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Jetta Babrow

I've been to hell and back, now here I am

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a character in “KOA: New Blood”, as played by Disarmhxc


There's been nothing "story book" about Jetta's life. Being born to drug addict parents and raised by an uncle who was a career criminal had a lot to influence her. While growing up has taken the some of the hard edges off, she's still untrusting of almost everyone, and always maintains her tough, "fuck off" exterior. There are few people who are witness to what's behind the exterior, mainly her daughter Eleanor, Nikki Walker, and at one time Jason as well.

Addison, or Jetta as she's known to pretty much everyone, was born to a drug addict mother and father, and was an unplanned result of a one night stand. Growing up she was raised mainly by her uncle who sadly enough was the most responsible adult in her life. Her uncle was a member of an outlaw biker gang and had ties to the mafia as well. Eventually Jetta left her uncle and went through numerous abusive relationships with boyfriends, at one time even losing a baby because of her boyfriend getting drunk and beating her one night.

Eventually Jetta met Jason Walker, the two become an item almost immediately. While they were far from the perfect couple, they seemed to have a common bond or connection. Jason provided the first thing that resembled stability for Jetta, he was the heir apparent to take over the Knights of Apocalypse outlaw motorcycle club, and was the Vice President when she met him. She became pregnant with their baby in the middle of a massive gang war between a rival club, The Aztecs, and the Russian Mafia. As everyone close to Jason became targets, Jetta feared for her baby and decided to leave Los Angeles, and Jason in the process. She stayed with an aunt of hers for until the pregnancy and then a few months after the baby was born before she began to move out on her own, only the eventually be hunted down by Nikki Walker.

Nikki convinced Jetta to move to Malibu to be close to her and Deacon, Jason's father, and the grandparents of Jetta's baby girl. Scared at first of the wrath of Nikki, Jetta found that both her and Deacon were more concerned about helping her and the baby then condemning her. Eventually Nikki coaxed Jetta into contact Jason, who until that time, had no clue where Jetta was, and no clue what gender their baby was, let alone the name.

So begins...

Jetta Babrow's Story

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Jason grinned at Lolly as she straddled him "Am I ever too bruised?" he asked with a grin as she smiled as they kissed. "Didn't we do this after I'd been hit by a car?" he asked laughing as they kept kissing and Lolly pushed him onto the bed. Clothes didn't last long as Lolly's hands worked quickly, as did Jason's. It wasn't long before Jason had Lolly moaning a lot louder than she had before, sex was the one thing that seemed to be able distract and clam both of them down, maybe that's why it was one of their favorite past-times.


Elly had been in bed for awhile as Jetta sat nervously on the couch watching TV. She hadn't heard from Nicky since he'd left, the only news she had was from Jason. Nickie had helped calm her down a bit, and even told her to call her during the night if she needed, Jetta never knew her mother but if she could she would have picked a mom just like Nickie.

Finally she heard the roar of a bike outside and jumped off the couch. By the time Nickie walked in he was hit by Jetta leaping into his arms and wrapping her arms around his neck as she clung to him, "you know it's kinda cool you react like this when I come home from my other girlfriend's place" Nicky said with a laugh. She let go and punched him hard in the shoulder "You stupid fucking idiot! Do you fucking know what I've been going through!" she shouted, she wasn't really angry at him, but he seemed like a good enough target at the moment. Nicky just grinned, "relax babe, it's all good...just spending some quality time catching up with my buddies on the police force" he said as he hugged her. "Hey how about we go to the bedroom and you can show me just how angry you are huh?" he said with a grin, Jetta smirked "I'm going to kick your ass big boy" she said with a grin as she tugged him into the bedroom.


Sonny walked in and saw Joey standing there, but she wasn't dressed in her usual clothes, it was a sexy neglige outfit she had on. "Damn" he said under his breath as he looked at her, she never really got "dressed up" like this. Joey ran to him and hugged him, then she started venting about everything, how scared she was, why he didn't call her, how she felt he didn't want her around kinda all spilled out and Sonny just sat down with her and let her get it all out...unlike Jetta and Lolly, Joey was a novice at dealing with the types of things the club lifestyle had to offer. He just sat beside her with his arm around her and listened as she kinda got everything out in one big rant.

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"You know I do have to walk down the aisle at some point right?" Lolly said as Jason continued using her body the way he knew she loved. "You could crawl too...I always loved seeing you on your knees" he said with a grin as Lolly gave him a shove. They lay there together for a little while until Lolly finally broke the silence, "What made you propose?" she asked looking up at him. "Cause my mom always wanted a daughter" he said with a grin as Lolly punched him. "I dunno, after LA, and everything else that happened, I guess I kinda felt you deserved more than just a promise that we're always going to be together, and maybe I did too. And also for Rey...I mean, it'd be the right thing for her too" Jason said quietly, as he played with Lolly's hair. Talking about actual feelings and stuff was something so far off the Walker men's radar it may aswell have been a foreign language, so even a few sentences was an impressive accomplishment. Lolly whispered something back to him as he grinned, and eventually they both drifted off to sleep.


