Olabode Elliot

Spunky yet determined, ready to do what must be done.

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a character in “Knights of Sacris”, as played by That Ginger Guy


Name: Olabode Elliot
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance: Small. Like really tiny. 5’2” 120lbs soaking wet.
City: Vanduo
Weapon Used: Olabode uses a large shiruken/chakram when fighting, named Lanoigher. He can use it for close combat or even ranged. Size-wise it is about 18 inches in diameter. This weapon had been lost and forgotten due to the Knights of water before him not possessing the necessary qualities. The material is unknown yet it always is freezing to the touch regardless of surroundings.
Appearance of Armor:
Personality: Olabode is a very spunky and active young man. Always with a smile on his face and seemingly no care in the world. Don’t be surprised if you get a sudden hug flying from nowhere. Full of life and joy Olabode is always a pleasant companion.
History: Being a citizen of the City of Water, Vanduo, Olabode has always been in the water. Assuming he would be chosen as a fisherman on the day of his ceremony, he was socked to discover a different fate awaited him. Now a part of the Order, Olabode has commited himself fully to the cause of protecting humanity. After man attempts at finding a teacher and style for him, the proper teacher came around. Being trained in the arts far different then what the Knights are commonly known for, Olabode found himself and the strength he possesses.

So begins...

Olabode Elliot's Story