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Benjamin McHall

"Is it so wrong to want a peaceful world for your family to live in?"

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a character in “Know The Enemy”, as played by CyanSponge


Benjamin Cornelius McHall


Before God we are all equally wise- and equally foolish.
-Albert Einstein


Patriarch of the McHall Clan



Apparent Age:

Ben, Benji, and Dad to his children


Rome, Italy



Lean and Fit

Hair Colour:
Ranges from brown to dirty blonde

Eye Colour:
Blue-green. In dimmer lighting, his eyes appear blue, sometimes even gray, in a more golden light, his eyes turn green

He has the bite marks from when he was turned on his neck, the scar being easily hidden with the collar of most his suits. He also has two long dashes on his back from the fangs of a werewolf after the wolf had bitten him but didn't have a very good grip so his fangs dragged along Ben's back.

Brief written description:

Clothing preference:
Benjamin practically always wears suits or formal attire, enjoying the more classic look of the suits. Sometimes he'll switch out his suit for a t shirt and [leather] jacket with some jeans, though really it's more often that the only time you'll find him out of a suit is when he just got out of bed.

Face Claim:
Tom Hiddleston


Besides the standard enhanced everything that came with becoming a vampire, Ben excels in hand to hand combat and sword fighting from being in several different wars in his time, though he doesn't quite use those skills as often. He's best at lending a shoulder to cry on and listening to people. It's easy for him to talk to people, naturally having a silver tongue, able to talk his way out of almost any situation. He finds it easy to accept people but isn't very convinced by lies he's most likely told a thousand times before in his long life. He also is rather good with self control, able to stand being around humans even when he's thirsty (though it is rather painful).

Benjamin has a habit of telling stories he's already told many times before, of about anything in his past. He also really enjoys exercising his skills of combat often, especially excited when someone offers to spar with him. Ben can be rather silly and goofy when he's with his kids, having a tendency to treat them like little kids rather than the adults they really are. He's tried to cook for his family before, but it's just a skill he hasn't acquired yet in all his years. It's often him cooking ends with the kitchen flooding with smoke and a blackened, tasteless lump of coal. He tends to be rather affectionate with his wife whenever she's around, always needing someway to prove his love day in and day out.

-Telling stories
-His mixed family
-Seeing his family happy
-Funding any and all of his family member's projects or needs
-Being with his wife
-Seeing his children take after him in some way (though it may not have even been him to influence them into acting this way)

-Someone hurting his family
-Having to lie (especially to his family)
-Killing people
-Losing his temper
-Excluding people

-Losing his children or wife
-His past catching up to him
-Losing control
-Going on a killing rampage

Written description:
Benjamin was born into a rather poor family in ancient Rome, where at the time, battles were taking place all around his homeland. At a young age he was shipped to a school that briefly taught him how to fight in war before being sent off to battle at age 13, something rather common at the time with man power running low. By some miracle, Benjamin managed to survive the battles he had been shipped off to, of course with his young age having to resort to kill-or-be-killed fighting techniques twenty-four/ seven against the grown men in battle. He became a ruthless killer and by the time he had reached the age of twenty, he had been promoted to General in command of several armies. But he lacked training to plan out attacks, the first set of men he sent into war perishing, making it though that he was a traitor, purposefully killing the men in order to weaken Rome's defenses. Benjamin was exiled, his family name a disgrace in Rome. He wandered Italy, a mess with no home to go to. It wasn't until he was at the age of thirty, very close to reaching the end of his lifespan, that he was targeted by a vampire. Ben himself hadn't believed in vampires at the time, but he was forced to believe as he was bitten. He thought he would die, with all his blood sucked out of him, but as he neared unconsciousness, he could feel the fangs leaving him, venom traveling in his veins.

When he woke up again, he was in pain. His throat hurt, burned even. An old man was standing before him, trying to wake him up. Benjamin couldn't hear what he was saying, only able to hear his pulse. Before Ben even realized what he was doing his instinct had taken over, going for the man's neck, sucking blood from the man's body until it grew limp. He found himself growing mad with power, killing so many people and turning many more into vampires, convinced he could create an army of powerful vampires and take over the world. He only managed to get around thirty vampires to agree to fight with him, the rest going off on their own or being so reckless that Benjamin decided they'd be of no use to him and killing them. They managed to take down much of Rome, that was until the church had grouped with the armies, providing holy water, crosses and wooden stakes. After his army had all been killed, Benjamin was the main target of the armies and king. It was because of him that many of the main vampire folklore existed in most of Italy. He fled Italy, wandering the globe and still killing anyone who crossed his path.

He was a ruthless killer with no conscience, often going on massive killing sprees just because he lost his temper. Of course every time he did that he brought on major attention to himself, prompting the ever rising church to use him as one of the examples of demons sent from hell to kill all sinners, prompting many to turn to the church and repent out of fear. But that didn't stop him. It seemed nothing could ever stop him from killing all he pleased to kill. That was his mind set for a rather long time, until he met Antonia. Really it wasn't that he had met her but he had fallen in love with the beautiful creature the moment he laid eyes on her. But she was of werewolf decent, and they only ever told her how evil he was. He realized that he could deny what they said all he wanted but it was all true. He wanted to change for her though. And he did. He had promised that the very last time that he lost his temper would have been with Antonia's abusive husband, killing the wolf after a rather difficult battle, gaining a scar on his back.

From then on, he had changed completely, no more excess killing or losing his temper. He became a kind, polite man, able to control his urges as a vampire. It wasn't long before he and Antonia were married, with Antonia pregnant with their first child. He would do anything for his wife and new daughter Anna. But when Antonia brought up adopting Jayson, Benjamin was hesitant. He hardly knew the girl, and wouldn't be able to tell if she could be able to hurt his family. After some insisting on Toni's behalf, Benjamin reluctantly agreed. It wasn't long before he grew to love Jayson just as much as he loved Anna, and when Antonia wanted to adopt more people into their family, Benjamin was still hesitant but found that he grew just as attached to the new children, loving all his children equally, regardless of species. He felt protective of his family, though it was more a subtle protectiveness, always doing what he thought was best for his family despite what his family might have thought though never losing his temper in the process. Though he always tries his best to keep his temper under control, everyone cracks sometimes. Benjamin has lost his temper in front of his family before, but the worst that has ever happened though was that he yells, not necessarily at any of the members of his family, more often just to no one. The worst thing that had happened when he lost his temper was that he killed three humans, hunters that had been walking though the forest, though he hopes that his family never sees him in such a state. Benjamin has a horrible fear that his past will be revealed to his family, the most he's actually told his family was that he was in the war and a few war stories but nothing of all the countless people he killed for no reason at all.

Relationship Status:
Married to Antonia McHall

McHall Clan

So begins...

Benjamin McHall's Story