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Talitha Holden

"Being burned alive does have the unfortunate consequence of making one a bit cautious."

0 · 658 views · located in Sunnyvale, Alaska

a character in “Know The Enemy”, as played by OurStars


A wealthy coven of vampires that live in Sunnyvale, Alaska


Talitha Keller Holden


"Only the shallow know themselves."


Third Holden Child


431 Years Old

Apparent Age:

Tally or Litha, though generally Talitha is accepted


"I was born in a sleepy little village in Germany, where nothing ever seemed to happen. The tiny population lived alongside the infamous Black Forest, though my family lived a bit further in, where there were more animals to hunt. Although it was peaceful, it was also frightfully boring and dull, and I was rather glad to be rid of the town, especially as the towns people had just burned my mum on a cross, and were after me next. Sleepy little towns have a horrible reputation for overreacting and persecuting, I've found. I'll blame inbreeding."


Talitha has a long body, with proportionate limbs, but also has a slight curve to her waist, despite being otherwise rather plain in form. She has a small bust and narrow hips that part into a pair of long, thin legs. Her limbs are also rather slender, making her seem a little bit bony.

Hair Colour:
Talitha has blond hair, brown in some parts, and eyebrows that are rather dark.

Eye Colour:
The young woman has always disliked her eyes, which are a chocolate brown so deep that they nearly reach blackness. Every one else in her family had these brilliant violet eyes, which were a dominant trait in the bloodline, apparently, but she was stuck with mundane irises. It's something of an insecurity of hers, though hardly more than an annoyance.

Talitha does have a few markings here and there, though that is to be expected of someone who has lived for over four centuries, isn't it? There is a scar on her stomach, caused by someone taking a slash at her with a knife, as well as one on her back, though that one was from a different situation. She has markings on her wrists that never went away, though they have faded to be little more than slight white slivers. Finally, she has a small tattoo on the inside of her left forearm that reads 'Niemand is unersetzlich.' The idiomatic translation of this is No men are indispensable.

Clothing preference:
Talitha tends to wear a variety of clothing, though she is usually dressed rather fashionably. She has a distinct fondness for hats, and can usually be seen wearing them. Her closet is full of a variety of hats, and she rarely wears the same one twice within two weeks. Other than that, there is no specific preference, other than a fondness for pale, almost grayish blue.

Face Claim: Cara Delevingne


Talitha is actually quite agile, and her best form of defense is to simply not be there when the attack comes. Supernaturally fast reflexes allow her to dodge nearly anything, and even among other vampires she is quite talented in the art of avoidance. Other than that, she has a sharp mind that doesn't miss a beat, and a sharp tongue to match, being gifted in the ways of banter. Intelligent and quick to miss an attack- that's her. She's also a decent enough climber, as far as trees go, and retains her hunting prowess from her human childhood as the daughter of hunters and skinners. She can skin a rabbit faster than anyone else, and walk quietly in a forest full of crunchy Autumn leaves.

When Talitha is feeling impatient, she has the tendency to mess around with whatever hat she is wearing at the moment, whether that mean tugging at the brim or taking it off and spinning it around her index finger. Besides that, she purses her lips and moves her mouth to the side when thinking, and, when angry, her face becomes frighteningly tranquil and a curtain seems to fall over her eyes.

Books "My father taught me how to read, but there was rarely much around other than the bible."
Oscar Wilde "Who, actually, once said that quotations are a substitute for wit. If only he weren't so quotable."
Cherry Flavorings
Climbing Trees
The Scent of Gasoline
Fast Cars
People Who Can Make Things
Horror Movies
Slam Poetry

Being Woken Up
Falling Out of Trees
Snowy Days
Romantic Comedies
Slow Movers
The Blairs
Religious Fanatics
The Scent of Coffee
Science Fiction Novels
Being Chased
Those Who Don't Read
Pop Music
Electronic Music
Solved Mysteries

Fire "After being nearly burned alive, I do tend to avoid it, actually."
Mental Deterioration "I'm concerned that, after a while, my mind will no longer be able to handle centuries of knowledge. Others have last for thousands of years, but for how long can our minds hold out?"
Mob Mentality "I've seen what a mob and a dash of paranoia can do: turn rational people into raving lunatics who would burn an entire family alive based on a rumor and the color of their eyes. It's a terrifying thing, mob mentality, and can take the credit for many atrocities.

Written description:
Talitha was born and raised in a small German Village during the late fifteenth century, in a time where fear of witchcraft was heightened by the influences of the Christian religion. The main village bordered the Black Forest, home of countless fairy tales and myths, but her home was within the forest itself, for her family's primary trade was hunting. The time that she did not spend hunting, skinning animals, and learning things such as how to read and cook, was spent being absolutely and completely unsatisfied with her life. She spent a good portion of her young life up trees, tossing sticks at other village children and being considered a general nuisance. Everything about the town struck her as so painfully [i]little
, a fact only made more obvious by the large forest that dwarfed it, making the houses and people look like dolls. Everything, it seemed to her, was happening elsewhere. Still, there feelings of discontent are not completely unheard of in children- especially those who are raised to run among the trees and hunt. Her mother dealt with her child as best she could, filling her mind with stories to get her to sit still, and chiding the young girl whenever she threw things at the village children. Her family was a warm one, full of love and laughter, and her father loved her mother dearly enough to never mention the fact that their daughter had brown eyes, something impossible when both lines traced pale irises. She had been their first child, after all, and it is well known that her heart had once belonged to the son of the taxidermist in town.

Still, for all their warmth, the family was considered one of outsiders, as they lived in the woods and did not socialize much with the villagers. Rumors would jump about, and their hereditary violet eyes were always on the tip of people's tongues when they spoke of oddities. Some spoke of witch's blood running through the veins of the family, and little hints are all that is necessary, especially when a witch hunter comes to town. Talitha was eighteen, going on nineteen, when her mother was ripped out of their home and tied to a cross in the village square, her mouth gagged as the accusations were read against her. There was no proper trial, of course, as the village people were certain of their claims, and held no particular fondness for the strange family that lived in the woods and made hunting their livelihood. "They run faster than us. Look how even their daughters hunt! How they climb trees so quickly! Look at their unnatural eyes! A family of witches, it is!"

Talitha watched, kept in a wooden cage, as her family members were burned, she alone left for a trial because she didn't have the violet eyes. However, the masses decided that all other evidence pointed against her. "Half witch or no, she's a witch all the same! That blood runs strong, and must be eradicated." The put her in the fire, and she felt the searing pain and agony of being burned alive, but somehow remained within an inch of her life long enough for someone to come and save her from the flames. That person took her away from the towns people, and offered her the chance to live. She accepted, of course. The potency of the initial changing healed her burnt skin and made it good as new again, though that process was horribly painful, somehow looking as she once had with the aid of supernatural forces and a few medicines. After that, Talitha faithfully followed her savior, though she no longer trusted other humans. Years passed and she read, saw, and learned. And the family eventually came to Sunnyvale, Alaska.


Relationship Status:
Single (Sapiosexual)

The Holdens

So begins...

Talitha Holden's Story