Nicky and Jetta woke up to a knock on their door, "Mommy...I'm hungry..." Elly's voice was behind the door, they both looked up to see Jetta's wrists still cuffed to the bed post. "Really? You couldn't undo these before falling asleep dumbass?" Jetta snapped under her breath, as Nicky quickly undid them as they heard the door knob turning, "our daughter cannot see me like this" she hissed at him, as he got the final cuff off and they both slid back under the blanket as Elly walked in. Jetta glared at Nicky for a moment, he chuckled a little as Elly climbed onto the bed. "Awww, my little princess is hungry?" Jetta said as she took Elly in her arms, although still stiff from being extended all night. Then Elly saw Nicky...she crawled over and hugged his neck "Daddy!" she said. Both Nicky and Jetta looked at each other, Nicky knew obviously Elly was Jason's daughter...but if him and Jetta were going to keep being together, and neither had plans contrary to that, it would stand to reason that he'd take over that role in her life at some point. Jetta then took Elly in her arms and headed into the kitchen to make her some breakfast.

Jason walked into the kitchen, Lolly had gotten up already, and both Rey and Elly were playing in the living room as Lolly was helping Jetta with the dishes. Nicky was sitting at the table, he heard Jason coming into the room but didn't turn to look at him right away. Jason sat down across from Nicky and looked at him. Both Nicky and Jason exchanged glances, almost as if they were having their own unspoken conversation, Lolly and Jetta just tried to ignore whatever was going to happen. Finally after a little while Jason spoke, "So..." his voice trailed off. "I dunno brother...they came out of nowhere when we were leaving the meeting" Nicky said, he was pissed at himself already for not being able to have seen it coming. "Right, I heard they had that teleporting technology now" Jason said, he was more than a little annoyed his VP had been taken up in what seemed to be a pretty routine cop tactic. "Okay...granted...maybe I wasn't exactly looking everywhere...I mean hell it was Fast Eddie...but that block was empty when we rolled in" Nicky said defending himself. "That's why you come in taking a circular approach, you see all sides..." Jason said before Nicky cut him off, "You think I'm some fucking prospect or something? We took Madison Boulevard in, the same fucking route you were going to take, I say that damn garage from every fucking side...there was NOTHING there bro" Nicky said again. "What'd they want?" Jason asked finally, "Hell if I know...they just kept talking about Fast Eddie and illegal weapons...but hell if they knew we were talking with Eddie, then guessing illegal guns was like flipping a coin" Nicky said. "How about the kid?" Jason asked, "As far as I know...didn't say shit" Nicky said. "Who was it, FBI again?" Jason asked, "Nah...our old buddies, the ATF" Nicky replied, Jason just shook his head.

As they were talking they heard a bike pull up outside "It's Merc" Nicky said looking out the window. Merc came walking in, "So they didn't fuck your ass too hard in lock up did they buddy?" Merc said to Nicky as Lolly and Jetta both smacked him in the head, "there's kids around idiot!" Jetta snapped at Merc. Merc sat down, "So I did some digging and found out some interesting info on those Guardian Angels you asked about" Merc said to Jason, Nicky looked at him confused, "Yeah while you were out at Amateur Hour we had some stuff go down here" Jason said, Nicky just flipped him off, he knew he was going to hear about this for awhile. "Well...they ain't no street gang, they ain't no gang at all. It's like Citizens on Patrol on steroids man. Apparently these guys are wannabe cops or something. Rent-a-Cops, wash outs from the academy, retirees, that sort of shit. Anyway, they're whole thing is they 'clean up' communities. Now officially they're like a citizens watch program, but there have been cases of vigilante stuff connected to these guys all over. The worst case being, they like beat up a guy and put him in a coma for like a month or something. But here's the's usually like street crime and shit like that...they ain't ever dealt with any organization before, so we're like a step up for them. Also, the dude you mentioned, Big Bobby...he's apparently their leader...I guess his official title is 'Chief Sargeant', whatever the fuck that means...but he's the guy calling the shots." Merc said laying out all the info he'd found. "Nicely done, anything else?" Jason asked. "Yeah, these guys are usually linked in with the cops...cops kinda let them do their own thing and look the other way...sound familiar?" Merc said chuckling. "One final thing...Big Bobby is a school bus driver...this is his bus case you were wondering....and uh, that's his address that's listed on his social insurance file" Merc said.

Jason took the paper from Merc, " a church meeting later today....and try not to get arrested while doing it huh?" Jason said as he got up and grabbed his cut from the coat rack. "See ya sexy" he said to Lolly as he kissed her deeply. "Newlyweds" Merc said laughing. Jason walked into the living room and said goodbye to the girls as he headed out, he looked back "Hey Nicky..." Nicky turned around, "Make sure to cross the street at a cross walk, don't want to see you get picked up for jay walking" he said as he headed out. "Well the good news is I'm on his good side" Merc said with a grin.

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Jetta sat down across from Lolly and looked at her. "I didn't say anything...I didn't know what to say. I mean Jason's her dad obviously...but, and I don't mean this in a bad way, but does that mean our lives have to revolve around Jason." Lolly frowned a little, "I's cool living like this now, but at some point there may come a time when you guys, or me and Nicky want to move out into our own place...what's going to happen then? Are we going to need to get Jason's permission?" Jetta said venting a bit. "I don't mean to sound negative...I don't, I love the way things are now. But...I mean Nicky loves Elly just as much as Jason does, but because Jason's got jealousy issues...gosh...I don't even know what I'm saying, it all just kinda happened" Jetta said, clearly flustered about everything, Lolly nodded, she knew as well as anyone dealing with the jealousy issues of Jason Walker.

