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Ae-Jin "Jin" Young

"What have I gotten myself into?"

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a character in “KOA: The Return”, as played by MaliceInWonderland


Ae-Jin Young

Ae-Jin Young
Biological- Unknown
Jocelyn Mackie-Mother
Richard Mackie- Father.
Drama Teacher
Ae-Jin was born in Korea and adopted by an american couple. Her child life was alright aside from her parents wanting her to be perfect. She never felt she truly belong and in her younger days, she was a bit wild. Drinking, Partying, Drugs you name it. It took a toll on her mentally and physically and after a nearly fatal overdose, she got her life in check. Her parents forced her to join the Marines as they were but after a leg injury, she was honorable discharged, she began a career as a guidance counselor at a private school. Even though her injury has healed, she stuck with teaching still with a wild side. She's a teacher by day, party girl at night basically.

So begins...

Ae-Jin "Jin" Young's Story


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Ae-Jin had just finished interviewing and testing the two girls. They were brilliant and as sweet as can be. The eldest seemed a bit off though. but compared to her sister anyone would be. Ae-Jin was now to interview the parents. She'd already spoke to Mrs. Walker and she needed to speak with her Father and Step-Father. It was formality really, if the childern were good chances are the parents are too. But Protocol was protocol. She rode up to the place where they two father's worked. She stepped out of her Prias and looked around. There were men and women crowding around and alot of commotion. A blonde man rushed out and took one look at her and approached her. He asked if she was the tutor he was supposed to meet with today and she nodded, she was a bit curious but the man seemed to want her far from there. A fight, it seemed. Ae-Jin had been in plenty being a military brat and all. The man introduced himself as Nicky and asked/told they should talk somewhere quieter. Ae-Jin agreed. The less she knew the better. He asked her if she ridden a bike before and she smiled. "Yea but that may be a little inappropriate." She said but couldn't deny the offer was tempting. He was attractive. "How about we take my car." She said and Nicky agreed. He looked like he wanted to scoff at her hybrid. "I'm sorry, I like clean air." She said and he snickered some. Ae-Jin could see he was a little shocked at that. She could read his expression. She got that alot. It was that skilled that made her good at her job as admissions director. She knew the good kids from the bad. They drove off to a little bar a little ways away and figured they could chat there. "Alright." Ae-Jin said getting to business. "You are her Step father, correct?" She asked, getting out her papers. Nicky answered, sorta stammering over the question. "Mr. Rhodes. It's the actions that make a Dad. Not a lawyer not a court." She said and that seemed to strike Nicky. He then answered quickly and Ae-Jin smiled, revealing dimples in her cheeks. "Alright, well as a 'Legal' Guardian there are a few things you need to sign." She said handed papers to Nicky. Her almond shaped eyes flicked up at him wondering if he caught that. No he was evidently not legally her step father as her mother wasn't married to him but she could see he cared for Elly by the way he looked somewhat excited about signing these forms. It meant he was really her father. "This explains your relationship to Elly and what not, Mrs. Walker already signed for you so you are able to pick her up and drop her off at school, take her out as well. You've also been named as caretaker for Mireya as well. So should problems arises you are able to take them both out of school." She explained and Nicky nodded along. They then went into more and more about the school and Elly. "She seems like a great kid. She seemed a little distant though." He explained how shy she was. "No I've seen shy but this seemed...deeper then that. I don't mean to pry but...if you don't mind...when did her mother pass?" Ae Jin asked and Nicky looked down, and after a moment he told her. "Hmm. Maybe she's just down. Well-" Just then Nicky got a call. He answered and shouted some explicitives. Ae-Jin jumped a little. "What's wrong?" He told her he had to go. Elly was in the hopstial. Ae-Jin grabbed up her keys. "Let's go." she said and once they were in the car, she pushed her little hybrid to it's max. The girl could drive.

Lolly had left the girls with the tutor and Jack with Jenni. She heard Jenni's warning and kept it in mind as she made her way to the clubhouse.
Once there, she walked in melancholic but all that changed when Maddie crossed her sights. "You..." Lolly snarled and in a blink she had her by the hair. Maddie shrieked and Lolly dragged her across the clubhouse floor. "You fucked with my daughter, raped a girl using my husband, all to get my attention." Lolly said and threw her into the broad side of the bar. "Well, you've got it." She said. Maddie stammered, trying to pull herself from the floor. "Wait, Lolly, I-" "You told my 12 year old I was a stripper!" Lolly said and sent her booted foot into Maddie's rib cage. Maddie coughed. "And you forced a girl to slept with my husband!" She kicked her again. "She didn't have to!" "You threatened her!" Lolly kicked her again, by this point, A crowd had formed. Everyone knew Lolly's temper was legendary. It was nearly as bad as Jason's. Maddie choked out. "Don't kill me." She heaved. "Why not?" Lolly said, grabbing her by the throat. "You tried to my family against me, Joey. Mireya, Jason...Why should I let you continue to breathe?" Lolly whispered, clenching her hands around her throat. Suddenly, Lolly was grabbed from behind. She turned to see Jason behind her. "Let me go, Jason!" Lolly barked as Remmy grabbed up his wife. "This bitch was the reason why Jenni slept with you! She forced that girl on you! With a knife to her throat!" Lolly barked. (To be cont


