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A mainstream club where men come to let off a bit of steam.

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This is one of Honolulu's hottest clubs. It's where some of the sexiest women work to make a living. If you stay long enough you might even see one of Kohana's very own.

Enjoy your stay!
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The Gentlemens Club

A mainstream club where men come to let off a bit of steam.


The Gentlemens Club is a part of Kohana Creek.

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Again, another Friday night in the bustling city of Honolulu. Concurrently Sebastian wore his signature smirk that had been permanently etched across his lips since he picked Eli up. The dynamic duo had just left her apartment after scoring some blow. Sebastian took a fatter line than usual but he needed it. The high of course. And his supplier, Sammy Sosa provided the best shit. Finding Sammy had been the single greatest thing since moving to Kohana... that and well... Piper. But that's another story. Tonight was all about Eli and Sebastian who felt like Elvis fucking Presley.

The pair walked down the street, where many of the hottest clubs and bars were located. Other attractive young adults could be seen with red plastic cups in hands. He shot Eli a follow my lead look as they approached the entrance of a strip club. Of course he knew she wasn't old enough to get in the club and was never any fun going to these places alone. A bouncer was standing outside of the door, dressed in all black. Sebastian roughly pulled Eli to him into a rather salacious kiss before pulling away.

He took her hand and sauntered over to the door where the bouncer stopped them

"Can I see some I.D. you two seem a little young."

Sebastian quickly reached in his pants pocket and pulled out his wallet. The man soon handed over his California Driver's License. The bouncer nodded before glancing at the blonde. Under false pretenses, he smacked his hand against his forehead. "Oh, yeah. Babe I forgot you lost yours on the plane. Too bad, I know how much you really wanted us to come here for our honeymoon... ah, well. Let's just head back to the hotel, the plane leaves at noon." Sebastian wrapped an arm around her slender waist as he set them back on the path.

The bouncer unfolded his arms and stared at the couple with a bit sympathy. He was married. He envied that his woman actually wanted to accompany him there. Releasing a deep sigh, reluctantly he stopped the pair.

"Hey! Hold up."The man waved them over. "Look, you guys go on inside and enjoy your honeymoon."

Sebastian offered the man a gracious smile after he nuzzled Eli's neck. Getting a whiff of the deliciously smelling shampoo she used. "Thanks, man. We really appreciate it." He brought his gaze back to his lovely 'wife'. "Mrs. Gray, after you."

Loud techno music blared off the walls. A large populace consisted of males gathered around the stage. Dark glowing lights lifted the club to an convivial atmosphere. This is exactly the place where they should be spending their high.

"C'mon. Let's get closer."

Once more did Sebastian lead her over to the stage, granting them another look of the current dancer. The young man retrieved his wallet again and puled out a few bills. A few singles and a couple of twenties. He handed Eli half the currency. "Use this wisely."

At first the woman only faced the front of the club, but as the blonde let one of the first bill go, namely the twenty, the woman stripper quickly switched gear. But something didn't seem right. That chick looked very familiar but it was still really hard to tell with the traveling lights.

"That chick looks real familiar..." Had he slept with her? No that couldn't be it.

One of waitresses was just about to pass by but Sebastian quickly got her attention.

"Hey, get the manager please."

The young Hawaiian woman nodded and quickly made her way to the back of the club.

"You up for a private show." He flashed the Eli a wink just as the manager and waitress made their way over to them. He was bald, short and stubby. It was a wonder on how some o those kind of men could own places like these.

"Is there a problem?"

"No... actually quite the opposite. Me and my fiancee here are having a blast but, I think we want a private showing. Five hundred for the hour?" He causally waved the hundred dollars bills in front of his face.

The man tried not to look pleasantly surprised but couldn't help himself. "Yeah, yeah we can arrange something in the VIP room. Money first, though. Did you just want a random girl or do you guys have a regular?"

"Actually, we do have someone in mind. Her." Sebastian pointed an selective finger on the woman still swaying her hips to the beat of the song.

"Oh, Brandi... yeah she's a favorite around here. Good choice. Alea, take these two the VIP room and bring them whatever beverage they want."

"Just 'Brandy' for me."

The waitress, Alea, brought them to the VIP room. A cold glass of Brandy in his hands, now all he had to was wait for the actual one to show up. "You know you could be a stripper. Bring in some good cash, buy me whatever I want." Sebastian set his drink down the table and placed his hands behind his head.

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Date: Friday, September 17, 2013
Time: 4:12 A.M

The room was dimly lit by the small table lamp, centered on a night stand next to a queen sized bed. The corners of a lavender fitted sheet had been either tugged or kicked from their placement, the bed now appearing as an unmade mess. The mattress exposed at all four corners, the pillows resting just in the center of the bed. The rest of the bedroom was settled pretty ordinarily: a tall dresser, which was noticeably chipping from its lazy paint job, a square, plastic tub near the bedroom door which was continuously collecting laundry, and a wide bookshelf filled with novels, plays and short stories that could satisfy any bibliophile’s interest or craving. There was a television which only collected dust as it sat atop the tall dresser, hardly ever used, and other gadgets, trinkets and essentials which were commonly seen in someone’s bedroom. The only things that would set this room aside from being ordinary would be the sketches, paintings and photographs that completely covered the white walls. The amount of art and random photographs definitely made the room seem and look cluttered.