As the girls were talking Nickie walked into the kitchen. "My son having jealousy must be crazy" Nickie said laughing as she grabbed a cup of coffee, and joined the girls. "So what are we talking about?" Nickie asked as she sat down. Lolly relayed the events of the day between Elly and Nicky. "She's a four year old girl, and if Jason has an issue with it...tell him to stick his head up his ass" Nickie said dryly as burst girls burst into laughter. "I think you're the only one who could tell him that Nickie" Jetta said still laughing, "Fine by me. Listen...he's going to be your husband soon" she said pointing to Lolly, "He can't possibly spend time with you and Rey, and spend time with Elly, and have that's impossible to try. The two of you are close...Elly's not going to have to worry about not getting time with Jason...he'll be around...but he's gotta realize he can't spend the time with you and Rey" she said again to Lolly "And Elly, and have time left over for the shop and the club, and anything else he wants. And if you and Nicky end up together forever and so on" she said pointing to Jetta "Nicky's going to play a role in her life, and if she calls both Nicky and Jason daddy...who the fuck cares. Honestly, for a big tough biker, my son can be a real bitch sometimes" she said matter of factly, as Lolly and Jetta both burst laughing again. " two girls talk with Jason about this, and Nicky...make them understand there HAS to be a plan, an agreement in place...or no sex for either of them" she said with a smirk as the girls chuckled, "and if in the end my bonehead son still has anger issues over me and I'll kick his ass in line" she said with a grin. Again the girls laughed, it really was great to have Nickie back.

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At the shop things were a little tense for most of the day, Nicky knew Jason was pissed that he got picked up, and he was probably just as pissed with himself as well. Where the hell had those cops come from, it's like they just appeared. There would be obvious questions surrounding Eddie...even if he was innocent, this was going to really hurt his reputation, maybe that was the cops play all along. However during the day things worked out between the two of them the way they usually did....they pretty much ignored each other, then at one point Jason walked into the garage where Nicky was working on a bike, "Need clamp for that valve?" Jason asked, Nicky nodded as Jason applied the clamp, Nicky finished sliding the final piece in then said "Thanks", to which Jason nodded, he picked up the sheet he had initially walked in for and then headed back into the office. It was nothing to the naked eye, but in their way, that was Jason and Nicky making up for whatever had gone on during the day...neither one was known for their ability to discuss feelings after all.

Jason and Nicky got home and headed inside, Lolly was quick to greet him and give him a kiss, she then said the words Jason hated hearing "So. We. Need to talk", "Shoot me now" Jason mumbled to Nicky under his breath as Nicky turned for the door, however Lolly stopped him as well and mentioned that it was about Elly. Nicky had to figure it was about earlier in the morning, in all honesty he had forgotten about it until now. "Perfect timing" he thought, Jason had just gotten over being pissed at him, this was bound to make for some interesting drama.

Lolly lead them into the living room and sat down on Jason's lap, she gave him a warning about not saying anything till Jetta was done talking, or that he'd get no sex until after the wedding, "You're going to be able to go that long without sex?" he chuckled but she ignored him. He found it odd that Nicky didn't have a line for Lolly, she had set herself up perfectly. She then turned things over to Jetta.

"Well...ummm...we have a slight issue to discuss with Elly" Jetta started off saying. "Obviously this's not your normal family setup. And right now it works, but I mean are we all going to live together for the rest of our lives?" Jetta asked rhetorically. "Me and Nicky...well...I mean we're together and I don't see that changing" she said with a slight smirk at Nicky. "And obviously you two...I mean you're getting married. The bottom line is Elly is your daughter and it's great we can all live here but if we all of a sudden would move into our own place...I mean...Elly would be coming with me....and obviously you'll always be a part of her life, but so will Nicky..." Jetta was cut off. " save us from sitting here till next year...Elly came into our room today, she jumped on the bed, hugged Jetta, then turned to me, said "Daddy" and then hugged me." Nicky said interjecting Jetta.

Jason wasn't sure how to take it...the idea of Elly callling someone else Daddy didn't sit well with him, but this was Nicky...practically a brother to him. "Here's the deal...that I think Jetta would have eventually gotten in a month from nwo...I love Elly like she was my girl...I'd throw myself in front of a car or bullet for her just as quick as you would. I got no plans of taking her from you, or taking your place bro....but, if me an Jetta are going to keep going on...I mean I'm going to have some sort of role in her life right? And instead of making a 4 year old have to learn long division to figure out her family...does it really fucking matter if she calls you daddy...and me daddy? I know your her dad, you know that...and I ain't going try and push you out...I mean hell I call your mom "Mom" all the time" Nicky said laying things out pretty straigtht and clear.

"Well that's cause your mom wasn't around...her dad still is around" Jason replied, he was obviously not overly happy with what was going on, but he was a lot more calm than Jetta and Lolly anticipated. He then turned to Jetta, "So what...because you ran off on me with our kid in the middle of night and vanished, now I gotta sit back and let somebody else take care of her? And if we really want to lay everything out...why do you get automatic custody of her? I'm her father too, and I don't have a history filled with doing drugs and sleeping around." This is what Jetta had somewhat feared...this wasn't just about Elly but had crossed back into the issue of her leaving Jason back in Los Angeles...even though they had "talked" about it...she knew it wasn't completely healed for him, just buried deep enough to not be thought of...until something like this. He didn't hit her, but his fists would have hurt less than his words. "That's not fair" Jetta stammered, trying to hold it together, "Hey I'm just being honest...after all..." Jason was cut off...

