Takaru Mustaine

Jedi Master

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a character in “Knights of the New Rupublic”, as played by SamuraiMaster


Age: 44
Rank: Master (Guardian)
Height is 6'8''
Race: Human
Powers (If jedi): Nuetral powers.


Takaru most of the time is a man of respect. He does not like t joke around. He is a man who goes straight to the point and doesn't have much to smile about.

In combat, he is almost another person. He fights using the style Vapaad, which is one of the most difficult forms of lightsaber combat to master. Vapaad was also the most aggressive and violent and some Jedi look at Takaru and some may think his decision to master the form was a mistake. Takaru ignores them.


Robes. Two Deep blue lightsabers. The two can connect into a double bladed saber. The crystal used is Hurrikaine, and the blades will not short out underwater. Comlink, other jedi equipment.


Takaru didn't know his parents. He lived and trained most of his childhood on the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyk. It was there he learned the way of the warrior. He was trained in weapons and martial arts and quickly became very strong as a warrior.

Around the age of 12, a Jedi crossed his path and sensed potential in him. He took him in and the council agreed to have him trained. He became a very good jedi, training in most ways. His methods of combat with a lightsaber were nothing short of phenomenal. Though he trained in many forms, he became a master of Vapaad, which gained some attention in the council as no jedi had mastered the technique so unique in a long time.

Around the age of 18, he stepped up from Padawan level and became a Jedi Knight. When he was 32, he was honored with the title of Master. Some describe him as a ferocious warrior with his lightsaber movements while he had a light spirit in battle. Some jedi find this behavior questionable, but it doesn't seem to taint his connection with the force.

(sorry if this is short, but I'm still experimenting with the character :/ )

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Takaru Mustaine's Story