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Arianna Jones

She will only answer to Aria, A, or Aria.
Her best friend (TBA) calls her Ria


Face Claim:
Amber McCrackin



Random Facts:
★She has a pet hamster named Robo
★She has a kitten named Dagger, Dags
for short
★She loves buffalo chicken and ranch
★She likes to doodle on her arms
★She has an obsession with stars
◇Height: 4'11"
◇Weight: 99lbs
◇Eye color: Deep blue
◇Hair color: Depends on the day
right now its blue.
◇Piercings: Snakebites, gages earlobes,
industrial, cartilage, nose, tongue, inbetween her eyes,
belly button
◇Tattoos: Tattoo 1, Tattoo 2


♥Bright colors
♥Her hair
♥Night time
♥Haunted Houses
♥Horseback riding
♥Her friends
♥Being random
♥Being wrapped up in blankets
♥Horror movies

♠Dull colors
♠Her mom
♠School work
♠Being cold
♠Annoyingly preppy girls with the high pitched voices

X Opening herself completely up to someone
X Never finding love
X Forever being alone

Most people would categorize Aria into the Emo/punk clique. But she really doesn't care for sterotypes. She is who she wants to be and wont change for anyone. She is very independent and does what she wants when she wants. She has some home issues that has always bothered her but she usually burys her issues down inside her and doesn't let anyone see that part of her because then people might think she is weak. Well thats what her mother says.

Aria never feels comfortable being herself at home so when she is at school or with her friends she bes who she really is and doesn't need to hide herself. She is usually upbeat around her friends, can be very random and gets distracted easily. She likes to go to parties mostly so she can dance with other girls. To her friends, she is really loyal and would do anything for them. She may be this tiny girl but man if you piss her off she is a little spitfire and can mess with people mentally pretty bad. So fore warning dont mess with her or her friends.

Aria was born to Janelle and Robert Jones. Her mother was a police officer and her father was a journalist for the local newspaper. She was an only child. Her mother was always strict and hard with her while her dad was the softy. As she got older she learned that she never really could appease her. She always seemed to be doing something wrong that would piss off her mother and when she became a teen it just seemed to get worse. She rebeled against her mom in many ways, such as getting piercings she wasnt suppose, getting tattoos, hanging out with people her mother didnt approve of, dying her hair abnoxious colors. She did most of these things to get a rise out of her mother. She waa grounded a lot but she didnt usually listen to the rules her mother gave her while being grounded. When she was fourteen her emotions kind of went wild and she got into a low depression and did some self harm. She doesnt do it much anymore but its one of the reasons why people call her emo. When she was fifteen she came out to her mom and dad, the conversation sorta went like this:
Aria: "Mom, Dad I gotta tell you something"
Mom: "What now Ariann" Dad: "Yes hunny?"
Aria: "Im gay"
Dad "Thats okay sweetie we will.." Mom interrupts: "What!You cant be gay!Your my daughter, this is just a phase! You have no clue what your talking about!"
Aria: "I know who I am and I am not changing!" she leaves the room.

Ever since then her relationship with her mom has been very strained , usually the only time there talking is when they where arguing with eachother. She stays out of the house more often now and spends time with her best friend, she has yet to meet a girl she would really like to get to know better but she hopes she will soon. There has been a girl she has had her eyes on but really hasn't got to know that much about her.


So begins...

Aria's Story