"You say one more word I swear to god I'll fucking rip your tongue out of your mouth!" Nickie's voice boomed as she entered the living room. She had agreed to stick around in case her "services" were needed. Jason's head snapped to see his mom walk into the had been ages since he saw that look on her face. He opened his mouth, "I know you're not stupid enough to try and back talk me right now" Nickie said challenging Jason. Jason would go toe-to-toe with anyone, and if it was his dad, it was even more heated. But his mom may have been the only person that ever caused Jason to back down. Sure Lolly could calm him down...but even Lolly wasn't sure she had the power to do this...Jason actually sat back down like a scolded child...everyone in the room was almost in awe...Jason Walker backing down from being challenged...this was something new to all of them.

"I should kick your ass for what you said to Jetta, and if you want to go pulling out skeletons in the closet kid you've got a fucking treasure chest yourself you're the last person who should be throwing bricks from your glass house!" Nickie growled as she glared at Jason. "You're being a self-centered asshole right now, and I swear you better thank the lord above that I got more self control than your father or so help me kid..." she glared, and then slapped him full force across the face. Jason's eyes just went to the ground. Both Jetta and Lolly stood in shock....Jason had just been physically hit...and he did nothing....this was a surreal moment. "If MY grandaughter wants to call him daddy...then let her, she's four years old for crying out loud! When you were four years old you were convinced the mail man was your dad" she snapped, Nicky had opened his mouth, but shut it quick when Nickie shot him a glare, as if daring him to make the comment she knew had flashed through his mind. "If you even think about ever trying to take that girl from Jetta...I'll cut your heart out myself" Nickie said in a quieter, but intense tone. Jason had seen his mom like this a few times before in his life...and if he was honest, when his mother was seething mad like this, she was probably the only one on the planet to scare him. "Jetta left...who the fuck cares...she did what she thought was right for Elly, mistake or not it doesn't matter, that's what mothers do, that's what PARENTS do...they make the decisions that they think are best for their kids. There are a hell of a lot of dick heads out there who aren't nearly the quality of father Nicky is...Elly has the luxury of having two dad's, one biological, the other adopted so to speak, there's a lot of kids out there who don't even know who their dad is...and you want to keep that from your daughter...because of some macho ego bullshit? And then you want to talk about who's suited to raise a child? Hell right now I have doubts if you're capable of forming an intelligent sentence, cause all I've heard here is a bunch of macho bullshit!"

The room was dead quiet. "Well?" Nickie finally said, as if waiting for an answer to a question that hadn't verbally been asked...but having grown up with his mother, Jason knew what that question was. "I..." Jason started as he glanced once more at his mom, "Jetta...uh...sorry...that was a low blow." Jason said quietly. Jetta stood did Lolly. Jason had just...apologized...and actually used the word sorry, " was the heat of the moment right?'s all good" she said stll stunned. How could she not accept his apology...seeing as he never MADE formal apologies...ever. He had almost killed her and never outright apologized. This was less shocking to Nicky who had actually not only seen this side of Nickie before, but been on the receiving end as well, "Bro...the kid...hell both of those girls got the four of us...and honestly...we'd sacrifice just as much for Rey as we would for Elly...remember when you got hit...Rey was the first one I grabbed to bring inside the house".

Jason nodded, Nickie walked over to him and kissed his forehead "you're a magnificient person when you're not acting like a dick head" she said to him with a grin, he tried to hide the smirk, even now getting praise from his mom brought a smile to his face. Jason then turned and headed out to the deck grabbing his smokes. "That'd be your cue dear" Nickie said to Lolly with a grin as she followed Jason outside.

"That...was...I don't even know..." Jetta said, still trying to get over what had transpired. "He's his momma's little boy...always has been" Nickie said with a grin, "I mean...I've just never seen that..." Jetta said, "Well of course not sweetie...if anyone else would have said those things to him, they'd have been dead" she chuckled. "So and Deacon can get away with that?" Jetta asked. Nickie laughed, "That'd be way too much of a real conversation for Deacon....and no, Deacon could never say that. Anything Deacon would say to Jason would turn into a fight...literally...i was always the mediator for those two" Nickie said with a grin. " work here is two kids have a good evening" she said as she excused herself.

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Lolly and Joey were watching Elly and Rey run around in the front yard playing. Jetta had run into town to grab some stuff, despite whatever issues Jason had earlier, the four of them were really becoming an odd sort of family group, at some point Lolly and Jetta had started combining grocery lists and things just kinda seemed to keep meshing together, and if Jason and Nick...more Jason than Nicky, could get past the whole Daddy thing, it'd probably work just fine.

As they hung out a smaller car pulled onto the driveway. Lolly watched as a woman got out, she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt along with sunglasses. She had long dark hair, and looked to be around her early 40's possibly. She glanced at Lolly and Joey, then back at the house number as she walked up the driveway towards them. Lolly's moterly instincts kicked in, she was smiling and polite, but a stranger coming near her girls immediately put her on high alert despite whatever their intentions may have been.

Lolly met the woman on the driveway, away from the girls, but still kept the smile on her face as she politely asked the woman what she wanted. "Oh hi...ummm, do you live here?" she asked a little confused, Lolly simply replied that she did. "Oh..." the woman said frowning as she looked at a piece of paper in her hand. "Well...hmmm...I...I guess I have the wrong place" she said a little disappointed as she turned "Sorry to bother you" she said as she walked towards her car. Something about her tone caused Lolly to ask her what she was looking for. "Oh...I'm looking for somebody, I was told this was her address" she said, Lolly was a little suspicious how somebody had their address, but the woman seemed harmless, but Lolly was more concerned with who may have been handing their address out to strangers, so she asked who the woman was looking for. "I'm looking for Addison Babrow...would you know who that is?" she asked. Jetta? Now Lolly really was politely, and subtly she pried a little, saying the name sounded familiar, asking why she was looking for her. "'s a long story...but....." her eyes wandered across the yard and landed on Elly. As much as she had Jason's features, she also held a lot of Jetta's as well. The woman bit her lip for a moment, when Elly turned to look at the woman with a grin Lolly thought the woman's legs were going to give out. Lolly was about to ask what was going on when Jetta's Charger pulled into the yard.

