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Henry Cavanaugh

Your love by ours we measure Till we have lost our treasure, But dying is a pleasure, When living is a pain.

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a character in “Kissed By Shadows”, as played by Smokescreen


Henry Cavanaugh


"Virtue is not loved enough, because she is not seen; and vice loseth much detestation, because her ugliness is secret." - Joseph Hall


Name: Henry Cavanaugh
Changing every seventy years, it's how time passes for me.

Nicknames: None
I find shortened names condescending.

I would say I look to be in my mid twenties.

Gender: Male
A silly question.



✦1 - Literature; works that stirs sorrow, love, anger - makes me feel human
✦2 -German Wine; the Saxon have come a long way in this regard
✦3 - Music; with such variety how can one choose?
✦4-Teaching; my only real joy of life
✦5-The Color Blue; favored by princes and peasants alike with dozens of shades
✦6-Traveling; I've seen near every inch of this world but who doesn't like to revisit old friends?

✧1 -Infidelity; those that would betray anything they once held dear, be it person or creed
✧2- Spiders; a literal Satan in flesh
✧3-Nebraska; the reason is my own
✧4-Killing humans for food; it never sat well with me
✧5-Plastic eating utensils; feels unnatural and disgusting
✧6-Those who would call a subordinate "Rockstar", you are the worst kind of human garbage

↡1-Isabella, she is and will always be my sweetest sour
↡2-A pretty face and a sad story, perhaps the need to be the rescuer I fall for it every time
↡3-Melancholie, I can from time to time become morose regarding my immortal predicament
↡4-Elderberry Torte, something half-remembered from my youth
↡5-Still believing there is good in people, though they have continuously proved me wrong

My only fear is to keep living; our kind has extended our lives to unnatural ends and we have seen the ebb and flow of kingdoms. What if in the end it is just us; un-aging guardians to a planet of corpses, with only rats and worms to keep us sane. You ask of fear, could you imagine such a hell?



Personality Traits:
☾3-Absent Minded

I would say the only connection I have worth note is Isabella. I hate her for what she did, what she made me - but then again, I have loved no one longer. Some days I can think of only her, in those times I imagine she thinks of me too. When we were together entire decades melted away - I was so deeply in love with everything that made her, her. From her laugh to the way she called my name or how she smelled after a rain. I forgave her trespass the first time I saw her smile but I can not forget what she denied me.


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Present: (to be added later)

So begins...

Henry Cavanaugh's Story