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As the others went off. Ae-Jin was left with Nicky. Her feelings for him were growing stronger but she'd been holding back. He was a widower basically. It wasn't fair to either of them. "Are you sure you don't wanna go? It sounds fun?" She said. She would have liked to but she had to keep a clear head, school was starting soon. "Nah...clubs aren't my thing...besides, I have to stay back and keep my eye on the naughty babysitter." Nicky said and Ae-Jin just grinned. "You offering me a ride, Nicky?" She said cocking her head some. Mocking the accidental innuendo from a few days earlier. "Well, we can't take the bike out...but if you come over here I can probably find something almost as big for you to ride." He said with a smirk and Ae-Jin laughed. "Well aren't we cheeky?" She said. She knew she should bait him on like this but he was going to same to her. Was he ready for this? Maybe it was just harmless flirting? She thought that until Nicky moved just a bit closer, it almost look like he just shifted to get comfortable. She decided he'd stop her if he weren't ready. She bit the side of her lip before crawling over. She leaned in close, hesitating some but to hide it she looked up at him and whispered. "You better not be lying." Then softly pressed her lips against his. She was nervous at first but it eased when she realised he was kissing her back. His hands rose to her waist as the kiss got more and more intense. Pretty soon, Ae-Jin was on her back as Nicky hovered over her, her arms were around his neck as his hands went to her jeans. This was about to happen but guilt was weighing on her and it got even worse when Nicky stopped to look at her. "We can stop." she said, still breathless from the kiss. "If you aren't ready we can stop."


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Jason got the news about Lolly, she may never be able to walk again. He knew his wife, not being able to walk would probably be something Lolly could eventually adjust to...but no walking meant no dancing either, and that he wasn't sure she'd be able to handle. He walked in to see Lolly, he figured it should be him to give her the news. He sat down beside her, "Jack" she said, Jason took her hand. "Jack's fine, he's in the waiting room right now and he's perfectly healthy" Jason said. "Where's Jason, Nick, I can't feel my legs" she said softly, Jason chuckled a little, "I am Jason baby" he said. Lolly looked at Jason, "I never thought you two looked alike until now" she said with a snicker. "What's with the face?" she asked.

Jason sighed before finally answering, "you have a crushed pelvic bone...there was some damage to the spinal cord as well, and some internal bleeding. Nothing that's going to kill you...but...they say....there's a chance, you might not be able to walk again" Jason said gripping her hand. "Never...wa..." Lolly said, "Hey listen...they said you'd never have a baby and you've had two since then" Jason said. "I can't feel my legs...." she said. Jason couldn't think of anything to say, "Who took Jack?" she asked after a few moments. "Don't worry about that now, he's fine" Jason said, "Whoever took Jack took my legs too" she said bitterly, "Who took Jack?" she asked again. Jason was quiet for a few moments, then looked at her, "It was Maddy....Remmy found her at his place with Jack...he took Jack from her and brought him back" Jason said, he could see the look in her eyes. He then leaned down kissing Lolly's cheek, "she doesn't have 24 hours left" he whispered, looking at her, "I'm ending this bullshit once and for all" he said.

Nicky eventually texted Ae-Jin telling her to bring the girls to the hospital. Nicky saw them as Jason was still in the room with Lolly. They were clearly a bit upset, "Girls...your mom had an accident. A car ran into her. She's awake and there's no danger of her dying or anything like that okay?" he said as the girls just nodded, clearly still upset. "When the doctor says it's okay, you girls can go see her alright?" Nicky said and they both nodded. Both girls clung to Ae-Jin as they sat down.

