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Clarity The Angel Of Death (Carity The Patient)

0 · 150 views · located in Tenebris

a character in “Kings & Queens {Remake}”, as played by ElegantBlue


Name: Clarity

Age: 973

Appearance: A tall girl with black wings, and dark blue eyes. Also long black hair.

Species: An Angel Of Death (Reaper). One of the oldest races of the angels alive in the world. It has said that they could take your soul with just a glace, but they are just the rumors. The truth is they can only take the soul right when the being dies. Once absorbed the 'Reaper' is said to gain power. They are also known for being very quiet, and sneaky.

Realm: Tenebris

Want to Rule the Realm: Yes

Dialog color =#663399

Personality: She has a calm personality, and is very rational. To most she seems cold, and distant, but the truth is she is very thoughtful. She is perceptive, and usually know what is happening. She thinks with enough of time from her long life she will take over Tenebris, but that she will have to wait patently for it. She would rather take control politely, but she will fight if it comes to it.

Background: Clarity was born in Sanctus, but soon moved away when she was old enough, cause she was not the most respected races of angels. Most of the modern creatures, and angels have this fear of these angels. After that she spent her life in Tenebris watching the world change. Now she feels something is about to change so she is getting ready. So she feels it's her time to strike for the rule of the realm even though she does not many people.

So begins...

Clarity's Story


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As Clarity sits alone in her house sitting on her bed leaning on her side table. Witch has a small wooden clock that she got for her 11th birthday. She even keep it to this day. Witch for her is just another boring day. She takes a deep breath, and then sighs. She want to take a trip back to Sanctus, but she is having money problems. She needs to go into town, and get a new job. Since she lost her old job the other day. Her old job was to sell candles on the street. Barely anyone bought the candles anyway so she decided to stop, and get a better job.

She finally stands up, and gets dressed. When she's done grab her backpack. It doesn't have much, but a few candles, and a black scarf. She is thinking of selling the scarf for some money. When she got it she thought it was cool, but now she thinks of it as a waste of money. Anyway she walks up to her front door, but before she exited she grabbed a steel dagger. She put it on a leg strap on her right leg. "Can never be to careful" she whispered to her self. So she opened the door, and started to head out. She is currently walking on a path to a small town in Tenebris called Halstead. When I say small I mean small. It has a about only 6 house's, and a medium sized inn. Also a small bar. That's pretty much it. Well there is a farm the is near the town, but no one talks to the owner cause he is never home. The work on the farm is mainly done by hired help.

Clarity has now made it to the entrance to the town. There is one guard sleeping next to a tree. Clarity just walks past him to get to the bar witch is right next to the entrance. She thinks maybe she could get a job there. like a bartender, or something like that. She get to the entrance of the bar, and walks in, and sits down at a table near a corner to think about if she really wants to get a job her. She sits down, and looks around. She notices something different from the last time she came hear. She sees that there seemed to be a man siting down at a table with another man playing cards. One seems to be anxious, and it doesn't seem like it's about the game. The other man is calm, and has dark drown hair. She also noticed something very important thing that he was holding on to the handle of his sword. It was a iron cutlass. The man with the brown hair stands up, and walks up to a man that usually goes hear to get drunk when he gets to him the mans pulls his cutlass, and swings at the man. Clarity start to pull out her dagger, but it was to late the man was dead. Clarity still throws her dagger at the man. Hitting him in the stomach area. She start to runs towards the man and pull the dagger out of his stomach. The anxious man pulls out a cutlass that basically that was the same as the other man's cutlass. He slashes Clarity in the leg. Clarity let out a small scream of pain right before the man runs away out of the bar. After the bartender was standing there in shock she finally snapped out of it, and went towards Clarity, and helped her rap her leg with some bandages that were near the bar table. Clarity start to try to stand up, but can't after about 4.5 minutes she passed out cause the bandages weren't properly put on right.


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Clarity is currently rest on a small wooden bed with a small cloth over her. The room around her seemed to be in the bar. While she start to get up the bartender walked in to the room. "how are you doing, can you walk?" She ask. "I'm fine" clarity says as she gets up and walks to her with a limp. "Good you can walk, anyway we need to go" she said in a serious tone. "why" clarity asked confused. "Well I heard from some fallen angels that Violet attacked Chaos so most of the people are going to Sanctus, and I'm willing to bring you along if you want" She said quickly.If they go into war it would surely mean the fall of Violet's reign though Clarity. It would most likely fall into the rule Pinxounuhn Oicoisum. Also she thought about the other matter. If she want to go to Sanctus. Of course it will be safer, but what can she do then. She can think of nothing that can help her at this time. On the other hand she could stay here, and reap soul on the battle fields of war. It would make her slowly gain power, but probably attract attention. In the end she decided to go, and take the safe rout. "How are you going to get to the realm?" Clarity asked. "Well I going to make a portal with a friend I know who's a wizard" She said. "I'll go, but on one condition we go straight to Sanctus" Clarity said in a harsh demanding tone. "Ok, Ok should we go?" She said "Wait whats your name?" Clarity ask carious. "Rose"