The warm breeze rushed in, white curtains riding the gust. A snicking sound broke the silence in the room, the spark from the top of his lighter in sight. A task which could easily become a struggle to an impatient fiend was proving to irritate the man. With a grunt, he shook the lighter in his fist before attempting to let his thumb roll over the rigid wheel. Snick, Snick, Snick, Snick. And just as he was ready to chuck the faulty lighter across the room, the flame rose from center edge, illuminating his face. A grin appeared, widening his mouth with satisfaction as he placed the tightly tucked blunt between his lips. Igniting the end, he inhaled a large amount of the cannabis, his chest rising. He held on, refusing to exhale and letting it settle within. She watched, feeling the burn he was feeling in her own chest. But his lips could not hold back the pressures of his wandering thoughts, as large puffs of smoke began to escape, choking coughs and laughs following closely behind.

-but I’m tellin’ you, E! Right there on the corner of –I think its Waimanu?” he paused, relieving one last cough before concluding his thoughts, “-yeah, Waimanu. Best bon-bons on the island. We have to go, think they’re open?” his tone suggesting excitement. It was amusing to Eli just how serious he really was.

She rolled her eyes, her smile shaking as her laughter tried to steal the show. She forced it back into a snort, as she pulled her knees towards her chest. Skin became flushed against skin as she sat just below the front of her bed. He was in front of the window to her left, knelt down as if that was any more comfortable than actually sitting. He too, was nude. And surprisingly, it wasn’t the sight of him bare that made her laugh or giggle. After all, she was completely comfortable with the sight of others nude, and completely comfortable with having her own bare flesh exposed. It might have just been the drugs causing her to laugh at everything he said. But truthfully she had already come down from her own high. She was now simply tickled by his attempts to revive his own attenuated high. He continued on, inhaling and exhaling as he pleased. But quickly growing tired, she rose to her feet, the sudden rush of wind embracing her entirely as she retreated to her bed. Knees dented in to the mattress as she swung her arms to move the pillows. She curled comfortably in to a fetal position, her hands folded prayerfully as she tucked them under her cheek. She let her eyes rest on the man who was now, invading her space. So eager for his company and now wishing he would just find his way home. She let out a sigh past her smile, peering through the clouds that surrounded him, trying to find his eyes.

"Well I'd be game if it wasn't 4 in the morning. Emphasis on 4." she raised her eyebrows as she playfully smiled, delivering the gentle nudge to the idea of him leaving. Obvious enough for him to get the point. At least she hoped it was obvious enough. As loose as he was becoming, she might just have to drag him out this time. "Maybe I can take a rain check on those bon-bons." she raised her head, looking towards the open window above him, "Speaking of rain, looks like its letting up."

She looked away as she rolled on to her back, her arms now propped just behind her head. She heard his movements, but made no mind to look in his direction. Instead, she closed her eyes, breathing in the remnants of the smoke. He was surely, in her mind, collecting his things to leave.

"Yeah about damn time." he forcefully said, a grunt following as he stretched out his legs upright, and reached his arm to the ashtray propped near her lamp, "So I guess you still don't believe in breakfast after sex?" he questioned, grinning as he put out the roach and began to dress.

Her eyes remained closed, and she thought it would be smart to just not answer. Hell, that would mean he would just get dressed even faster. But she couldn’t resist giving a sarcastic rebuttal.

Oh I do. After good sex maybe.” She crossed her legs at the ankle, wiggling her toes, pleased with her rebuttal.
But she didn’t hear anything back. Not a laugh, not a sound of amusement. A tsk made with his teeth. Nothing. Until he mentioned her name, in a concerned yet curious manner.
“E..” he paused, and she opened her eyes, looking up as she watch him turn around from her open drawer. He held it by its thinner end, the rounded bulb exposed with its dark stained resin. He looked from the pipe and over to her, his despairing eyes locking on hers, “Don’t tell me you’re fuckin’ with that croak shit, E.

Croak. A street word she was familiar with. Another word for Meth.

She misjudged this one. She knew it wasn’t something she would be able to laugh off, even with his high still elevated. He was too emotionally and mentally intact. And too aware of the seriousness of the situation. There was a thud in her chest and a lump in her throat, trying to quickly force the words out past it. All she could rebuttal was a sharp, “No.” And as she did so, she jumped off of her bed and charged towards him, closing in the distance between them until she was eye to eye, snatching the pipe quickly from his hand and tossing it back into the drawer. This time, between a layer of clothes. “A friend of mine left it here.