Jetta got out of the car, "Honestly, I know this isn't LA but does it really take a half hour to check out my groceries!" Jetta exclaimed exasperated. As she slammed the door. It wasn't till she turned to see Lolly that she saw somebody else in the driveway. "Sorry, didn't know we had company" she said apologetically. She walked over to Lolly and was about to ask who the woman was when she turned and saw her, Lolly saw Jetta's face go white like she'd seen a ghost. The two women looked at each other for a few moments, Lolly had seen stare downs before, but this one was something like she'd never seen. "Addison?" the woman finally said with a small grin, "Sorry lady...the name's must have the wrong place", Jetta turned to head into the house. "Addy..." the woman's voice trailed. Jetta spun on her heel and looked at the woman. "What the fuck is wrong with you, I just told you my name you stupid bitch, I haven't been Addison since I was a fucking toddler, but of course you'd have to have been fucking IN my life back then to know that you fucking bar slut!" Jetta nearly screamed in the woman's face. "MOMMY BAD WORDS!" Elly scolded from across the yard. As enraged as she was Jetta had to smirk at the scolding from Elly, "Listen, if you want I'll get you a needle and you can overdose in some gas station bathroom and you can fucking die for all I care" Jetta said a bit quieter, but with no less intensity. She then stormed inside the house.

"Well...I don't suppose that was uncalled for" the woman said softly, although the words had clearly hit their mark. "Listen...I know it's probably's my number if she wants to reach me...I'm in town for a few days" she said handing Lolly a piece of paper before climbing back into her car and driving off.

Lolly asked Joey to take care of the groceries as Lolly headed after Jetta to figure out what the hell that was all about...Lolly was the one to fly off the handle with anger, not Jetta.

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Jetta was pacing around the kitchen. As she had come inside, Joey suggested to the girls they go outside and play a game, luckily the girls had attention spans that lasted mere seconds so it was no big deal to get them back outside. Once the girls were gone and Lolly had walked in Jetta continued venting.

"That fucking bitch!" Jetta nearly screamed, "my entire childhood was fucked up because of her being some fucking bar hopping whore who'd spread her legs for anyone...hell at least hookers get money out of the deal, she just fucking did it for free. Not to mention just fucking abandoning me and leaving me with my Uncle Ray, cause he was fucking parent of the year material!" Jetta continued ranting, "and now she fucking shows her damn face...NOW...who the fuck needs her now, I needed her then but she was took fucking busy bending over for drunk assholes in the fucking bar to be an actual mom" Jetta huffed as she had to take a breath. "Okay, I'm not so good at this part but she did come out here to see you. How the hell she found you is beyond me but that's neither here nor there. My mom is dead. Be glad, yours is still here" Lolly said. "To be honest..I'd rather have had a mom who was dead, but cared about me when she was still alive...then having that bitch! At least I'd be able to think back and remember good, my childhood memories consist of drunk bikers, druggies, hookers, and that was all before I became a teenager!" she said still ranting. Lolly just listened, she had never seen Jetta this worked up, but then again before the girls they never really talked. She never really knew much of Jetta's past, she knew it was rough...but she was starting to find out just how rough it really had been. "Hell I was fucking living on the street on my own when I was fucking 13 years old for crying out loud, cause my Uncle was tired of putting up with my shit. And now...NOW...when I've finally got my life sorted out, when I finally got something I can call a family...NOW she wants to show up and what? Catch up? No...I needed her back when I was living on the streets trying to avoid becoming a teenage prostitute...back when I was having to steal and sell dime bags just so I could eat... THAT was when I needed her, but she never she wants to show up now...she can fucking die for all I care!" Jetta growled as she wound up to punch the cabinet in front of her until a hand caught her arm.

She spun her head to see Nickie standing behind her, she had heard the ranting from the guest house. "Those cabinets didn't do a damn thing to you" she said softly. Jetta went from blind rage to collapsing in the span of a few moment as she grabbed Nickie and hugged her tight as she sobbed. Nickie just stroked her hair until the crying died down, then guided her over to the table to sit down. "I definitely think she could use a drink" Nickie said with a grin to Lolly as she quickly went to grab three bottles from the fridge. She took Jetta's hand, "Listen...everything you said is true. And had your mother shown up when your were still in high school, I would have probably cut her head off for what she put you through" Nickie said softly. "But she's here...and if she went to all the trouble it would take to find you...out here...then maybe she's finally grown up. I hated my mom growing up, she was demanding and condescending...and pretty much she was a Queen Bitch if you've ever seen one" Nickie said with a smirk as Lolly brough the bottles to the table. "I left, I went with Deacon and ran off to the luxurious life of being an outlaw biker's wife" she said as the girls all chuckled. "But me and my mom made up, it was years later, after Jason was in high school, but we made amends. Nobody is saying you have to forgive your mom for your past...but dammit girl you survived all that on your own, and because of that you're going to be an incredible mom to your little already are. Was it horrible...of course...but like Deacon says, what doesn't kill you makes you which case my son must be stronger than the Incredible Hulk" she said with a smirk, bringing another round of laughs to lighten the atmosphere a little. "But at least hear what she has to say...then stab her throat if you want" Nickie said with a grin as Jetta chuckled. "But listen to what she has to say...she came all the way out here for something...listen to her, hear her out....then if you still want no part of her, you can tell her that. When she left you, she gave up her right to be a part of your life...but you're a better person than she was, so at very least give her a chance before writing her off" Nickie finished. Lolly pushed the paper with her number over to Jetta, she looked at the paper for awhile before taking it. "Honestly...have you ever been wrong in your life?" Jetta said to Nickie with a laugh. Nickie smiled, "of course...when I married Deacon I thought I could help him become more mature" she said with a grin as the girls laughed. "You know I'm supposed to be enjoying the retired life, and all you girls have been doing is making me play phsyciatrist since I've got here" she said laughing, "Don't worry, my bill's in the mail" she said as the girls and Nickie finished their beers at the table.