Jason soon walked out, he said the girls could go see her, Ae-Jin said she'd go with girls and took Jack as Jason talked to Gunner and Nicky "Church meeting in an hour, mandatory, no exceptions, make sure everyone knows" they both nodded and headed out to get the word out. Jason walked over to Remmy "let's go for a smoke" he said as Remmy nodded. Once outside Jason lit up his cigarette as Remmy took one too. "You're in a fucking hell of a spot bro" Jason said as Remmy nodded, "Yeah...I know" he said quietly. "After what happened with Elly...I talked with her, told her she had to get lost...I figured that was better than any alternative" Jason said as Remmy nodded. "But wife might not walk again...and she kidnapped my son...." Remmy nodded, "Yeah..." he said, knowing what Jason was getting at. "I'm bringing it to the club...whatever they vote I'll go along with...but just so you know...I am going to request the Reaper" Jason said, referring to the club's code for a hit. Remmy sighed nodding, "Now...we need a unanimous vote for it, and you are free to vote against're also free to address the club in her defense if you want. And just so you know...whatever my feelings are for her....I understand she's your wife, and if you're going to stand up for her, I won't hold it against you" Jason said as Remmy nodded. "Thanks" he said.


Remmy went for a ride, he knew the vote was in an hour. He knew he alone could save Maddy from being killed by the club, he knew he could at least get one or two "No" votes to stop the Reaper vote. The question he was wrestling with was whether he wanted to or not. Maddy was different, she wasn't the same person, she had lost it. He knew it was probably over with him and Maddy, but he also knew if he voted in support of Roach's request, it'd score big points with him, showing his loyalty to Roach as the Pres and to the club.

About an hour later the club had assembled at the clubhouse in the Church. "Alright, we're here for an emergency meeting. It's no secret Remmy's Ol'Lady has been at odds with my wife and kids for some reason, with Rey's panic attack, Elly trying to kill herself...and now....she's the one who ran down Lolly. She also took Jack from our SUV and took off. Remmy found Jack, and brought him home. Everyone at this table is free to vote their conscience, but I'm asking for the club to arrange a meeting between Maddy and The Reaper" Jason said. "I'll start by voting 'Yay'" Jason said. It then went to Gunner, "Yay", he said. Samson followed, waiting a few moments before voting "Yay", followed by Pokey who also voted "Yay". Fat Bobby was next in line, he thought things over in his head before voting "Yay", Reed was next "Definitely Yay" he said nodding his head, Sal was the next up, this was a tough situation but he finally nodded as well "Yay" he voted, Roddy was next, he looked at Jason, then at Remmy, then back to Jason as he went over the options. He finally decided, "Yay" he said, it was Russian Phil up next, "I vote Yay" he said in his Russian accent, Lucky Lenny was next "Yay from me" he said, then came Bruno he was a littl uneasy about the whole situation, but he definitely wasn't going to be the one to vote no, besides he figured Remmy would stop the thing anyway. Remmy was next, all eyes were on him, expecting the vote to kill the motion. Remmy sat there for a long while before looking up at Jason, he nodded, "Yeah" he said quietly as there was a small ripple or murmurs through the room. It then came to Nicky, "Your the last one bro" Jason said. Nicky was stuck, he was sure Remmy would have stopped the vote, but now the vote came to him. "I vote...." Nicky said, his mind spinning looking for an alternative, "I vote...Nay" Nicky said looking down.

Jason's gaze could have melted metal. "Well...the motion falls..." he said as he brought down the gavel, "Dismissed" he said as he stared at Nicky he couldn't return the gaze. "What are you doing?" Remmy said. He'd just managed to talk himself into allowing the club to kill his wife only to have Nicky of all people to stop it. Nicky started to open his mouth, "You know how that made me look to everyone just now!" Remmy said angrily, Nicky was about to open his mouth to say something, "Save it! Brother" he said angrily, the last part dripping with sarcasm as he stormed out. "It wasn't the right thing to do" Nicky said, "You tell that to my know the one who's in a wheel chair!" Jason said standing up, "Jay wait.." Nicky said "No...fuck you!" Jason snapped back at him as he stormed out leaving Nicky sitting at the table by himself.


Remmy got home, he walked into the house and saw Maddy on the floor, on her knees, sobbing. She saw him and asked him why he took their baby away, why he ruined their family. "We're NOT A FAMILY" he shouted at her as she flinched. "God Maddy...what the hell is wrong with you! You've lost it! You're fucking crazy!" he shouted as she sobbed. He was quiet for awhile, then looked at Maddy, "What happened to you...where did the woman I married go?" he asked. She screamed at him, that he forced her to become like this. She screamed that he killed their son RJ. "There IS NO RJ!" Remmy shouted back at her, "You RAN OVER Lolly and kidnapped her son!" Remmy shouted at her. She screamed at Remmy saying she was just trying to give him the son he had wanted. "Yeah, MY son, not somebody elses kid you stole from them!" he shouted back. He turned his back and in that moment, Maddy lunged forward and grabbed his gun before he knew what was happening.