Too concerned with masking her own lies, she didn’t bother to attack him with questions of Why in the hell he was going through her things in the first damn place, and instead, she closed her drawer, walking over to her plastic box of dirty laundry and fetching his shirt that was balled up in the mix of it. She tossed it towards him, keeping her eyes to the floor as she walked back towards her bed. She wasn’t sure if he believed her or not, but as long as nothing else was mentioned about it, it was enough for her. She heard his heavy sigh through her own clouded thoughts, and he continued getting himself dressed. She began to wrap herself in the fitted sheet, tucking her feet in the rounded corners and securing it around her small body. A caterpillar, tucking itself away in its self-made cocoon. But a butterfly would never emerge from it. Not tonight. She peeked over the sheet, her eyes watching as he began to clumsily lace up his shoes, occasionally tilting over, his balance disturbed from his increasing high.

You’ll be alright getting home?” she whispered from behind the sheet, her words choked up and almost filled with.. shame and embarrassment. She waited for an answer, but all he gave her was a “Yeah, I’m good.” That was, after all, an answer, right? It was almost as if Eli was expecting him to say so much more. Maybe.. just maybe.. attempt to pull the truth out of her about his discovery. Like a friend would. He reached for his wallet, his jacket and his bag, throwing it over his shoulder and walking toward the bedroom door. “Later sour puss.” He said, his voice trailing off as he made way through her small apartment, and to the front door. She heard the chain clank against the wooden door from a distance, and with a loud creek, it closed just as quickly as he opened it. The sound of the door slamming, leaving an echo to shake throughout her apartment. And for whatever strange reason, it triggered a memory of a conversation she had with her landlord, Keilani. Mostly a blur, since it was some time ago. But the words ‘You look in all the wrong places. Trust me, I know, ku’uipo’ were forever burned in the back of Eli’s mind. But the back of Eli’s mind was in the back for a reason. Fuck it. What did her conscience know? Nothing. She turned over, her back facing her door as she clenched the sheets in her fists, closing her eyes to find some peace of mind. To get some sleep. Something she had been deprived of for the last few days.

But later that day, things would certainly take a turn..
They were no strangers to the 'night life' that Hawaii poured over them. They were quite acquainted. The streets were familiar in this part of the city, and most times, so were the faces. Conversations filled with roaring laughter filled her ears, as her eyes scanned and shuffled the faces surrounding her. Occasionally, looking to the front of her to assure herself she was still following behind Sebastian and not falling behind. She blinked as she redirected her vision, catching sight of his mischievous smirk as he motioned for her to stay behind. She smiled, shaking her head not sure what was next. Anything after a few lines of blow was possible. Eli always felt she lived an exciting enough life, but with Sebastian, he always managed to prove her wrong. Constantly keeping her on her toes, always nearing the edge. He kept her heart racing, the risk always just a tad riskier when she was with him. He was spontaneous, much like her, and always had something up his sleeve. She hated and loved it.

The bright fluorescent sign hung over the club, and as quick as she could register the words she felt her body being pulled. A kiss, that to peeking eyes would appear bawdy yet sensual. Instinctively, she returned the affection. She played the role of his psuedo-companion and what do you know, Success. Honestly, they had become masters to this sort of thing. Well, at least Sebastian has; she always let him take care of it. From night clubs, to bars, to now strip clubs, Sebastian knew how to talk his way over any 21 and over barrier. This was definitely, going to be one for the books. But it was fine with Eli, and there was no hesitation involved. Anything to get her mind off of her previous morning.

She followed closely behind, the loud techno music causing her body to pulsate, each exaggerated note shaking her throughout her chest. The thick smoke from lit cigars and cigarettes surrounded them as they neared closer to the stage. Men sitting as close as they could, their pockets a full of money and eyes full of lust. An appetite becoming satisfied with just the mere sight of a beautiful, nude woman. She took the money handed to her but her eyes were fixated on the dancing women in front of her. She had actually never been to a strip club, and couldn't see the pleasure behind it at all. But not at all was she against the idea of women dancing topless for money. It raised the thought that maybe she could be on that stage. Of course not. Quickly dismissed. The cocaine was definitely allowing her mind to wander.

She leaned over once Sebastian spoke, catching his words over the blustering music. She rose her eyes to the woman who had been dancing closest to them, but her face much harder to make than she expected. The lights continued to radiate and alter, but never long enough did they settle on the stripper's face. Left as a shadow for the most part, Eli just simply looked away. Before she could reply to his assumption that the woman looked familiar, she caught the end of a conversation that mentioned a 'VIP' room and a complimentary drink.

"Stella if you carry it. Uh -heinekin if you don't!" she shouted over the music to the waitress, following behind both her and Sebastian.

"You know you could be a stripper. Bring in some good cash, buy me whatever I want."

The loud music diminished as the door closed behind them, her eyes looking over the neatly kept room, smirking at his comment. She lifted the beer to her lips, knocking it back and taking in a colossal amount. A cold beer never lasted very long in Eli's hands. She let out a satisfied, gentle ahh, and proceeded to move towards him. She set her nearly empty beer bottle next to his glass of Brandy, beginning to straddle his lap rather than take a seat on the white couch next to him.

