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Irene Blair

The motherly matriarch of the Blair family

0 · 926 views · located in Sunnyvale, Alaska

a character in “Know The Enemy”, as played by PutAnotherX


An elite pack of werewolves that lives in Sunnyvale, Alaska


Irene Elizabeth Blair


“Being a mother is an attitude, not a biological relation.”
― Robert A. Heinlein, Have Space Suit—Will Travel

Role: Matriarch of the Blair family

Gender: Female

Age: 1009 years old

Apparent Age: 32

Nicknames: None

Species: Werewolf

Birthplace: Sparta


Height: 5' 5''

Build: Irene has a very curvy figure

Hair Colour: Dark brown

Eye Colour: Dark brown

Markings: Irene's face is covered in dark freckles.

Brief written description: Irene has a slightly rounded face with full cheeks and lips and high cheekbones. Her eyes are large and dark brown. She has dark freckles splattered around her face that are sometimes more visible than other times and a button nose.

Clothing preference: She usually wears professional clothing (Pencil skirts, etc.), but when she wants to be casual, she wears springy florals and pastel colors to contrast the doom and gloom of the weather.

Face Claim: Meghan Markle




Strength, hearing, smell, sight, and speed enhanced

Breaking up fights



Persuasion (usually of the subtle, gentle variety.)

She has been known to chew her hair under stress

She has a very low self-esteem

She can very easily hide her emotions.

She's something of a foodie.




Her "children"



the Holdens


Her children arguing




Her family getting hurt

Being alone

Written description: Irene does not remember anything of her human life. She still has nightmares about the night she was bitten, however. She remembers waking up to see [Patriarch] and falling in love with him right away. He already had a rivalry with Samuhel Holden. She had spent about a year with him pretending to be his wife before he finally proposed to her. They spent a few decades together before a full moon spurred Irene into losing control in Oxford, and she ended up biting a young man named Eoin Greyson. She woke up next to him in an alleyway, and [Patriarch] found them there as soon as the moon went down. When Eoin woke up, he remembered nothing but his first name. [Patriarch] wanted to put him back on the streets as soon as he recovered, but Irene was overcome with guilt. She convinced [Patriarch] to keep the boy with them as an adopted son using the excuse of stopping him from hurting himself or others. Eoin turned out to be the gateway to all the other adoptions, and it became easier and easier for Irene to convince her husband to take in stray werewolves. Years later, in Northern Ireland, the family of three met up with Faylinn and took her in. Irene had seen Eoin training himself, and she talked him into training his new sister. Next came Theodore, followed by [Fourth] and Cassia.

Irene is a loving, caring person. She has always had a motherly instinct and wanted children of her own. She thinks of their adoptees as her babies, and she is particularly close with Eoin. She is usually very soft and feminine, but she can hold her own in a fight. She acts as a combination of sweet stay-at-home mom and ruthless business woman. Almost everything she does revolves around family.

Relationship Status: Married to [Patriarch]

Family: the Blairs


So begins...

Irene Blair's Story