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For the next three days things were pretty quiet. Jetta told Nicky about her mom showing up, she really had no clue what to do, part of her, that little girl from years ago, wanted desperately to be able to call somebody "Mommy", however a bigger part of her was still bitter and enraged, blaming her for the childhood she had to endure. Nicky didn't say much, he just was there for her when she needed a shoulder to cry on, which happened a lot over those three days as Jetta began opening up to Nicky about the details of her childhood, details even Jason had never learned.

Lolly told Jason about the talk with his mom. He wasn't surprised, he remembered that whole mess, the club, the Aztecs, the way his mom reacted, the fact that his dad had been with Lolly when Nickie was being raped by the Aztecs, and Jason wasn't even sure what he thought about it, not that he'd say anything to Lolly, but the idea that his dad had tried to sleep with his wife...granted she wasn't more than just a friend back's an idea he wanted to forget rather quickly.

Joey knew the girls needed some space, and she spent more time with Sonny. Getting a few more tips from Lolly along the way, they started spending a lot more time in their bedroom instead of doing other things, something that suited Joey just fine.

Nickie hated seeing Lolly like she was, and that she had to be the bitch in the whole situation, but what she said was true...Nickie supposed she could have just lied, but she didn't like that idea either...even if Lolly would soon forget all about it. Nickie finally got the phone call she'd been waiting for, Deacon's flight was coming into Austin...FINALLY she thought, it's about damn time. The next day she left to go pick up Deacon, and the rest of the day ended up pretty routine as Lolly finalized some minor details for the wedding. Jason tried cheering her up, but between the idea of walking down the aisle alone, and missing her dad, she really didn't seem like the type of bride about to have her wedding.

Lolly had been out running errands when she ran into Nickie waiting for her inside the house, she had asked where Deacon was, "where do you think? The second he got here he bolted for Jason's shop...guess seeing a bunch of bike stuff is better than his wife he hasn't seen for three weeks" Nickie said with a chuckle. "Hey sweetie...I know you're probably pissed at me still, and I don't blame you...but ummm...come with me to the guest house, I got a surprise for you" she said as she took Lolly's hand and led her to the house. They got to the door "Now this is actually from me and Deacon...but close your eyes, and don't open them until you're told" Nickie asked. Lolly mumbled something but did as she was told as Nickie led her into the guest house, and from what Lolly could tell, the living room. She felt Nickie leave her side and got a little nervous asking where Nickie was going, but she didn't get a response. Everything was quiet for a few moments, until she heard a familiar voice.

"Open your eyes baby girl", Lolly's body went stiff, it took her mind a few moments to register what she'd heard, then her eyes flew open. The sight in front of her nearly caused her to pass out, which is why Nickie was standing behind her just in case. Lolly just stammered, she shook her head as if she was dreaming. Standing in front of her was her dad, Beau Duncan.

"It's really me...and...I got a REALLY long story to tell you baby" he said with a grin. Lolly was frozen as Beau walked forward and touched her face "I'm so sorry baby" he said, tears almost welling up in his eyes. Then in a delayed reaction, her mind finally was able to process everything, and she jumped and clung to Beau in a death grip. Nickie leaned agaisnt Deacon who hadn't gone to the shop at all, it was a moment neither of them would have been able to put into words.

After the initial shock wore off after several minutes Beau sat Lolly down on the couch. He chuckled as it was one of the few times in her life his daughter was speechless. "You're dead" is the only thing she managed to repeat several times during that time. "Listen...I didn't die." He saw Lolly's mouth open, "Listen baby, it'll go quicker if I just say everything first" he said. "I didn't die...I DID have a mild heart-attack, but the paramedics were able to revive me enroute to the hospital. There was something going on that only Deke and I knew, there was a guy from way back in the day, back when we were still young. Things went down...long story short, he had a girl that died because of me. A bit before the whole mess at the club happened, Deke caught wind that this guy was back in Los Angeles, and he was looking for payback. When you first got taken, I thought it was him. He sent me a picture, a picture of you and me, one he'd taken from the house, he had a red X drawn over you...and the words RIP above your head...the bottom read "the sins of the father". This was a bad guy...worse than the Russians or Aztecs, he was hardcore. After the shit with the Russians I was paranoid....I was terrified, if I couldn't protect you from the Russians, how could I protect you from him. It was in the ambulance that Deke came up with a plan, his only mission was to hurt me, make me have to bury my he did. If I was dead, killing you wouldn't have mattered...there'd be no revenge. Deke and I paid the paramedics to not tell anyone they'd revived me. It took a bit of luck, but we were able to pay the doctor off to sign the death certificate. Nobody aside for them ever saw me alive in Los Angeles. I moved out to the hunting cabin I used to take you to on Big Bear Mountain. I knew I hurt you, and I hated it...but this guy was smart, he figured I might be trying to play dead and had eyes and ears everywhere. We were waiting for him to get bored and leave the US, but he never did, almost like he knew I had faked it and was forcing me to stay hidden. When I heard about Mireya...well Deacon had to practically tie me down...but as he pointed out, now there were two targets for this guy to take out. But when I heard about the wedding...I couldn't hide anymore...." Beau stopped to take a breath as Deacon continued the story, "I wasn't working on my boat these last three weeks. We figured the only way to know you were going to be safe was if we killed him, so I started hunting. I found him, hunted him down and took care of him I had to make sure Beau was the only one coming back from the dead" Deacon said.