"Is that all I'm good for, Sebastian?" she gasped, teasing playfully as she began to nuzzle the nape of his neck, "To use.." she whispered, a kiss on his neck trailing to a bite of his earlobe, much harder than usual, "-and abuse?" she lifted her face from his neck and looked down in to his eyes. Those blue eyes that were loosing their glimmer of grey.

Brushing the hair from his forehead, she planted a kiss just in the center before reaching down to where her knee was resting, adjacent to his pocket. A look of eagerness and anticipation painted on her face as she quickly slipped her fingers in to his pocket to feel for the edge of the small baggie. Too small to even fit a few quarters in, but it was big enough to hold their high for the night. She had taken a small line before they left, but her reliance on the drug was hard to shake. She slipped it from his pocket, eyeing the corner that was just left. She held it up above both of their heads, as if to claim the prize as her own before swinging her leg from around him, settling down next to him instead. She looked towards the door, the music thudding just behind it, recalling his mention of the woman before. The woman he requested be their private entertainment.

"You do have a girl every day of the week, maybe she was last Friday night?" she said with a snort of laughter, leaning back, the baggie still in hand and her head now resting just on his raised elbow, her eyes still on the door, "Does it always take this long?" she asked, becoming impatient with the wait. Lifting her feet up, she placed them on the table in front of them, just next to left of her beer.

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"So? Do you have everything set up, or what?" a rather intimidating looking man hovers over Samuel, a scar just beside his left eye making him look like the very image of a gang member. Of course, he isn't a gang member- not even close. This beefy man stands over Samuel's desk, his hands flat against the wood as he leans down, hovering over Samuel a bit. This beefy man happens to be, for all intents and purposes, his boss. He is the only founding partner that remained with the firm through difficult times, and was rewarded with fantastic success as his firm made it out of the hardships to be the most influential one in Honolulu. Certainly the most respectable, as far as outsiders were concerned. But they aren't speaking about respectable business right now, that much is definite. They speak of the darker underbelly of the practice, the one that pulled them out from the rough spot. And he is speaking to the man who played a significant role in helping with that. He isn't a partner because, should everything somehow come to light, they don't want a partner to be the one with all that dirt and slime on their hands. In return, he is paid nearly as well for his troubles.

Despite the gravity of the situation, or what one can assume about the gravity based upon the larger man's expression and tone of urgency, Samuel leans back in his chair lazily-- apparently not quite as concerned as the other man is. Then again, one must understand that Samuel's boss is prone to worrying, especially as the practice he had first begun was one of upright morals. Samuel is the one who came in and saved the day by using means more stereotypical of anything that has to do with lawyers. He's also the more charismatic of the two, and even when he is genuinely nervous is capable of acting as though he's just about to go have a relaxing day on the beach. This nonchalance of his tends to infuriate his coworker to no end, unfortunately, but he can't get rid of the man based on that. He's the best they have, after all, and already knows far too much to be let go without some concern for information being leaked. Though he may seem sweet and charming for the most part, the man knows very well that Samuel isn't above such means as blackmail and threats in order to achieve his goals. It's something one picks up when they are the self-declared guardian of their family at a young age, and have had to work for every single thing that they get. The nobler path is for those who have the fortune to have been born above the mud.

"Don't worry, Daniel. I've got it covered, okay? I'm going to meet with them tonight," he takes a drink of a mug, the contents of which appear to be tea, and places it down on a well-placed coaster. "Besides, shouldn't you be more worried about the Tupperman case right now?" He stands while saying this, revealing his beautifully tailored suit. Samuel has a fondness for nice clothing, a weakness even, and this is clear from his day to day dressing. Even outside of work, he dresses nicely. While business is going on, he is at his best, with his cool, beautiful shirts and suit jacket that fits him like a glove made just for his hand. People may insult him all they like, but no one can deny that Samuel has style about him. He walks around his desk, so that Daniel stands up straight. While Daniel stands a good five inches above Samuel, something about the difference of their personalities makes Samuel seem bigger right now.

This probably stems from the way in which he stops and places a hand on Daniel's shoulder, like a parent comforting a child, though the image is slightly different as he is right next to Daniel, and facing in the opposite direction. "The judge is Halloway, right? You know how he can be. Better prepare the gifts," the words come off as casual -friendly, even- advice. Still, there is a slightly lopsided smile on Samuel's face, the one he wears when he is hatching plans. It's a rather typical expression for him, a man who always seems to know exactly what he is doing.


Of course, that cool suit and smug smile seems to stand out just a bit at a Denny's at night. But Samuel has a constant craving for breakfast foods, as anyone who knows him is aware of, and an equally constant disdain for cooking. In fact, Eloise probably sees the inside of his refrigerator more than he does, when she comes over to visit his younger brother. Samuel only keeps the appliance stocked for their sake. Before his brother had moved in, the single man had kept a refrigerator of chocolate pudding, beer, and jelly. His pantry once contained nothing beyond peanut butter, chips, and a loaf of bread. After all, what need is there to keep a loaded fridge if you prefer to eat out anyway? His diet certainly doesn't match his manner of acting and dressing, but it is a rather distinct part of who the savvy man is. And that diet is composed of ninety-five percent take out.

