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KNB: Boardwalk Territory

Mafia Universe


a part of KNB: Boardwalk Territory, by byabun.


byabun holds sovereignty over Mafia Universe, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Mafia Universe is a part of KNB: Boardwalk Territory.

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Kise Ryouta [0] "A blade only cuts well when sharpened."
Aomine Daiki [0] "The only one who can beat me, is me."
Kasamatsu Yukio [0] Sick of your shit already.
Hanamiya Makoto [0] Whether it's genius or prodigy, once it's broken, it's just garbage.
Shougo Haizaki [0] Mafia Haizaki

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'Landing in Tokyo, Japan in five minutes.'

Yawning loudly into his hand, Kagami pulls out his headphones and peers out the small window of his first-class seat. Thanks to his father, the redhead had a comfortable 19 hour flight to his home country. He may call it "home" but really, Kagami lived most his life in LA. His father questioned why Kagami insisted on going to Japan, and honestly, he really didn't have a reason. Japan was the place he was born in and although it didn't hold many pleasurable memories, he felt a sense of nostalgia. Perhaps it was because Japan was the only thing he can connect with his mother. Surely before she left this world, he was placed into her arms. According to his father, his mother was quite proud of her country. The only reason why his father left to LA was to have a fresh start; for Kagami's own good.

As the plane finally lands, the tall redhead reaches over to grab out his bag, rolling his stiff shoulders. He had forced himself to change his sleeping schedule so that he won't be a mess once he arrived in Japan. Kagami ended up oversleeping to match time and his muscles were aching from the awkward position he was sleeping in. In the end, a bed is the best thing to sleep on.

Leaving the airport was no problem at all. However, from that point on, Kagami had no idea where he was supposed to go. Of course he visited Japan from time to time for vacation when he was younger, but it was his father that did all the driving and getting the directions. This was the first time he step foot in Tokyo alone. Scratching his head, Kagami stared at his phone where he had saved the address to his new home in Japan-- but home can come later. He was instructed to meet a man named Midorima Shintarou as soon as possible.

With much hesitation, Kagami wanders around until he manages to catch a taxi, waving his hand awkwardly.

"Er, can you go-- ... I mean uh, please go here... desu."

Damn, he can already tell it won't be easy getting used to speaking Japanese after all his time spent in America.

"Well whatever, I'll deal with it," he mutters to himself.

Staying awake throughout the long three hour drive to the city, Kagami nervously fidgets with the ring around his neck. Upon arrival to his destination, the redhead plays the driver-- probably a little more than he was supposed to-- and hurries off the cab. Staring at the department building with the logo of the Japanese police, he takes in a deep breath and walks up the steps. Yeah, he got this... totally got this.