Kieran Howl

Girl 1.

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a character in “Knocking on desires door.”, as played by Kaida



Girl 1

Name: Kieran Howl
Age: 16
Grade: 10th
Reasons for making the wish? she has no friends and there for no social life, she just wants somewhere to escape to.
How did you discover this door? she followed a kid from school into the forest.

So begins...

Kieran Howl's Story


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#, as written by Kaida
“Kieran!” The sound of her mother’s voice echoed through the house, the petite blonde flinching as she stood in the kitchen making her lunch. Her mother’s footsteps bounded down the stairs and through the living room towards her location, Kieran opened the cupboard under the sink and climbed inside.

“WHERE ARE YOU!” Kieran curled up inside the cupboard , pulling her knees as close to her as she could she held her breath.

“KIERAN!” yet again the small girl stayed quiet until she could hear her mother’s footsteps fade into the upstairs again.
Crawling out of the cupboard she quickly packed her lunch in a bag, grabbed the rest of her things and ran out the front door of her house.