Plenty of woman have offered to be the one to go home with him and cook for him, but, despite how he might seem, Samuel actually isn't really the one night stand sort, but neither is he the type to date frequently. His relationships are few and far between, a stark contrast to several of the other men on his floor. His best friend has been mad for the same women for a few years now, and still is, and then there is the guy a few rooms down with a steady stream of different women exiting the apartment early in the morning. Early riser that he is, Samuel often makes small talk with these women. He wouldn't be surprised if he knows more about each one of them than Sebastian does.

A fellow in dress pants, a white collared shirt, and a vest walks in and sits at the table across from Samuel, who nods in acknowledgement, giving him a calm smile. The waitress comes by and sets a stack of pancakes, drizzled in hot syrup, in front of him before glancing at the man. "Can I get you anything, hon?" she asks with a clear Southern drawl. The young man, no more than twenty years of age, shakes his head no. His expression is as serious as Daniel's had been, though Samuel supposes that it is for lack of experience. There are two types of inexperienced youth: The reckless and the overserious. This one is clearly the latter, and Samuel is steadily growing tired of the urgency with which everyone seems to be acting today.

"Well, hello there. Are you sure you don't want some pancakes? No? Well, I suppose Leo sent you? Yes, of course," Samuel speaks as though he is addressing an old friend or acquaintance, slowly cutting his pancakes and taking a bite, three separate pieces speared through his fork. The youth looks impatient, tapping his foot against the floor. Samuel has to avoid rolling his eyes before smiling at him.

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours," he offers after swallowing the bite, pulling out a manila folder that contains the forged documents he is seeking. The young man immediately pulls out a crisp white envelope, cash because Daniel doesn't trust their bank account, and slides it across the table. Samuel is about to do the same when is phone vibrates.

"Ah, pardon me," he asks the youth, who now looks rather skeptical. Samuel's eyes drop to the text, scanning the message from Sage. He smiles at it before quickly sending out a response.

I'll wrap up some business and be there in twenty - Sam

His eyes then return to the youth before taking the envelope and sliding the folder across. He pockets the cash and takes a long drink of tea before standing up. "Finish the pancakes, if you like. They're really quite good," he praises the second-rate breakfast food and waves towards the waitress, handing her some money and telling her to keep the change. With that, he walks out of the Denny's, far too confident looking for a person who had gone into a Denny's alone at eight thirty in the night.


Samuel flashes the bouncer his ID and walks in, immediately spotting Sage as the only man whose eyes aren't on the dancers. He makes a beeline towards his friend at the bar, though his walk is confident and smells of money. He is very good at that- making himself seem as though he came from money. This isn't the case, of course, but people like a guy who smells like profit. Or, at least like to be close to a guy who does.

"You rang?" he says, sliding into a seat beside Sage before frowning. "You started drinking without me?" Samuel doesn't mention the fact that his friends eyes are red. He doesn't mention the fact that he looks like he's been crying, or that the kind of drinking he is doing doesn't seem entirely for recreation. Instead, he smiles that lopsided smile.

"Well, that's fine. You look like someone who needs to get roaring drunk."

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Sage gave a drunk chuckle and sighed. "I figured I should start the party... you'd end up here sooner or later." He took another shot and gave a wicked smile. "Roarin drunk, and just plain old drunk." He sighed and took another one. Seemed the bartender knew all too well Sage's drinking routine.

"So Sam... some files from my work has gone missing..." A look came across his face, "It's all the high class clients my company holds..." Taking another drink he waved his hand off. "No worries... let us get drunk and watch the beautiful women eh?" A laugh came from deep within his chest. His eyes would scan the room for the prettiest woman there.

His eyes landing on one he gave a wide smile. Elbowing Sam he grinned stupidly, "Hey... check her out..." He pointed out the blonde and stood up ready to make his way that way.

Picking up the bottle of whiskey he'd continue making his way over to her, his eyes continuing over the strippers, until he sat in front of that one particular stripper. Getting the singles ready he'd give a wide ass smile, not even realizing he left his phone on the bar.

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A feeling of warmth came over his lap as Sebastian's hips were straddled. With either of Eli's thighs encasing his, he placed the palm of his hands against her relatively firm buttocks. Giving her gentle nudge to add more pressure to his groin. "That's what sweet dreams are made of, Eli." Sebastian only allowed his eyes to remain on hers for a second. Eye contact was never his strong suit even being that he somewhat respected Eloise. The confounded factors of letting a person know he regarded them usually showed weakness. And if he started to let Eloise think he was no longer n charge then things would soon turn complicated. More complicated than they already were.