Beau held up a picture book, "Nickie put this together for me, pictures of Mireya....she looks just like you" he said with a smile as a tear rolled down his cheek. "I wanted to tell you, but there wasn't time....and...well..." Beau's voice trailed, "We needed your reaction to be as real as possible" Deacon finished Beau's sentence. "You can kick my ass baby for putting you through that...but...after the whole thing with the Russians..." Beau started tearing up "It's a hell of a feeling for a dad to realize he can't protect his little girl...I buried your mom, and if I had to have done the same with you....I would have just crawled into the hole as well" Beau said his voice cracking. "The three of us...and the paramedics and doctor...are the only one who ever knew, the fewer people that knew the more real it'd look." Nickie said.

Beau held Lolly's hand, "Well's your turn...scream...yell...whatever you feel like baby girl...the floor is yours" he said looking into her eyes. He felt like a coward for having had to run away, he never had run away, and he cursed himself every day for it.

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Things were dying down, Jason stood beside Deacon as he watched Lolly. He glanced at his dad, "working on your boat huh?" Deacon just grinned and shrugged. "Ya phone call and I would have..." Deacon chuckled, "Kid...that shit started back when you still thought you were the actual Superman" he said with a grin, "It needed to be me...besides...I was afraid I might get rusty" he said with a grin.

Jason walked up behind Lolly, "If we're really quiet, maybe he won't wake up and shoot me this time" Jason whispered into Lolly's ear.


Jetta sat in the diner, she was nervous and playing with a napkin as she waited. It took her a couple of days to call the number on the paper, she didn't exactly know what was going to happen, but she figured one meeting wasn't the end of the world.

Jetta then heard the door to the diner open and saw her mom walk in. She sat down and smiled awkwardly, "Thanks...for ya know...meeting me and all" she said. Jetta nodded. "Listen..Addison..." her mom started before Jetta cut her off, "It's Jetta" she said bluntly. "Jetta" her mom said nodding. "I...can't do or say anything to make up for what I did" she said softly, "Well then why the hell are we here?" Jetta snapped quickly. "I made a lot of mistakes...and leaving you with your uncle was admittedly probably the biggest one. It wasn't till I hit rock bottom, and started sobering up that I realized what I'd done...I remember the moment, when I realized I'd just left my little girl..." her mom's voice caught a bit. "A few years ago I tracked down Ray...and he kinda filled me in....Jetta....I know this means nothing...but I am so sorry..." her voice trailed, and it was evident she was losing the battle of holding her tears back. "I was gone when you needed're strong, have a beautiful don't need me anymore....and I know, I have no right to ask this...none at all, but if you'll let me, I'd like to be here won't make up anything....but..." her voice trailed again. Jetta was quiet as she was trying to hold all her emotions in check too.

"Do you know how many nights I cried myself to sleep? Praying that I'd wake up and my mom would be there to take care of me..." Jetta said as she stopped to compose herself.

She was about to keep going with her thought when her phone beeped, it was a text from Lolly.

From: Lolly
OMG, OMG, you'll never believe it, come home right now!

"Listen...something is going on back home...ummm...don't leave town though" Jetta said as her mom nodded, then Jetta took off for her car. Lolly knew she was meeting with her mom, so whatever it was had to have been something important. The tires squealed as Jetta headed for the ranch house.

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Jason carried Lolly to the bedroom, at a few points Jason had to cover Lolly's mouth, but that just seemed to turn her on even more. They lay on the bed making out, he felt Lolly's fingers tracing the scar where Beau had shot him years ago. It was Lolly's first time having sex, and it was his first time getting shot. "Could imagine this when we were teenagers?" She asked with a laugh. He looked slightly confused. "After all the shit that happened when we attempted this before. Could you imagine us right now, with a kid and getting married?" She asked him, "I dunno, back then I really didn't think that far ahead" Jason said with a laugh. "I wouldn't have. Not after all the hell we went through the first time we hooked up." She said and gestured to the scars on his chest. "Even after we got together again after all those years. I didn't think you'd wanna stick around this long. Not with me." He frowned a little, wondering where all this was coming from. "I dunno. In a couple of days. I'm gonna be your wife. Not Your girlfriend. Not the girl you grew up with like siblings but your Wife" She said. "Call me sappy, whatever but I love the sound of that. That you proposed to me." She said, Jason grinned "I think all this wedding stuff is turning you soft baby" he said with a chuckle. she just smiled before kissing him deeply. "I can't wait to be your wife." She said, Jason grinned again "I can't wait to see what you're going to wear on our wedding night" he said smiling. "I'm not tellin' you. But here's a hint. You're gonna wanna tear it off with your teeth" Lolly said, and pretty soon Jason was ontop of her again and they were back at it.


