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Cassia Blair

0 · 287 views · located in Sunnyvale, Alaska

a character in “Know The Enemy”, originally authored by TillaSpark, as played by RolePlayGateway


An elite pack of werewolves that lives in Sunnyvale, Alaska


Cassia Blair


Role: Youngest Blair Offspring

Gender: Female

Age: 873

Apparent Age: 16

Nicknames: Only members of her family are allowed to call her Sia or Cass, if your not family, you don't get to use a nickname

Species: Werewolf

Birthplace: Northern Ireland

Height: 5'2

Build: She's has a thin stature, with wider shoulders, narrow hips, but still has a curve to her waist.

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Eye Colour: Brown-ish Green or Hazel

Markings: She has a scar on her stomach from a bullet wound, to stab wounds to her upper rib cage and a large scar on her left upper thigh from getting attacked by another werewolf.

Brief written description:
Cassia is a girl who has been obsessed about her health since as long as she can remember. She works every morning with running and a vigorous muscle regiment. This has led to a fit body.

She has a small face with large eyes, a rounder nose and thinner lips. She's more pale, has long dark hair and her hazel eyes are always looking a bit mischievous, simply because of her expressive eyebrows.

What she looks like in her wolf form:

Clothing preference:
Since she lived through almost every single fashion era known to man, she's been able to pick and choose her favorites. She really liked the punk rocker look of the 90s. Her wardrobe staple is a comfy and fitted black, leather jacket. She wares a lot of loose tank tops and t-shirts that are cut in various ways and with pinned or sewn together in mismatched ways. She loves her floral Doc Marten boots, her red cowboy boots, and every single pair of converse sneaker she owns (Roughly 30). She's always wearing jeggings or printed leggings, and in a lot of her shirts, you end up seeing bra, so she has a ton of cute and stylish braletts and bandeaus.

Skills: Cassia is very quick and sneaky. She uses her unnatural stealth in human and wolf form, for pranking and hunting respectively. She's also incredibly fast, and fairly good fighter. Her bite is actually worse then her bark, and since she usually attacks first, there usually isn't a lot of bark.

Quirks: She's a little... okay, incredibly obsessed with her violin, one she's had since she was five in real life, and she also has an electric violin, well... two electric violins. And another acoustic one, but it's a Stradivari, so it was worth the money. She's constantly playing, cleaning, thinking, and writing songs for her violin. She also tends to bite her lip when embarrassed or ashamed.

Likes: She likes art, music, nature, and reading.

Dislikes: The Holdens, vampires in general, pretentious assholes, and judgmental people.

Fears: Her greatest fear is harm coming to her family. She also is afraid of being alone. She either gets depressed or paranoid if left in a place by herself for a long period of time.

Written Description:
Cassia was born in a small village in northern Ireland. She was the bastard daughter of the leader of the village, but he treated her as one of his true borns... until she got bitten. She was bored one night on a full moon and couldn't sleep, so she went for a walk in the village. She had heard the stories but made her mind up not to believe them. She thought of them as lies to keep the children in her beds at night. She heard something coming in the darkness, but she thought her mind was playing tricks on her, until a wolf jumped out and bit her. Her family abandoned her and she lived a wild life in the Irish forests until she came upon the Blair family. She was hungry, and the other Irish girl, Faylinn shared some food with her. Ever since then she has been apart of their family.
Cassia is a very snarky and sarcastic girl. She's rarely speechless and isn't afraid of speaking her mind. She appears confident and laid back, but inside her head is racing.

Cassia has always suffered from some pretty bad anxiety, but she's had hundreds of years to learn how to control it and manipulate it. She's very intelligent, but tends not to show it. She hates showing off and never brags about anything. She's wary of everyone who isn't her family or considered an ally, and it could take years for her to trust you.

Relationship Status: Single

Family: Blair


So begins...

Cassia Blair's Story