He then felt a tug at the side of his pocket and locked down to find the locality of disturbance. The baggy of white, sulfur smelling powder was waved in front of his face. "A little nose candy before the show." Sebastian took the bag from Eli's grip. He opened the small plastic wrap and dug his finger inside, gathering up as much powder as he could. Quickly Sebastian sniffed the clutter of blow he collected. Allowing the faint tickle to graze his nostrils, the palette to his escape. Afterwards he plunged his finger into his mouth to allow the residue to coat his gums. Effectively numbing his mouth to help with the drip. Generously leaving plenty for her to dabble, he'd hand her the bag.

"What? I'm offended... Contrar to what you may believe, I'm not that easy." He placed a solid hand over his heart and furrowed his brows. "No, last Friday night was a saucy little blonde... she was a freak too... Ever heard of the Super-Woman? Me neither but it was interesting to say the least." He said, keeping the idea of trying it out on her at some point in time.

Loud music flooded in once the door was open only to be drowned once the door closed. 'Nice ass' Sebastian thought. A wide grin stretched across Sebastian's lip as he watched the nameless stripper turn to face them. "It's her." He whispered into Eli's ear before giving his undivided attention back to her.. the single mom.

"Well, I'll be fucking damned. I knew there was something I liked about you." He chuckled, more so a throaty laugh as he cleared his airway with a cough. "Yeah, you live in Kohana Creek... with the kid." For someone with a kid it would seem her morals weren't as austere as he initially thought. Clearly in disregards to her daughter. "Brandi was it?" Sebastian rubbed his still itching nose while using his other to wave her over. "I want you to dance for her while I watch." Biting his lower lip as he turned to look at Eli.

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"A little nose candy before the show.”

She sucked her teeth as the plastic baggy was taken from her greedy hands, a sound that expressed her playful disappointment. Turning up the corners of her mouth, she pulled her upper body forward, her arm extended as she reached for what was left in her green bottle. It slid against the glass before she finally got a hold of it firmly, the result of condensation leaving her palm and fingers wet. The settled beer coated her mouth, her face scrunching at the taste. Flat. As she pulled the empty bottle from her lips, Sebastian than handed her what was left of the shared treat.

"What? I'm offended... Contrary to what you may believe, I'm not that easy."

She rolled her eyes at his dramatic attempt of convincing his own self that he wasn’t the man whore she portrayed him to be. But honestly, they both knew very well how much of a nymphomaniac he truly was. It wasn’t a necessary topic for discussion. She was quick to evade his effort to spark conversation about his rendezvous and experimentation's with sexual positions by pinching the edges of the plastic baggy. She divided the lips of the bag with little effort, and shook its contents gently to summon them to the corner of her choice. But before her finger could shovel the powder, the roaring music filled the room from the opening of the secluded room’s door. It easily and quickly distracted her from the endeavor to re-lift her high. The brunette glided in smoothly, closing the door behind her, proceeding to face the two who had been waiting, possibly even anticipating, her arrival.

"It's her."

The warmth of his whisper swept her ear, as she let her eyes settle on the woman, her face easily becoming recognizable. Behind the thicker coats of make-up, the teased hair and the revealing ensemble, it was her. Eloise knew her as Hope’s mother, never having touched first name bases with her. And instantaneously, Eli was sucked in to a deep hole of regret, and being the type of person she was, she had very little room for regret in her life. But there it was. It was an emotion that caused her stomach to feel as if it was being twisted into tight knots. She wished she had not gotten out of bed, answered her phone or agreed to come along in the first place with Sebastian. She would always end up convincing herself that if anyone knew how to relieve her stress, it was him. Him and his stupid conceptions of fun. This was a stupid mistake. Eli contracted her hand, squeezing the bag, looking away in embarrassment. Not just embarrassment for Hope's mother, but for herself.

"Well, I'll be fucking damned. I knew there was something I liked about you.” Stop. “Yeah, you live in Kohana Creek... with the kid.Hope.. "I want you dance for her while I watch."

It would be futile to walk out as if this was not reality, because whether the three wanted to or not, it was something they would all have to eventually face outside of this room. Outside of this club. Her humiliation had authority over her tongue, Eli not being able to muster up the words to respond to Sebastian's demand. But her body was beginning to react quickly to the situation. She could feel the heat rising beneath her flesh, her heart rate increasing. She hesitantly allowed her eyes to fall on to hers once more. Eli’s expression still taken over by embarrassment, but now her eyes filled with remorse. Because she knew. She knew what it felt like to stand alone, completely vulnerable and accessible for judgment and ridicule. An easy target for pejorative stares and disapproving sneers.

