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Samuhel Holden

"Of all the vampires, I am the one you should try the most to keep peaceable."

0 · 652 views · located in Sunnyvale, Alaska

a character in “Know The Enemy”, as played by crybloodredtears


A wealthy coven of vampires that live in Sunnyvale, Alaska


Samuhel Isaiah Holden


"As in the words of the great Julius Caesar; veni, vidi, vici. 'Tis truly such a pity that he died mere decades before my own birth.. I would have enjoyed discussing war strategies back then."


Role: Holden Family Patriarch

Gender: Male

Age: Two-Thousand and Twenty

Apparent Age: Mid-Twenties

Nicknames: Sam

Species: Vampire

Birthplace: What eventually became known as Aberystwyth, a town in Wales


Height: 6'2''

Build: Tall with broad shoulders and a fit, muscular body

Hair Colour: Light Brown

Eye Colour: Blue

Markings: Samuhel has many scars all over his body from fighting in many battles. He also has a large tribal tattoo covering over half of his torso, back and left arm.

Brief Written Description: Samuhel is considered average height nowadays but, once upon a time, his 6'2'' frame used to be considered taller than most men. He weighs 190lbs and retains plenty of muscle. Sam has slightly tanned skin, light brown hair that he typically keeps short, and blue eyes that can appear kind or cruel, depending on the circumstances or person. He also happens to have a rather strong jawline, I might add.

Clothing Preference: Samuhel is either seen walking around in shorts with no shirt or wearing one of his very expensive and custom made suits. There's no happy, comfortable medium with this man.

Face Claim: Paul Walker


Skills: With all five senses enhanced, extraordinarily quick reflexes and the ability to move faster than lightning; Samhuel isn't a force to be reckoned with. In addition, like most vampires, he retains superhuman strength.. Not that Samuhel is quite a skilled pianist which is something he occasionally employs to relax.

Quirks: Samuhel was raised by his parents, way back when the Romans were conquering countries left and right, that appearances were the most important. Due to this, he has a tendency to look his best even when it's unnecessary. Additionally, he speaks formally to nearly everyone, including family. Oh, and should he ever become angry people truly know immediately. He becomes quieter and speaks softly. Beware to those who don't shut their mouths and listen to a livid Holden patriarch because, well, he's unpredictable at this point.

Likes: Samuhel is very particular about how things in his household appear, his family and how they behave, and to look his best. He rather enjoys the occasional trip to the sea, travelling the world, and relaying his past experiences to those who are interested in his two-thousand plus years of "life" experience. He has a huge appreciation for the arts; music, sculptures, paintings, etc. He loves them all. It might also do to mention that blood is his favourite beverage, if it could be called that, as well as a necessity for his survival. Not that that matters much to him as he truly doesn't mind the viscous liquid.

Dislikes: Werewolves, first and foremost, are not a dislike. Samuhel's emotions are much too strong to merely describe as such and, instead, are more of a hatred. He holds the beasts in very low regard and would not hesitate to kill them. Hmm, I suppose the Blair family could fall under dislike too but they're much closer to hatred as well.. being werewolves and all. Disobedience is a behaviour he absolutely does not stand for, especially coming from his own family members. It is often met with harsh repercussions. He hates when he witnesses someone crying and is most likely to try to make it stop -- he even becomes more kind when he does so as to help.

Fears: Despite his harsh behaviours to others, Samuhel cares very much for his family and is absolutely terrified of seeing any of them die.. or hear of their deaths. He's seen many he loves die over time and refuses to stand to see any more of his beloved family perish, especially at the hands of a werewolf.

Written Description: Samuhel has lived a long time and his past experiences have ultimately changed his overall personality. Where he used to be the type of kind young man to help his seniors in whichever way necessary, a smile on his lips, he'd still do the same... If he wasn't older than practically every other person on the planet, not counting other vampires.

He's a rather distant man, keeping most of his emotions controlled to the point he seems emotionless, hard and downright cruel. Truly, he is kind and caring but merely afraid of losing the one's he cares for. He is unused to showing a lot of affection to others, including his children, but would do anything for them just the same. And, should he see or hear them cry, he'd be the first one there to listen to their concerns and assuage any fears they have.

He's rather good at acting and can make others believe he is happy, etc, just by controlling his facial expression so well. This being said, it shows how manipulative this man can really be.

Samuhel, although hating to admit this, is quite aware of the emotions he has as they are rather hard for him to deal with. He can become quite easily angered and, when this occurs, he can have mood swings as the drop of a hat. I suppose something he and his self-control can be proud of is the fact that he hasn't cried since his parents were murdered over two-thousand years ago.

Relationship Status: Married

Holden Family
First Wife: Margeurite -- Deceased
Second (Current)Wife: --
Daughter: Karolina Holden
Daughter: Amanda Holden
Son: Gabriel Holden
Daughter: Talitha Holden
Child: --

So begins...

Samuhel Holden's Story