Jason walked into the room the next morning, seeing Beau and Rey playing on the floor, "Still hard to believe huh?" Jason asked as he kissed Lolly's neck. She just smiled and nodded, he could tell she loved watching her dad and Rey play together. It was almost comical, a guy who was as big and tough as Beau was, Jason had seen him kick guy's asses growing up all his life, and to see the monster of a man playing with little Rey, he just grinned.

As they watch Jetta came through the door with Nicky, Elly had done a "sleepover" at Ms.Tammy's. "So what's going on?" Jetta asked as her and Nicky walked into the room and stopped dead in their tracks, Jetta almost falling over "Holy shit" Jetta exclaimed seeing Beau. Mireya on cue turned her head with a scowl "BAD WORDS!" she scolded. Jason chuckled...those kids had to realize they were fighting a losing fight given the parents they had.

Jetta rushed to Lolly "" she stammered as Lolly just grinned at her. Jetta was sure there was a story...well there had to be, people didn't just pop up from the dead. But for the time being they just watched Mireya and her new best friend playing with building blocks in the living room, apparently Mireya was the one giving the orders and Beau's job was simply to follow along.

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The rest of the honeymoon went relatively routine as the first, however Jason did notice that Lolly seemed a bit different towards the end. Las Vegas had a lot of good memories, but it was also the place that he had been picked up by US Bondsmen, Bounty Hunters, and the little adventure that started. Part of the plan was to ride back to Texas on Jason's bike, they enjoyed riding together, like they had back in LA when they first hooked up. Lolly seemed happy, but even on the ride home he could tell something was bugging her, but he figured it could have just been her missing Rey since it'd been the longest she'd been gone from her since she was born.

When they got home everything seemed to go back to normal. Lolly went back to the dance studio, and business for the club was about to pick up. While Jason was gone two Prospects had been beaten up, in similar fashion to how Jason had been beaten up, again, guys wearing red satin jackets and red berets, the Guardian Angels. Jason brought it up at the next Church meeting.

"Okay, we got some business to deal with that happened while I was gone. The Prospects...first off, anyone hear how they got beat down? And how many of these red beret fucks there were?" Jason asked.

"According to the Prospects, there were 3 of them. One guy kinda distracted them and the other two came out of nowhere and beat them down, same as you, using night sticks to beat them. Then told them to make sure we got the message that we weren't wanted in Outlaw Creek, and that the beatings would get worse the longer we stayed" Salem said, he was the new Sgt. at Arms and as such, security kinda came under his jurisdiction.

"Okay, let's be honest, the so called beatings these guys are handing out isn't that severe. But if they were only outnumbered 3 to 2 and they were carrying weapons...especially after we told everyone to watch out for these fuckers...I motion they be cut loose" Jason said. "I'll second that" Nicky said raising his hand. "All in favor?" Jason asked as pretty much the entire room raised their hands "motion carried...the two Prospects are cut loose...Salem, make sure you let them know by the end of the night." Jason said as Salem nodded. "Alright, second order of business....what the hell we're going to do with these fuckers....if we go after them, they're still technically civillians, and no doubt the cops will take any chance they get to pinch us. So anyone got any ideas?" Jason asked.

"Well, their main guy, that Big Bobby dude, he's a bus driver and also has his own towing business, Big Guy Towing. He stores both of those vehicles in the same garage...and it'd suck for him if something happened to that garage, like a fire or something...cause without that bus and tow truck...he'd have all his methods of income up in smoke" Merc said out loud. Jason nodded, "I like it, let's see how committed these guys are, Salem, you take Sonny and take care of it, Merc's got all the info you're going to need" Jason said as he wrapped up the meeting.


Jetta was cleaning some stuff up in the kitchen as the girls played around in the living room, she glanced over and saw Lolly staring out of the window, almost like in a daze. She walked over to her and shook her arm a little " still with us in there?" she asked with a laugh as Lolly seemed to snap out of some sort of trance. She mumbled something about being tired, "You sure you're okay? I mean I don't want to seem like I'm prying or anything...but...well...I dunno, there's just something going on it seems" Jetta said a bit softer sitting down beside Lolly. Lolly mentioned that she was fine. However Jetta remembered a similar gaze. "You know...I mean...I dunno...when me and Jay were together....sometimes stuff happened and he'd kinda lose it on me...I mean I don't think that was a secret" she said chuckling a little. "Maybe I'm way off here, but I know what it's like to deal with the Jason Walker mood swings, and how they can sometimes go overboard...I mean...hell...he nearly killed me once" she said, seemingly odd that she'd laugh it that memory. Lolly looked at her surprised. "Oh yeah...just after I found out I was uncle had me talking to some feds, and somebody saw it and told Jason...and yeah..." Jetta paused remembering the night "Him and Deacon were like ready to finish me off....I guess the only reason I'm still here is Nickie. I've never seen her like that....I was actually wondering if she was going to pull a gun and shoot one of them. It's crazy to think how much influence that woman holds over them" she said remembering back. "But anyway...I mean like I said, maybe I'm way off here....but if things are getting like...'too' physical, you always got somebody to listen, and a shoulder as well" she said smiling.

Lolly had never heard the story about Jetta before, and Jetta was way off, thinking that Jason had hit or beat her during the honeymoon, but in-advertantly, she had given Lolly her glimmer of hope, her new Mom, Nickie.