If it had been any other stripper, Eli might have welcomed the encounter with an open mind. But it wasn’t just any stripper off of the pole. A woman she occasionally saw, her bright eyes always gleaming with a touch of certainty and poise; a smile that could easily stir hearts. A portrait of perfection, and here she was; discovered. She was no longer the stripper suited for entertainment in Eli’s eyes. The woman had taken off that mask as soon as she recognized the two. It had become personal, the woman standing before her not the only one feeling the discomfort. She turned to Sebastian, the hold on her tongue releasing. But still, she couldn’t even manage to assemble her thoughts. His expression haunted her. The swirl of his tongue along his lips and his clenching teeth digging in to his bottom lip. He was contentedly enticed. And that look of his own satisfaction smeared across his face shook her with anger. As if there was no emotion or even an inch of contrite. He was pleased. Maybe even pleased with the woman’s , not obvious but assumed, distress. This was it. The line that separated the two of them. Eli and Sebastian were the same in so many ways, but very different in one. Eli cared. For more than just herself. She looked away in disgust and quickly rose to her feet, her eyes darting to the door behind the woman. Nothing was said as she left Sebastian’s side, brushed past the woman and swung the door quickly open. It sealed tightly shut behind her and as she stepped away from the Vip section, yet turning back to look over her shoulder as if questioning her leave. Worried about the outcome behind closed doors, she promptly tucked that concern away. She had to get the hell out of there and out of here.

The air was still thick and humid, the occasional breeze nudging her to walk just a bit faster. And the streets of Honolulu were still unforgiving. It had begun to beckon her, tugging at her weaknesses. The thought of Sebastian and Hope’s mother crossing constantly, her thoughts attempting to piece together scenarios of what might have, or what was still happening. She shouldn’t have left the room. She shouldn’t have left her there with him. But she had to remind herself she had no obligation or ties to her what so ever. It was hard enough for Eli to look after her own self. She was positive Sebastian would cause no harm. But with his excessive intake of cocaine, who knows what kind of mental or verbal arrows he was shooting in her direction. For a brief moment she closed her eyes tightly, pushing back the endless possibilities she was collecting. No time for that. She needed to get home.

“Eliiiiiiiiiii!” the voice called out, its squeaky tone dragging her name.

Eli turned around, putting a face to the voice. A wide-tooted grin that would distract a person from any other feature was shown as she hurried in Eli’s direction, grabbing her by the wrist. It was Pam. Really more of an acquaintance than an actual friend. “Long time no see, man! You when m.i.a after the rainbow gathering. You still workin’ at that old record shop?” Pam questioned, pulling her from the crowd and towards a more secluded area.

The conversation continued on for a matter of minutes, exchanging conversation about their whereabouts and filling in the missing gaps since they had last seen each other. Comfortably becoming reacquainted, Pam’s eyes began to shift quickly around before she leaned in and mumbled, “I was just on my way to pick up some ice. If you want you can..” she paused, jerking her head towards the sidewalk. A vague invite for Eli to come along, “-you can put in.”

Eli stared at Pam, her brown eyes hopeful that Eli would concur to the idea of joining her. Eli’s conscience creeping up again without warning, making the idea of just going home and getting some rest appear more rewarding. But Eli dismissed it, her hands patting down her back pocket as she removed the folded stack of singles and twenty dollar bills which Sebastian had given her. Looks like he did something right tonight after all. She looked back to Pam, wide eyed as if she had just hit the mother-load. She was about to take flight on Sebastian’s expense. And besides, it had been nearly two weeks since she has kissed the tip of a twanky. She had a secret of her own.. and realizing that, it made her recall Hope's mother. We all had them.

“I got a guy on Alakea St,” Pam began to lead the way, “-has the best shit in Honolulu.”
That was what all dope fiends said. And Eli grew excited, just like all dope fiends normally would.

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Samuel looks his friend up and down warily as Sage slurs about starting the party earlier, and his eyebrows raise with amusement at his friend's drunkenness. Sure, he's partially concerned, but drunk Sage is far too funny for one to not allow themselves at least a bit of a smile when he's speaking to them. At least he's not too bad, like one of those people that essentially turn into a really happy four year old when they're wasted. "Well, I can see that, buddy. Planning on draining the place of every drop of liquor it has? Wouldn't advise it," he says smoothly, ordering a drink from the bartender before turning back towards his drunken friend. Noticing that the bartender immediately seems to know how to treat Sage without asking what he would like, how much he would like, or how frequently he would like it, Samuel's grin widens. He has that smile that makes his eyes crinkle a little bit at the edges and lines become prominent on the corner of his mouth.

"You've been coming here without me, haven't you? That's no fun- drinking alone, I mean," he scolds Sage jokingly as the bartender slides a drink down the counter towards him, the shot stopping in his cupped hand. Samuel makes a little gesture of thanks towards the bartender, tilting his index and middle finger towards him in a tiny salute, before focusing back on his friend and his blurred speaking. The news of stolen documents alarms Samuel, who very well knows the value of a simple document, but Sage's nonchalance in mentioning it worries him more. His friend is usually quite serious, especially when it comes to business, and even when drunk. Clearly he has been drinking even more than usual on this particular night, and only one thing can have sparked that in the lad. Well, perhaps saying one person would be more accurate, as Samuel immediately thinks of Giselle when it comes to Sage being miserable. After they broke up, the guy has been an off and on mess of sorts- it really hit him hard. This hardly gives Samuel a good impression of relationships.

