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Gabriel Holden

"It's easy to lead two separate lives. The hard part is keeping them separated."

0 · 694 views · located in Sunnyvale, Alaska

a character in “Know The Enemy”, as played by CyanSponge


Gabriel Jacques Holden


A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.
-George Bernard Shaw

Fourth Holden Offspring



Apparent Age:



Paris, France



Lanky and Thin

Hair Colour:
Dark Brown

Eye Colour:

He has a tattoo on his arm that says 'You Only Live Forever'. On his shoulder is a large cross that looks as though is made of stakes and as if it's impaling his skin. The only scar he has is on his arm from when he was bitten.

Brief written description:
Gabriel is incredibly tall, even by the present day standards, but he lacks muscle or much definition at all. His features are more angular and neck rather long. His hair is usually short but sometimes he'll let it grow out to his neck, finding he likes the soft natural curls that he has when he does. His amber eyes are vibrant and if the stare is right, piercing.

Clothing preference:
Gabe likes keeping up with the styles of the time, it's hard to pinpoint exactly what his preference is as it's changing almost all the time. Currently he like a casual t shirt and hoodie combination with jeans. He's never really opposed to dressing formally in a suit but normally he only wears it when he has too.

Face Claim:
Nathaniel Motte


As a vampire, he is quicker, stronger, and more invincible than a human, but he is rather weak in comparison to other vampires, especially Samuhel, the patriarch of his family. He has very little fighting skills, at most he knows how to throw a punch but that's about all. He's actually rather intelligent, many years of living allowed him all the time he wanted for schooling. He would be done with several doctrines if he could have gone to college with other peers. Gabe is a talented lair and a skilled actor, needing to do so if he was to keep some of the secrets he did. It doesn't take him very long to finish a book or a drink, being able to do both in record times. He is incredibly graceful, very good at balancing.

He found out that vampires could get drunk, it just took a little longer. Gabriel loves to party and go out drinking to clubs, even though clubs are rare in Alaska, it's more often that he goes to house parties. He isn't very good with control still, on occasion finding that he just barely rips himself away from a human's neck moments before he bit into them. And sometimes he doesn't stop himself in time.

-Going out
-Pleasing his Patriarch and Matriarch
-His best (human) friend, Noah
-Surfing the Internet
-Partying/ Drinking
-Goofing off

-Losing respect
-Disappointing any of his family members
-Getting Caught doing something wrong
-The conflict between the two families (though he'd never say anything about it)
-Feeling like he has nothing to do

-Isolophobia- Fear of solitude, being alone.
-Athazagoraphobia- Fear of being forgotten or ignored or forgetting.
-That one of his family members were to die.
-That he wouldn't be able to see his friend anymore (even worse if it were by death)

Written description:
Gabriel doesn't remember much about his life before being turned, just that there wasn't much going for him and that he was born in France, before any revolution but by the time he was turned the revolution was just beginning. When he was officially brought into the Holden family, he almost immediately saw Samuhel as his father figure and [Matriarch] as his mother figure. He would do anything for his new family.

Recently, Gabe had made a good friend with a local of the town the Holden's moved to. The human Noah and Gabe soon became best friends, doing most things together. [Noah (FC: Sean Foreman) is the blonde in some of the pictures with Gabriel] It could be arguable that Noah has been an incredibly bad influence on Gabriel, seeing as the nights we once spent reading books and studying to learn more things and feed his hungry mind was soon spent partying, drinking, and sleeping with random women.

Of course, he's never led on that he'd ever done such things to Samuhel or [Matriarch]. It really is as though he lives two separate lives. On one hand he is the obedient, ever learning, son of Samuhel and [Matriarch] Holden, only living to make the two proud and content with him. On the other hand, mainly with Noah and when he's away from the house, Gabe is a partier at heart, always willing to have a good time and go with the flow. He'd hoped that his parents would never see him like that, but there have been a few occasions when he's been caught doing something he shouldn't have, but it was never so often that it might cause suspicion that he behaved like that on a regular basis. He isn't sure if his siblings now of his alternate personality, though he does sometimes let it show around them.

Gabriel has never told Noah of the fact that vampires and werewolves and other magical creatures exist, especially not the fact that he's a vampire himself. Noah often visits the Holden household despite the fact that Gabe has told him numerous times not to, worried not only that his secret might be let out but also that Noah might one day come around when one of his family members were particularly thirsty or when Samuhel was in a bad mood and just ripped the human's head off because of one of Noah's stupid comments. Noah has even tried to flirt with all of Gabriel's sisters.
(Noah is NPC, anyone can control him)

Relationship Status:
Single (Heterosexual)

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