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Hanamiya Misaki

Please forgive brother.. ;;

0 · 372 views · located in Seirin District

a character in “KNB: Boardwalk Territory”, as played by byabun


Canon/OC: OC

Name: Hanamiya, Misaki

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Faction: In a way, mafia; but she usually stays at home due to her condition(s)

Appearance: She has long, dark hair which reaches her back's middle and honey-colored eyes. However, the most distinct characteristic she has are her eyebrows for they resemble Hanamiya's very much. Misaki is quite petite and short, being only 5" for someone who is 23-- even so, her body used to be rather curvy. After a few years of finding out about her leukimia, though, Misaki's appetite diminished slowly and she's quite thin compared to how she was before. She has a sickly pale skin and chapped lips, but her eyes are filled with life (unlike the rest of her physical appearance).
Her wardrobe usually consists of large, warm clothes since she gets cold easily. It's also to hide her rather sickly figure-- the colors range from dark to light. Misaki has no favorite color.

Personality: Her personality is rather complicated. At glance, she looks kind and understanding of others as if she was the complete opposite of her (half) brother. In reality, though, Misaki is pretty dark with her thoughts-- except when she expresses her feelings and thoughts, she uses sweeter words so that the other won't feel uncomfortable around her. Having had experienced more or less the same things has Makoto did, Misaki's train of thought can sometimes be questionable. Anyways, Misaki is somewhat like the spiderweb to a spider, which in this case is her brother. You could suppose she is a fragile thing, but also beautiful and wonderful at the same time-- she supports her spider perfectly, and helps him catch his prey. When you think Misaki is near, she is actually very far away... but when you think it's okay to be close to her, you'll be too wrapped up to notice that you're her brother's next prey. Not only that, sometimes you can subtly catch her saying phrases that doesn't sound exactly sane for a person who's right in the head...

Background: [gonna be written later after i write makoto's lmao eue]

Special Abilities: None, really. She doesn't engage in combat.

Additional Info:
  1. She has the same father as Makoto's, but different mothers.
  2. She used to be sometimes abused by Makoto back when their parents were still alive (see Makoto's background for information).
  3. Misaki probably is most of Makoto's mental support.
  4. Absolutely hates being cooped up in her room, but has no choice most of the time.
Tumblr URL: sixteenth-jersey

So begins...

Hanamiya Misaki's Story