"What are you doing?" he asked as she pointed the gun at him. "You took my son!" she screamed, before firing off four shots as Remmy hit the ground. She knelt down, whispering for him to just rest, and that they'd be a family again soon once she got back from the hospital. She then ran out the door with Remmy's gun


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Lolly was devastated to say the least, Maddie. Of all the...Lolly was never good with making friends but she couldn't believe that this bitch was so crazy that she took her baby boy out of the car after nearly taking her life.

Never walk again...that's what kept repeating itself in her head. Unlike before, Lolly couldn't feel her legs, it was a sign that she may never walk again, there was no way to tell she couldn't get pregnant.
She reached for her legs touching the cast. She's had her leg in a cast before, she'd jumped out of a tree because all the boys could, ei Jason and Nicky. Lolly was however too short and the distance was further for her. Then her leg itched like a motherfucker from the moment they put it on. No, There was nothing. No discomfort, no itch. Just nothing.

Just as her thoughts were becoming darker, Two worried childern burst through the door, with Ae-Jin holding baby Jack. Mireya and Elly both froze at the sight. "Oh come now, I've had scarier halloween costumes then this." Lolly said with a smile. The only person that wouldn't have fooled would be Jason.
Mireya still calmed her step as she approached her. Elly behind her."Does it hurt?" Mireya asked looking at her legs. "Only a little." Lolly lied softly. Then she decided. it was better to tell them the truth."Well...actually the truth is-" "Momma!" Jack boomed and squirmed out of Ae-Jin's arms and waddled over to the bed. Ae-Jin tried to grab him to help him up but with a loud "No!" He climbed up some on the bed. Lolly smiled sadly. He was there. Poor thing. She picked up her baby boy and held him to her chest. "momma momma." He kept saying and Lolly smoothed down his silkly yet curly hair. "Shh, It's okay Jackie, Momma's okay." She said softly. Lolly looked up at the girls. "I'll give you guys a minute." Ae-Jin said softly and ducked out before Lolly could protest. "Okay girls, The truth is, My legs...They were hurt really bad and I...I'll be in a wheelchair." She said, unable to say the words never walk again. Mireya's breathing picked up but Elly grabbed her hand quickly. "No no, mija. Try to breathe."Lolly urged her and Mireya took some shuttered breaths and she wanted to grab on to her mother but she was afraid she'd hurt her so she ran to Elly, and began twisting her hair. Lolly smiled softly as Elly held on to her baby sister. "I'll be okay, mija"
"Mommy, I know what wheelchairs are for. I'm 12 not 2. You can't walk." Mireya said as her panic attack died down some. Lolly sighed. She really needed to stop treating this kids like they was small. Hell Elly was 14. Just a year shy of when Lolly lost her virginity. "You right, I may never walk again." Lolly said and Mireya looked at her. "Are you gonna be okay?" Elly asked. "I'll be-"

Bang, Bang!

Jack clung to Lolly's chest as Mireya and Elly held to each other. "Get down!" Lolly told them and Elly grabbed Jack...or tired to. "Go with Elly, mijo" She told him and he let go as they ran into the bathroom. Lolly sat up straight as a figured approached her door but soon there was another shot fired before she heard a two bodies hit the floor.

Ae-Jin had been at the vending machine when she saw a woman walked toward the information desk. Ae-Jin watched the woman look fidgety and ask about Lolly. This wasn't Joey or Jenni and she knew no other woman in Lolly's circle of friends so Ae-Jin watched her closely. There was something off about her. Just as the woman walked passed her, Ae-Jin noticed something in her hand. Then everything clicked. She'd only heard bits of the conversation so she hadn't gotten everything but she gathered this was the culprit "Hey," Ae-Jin said and just then the woman raised her hand and opened fire. Ae-Jin ducked behind the vending machine just in time unfortunately, a nurse took a bullet as well as a the wall. The woman just walked toward Lolly's room after that. Ae-Jin darted forward, the woman fired again, catching Ae-Jin in the arm but that didn't stop her as she rammed her shoulder into the woman's stomach, knocking her to the floor, in the same motion, she stomped on her wrist, forcing the woman to open her hand, she snatched up the gun, and held it to her head. "Stay down!" Ae-Jin ordered, getting off of the shooter but still holding the gun to her head. "My son, she took my son..." The woman heaved. "I don't know what you're deal is, Lady but you better calm it down, or I will shoot." Ae-Jin warned just as police arrived. Ae-Jin held up her hands as they ordered her to drop the gun. "I am former Cpl. Ae-Jin Young of the US Marines. This woman just attacked this hospital, shot a nurse and myself, I just subdued her." She said quickly as they took Ae-Jin and the woman into custody. "You have got to be kidding me..." She muttered just as Nicky and Jason entered the hospital. "Nick, I think I'm gonna need that ride now." She said as she was ushered out of the hospital.