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Augustus McHall

"Can I help you, ma'am?" WIP

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a character in “Know The Enemy”, as played by OurStars


The mix-and-match family of refugees


Augustus Isaac McHall


"A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval."


McHall Adoptee (Dhampir)



Apparent Age:

Gus, but he really prefers Augustus

Dhampir (Half Human, Half Vampire)

"I was born in America, actually. This was back when it was still part of the British colonies, and before people started to think much about rebelling and forming their own country out of the place. This was also when slavery was still a major issue, unfortunately. My mother was an indentured servant who had moved over on the dime of the people she worked for. So, I lived on a plantation in Georgia, growing cotton and such. Backwards place, always has been, but it was considered normal back then, I suppose."



Augustus is tall and muscular, though he doesn't quite reach the point of buff, nor is he lean. He's just kind of in the middle, strong but not extraordinary as far as level of muscular.

Hair Colour:
The man has dark blond hair and eyebrows to match, though they are about a shade darker. It's often rather messy, if only because he rarely brushes it and has the habit of rubbing his head when he is tired or feeling nervous.

Eye Colour:
Brown, deep set eyes lie just beneath thick eyebrows on the fact of Augustus McHall, eyes that seem relatively warm most of the time. Despite their average color, his eyes have a depth to them, with a slight droopiness that, when his expression is neutral, makes him seem slightly tired. He has no problems with his eyes, being quite confident about his appearance in general.

Indentured servants had a slot above slaves, retaining rights and such, but were often treated just as poorly by the people they worked for. This was the case for Augustus and his mother, unfortunately. He has whip marks crossing his back, having been opened and closed so many times that the scars refuse to fade, even after three centuries of having them. Other than that, he also has bite marks up and down his own arms from where he bit himself to prevent himself from hurting others as a child. He has no tattoos.

Clothing preference:
Having grown up dirt poor, Augustus always had this great love for the sort of suits that he saw the wealthier types wearing all the time. In fact, as soon as he had enough money, he bought himself a suit. He still wears them, in fact, though occasionally will trade the jacket for simply a vest. He's also a very large fan of fedoras, and has been ever since the thirties. His style is definitely classic, while not quite fitting with his specific era. His clothing tend to lean more towards the twenties through the forties of American fashion, in fact. Suits, fedoras, and dress shoes. He probably owns more shoes than some of his sisters, in fact.

Face Claim: Dave Franco


Augustus is quite strong physically, and is very dedicated to keeping himself in shape, even though his vampiric ancestry does lend him strength beyond that of the average human. Other than being strong, he is quite gifted in getting people to do with he wants, to the point where he can convince someone of his opinion without realizing that he is doing it. The man has an undeniable charisma about him, one stemming from a bright smile and the way he holds himself. He's also quite good at playing the saxophone, actually, and can swing (as in the dance, not swings at a playground) better than any other person still alive. He's also pretty good at getting himself out of tight situations, although he rarely uses orthodox methods to do so.

Augustus tends to run his hands through his hair when he is laughing, but the hand lingers slightly longer when it is a more nervous sort of laugh. He puffs up his cheeks, like an angry child, when feeling bored, and keeps up an unwavering eye contact when speaking to someone. Other than that, he seems to be fairly average in his interactions, though he has this way of making a person feel as though they are the ones he has been wanting to see, and as though they actually do command every bit of his attention. He just has a gift for making people feel good about themselves.

Well Dressed People
Big Bands
Swing Music
Naps in the Shade
Dress Shoes
Vivid Dreams
French Fries
The Saxophone
Drum Solos

People Mocking his Accent
Being a Dhampir
Modern Music
Bad Follows
Awkward Moments
The Violin
Lazy Dressers


Written description:


Relationship Status:
Single (Heterosexual)

The McHalls

So begins...

Augustus McHall's Story