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Kissed By Shadows

Kissed By Shadows


Who isn’t drawn to the glamor of eternal life, the ability to live forever? The immortal walk among us, seemingly normal and impossible to detect. Some see their immortality as a curse. What would you do?

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ImageHow The Story Began...
Who isn’t drawn to the glamor of eternal life, the ability to live forever? For centuries, humans have sought out ways to become immortal. Throughout history, there have been tales of those who searched for ways to stay young and beautiful forever, to prolong their life past the natural point. Despite all of the different tellings in history, only one path to immortality has ever actually existed.

The Ancient Egyptians were known for their belief in the afterlife and their elaborate death rituals. The ancient Egyptian funerary text, the Book of the Dead, consisted of numerous magical spells that were intended to assist a deceased person’s journey through the underworld and into the afterlife. Many of these spells were used during funerary celebrations and rituals and were common knowledge - but there was one page of the book that was never to be used. The power of the spell was unknown and was forbidden by the gods to be tested. The Book of the Dead was only handed down to the priests of the Pharaoh, but like most secrets, rumors of the existence of the forbidden page leaked out into the public throughout the generations.

For years, the page was never disturbed for fear of the gods wrath. However, one Pharaoh’s son caused everything to fall apart when he fell in love with a slave girl. The man threatened to run away and give up his throne to be with the insignificant slave, which enraged the Pharaoh. In order to prove how powerful he was and get rid of the disgrace to the kingdom, the Pharaoh ordered his son to be killed. Underestimating the power of love, the Pharaoh thought that the entire mess would be over when his guards stabbed his son and left him to die.

Desperate to find a way to keep her lover alive, the slave ripped the forbidden page out of the Book of the Dead, gifting herself with immortality before bringing her lover back to life. When he awoke, he was furious with her for disturbing the balance of life and betraying the secrets of the gods. The son of the Pharaoh knew that this immortality could be a curse and that the balance of the universe would never be the same again.

Despite his anger, the two traveled together all over the world, living as many different identities. Although the young man knew it would be better to not pass along the curse to anyone else, the former slave girl fed off the rush of power it gave her to perform the spell on others. Throughout history, she turned other individuals into immortals as well, always careful to be selective about who she wanted to join the ranks of the forever living. Some were pleased with this transformation, while others felt it was more of a curse.

Most of the immortal individuals saw themselves to be invincible since they had already evaded death once already, but when one of their own was found dead in an alleyway, their confidence was shaken. The loss of immortality had seemed impossible before, but the recent discovery has everyone reeling. Some hope to find the answer so that they can be finally put to rest, while others wonder if this is the start to a power struggle - one where every secret kept is critical to the very balance of life and death.
While the immortals struggle to understand if their gift is being ripped from them, the mortals in New York have their own problems. The giant up and coming make up company Evanescent has been involved in a number of scandals in the past few years, but the latest involves the genetic researcher they hired stealing work from someone else in the field. Studying beauty and youth can be incredibly alluring, but will the answers they find help society, or just cause a public uproar? Better yet, is this something the Immortals have to worry about too?

Toggle Rules

1. This is a mature-rated role-play, and therefore themes such as sex, alcohol, drug use, etc., will be part of it on a daily basis.

2. If you are inactive for four days, your character will be opened back up. I understand if you need to be inactive for a few days just message me so I know what's going on.

3. No OOC drama. If there’s a problem, please message me as soon as possible. IC drama is highly encouraged! We will not tolerate out-of-character hate speech.

4. Interact with everybody. We understand that not all characters are going to get along, but we don’t want anybody to feel left out or excluded, We definitely do not want to see bubble-shipping or bubble-roleplaying in this group.

5. This is first and foremost, a paragraph role-play. All paragraphs must be written in third person perspective, past tense.

6. Godmodding will not be tolerated.

7. The use of proper grammar and spelling is mandatory.

8. I need to approve any major plots (i.e. marriage, pregnancy, traumatic experiences, major illnesses and injuries, accidents, death, etc.) before the player can carry them out. This is to ensure that major changes don’t disturb gameplay.

8.5. All characters are on the first page in the OOC.

9. When reserving a character put your favorite vampire movie or tv show also put the face claim and a couple of facts about your character for example who you're interested in (Role 1-10) who you would like to be friends with,etc.

10. Please don't ask to switch the FC If you really can't stand it then I will let you switch.

11. Please be active, right in full paragraphs minimum of two and please be considerate to others.

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