"Well, maybe you should-" before Samuel is actually permitted to finish his suggestion, Sage is stumbling off after some pretty blond girl dancing at the other side of the bar. The man shakes his head in halfhearted exasperation, noticing his friend's phone on the counter beside him. "I could definitely mess with his files right now, were I a lesser man," Sam muses with a crooked grin before downing his shot. He turns around, phone still loosely gripped in his hand, and searches the crowd for Sage, who is standing before the blond with the stupidest expression on his face.

Samuel rolls his eyes at the very sight of it, unable to ignore the fact that he is currently reminded once more of a toddler staring up at some pretty thing on a shelf. Maybe Sage is the uber-happy four year old sort of drunk, when he gets truly pissed. In fact, when he thinks about it, Sam can pull up a few memories which support this concept. He shakes his head again, but this time with a smile of fondness for his closest friend. He tucks the phone into his own suit pocket and stands up, downing another shot before walking over towards the man. If he is going to look like an idiot, he might as well have Samuel at his side while he does so.

"Sage, think that maybe you're trying to deal with something?" Samuel says, standing beside his friend's chair. He doesn't particularly want to bring anything personal up, of course, and yet still remains with the decision that he needs to keep his friend from being too much of a complete idiot tonight. He scratches the back of his neck and looks up at the dancing girl, though his eyes aren't quite as glued as those of many of the men in the bar. To be completely honest, he isn't personally the stripper sort. However, that won't stop him from tagging along if invited.

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Charity stares at him with an admirably even expression, somehow managing to gain the control to hide her expression of horror and embarrassment, even managing her breathing and focus in such a way so as to minimize any flushing that would otherwise be a certainty on her face. This is certainly not what she wanted out of today, and she is far too exhausted to deal with it, still running on those three hours of sleep from a good while ago. But luck isn't on the side of the woman, it rarely seems to be, as she faces perhaps the biggest tool in the building. His smug voice and throaty chuckle makes her want to slap him, but the woman has more control than that, and is accustomed to such expressions and tones. She is a stripper, after all, and what else can she expect from the customers here? It is hardly common to find courtesy from her patrons. Still, the recognition in his eyes magnifies it all, and she can practically see the judgment dancing across that dreadful face of his. Her face remains steely all the same, betraying as little as she possibly can keep back, including the contempt she feels.

However, when he refers to Hope as 'the kid,' something flashes across her face for a moment, and her muscles seem to tense very slightly, sudden anger replacing her embarrassment. The dismissive way in which he addresses her daughter isn't really helping to boost Charity's, for Brandi is now very much gone, opinion of him. And yet, looking over at his companion, Eloise, she recalls her name to be, helps Charity to restrain herself. Something about her embarrassed expression makes Charity feel ashamed, because the woman seems to be embarrassed for her sake. In all honestly, Charity isn't quite sure if that is entirely better. It is something that she can't fault Eloise for, but that makes the feeling of dread knot in the pit of her stomach like a snake that slithered around in a tight space until it was tangled up with itself.

Don't look at me like that, Charity thinks towards the both of them, as though the mental message can somehow transcend the gap between them. It seems particularly aimed towards the faultless Eloise. I'm not ashamed. I'm supporting myself and my daughter, the thoughts sound more as though she is telling herself something, but they aren't entirely a lie. Charity would rather be doing this and supporting her family than forcing her daughter to live on the streets, or having Hope taken away from her forever. This is the far more favorable alternative, as far as Charity is concerned. Don't pity me. That much she must allow Sebastian, in all of his sliminess. He does not seem to pity her. It hardly makes up for his personality in general, but somehow it is more bearable. For once, the familiarity of it is good- because unapologetic slime balls, she can handle. Looks of pity and embarrassment, on the other hand, she cannot.

"I want you to dance for her while I watch." Charity doesn't look either of them in the eye, but her gaze slides over towards Eloise, as though waiting for some sort of reaction. She focuses on her nose, but for the briefest moment allows her eyes to flicker up to meet the girls', which are so filled with remorse and disgust. Disgust that seems to quickly turn towards Sebastian as even Charity can see the invisible line she seems to draw between the two. That simple look holds such emotion that Charity feels as though she is invading her privacy simply by standing there, and that makes her hyperaware of her makeup and hair, which are so foreign to Charity, even if Brandi knows them well.

In a flash, the blonde girl is standing and sweeps out of the room in a silent motion, brushing Charity to the side and shutting the door so that Charity is left alone in the room with him. She turns towards him slightly, body angled away, her eyes focusing as though she is looking at something just behind him, or is staring straight through him. "Her name is Hope," Charity murmurs, before finally meeting him in the eye briefly, her gaze defiant for that moment. "Not that kid," she adds for clarification, returning her gaze to stare straight through him as though he is not there. As though she is alone in the room.