out.

"I see," Siya muttered softly as he dropped his gaze down to the table top. Was it that Hebi really was so bad? Not that he would really know, he had both Marie and Seth. Maybe he'd just gotten lucky in those that served him. He frowned slightly, that wasn't a particularly good thing to think...

"My Lady," Siya started, looking up at her intently, "I'm sure there is an explanation to all of this. For now, get some rest. Tomorrow we can find your protector Hebi and question him," the Fire King announced. His own suspicions of this protector rising heavily. It was almost too coincidental for this 'Hebi' to be disappearing, the earth orb in his possession and the water orb missing. Could... could Hebi have the water orb? If so... that meant that he was responsible for the Water King's death...

Stop Siya commanded himself. He was getting way to far ahead of himself. He would think about all of this later when there was more time. At the moment, they were all tired from riding so long and he was sure that Lady Bephat was tired too, her anxiety was enough to guess at it.

She furrowed her brows but managed to smile lightly at his suggestion. "Perhaps that would be for the best..." She gestured to a few of the servants nearby, directing them towards her guests. "They will show you to your chambers. I attempted to prepare them in a way that resembles your kingdom." A part of her remembered what Eugene had said about the clashing colors but she chose to ignore that comment. Better to make her guests feel comfortable than out of place.

"I'll have someone fetch each of you in the morning and we can continue our discussion then," At least she was able to end on a more firm note. Far more securely than how she felt at the moment.

Standing Siya nodded to her with a smile, "Thank you, my Lady, I'm sure they're just fine though you did not need to go through all the trouble. In any case it is appreciated," he offered, "We'll continue this in the morning."

He followed after the servants who led them through the halls of the palace. He didn't dare say anything about the orb in front of the servants as he was fairly sure they were not privy to the information, just as his own weren't as well. He kept his thought to himself, musing over the implications about this 'Hebi' protector. He wondered what the story was behind the man who carried the earthen orb and hadn't given it to Queen Bephat. It made him nervous on the situation entirely. Not to mention that neither protectors were seen with her.

Siya released a heavy sigh as they came to the door that was to be his quarters. The servants opened it and he walked in, admiring the work that the Lady had done to make it feel like his own. A small smile creased his lips as he stepped into the room that had been done up in dark reds and oranges. Turning to the door he caught Seth and Marie before they were shown to the rooms right next to his, "Tomorrow, search this palace for the one named Hebi and bring him to Lady Bephat and I. Get some rest, both of you," he said and turned away to close the door.