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Ashton Riley McHall

The free spirited, optimistic McHall brother

0 · 505 views · located in Sunnyvale, Alaska

a character in “Know The Enemy”, as played by melmolly


The mix-and-match family of refugees


Ashton Riley McHall


Life's just a dangerous game.

Role:Fifth McHall adoptee



Apparent Age:15





Build:Medium,Average Height, Broad shoulders

Hair Colour:Blonde

Eye Colour:Blue

Markings:Ashton has a serpent tattoo around his ankle

Brief written description:Ashton has a very wide forehead and he seems to have blonde hair that is mixed with brown. He has fair skin and his eyes are usually light and cheery. He has elvish ears and medium sized lips.

Clothing preference:Ashton prefers a preppy look but also likes loud clothing from the 90s.

Face Claim:Brett Davern

Skills:Ashton is a skilled shapeshifter and can transform into inanimate objects and animals and is also getting stronger at manipulating his ability to appear as humans. He is an excellent lock picker,carpenter, and is adept at driving all types of vehicles. He is also very good with technical things such as sound, lighting, and video.

Quirks:Whenever he gets a chance, Ashton likes to hum hymns to himself. He also has a weakness for well cooked rigatoni pasta and likes jumping in rain puddles. Although he has a optimistic disposition, whenever Ashton sees small girls he will often grow gloomy and dark for several hours.

Likes:Writing song lyrics, cooking, playing the drums, craft art projects, photography

Dislikes:backstabbers, gossipers, arrogant people, bright orange

Fears:He'll be alone or rejected by his family or that he will forget every memory of his past

Written description: Ashton never remembers much of his past except one thing: his sister Coraline. Growing up, he remembers taking care of her and providing for her. He remembers getting a job in broadcasting to earn money. He never remembers any of his other family members, so he assumes they were never in the picture. However, he remembers every moment playing, feeding, and growing up with Coraline. His favorite memory is when they were on near a river and they took pictures of the fish together. The rest of his life, except for the recent years he's spent with his new family, is very unclear to him. He does not know how he dealt with his supernatural abilities except that he had explained them to Coraline, who for some reason had not received them. He remembers Coraline's death vividly, and how it took a toll on him. He became very reckless and did not abide by the law. In the time he's been with his new family, he's been more disciplined and maintains his happy carefree attitude. His loyalty will always be secured with his family.


Relationship Status:Single


So begins...

Ashton Riley McHall's Story