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Hanamiya Makoto

Whether it's genius or prodigy, once it's broken, it's just garbage.

0 · 451 views · located in Mafia Universe

a character in “KNB: Boardwalk Territory”, as played by byabun


The only Mafia group within Japan, the previous leader having successfully united all mafias to be one within the country. Currently led by a young man named Hanamiya Makoto.


Canon/OC: Canon

Name: Hanamiya, Makoto

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Faction: Mafia's Leader (who doesn't pop up in dirty deeds often)

Appearance: Hanamiya has dark hair, almost black, with a lighter shade above his darker one. His eyes would be described as to be rather droopy and oozing with ill intents, but even so, it's not slanted; his eyes are actually quite large. This person doesn't like wearing fancy coats and suits; he usually wears a dark button-up shirt with his sleeves rolled up, black leather pants and leather shoes. Nothing too fancy, but his wardrobe consists of mostly darker hued clothes.

Personality: There's not much of a difference between Hanamiya's personality in this AU and in canon except for that he is much crueler here. He does not only crush a person's hope in basketball anymore, but in their life as a whole. He kills to see the pain in his victim's faces, the psychological results in the survivor who might or might not witness the act. He thoroughly savors it all, and enjoys every bit of reaction he gets. Hanamiya knows he is very intelligent and plans everything in the blink of an eye, so his plans rarely fail-- if you're brave enough, you can say it has a 98% chance of success. Though, even if Hanamiya is level-headed and sadistic most of the time, when his plan fails, he seem to panic. Before he became the leader of the mafia, Hanamiya used to hyperventilate and snap when his plans were foiled, blaming it on others (even though he knew very well that it was also his fault). After experiencing some failures, the young man now handles it better (but he is still quite in a vulnerable state if you catch him witnessing/knowing his plans didn't work).

Background: [WIP IN THE PROCESS OF THINKING OVER AND WRITING MMK? <3] Hanamiya Makoto, a prodigy and a genius acknowledged by many people; he was born in a very fancy environment, considering that his parents were one of the richest in town. Nonetheless, Makoto never really gave a damn about money and belongings; none of them struck fancy to him

Special Abilities:
  • Above average intelligence - This is not an ability, but it is one of the reasons why his abilities developed.
  • Spider Web - His spider web that is almost impossible to be broken, where Hanamiya evaluates a person and come up with mostly all he things that he/she might do and the solutions. Because of this, Hanamiya knows of close to all of the possible routes a person might take, deeming it 'impossible' to escape his grasp and plans.
  • Quick reflexes - Hanamiya isn't the most muscle-built man or the fastest nor the strongest, but he has quick reflexes, adding his reflexes with his spider web (especially when engaging in combat), he is a very tricky opponent to deal with.

Additional Info:
  1. Hana's not much of a fighter, more of a strategist. Others do his dirty works. Kinda the guy-behind-everything type of guy.
  2. When fighting, he mostly dodges and attacks at an optimal time... but he rarely fights, so yeah.
  3. Because he's really smart, he tends to look down on people. This is one of his weaknesses; sometimes, he might underestimate.

Tumblr URL: sixteenth-jersey

So begins...

Hanamiya Makoto's Story